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    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate director Masahiro Sakurai appeared on the launch livestream for Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age Definitive Edition today, and he and Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii discussed how Hero got into Smash Bros., and more. Here are the highlights: It all started with Sakurai and Nintendo saying that they had a proposal, which turned out to be asking if they could add Hero to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The proposal itself was very detailed, and Sakurai and Nintendo spoke very passionately, saying “We want to use Hero.” There was some discussion about whether a monster could be better, but in the end they agreed upon it. From Sakurai’s side, he says that requests to add in a Dragon Quest representative have been around for a long time, but he felt it wasn’t possible. However, Nintendo approached Sakurai, saying it might be possible, and so he ended up doing the presentation proposal with the intent of working with Dragon Quest, although what from Dragon Quest would be worked out later on. If he was told ‘no’ to Hero and ‘yes’ to Slime or something like that, he’d do it, but Sakurai felt Hero was the best option. That said, he did know that there would be many hurdles to working on Hero. For example, Hero hasn’t been seen fighting other characters before. And they haven’t gotten voiced before too. Sakurai was quite convinced that he’d be rejected really quickly, but the agreement came surprisingly quickly. According to the Square Enix side, it was partially because of Sakurai’s passion, and partially because the ‘best of’ element in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was quite similar to that of Dragon Quest XI S, which brings together many elements from across the series. From Yuji Horii’s point of view, while before there was a resistance towards seeing Hero fighting other characters and other Heroes, it’s slowly become less strict, seeing as there is the smartphone game Dragon Quest Rivals, and such. With Smash Bros. being such a popular series as well, Horii wanted Hero to join. Sakurai acknowledges that there are people who hate characters like Hero who add in random elements. However, in the first place, Super Smash Bros. is an unpredictable game where you have fun and move onto the next game anyways. One particular spell Sakurai had trouble with was differentiating the Frizz line of spells (neutral B) and Sizz/Sizzle (via Command Select). He had to look up how the spell functioned in the original games, and how Frizz would float out to hit the enemy, while Sizz would fly quickly and sear the enemy when it hit the enemy. Making the Yggdrasil’s Altar was indeed very troubling, to the point Sakurai thought of giving it up. Some other alternatives included the volcano. In the end, they decided upon the altar as it would show the world tree that symbolizes Dragon Quest XI. The world map as seen in the stage references the world map in the PlayStation 4 version, but otherwise is made entirely from scratch. image: https://www.siliconera.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/horiisakurai2_thumb.png Originally, there were only two Heroes set to join Smash Ultimate, being Erdrick and Eleven. But Horii later said it would be fine to have four Heroes join. According to Sakurai, he was ready to make eight different Heroes, but that wasn’t a realistic option. After Erdrick and Eleven, the hero of Dragon Quest VIII was decided as he was popular overseas. However, popularity wasn’t the only factor, as then the hero of Dragon Quest V would be included. But that Hero wasn’t known for using swords, but rather staffs. In the end, it came down to either the hero of Dragon Quest I or Dragon Quest IV, but as there wasn’t a unified image for Dragon Quest I’s main character across media, IV was decided upon. image: https://www.siliconera.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/horiisakurai3_thumb.png Q & A part The two directors were asked about what sort of job being a game designer is. For Sakurai, he feels it’s all about bringing together that sort of “fun” which is usually intangible and subjective into a product. For Horii, it’s something from a more practical angle, as in game designer = game creator. Regarding the good or fun points of being a game designer in terms of the work itself, Sakurai finds it nice when he’s working on something alone, as he’s usually in the director role and talking to people. Instead, it’s more fun or interesting for him when he’s working on inputting data and the like, especially the moment there are successful results. For Horii, as an RPG creator he loves the part where he’s setting the stats and characteristics of battles. Are there any secret techniques to coming up with ideas? No, according to Sakurai. He’s the type to work under pressure, and he approaches his work not in an imaginative approach (like coming up with imaginary movesets beforehand) but rather, thinking more task-like such as, “Okay, what should be the moves, which also manage to have Dragon Quest characteristics?” For Horii, he’s the type to get a lot of inspiration from other media, which transform into other ideas for his works. Sakurai is instead the type to get inspiration by playing many games, such as Dragon Quest Walk, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, and Borderlands 3 for recent examples. How does