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    Saigan does good work. Some DQ YouTubers are real mush mouths, hard to listen to for too long.
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    Also, give BenXC a try, if you want to see some really cool Dragon Quest Builders builds, including his entire rendering of the Zelda: Link to the Past map. We interviewed him recently on the Dragon Quest Slime Time podcast.
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    The Jump tease was for DQ11S on PS4/Steam/Xbox One. The Monsters game is MIA, last thing the producer said is that they are having development issues. DQ12 is in-production phase. Yuji Horii teased a dream theme for this one a year or so ago. As for the DQ9 remake, Hino from Level-5 was pushing for it on a live stream. Whether or not it's happening is anyone's guess. Level-5 could do with a win, they've been floundering for a long time.
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    Hi@Xiggy! No worries, I'd be happy to post some screenshots and a bit more about the tools I use. At the moment I'm only using MadEdit (Hex editor), but in the past I'd also use NLZ-GBA (Rip/Replace graphics) and Lunar IPS (To make patches). I'll be sure to post some screenshots and videos soon. I did run into my first stumbling block with inputting text. The input screen stores the letters you select and the letters that appear as your name in two different places. I've also got a "Corrupt Data" message that I've not found on the cartridge yet. Otherwise, I'm getting close to having the menu done, which leaves the easy bit of any game, all of the dialogue! Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    Funnily enough, it was 3rd one I was looking at. It seems straightforward so far, it's just going to take a lot of time. I've not got that far into playing it myself but I'm sure I will in the next few months. I put out a patch for it in the next couple of days, just to see if I can get the main menu done as well as latin alphabet input 🤔 Definitely an incentive to work towards! I should have it done summer 2030 at the earliest if that's okay?
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    My problem with it was where it was placed. They should have had those mini arcs being told by the respect characters either after they joined or right before they officially rejoined the party. I definitely prefer how the original opens with the hero alone in Act 2 in his situation and has to try and find the others again. Putting all four of the new mini stories at the start of Act 2 kind of ruins the vibe in my opinion. I preferred being left in the dark on what became of everyone, so when you did find them again it was a sigh of relief they survived. Having them recount their experiences on their own to the hero would have fit in better with the story telling IMO. In Erik’s case, have him recount his story after you’ve finished the Sniflheim events in Act 2. I didn’t think the new stories were bad (except for Jade’s which felt unnecessary), but the placement of them could have been handled a lot better.
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    Hello, I am a new member of the forum. I've been using woodus for a decade (thank you so much admin!!!!) and more but it never crossed my mind to get an account and be active there . Introducing myself; I am Miel (this is my real name, I struggle sticking with usernames so I stopped using them haha), I am a 2d artist mainly in the character design/concept art/illustration segment and I write sometimes too. Hopefully I will be able to make some fan art and share it around here, whenever I have free time to do so! Been a passionate fan of DQ since I was 9 (coincidentally with DQIX, that came out right before my 10th birthday ), then branched out to play all the legacy games from I to VII + spinoffs (still have not played VIII despite having it on the 3DS, and XI-S on my switch...). My favourite main games are DQIX, DQVII & DQIV, and my favourite spinoffs Rocket Slime, Monster Joker 2 and Stars. I kind of stopped playing DQ games at some point (I call it the "DQX effect & games not getting localised", between 2013 to around 2018), but I have been slowly getting back into it as of the past 2 years (thanks to DQIX again), hence finally the creation of this account. I'm starting to get addicted to DQS but that's just a side effect of the game being too good for the platform it's on. I love slimes and I hope you do too (especially the merch, I crave it) . Hopefully this is good enough of an introduction, it is a pleasure to meet fellow Dragon Questers!! Also thank you so much again for this website, I would not be that much of a Dragon Quest fan because of how scarce information about it is in the West, especially my country.
