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  1. I mean as with the first game, I'm pretty much neutral as to whether or not it gets future remakes with more additions*, but one thing I think would make for an obvious change would be to give us a more detailed Alefgard* in the same way that say Pokémon Heart Gold/Soul Silver gave a more indepth Kanto. I mean I'm sure they wanted the players to focus on Torland beyond more as a whole and not the area from the first game, but I imagine that limitations of the NES could just as easily been a bigger factor. Either by extending the stretch of land from say the Shrine West of Moonbrooke to t
  2. Immediately coming to mind: - Dragon Quest: Your Story - Star Trek TOS and TNG (still looking to watch the rest of it) - A Silent Voice (Got the 7 volumes of the manga after watching it last year) - Green Eggs and Ham - My Little Pony Friendship is Magic - What's New Scooby Doo? - Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated - Little Witch Academia (enjoyed the OVAs enough, but liked the episodic version)
  3. I mean to be fair on the US side, Pokémon was the first game to really be known for monster catching and training/grinding and some have argued that Enix/Square Enix in Japan never really had the faith to push the DQ brand in the US (Nintendo apparently being the reason we even got say 7 and 8's US remakes).
  4. Definitely didn't happen on the NES, but happened as far back as the Gameboy Color version, possibly Super Famicom
  5. To be fair even with say Mario All-Stars (the original SNES and Wii port), the Super Mario Advance series on the GBA or even that Mega Man Powered Up game, you still get distributions of them in their original 8 Bit glory. But yeah I can't say that it's necessarily a bad move at this point to go for the polished releases when you consider that a main reason the game didn't take off is because the first four games were released later than their Japanese Version, by which time other RPGs learning from early DQ flaws were released (i.e. having to walk onto stairs and open a menu choosing sta
  6. Honestly I'd like the to see him included too, but I'm guessing he might count more as a property of DiC. That said though, I'd double the narm charm and add Segata Sanshiro.
  7. Favorites of mine too, but additionally for me Dragon Quest and Mega Man cross paths again since the Captain N cartoon. Which is bad mind you but it's still an old favorite to me and a guilty pleasure. Funny that both also have had a main line release, both being the 11th installment and for the Switch as well (even if this port of DQ XI is't out yet).
  8. Well some I'd like to see for interaction sake is: 1. Kiefer and Aishe if only for the fun of taking characters who not only never met in their game and see how they'd play off each other. 2. Morrie and Sylvando: Just seems like there'd be a lot of fun exchanges between these two.
  9. I plan to have all of them for back up playing and because it's my way to support the DQ franchise. That said, yeah IV has the party chat, and VI incidentally has some tweaks to it. One is that the level caps are altered a bit for vocation grinding which I find handy as you can grind just a bit more before fighting Murdaw, and I believe Terry joins at a higher level that both the DS and SFC versions.
  10. Yeah got the 4th game and will get the rest in time along with the guides available. Especially since it has arguably the best gameplay version of the Zenithian Trilogy, plus I hear that II on the mobile actually lets you level up the companions a bit more for toughening them up a bit. Well for number IV I definitely get some annoyance in boarding the ship as it seems you need to press harder, so I'm not denying or rebuking that gripe. Though compared to say a platformer like Mega Man (though that could be my reaction skills being slow), I guess I just don't see the awkward
  11. Won't be pre-ordering it yet, but definitely going to take care of it before the year end as I have the occasional interest in such books, plus it's arguably an easy opportunity to support the franchise on this side of the world (USA). Would like imput though through a post or PM if there are other US products being made beyond the game though. At any rate I have all of the Zenitihian trilogy games for the DS, VII and VIII on the 3DS and IV on the mobile. And yeah I'm going to get more of the mobile games in time, plus the 99 cent companion guides for IV and VIII for that reason.
  12. Yeah III is the first time you're jailed, but the guards don't think to remove any keys and until to take the steps to progress the story, the "king" will still just throw you in jail rather than just ordering an execution which he did for someone bad mouthing him. I'll see what I can do for the Dragon Quest Memes page on Facebook. Pretty much this though I'm mixed on a particular bit:
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