he fit in so much game time? He plays games while doing other things like watching Netflix, or gaming while riding the aerobic bike. Are there any rules or policies they set for themselves as game creators? For Sakurai, while it’s quite an obvious one, it’s to think of what the players want. However, player opinions vary a lot. Overall, he tries to go for a wide range of players, but still keeping a certain amount of depth. For Horii, while it’s something similar, it also has to be fun to play for himself. How does Sakurai keep his work life and private life separate? The answer according to Sakurai is that he doesn’t think too much about it. It’s not that he thinks they are the one and the same for him, though. Sakurai has other hobbies like going driving, although he doesn’t want to make a driving game. For Horii, he’s more relaxed, until meetings where he sort of shifts into working mode. image: https://www.siliconera.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/hero1_thumb.jpg Director Advice The two directors were finally asked if there is anything they’d like advice on from each other. Sakurai went first, and asked about a certain dilemma that’s bothering him. When making a game like Dragon Quest XI that has such a large volume of content, how do you outdo it or go one step beyond for the next game? According to Horii, it’s not really a dilemma, as he doesn’t worry too much about outdoing each game in content, but it’s when he adds in all the ideas, the game just ends up really large in scale. So he just focuses on adding in the ideas he has. For Sakurai, he’s uncertain what to do next if there is a next game in the series. He’s making the current one with the mindset that this is the last one, and he thinks that it might be impossible to top this one, both cost-wise and expectations-wise. image: https://www.siliconera.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/horiisakurai4_thumb.png Horii had a more lighthearted question for Sakurai: Usually Sakurai is seen as a very reserved person, but does he ever take off that mask of stoicness, and what does he find fun? Sakurai laughed and said yes, he does, both privately and in his work. For example, in Kid Icarus Uprising, Pit and Palutena are always trading jokes, and that was all written by him as well. “I’m not that serious of a person!”, said Sakurai. Of course, as a game director, he puts on a stoic mask, and might say harsh things to his staff, but Sakurai thinks that if people were actually that serious, they wouldn’t be able to make fun games. He does acknowledge he has some trouble showing off that fun side of him though, and even demonstrated a big “Yatta!” on the stream. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available on Nintendo Switch. Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age Definitive Edition just released in Japan today for Nintendo Switch, and will release tomorrow in the West. I beat @Dakhil on posting something DQ news article related wise? What’s up with that? 😜
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    I found this tape on a retro shop called Beep in Akihabara. It was in the junk bin surprisingly and I picked it up for my Dragon Quest collection as soon as I saw it. Now it became a rarity part for my DQ collection. I also have an old VHS player but I have to get it fixed first to watch it. I think it contains a walkthru type gameplay video but I'm not sure. I just wanted to share it with you guys.
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    So I was doing some digging on the summoning mechanics from the middle Dragon Quest games (VI, VII, Monsters 1 & 2) and via Google Image Search I discovered some neat moderately hi-res art from the DraQue Seal Collection which had been sold previously on Mercari, specifically of Terry? and Bazhoul. What I find interesting is that this version of Bazhoul is younger than the other art of him from the old V-Jump scan featured on Dragon-Quest.org. They've got other DQ merch there, but I haven't really dug through it.
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    surprised me most people found my Modpack because of this forum post
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    Restless Armours have been referred to as the ghosts of knights who haven't moved on. As for slime knights, Rocket Slime says the rider is just a toy.
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    I guess we’re going to ignore how Nintendo has had several minutes of gameplay/cutscenes of the game in each Nintendo Direct they’ve had the last few months, including the one just a few days ago...
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    The worst part of the Dream World in VI is that it was mostly the same map and that made it so that I sometimes couldn’t even remember which world I was even in. And with how obtuse your next objective is, you’ve found yourself in a situation where you have to travel around two identical maps trying to figure out what to do next.
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    If you're living in the U.S. and you haven't pre-ordered Dragon Quest XI S and you're subscribed to Amazon Prime, you can pre-order Dragon Quest XI S at Amazon for $49.94 (and since I've got the link from Dragon's Den, you'll be supporting Dragon's Den as well, so you have double the reason of pre-ordering Dragon Quest XI S)! I don't know how long that price will last, so you better pre-order Dragon Quest XI S from Amazon soon!