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    Hi! I didn't scroll down far enough to see this board until now... oops! Better late than never I guess. I played my first DQ back when I was in 5th grade after we inherited a PS2 from my Uncle and we found DQVIII in the Gamestop Bargain Bin for $8. It's still my favorite game to this day, but you can put basically anything in a DQ wrapping and I will immediately love it. I spent most of my school years putting way too many hours into DQIX multiplayer with my little brother, but I've played some version or other of every main series game (other than X) and all the spinoffs that were released in the West. I've used the Den Site for years for alchemy guides, maps, and equipment lists, but when everything shut down in March I finally made my account. A few weeks ago I joined the official unofficial Discord Server, and I've been so blessed to finally have Dragon Quest Friends! I grew up with only my little brother around me who actually really enjoyed DQ, so I have a lot of suppressed excitement about the series that I've not been able to share with anyone (which is probably why I talk so much there ). I'm finishing up a degree in Aerospace Engineering, but I also play the flute and consider music to be a big part of my life! I also love making lists and google sheets so I'm always happy to help fill out information on the main site when I have time! I'm so happy to be here!
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    Just a heads up. The 8/13 release date is based on Japan time. It will likely be earlier depending on your timezone. Perhaps even Wednesday night?
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    Yeah, I did it the first two times. I think I'll pass on the third purchase
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    Ooooh that'd be absolutely brilliant! The 3rd Torneko game always looked like a lot of fun. If you do work on it, do you think you could do some screenshots of the work progress and maybe the softwares you use to do so? I've always been curious as to how people translated games, but never actually saw how it worked.
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    Cran was able to cull the member number down a fair bit. I don't think you're in danger of being removed anytime soon. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    Listening to DQFM's Your Story podcast. Something I didn't really care about before kinda sparked in my mind from their discussion that was also mentioned in our own DQ Slime Time episode on Your Story. I'll try to spoiler tag it, in case no one still hasn't seen the movie, yet...if you haven't seen the movie why are you reading these words?! 😛
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    Hi everyone. I started messing about with a a Torneko ROM and was wondering if there was much interest in a translation patch for it? I've found a couple of people mention one in the works but nothing more than that. I've already made a start on the menu screen at the beginning but wanted to: A) Check there wasn't already one in the works or available. B) Gauge the interest of one. The only other translation project I've worked on was Final Fire Pro Wrestling for the GBA. Translating a wrestling game might not sound overly complicated but it had a promotion management mode and I figured out how to edit all of the wrestlers, promotions and other bits too. Anyway! Please let me know what you think.
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    I had a bit of a crazy start to my week but yesterday my wife and I were able to find out the gender of our baby. It's a girl! We had a party with my family and you can be damn sure my she-slime plush is going in the babie's room.
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    NIS America is running a sale on the eshop until August 18th, and from it I picked up The Lost Child. It was 70% off, and I’ve been wanting a dungeon crawler for the Switch. It definitely seems inspired by Shin Megami Tensei, but from reviews I read the game does a lot to differentiate itself and is a solid game overall. The leveling up system for the monsters you can recruit sounds interesting, and I like the approach is has that angels, demons, and so forth live among humans in a Men in Black type of situation.
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    Thank you for your great proposal, it is true that I had not thought of a potential stand held by Play Asia among others. Likewise, seeing Bandai Japan for the Dragon Quest VR can be interesting (I have the contact of Bandai Namco France to see if I can have the contact of Japan). For the Ludia's Bar we had indeed planned, even if it is not the official bar, to offer an inn to quench your thirst in the colors of the saga. I will see to recover a maximum of your ideas which interests me greatly, thank you again. If you have other ideas feel free to share them here. The poll has been closed since the end of June, but ideas can still be continued here.
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    Here's a 22 minute long video with all the flavor text. I am missing quite a few drops, but everything else is in there.
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    Ohh, Yes i know that game, Just didnt realize seeing the acronyms. I have been playing a lot of classic sagas, like YS, Grandia, phantasy star, and a lot more. I will have to try that game, looks good. I also want to try Dark Cloud. PD: i recommend Rogue Galaxy. Its a 10/10
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    Trails in the Sky 3. It's part of the bigger series The Legend of Heroes which is currently in the Cold Steel subseries.