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    Full WiFi multiplayer, not just local would be nice
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    We got hit with snow this morning and that slowed my commute to work down a bunch. My neck has been messed up for 2 days straight so that was a nice wrinkle to my shoveling this morning. I'll try to remember to send a friend request tonight.
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    About 26 hours into Persona 4 and I'm enjoying it. Rescued Kanji and am currently farting around until the next incident happens. Other than Persona 4, I've been playing some random Game Boy games and got back into playing Picross games again after watching a friend on twitch play a Konami Picross game a few days ago.
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    Whoa, what?! I hadn’t heard about that! Man, that sucks! RIP Neil Peart. I’m going to have to listen to Moving Pictures tonight, as that’s my favorite Rush album. Rush was one of my dad’s favorite bands before he passed away, and it’s because of him and his records/CDs from the band that I became a fan.
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    Yes. Sky and it’s sequels is a good place to start. After that would be Cold Steel or the other games who’s name escapes me as they both have fan translations. The first games in Sky and Cold Steel move a little slowly, but they do a great job establishing characters, plot points, and the part of the world that game takes place in. Playing later games like Cold Steel, you’ll not only notice direct references to past games, but you’ll realize all of them are connected and how past games affect the future ones.
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    First episode of the Podcast is out now. It's available on itunes, Google play, spotify. Here is the link to the youtube version. First episode is long AF.... We probably should have broken it up into 2 parts lol. https://www.weeabuds.com/2019/12/weeabuds-official-podcast-episode-01-2019-year-in-review/ We talk about Dragon Quest XI and Builders 2 beginning at the 53:00 minute mark
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    A Switch version that marries the best of both worlds would be glorious.
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    It was 18 years ago today I first heard this version of the overture and got both versions of this game. Crazy how it’s nearly 20 years since I first became a DQ fan. Merry Christmas guys!
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    Joke Explaining Time: I was pretending that the reason the novelist was suing was because she didn't want the movie to exist, which in real life would be ridiculous and petty. I figured she was suing for something more reasonable, but said otherwise for the sake of the joke.
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    You guys nailed it. It's not for me. It's like when I refused to sell my copy of Builders on Switch despite putting all of 1 hour into it and determining it wasn't for me. It's a mental thing with me where I have to be 100% knowledgeable about something or else I'm a poser. If I don't finish 7 I feel like I can't call myself a real Dragon Quest even though I own every mainline game, in some cases multiple copies on different platforms for some games. I just gotta get over the fact that, Jay brought up, nobody cares. I know I'm a Dragon Quest fan, Christ I have a tattoo for it...not finishing one game in the franchise doesn't make me any lesser of a fan.
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    You never know, it. Is... is there any substantial audience demand for it? Pretty sure that trashy twist ending kind of ruined it for everyone except professional whiners critics. See? Even the novelist doesn't want it.
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    Filled out the survey. Wasn't really sure what to say for the "Any messages to the 'Dragon Quest' development team" box, so I thanked them for the many countless hours to enjoyment over the years.
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    I just finished the survey. Took the chance to really emphasize how much I love the series and what all I enjoyed about DQ11. Made a point to mention we’d love to see Dragon Quest X too.
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    Thanks to twinkie for the last batch of pastword screenshots for the 3D mode of Dragon Quest XI S https://www.woodus.com/den/games/dq11s/pastwords.php
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    Happy Thanksgiving to the Den! I totally just spent four hours overestimating my ability to cook food in a synchronized matter and a sibling had to come bail me out with my perogi and some of my chili, but all in all, dinner tastes fantastic.
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    It was great being on the podcast! It was funny to make an appearance after being mentioned a few times in past episodes. Thanks for having me on!
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    I actually looked it up and I didn't realized that Sham Hatwitch was originally from Dragon Quest X (never played it). Apparently, it even had a variant there called "Ham Shamwitch". I like Ham Shamwitch but "Sham Hatwitch" is even better. I also like "Buffalo Wing" From DQIV, "Wax Murderer" from DQV and "Natural Born Quiller" from DQVII.
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    A while ago, some dedicated fans used Google My Maps to make a map showing real-world places in Terranigma. This inspired me to do something similar with Dragon Quest III. So...here it is, or at least what I've done so far. https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=1iR34saV4YL-xHYH9mLtJNqA94lPAdcvh&ll=43.04208693582048%2C7.068989106250001&z=6 Any comments, suggestions, or corrections are welcome.
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    Yeah, I’m glad Falcom does that for NG+. When I started a NG+ for Cold Steel 1 on my PS4 to see the first few chapters on the system (long story short, transferred my Vita save file to my PS4) I was surprised to see the point system allowed me to pick and choose. I did most everything I could while playing, so the only things I couldn’t access were a few things, but I was able to get my levels and equipment/items over for a Nightmare run. It was also great to see by playing fully through Cold Steel 1 I was able to get a number of bonuses when I transferred the complete data to Cold Steel 2 once I started it up. A game that ACTUALLY rewards you for playing through the previous entry and doing the side activities? Why don’t more series try to do that?!
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    No SD card yet. Bought the Switch just for DQ XI. 😁 But I'll be getting an SD card today or tomorrow, so I'll email you what I have soon. I'll try to organize them by chapter too. And what's a useful tip and what is character or location info.
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    When IX came out I wasn't really into DQ yet. So XI last year was actually the first time I was present for the first release of a main title DQ game. If you don't mind following a translation guide and spending the money, I would recommend playing X. It isn't like other MMOs. It's a lot more like DQIX online.
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    I played the heck out of 3D on the PS4. I will gain on the Switch, however, my first playthrough will be 2D, with full Draconian Settings (should make the beginning very very very painful).
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    May I ask why you favor DQ2 and like DQ3 the least? Just curious. My list is: BEST: IV III I II WORST.
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    Look what I saw at Nintendo of America's Twitter. The question is, who does Dragon Quest belong to?
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    It's always been mainstream in Japan. The thought of it being Japan-mainstream here in America is great. As long as the DQ creators never go the Final Fantasy route with this series then I'll be happy to continue buying their content.
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    This guy in question pops in occasionally and asks random marketing and advertising questions related to Dragon Quest. How well is the marketing, what are some ways they can improve. Sometimes hyper specific stuff like this topic. But that’s the maximum amount of his engagement here, so he’s often questioned on what his intentions are. We generally don’t tell people to leave unless they’re being aggressive or harassing others. And I’ve only ever seen trolls outright banned. As long as you’re polite and respectful you’re welcome here.
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    Damn, He did a great job with the game. Sad to see him go but he needed it. I can see why he would feel burned out after Builders 2. It's a super massive game. Each island is a short game in itself. He really outdid himself on the game and deserves the rest. If Square Enix wants it made, they'll get it made. He was the director for two of them. That does not mean the series dies with him.
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    It isn't the damage that is the problem. It is the knockback it causes and how safe magic burst is. Only 3 characters can even recover from ledge from it. Which in itself is saying something. Some are suggesting on not having having lingering hit boxes so having the timing be more precise to land it. That or just remove knockback all together. Either way, the whole banning of hero is just scrub talk. They didn't ban him for being over powered. They banned him for having a lot of RNG which is "anti-competitive". I have a Smash tournament tomorrow and I will switch to Hero if I hear people complaining about him being OP. It is this kind of dumb stuff coming out of the Smash community that makes the FGC disrespect them. But what can you say. Scrubs gonna scrub.
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    I guess I could nitpick that since it's titled as review that it should have a division between general review and spoiler review within the podcast itself. That said, again it's hard to find fault here since they are by definition a retrospective podcast. Perhaps they shouldn't be classifying their episodes as reviews however. Sent from my LG-H871 using Tapatalk
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    Quick, now someone go to PAX West this month and smash a PC/Switch/PS4 since we haven't gotten Dragon Quest X, Mori Mori 3, Joker 3, etc
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    I barely realize there are contests! Had pre purchased DQXIS months ago and I wasn't aware that I could get the award. Here's a meta-contest idea : When you guys have many contests at the same time; add an additional contest for "promoting the other contests to elegible people by telling them". Or maybe something a bit more simple, "Game Cleared Year 20XX" yearly contests where you have to clear a DQ game with a specific name and idk record the last moments of the game with your phone or something like that. Setting a specific contest name for the MC would sort of prevent cheating right? It does take a while to beat most DQ games but well, it was just an idea.