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    There was also a tease recently to get fans to push for Builders 3. Suggesting they're probably working on it. Omega Force suggested wanting to make Heroes 3 as well almost a year ago, but we've heard nothing since. There's also talk about remaking DQ3 again. Mostly rumour, but from a relatively credible source, however, until we see anything from SE, or Armour Project, there's nothing to go on. I guess my point is that there's more stuff to be known. I'm also wondering when they'll announce Dragon Quest: Infinity Strash for NA/EU markets, given its an Action RPG, and has a decent shot at reasonable sales here. Though I wonder if the reason they're keeping it under wraps now, is due to the negative feedback of the visuals and animation quality. DQ9 though, is definitely due for a remake, and the interview was a bit more than suggestive. It felt like they were teasing it intentionally, because it's now within the general time frame for a remake, and DQ9 would be a nice fresh face to see again, especially with some major overhauls and updates. So for sure that's a done deal at some point, and yeah, Level-5 could use a leg up. Snack World wasn't quite up to snuff, and unfortunately Fantasy Life didn't have nearly the traction it deserved. Most of the player demand has been for Dark Cloud 3, which I'd love to see make a return. Which I don't understand. DC2 outsold DC1 in Japan by nearly 3x, and while they've never given US sales, it sold over 500k over here for both, so made the Greatest Hits list. Which is very frustrating, because that was an amazing gaming experience, and DC2 is worlds beyond DC1, especially in the creation system and the polished combat, and overall better storyline.
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    Both would be amazing additions! I'm playing a lot of DQIX at the moment and it definitely feels like I'm missing out on not having someone to link up with, although I got it release day and I didn't have anyone to play it with then either! A new port to the Switch/PS4 would be awesome. Something like another collection or a port of a 3DS game we'd didn't get in the West.
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    I wouldn't go out of my way to put ketchup in a grilled cheese. But if it happened, I think I'd still enjoy it.
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    DQ X offline, or DQIX for pc and consoles, with multiplayer to do some dungeons. Thats all i want to be happy
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    Put together a stream last night going over the story a bit, and covering some info.
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    I still have Trails of Cold Steel II sitting on my shelf. I need to decide how and when I'm going to deal with this series. I swear I need two weeks off to get caught up on gaming.
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    Yup. I enjoy Nocturne because of the atmosphere the game provides as you explore the Vortex World and because of the gameplay. Even if I’m not a big fan of all of Atlus’ RPGs, they always nail the latter. Especially when it comes to battles. From what I’ve seen, people enjoy Nocturne for the same reasons people like Dark Souls and Bloodborne. There’s a lot of mystery to the world that you slowly uncover, exploring it on your own and seeing how everyone is affected by it. I can relate with that as I enjoy the SoulsBorne games for the same reasons I enjoyed Nocturne.
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    The only fighting games I know and played are Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter
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    I hear in the 5th game they finally sit the big guy down and he finally managed to shed a tear or two when sitting down with Dante for a heart to heart chat. Apparently it’s the bonus ending scene for 100%ing the game. Jokes aside, Dante’s inclusion in Nocturne actually happened because Kaneko (the main character and demon designer for the SMT series for a long time) designed some characters for one of the early Devil May Cry games. To return the favor, Capcom gave Atlus the okay to include Dante in Nocturne. Don’t know if they were any crying devils involved during that, but it’s kind of a cool backstory.
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    The Devil May Cry series is something I just can't get into. There's enough will they-won't they plot lines on TV. How many freaking games do I need to play to find out of Lucifer's gonna shed a tear?
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    Hey, Woodus, what kind of finalized guide would meet the site’s standards? I’m still going to be pumping out a lot of stuff info for a while, but wanted to know how I should format everything, and if it should be done in a specific program like Microsoft Word/Excel or something. The only places I’ve ever submitted guides to were reddit (I told them to take my work down though), and GameFAQs. Both were really particular about how the guides were supposed to be done.
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    If you get him to have the divide power, Erik can be a powerhouse.
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    Both games were up on eBay for £60 but didn't go for it because I've spent too much this month already! Maybe I should make a start on Monster 1 or one of the Joker games [emoji848] Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    That's absolutely awesome! I've heard of this hex thingy before, but never really thought about what it meant or how it worked. Does it looks like a bunch of 0 and 1, or maybe some other numbers to re-create characters (letters/Kanji, numbers...) or do you have a txt file that you can translate juste like that? Ah, look at me, am sorry, I guess I'll just have to wait and see when you post pictures of the translation process! I wish you a successful endeavor, and I'll be sure to play the heck out of this game once it's translated!