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    DQVII is my favorite, but I also loved the story and the partychat/characters. It didn't drag as much as most games of that length. DQXI is closest to DQVIII although I think slightly smaller. It's still a good game.
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    Although @DQ11_PR didn't post this Tweet, @DQ11_PR did retweet it. https://twitter.com/V_Jump/status/1143106175312908288 And here are some screenshots from the V-Jump link.
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    Dragon Quest XI S will be released on 27 September 2019! And the Luminary, as well as other Dragon Quest heroes, are confirmed as the next Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC characters!
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    Forbes did a review: https://www.forbes.com/sites/olliebarder/2019/06/10/bring-arts-erik-and-erdrick-toy-review-past-and-present-dragon-quest-characters-brought-to-life/#6b66ab377873
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    I've been checking Dragon's Den out for awhile but never noticed that there are those who attempted solo runs like I have. If you like DW THAT much, I feel like we're siblings. I wrote up a WP page explaining my solo quest so far up to Baramos. (I'll get to Zoma later.) It's like a journey journal. Maybe something in my write-up can help others achieve Dragon Warrior/Quest III solo completion. Remember, this refers to the original American NES Dragon Warrior III. The SNES and GBC, although great, I prefer the original. https://mikeatventionsx.wordpress.com/2019/04/29/dragon-warrior-3-solo-journey-journal-defeating-baramos/
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    I’ve been trying to think of what to say for this topic, so I’ll just go with this: All I want from a DQ9 remake is a game I enjoy from start to finish. I’ve never straight up quit a DQ game before, but something about DQ9 just rubs me the wrong way. Even when I first started playing it, it just didn’t really click with me, which is hard to believe for a DQ game! It’s the only mainline game I haven’t beaten (aside from DQ10 for obvious reasons), but I hope a remake would get me invested enough to at least finish the main game. I jokingly pick on DQ9 at this point, but I honestly hope at some point if a remake happens I’ll get it and enjoy it.
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    I don’t know, DQ8 does have some funny moments with the protagonist just off to the side. Specifically the bar fight scene in Simpleton where he just stands there awestruck while bottles and other whatnot objects going flying in front of him. But I get what you mean though.
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    I got a new job. I’ll be starting at the end of this month so I can finish my two weeks at my current job. I’ve been looking for new work since my current job has been stingy on hours, so I’m glad my search has finally ended in success.
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    The Manga adaptation of DQVII claims that it is set in a far future of DQII. Kiefer being the descendant of DQII's Prince of Midenhall. The game also hints that since you can find a sword reaaally similar to Erdrick's sword (having the same stats too) in Melyor's Castle. If I recall correctly -which may not be the case-, in DQVIII the God Bird, Empyrea, says that she is known as Ramia in another world. Ramia being the God Bird that hatches in DQIII. Then again, the God Bird design changes from games to its remakes, making it rather difficult to know for sure what's canon. Like, the GBC remake of DQIII depicts Ramia as a peacock-like bird, while any other representation of her depicts her as she appears in DQVIII (and the Battle Road series game). I'd even say that the Joker series is happening in a far future of DQVII (since, as aforementioned, it'd happen centuries after DQII). Description of some monsters, like Atlas ("Once opposed a certain trio of warriors while in the service of Hargon"), Dargonlord ("This monarch spoken in ancient lore was once bested by the legendary dragon warrior") or Orgodemir ("In ages past, he sought to become a god") makes it sounds as if those games (DQI, II, III, and VII) happened ages ago, but in this world. There are even pieces of evidence as to why the Joker series is not happening in a far future of the Zenith trilogy with the description of the Alabast Dragon: "This regal deity is known as the Zenith dragon on another plane of existence"). Plus, the "Tachyon Sphere" if I recall, if very similar in its design to the sphere of light's seen in DQIII and I. Tho of course, it could simply easter eggs of nodes to previous games.
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