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    2am BST! Normally asleep but I'm sure I could make an exception. There's a good chunk of the main menu done so far. Two things I found that were interesting. There are the remains of a debug menu. I don't know if it's accessible but good to know. Also the secret ??? mode is "Ballinabo Challenge Mode". From what I could find (Here!) it's a "Hard Mode" where, if you die, you lose all progress and go back to the start of the game. It's unlocked by completing the Story Mode.
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    You spoke clearly and were easy to follow. What I really really LOVED were the overlays like on this screenshot. The rounds and the damage and patterns. So neat to follow along with!
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    Which one were you considering doing? I have a suggestion if I may be so bold. There are 2 Torneko GBA games. 1. Dragon Quest Characters: Torneko no Daibouken 2 Advance is the GBA version of the PS1 title we got in the United States 2. Dragon Quest Characters: Torneko no Daibouken 3 Advance is the GBA version of the 3rd title which came out in Japan as a PS2 title as well. Coincidently enough, I started this game up just last night. Played for about 30-40 minutes. I actually beat the first dungeon (guess this has multiple because that first was only 3 or 4 floors and then I was done). Sadly I saved the game at the place to do so in-game and then went to close the game through the emulator and it hard froze my Vita. Took a good 5 minutes to shut it down and power it up again. I'll have to try it with a different core, but yikes! I'd suggest if you're willing to do the third game as it's the one that's not in any way come West. The first SNES one has a fan translation. The second one came as a PS1 title. The third's never received any love. As some extra incentive [emoji1787] if you do take up this gauntlet, perhaps this would be a good excuse for@Liamland and I to finally talk about the Mystery Dungeon series on our Slime Time podcast and who'd be a better guest on that episode than you!?
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    I have finally figured out how Psaro's Zam line of spells track targets. I had the perfect testing ground for it, too. It goes after targets with a lower HP total. So even if you're in front of an enemy, like say three feet, and there's another target 30 feet away, it will go after the one 30 feet away with less HP.
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    Cause he's a proper boss? Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    Chocolate naked. It’s exactly what it sounds like.
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    Looks like Leo was up all night playing poker!
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    Thank you @Liamland! It makes a huge difference! I've got two quests left to do in the first 50. 42, where I need to find a letter in a certain grotto, and 49. 49 has just been a drag to gather all of the resources for the alchemy items. I might take a break from the quests for a bit after this one is done and try filling up the monster list. I got a shout out from @Austin and @professorbeej on this weeks DragonQuestFM! Really cool because reading Austin's book got me back on to DQ after a 6 month hiatus after finishing XI. Couldn't find my copy of Chrono Trigger after listening though! I'm going to add links and bits to the DQIX section of my post today. The strategy guide has been a life saver! It covers pretty much everything I've needed so far so extensively, although I've been lazy and just Googled items rather that flick through it.
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    Do they do that? That sucks. I thought they were made on order. Its all good. No need to apologize. I only bought one game from them. But it wasn't one of their "limited run" titles.
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    Got Jade and Rab yesterday morning. That's definitely a fun part of the game. The butterflies aren't as eye-popping as the 3D version. Now I'm in Puerto Valor playing poker. Gotta get at least one cool sword!
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    Got a big crew together for yet another Sidequest! Thanks to @AustNerevar, @Pendy, @YangustheLegendaryBandit, @Bururian, and @Brother Jaybird for talking about so many cool games last night!
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    I feel sorry for those who will have to buy this all over again but I can say this much: It's a must-buy for any fan of this game who missed out on the Switch version
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    Hey, if they can localize a SaGa mobile gacha game, they can do a DQ mobile card game.
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    I still think it's a bad ending. It's basically Crab People, from South Park. It's also possible that the US DQ fans got tired of hearing how terrible the ending was, for 6 straight months, so when the majority of westerners finally got to see it they all went in with incredibly low expectations. They were already in love with the story because DQV is a popular entry, but they were more invested in the feels being portrayed by the ending than in a retelling of DQV's plot.
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