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    Here is the first of the interviews. Interview Riku Sanjo What was it like hearing that there was to be an anime adaption the first time? I was surprised. Kind of like, "What, you can make an anime of it?" This was because, at the time the popular works in Jump would normally get an anime adaption, but I thought that "Dai" could not be an anime since there was the original "Dragon Quest" productions that it was based on. Then, once it was decided, I was shocked at the unusual speed that everything progressed. But at the time besides writing the script for "Dai" I was also writing articles for Jump, and I was writing the articles about articles about other anime so my impression was just that "My work has kind of increased". I was spending the whole day at the Jump Editorial department so it did not feel that difficult. My entire workload was too much. I was young (laugh). How were the meetings between you and the anime staff for things like script writing and series composition? We often had meetings with me the producer, the director, and the script writer discussing the larger direction of the story. Particularly I would do things like offer suggestions for things like new characters for content that was not in the manga such animated movies. It is at this time that I met Nobutaka Nishizawa, who years later I would meet up with again when I did script writing work for Toei Animation. When I was young, the animated movie that I found the most provocative was "Mazinger Z tai Ankoku Daishōgun". So I was very excited to meet and talk with it's director. The contents of the movie "Shinsei Rokudai Shoguo" highly reflect those emotions. At the time that the anime was aired toys were also being sold, and things were exciting across various media. I liked character toys from the start so I was touched to see the characters for a series I was involved with lined up on store shelves. In discussions with the toy producers, Takara (Now known as Takara Tomy) I was asked, "Sanjo Sensei, is there any type of goods that you would like?" So I said I would like something like the Star Wars figure line that was sold overseas. Since Dai is a party battle manga I wanted to keep the taste that "everyone is the main character" and wanted a toy series that had a lot of side characters released. After hearing this they made the "Adventure Hero Selection" toy series, which is the one I am most fond of. It is the only one that has Hadler and his 6 Commanders in color. I excitedly explained to the person in charge "There is even a toy of Carbonite Frozen Han Solo" which I think even now was the hint to the Frozen Leona campaign (laugh). In the anime (Both TV series and Movies) please tell us an episode that you most closely empathized with. The memory that is most vivid is the first movie. Since we were attempting trial of "anime debut through a movie" I collaborated with the staff as we puzzled over everything starting from the plot creation. If we started from "Derupa! Iruiru!" like in the manga then we could not show Dai's heroics. If we did "Dai Explodes!!!" then the final boss was a bit weak. So to deal with these sorts of issues we had the evil idol if Hadlar as an original feature to the anime, mixing elements from the one shot stories and the serialization. With the addition of Toshiko Fujita's lively voice to the finished work, I remember feeling extremely touched watching Dai moving around. This is the only animated work of "Dai" that has not been released to any home video product before, so along with my personal emotions it makes me especially happy. Please give a message to the fans who have purchased the Blu-ray Box. Everyone, thank you for the purchase. I thank you from my heart for not forgetting Dai over all these years, and for taking this Blu-ray Box into your hands. It's been so many years since the original broadcast, and we jumped over a laser-disc and DVD release (laugh), to go straight to a Blu-ray release. It is kind of like "Dai" to do that, and I think it is thanks to all of your continual support. Please keep your emotions over from these 30 years running, and continue to support the developments of "Dai". I am counting on you.
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    Terry was under Dhuran's influence for the entirety of Dragon Quest VI. That's why he didn't recognize Milly, and that's why he got so much weaker, and forgot all his magic in SNES & DS. There's nothing to prove that, but nothing to deny it, either.
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    Yeah well, that's cause it's an Asian release [emoji14]
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    Oh man, I loved loved loved that game. I so wanted it to be Dark Cloud 3. It wasn't. But I loved it No, unfortunately it wasn't. But yeah, I have it on a shelf upstairs and I walk by it every day when I do my son's bedtime routine. It's calling to me. I feel ya. Oh boy do I feel ya. One of these years I'm going to take a two week vacation and dedicate it completely to gaming.
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    I ended up deciding to do 1 disc worth of episodes per week. Disc 1 is done, however I'm making some changes to Disc 2. I decided to downsize the Blu-ray encodes for Disc 2. 1920x1080 (4:3 extra black bars) > 1440x1080 (4:3 no black bars) plus FLAC audio. https://nyaa.si/view/1260840 (Disc 1 Episodes 1-9)
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    Trying to get the Champion's Time for the Black Cup (on Easy) feels downright impossible. But because I'm a sucker, I'm not going to give up quite yet. Anyway, this managed to happen to me. I don't know about you, but can the Luminary make up his mind already?
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    God I hate her. Anyways, I'm 'rona free. I felt fine the entire time waiting for my results but people in my family circle started getting results before me when I had tested at the same place 20 minutes before them. Needless to say, I have new outlook on all of this and I won't be lazy and think "I don't need a mask here, it'll be quick.".
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    The Hero and Joker amiibos will be released on October 2nd here in the US while Japan will receive them on September 25th. https://www.siliconera.com/joker-and-hero-amiibo-release-date/
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    It came in the mail yesterday and the case was in Chinese but the game was in English.
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    Been putting some time into Rune Factory 4. I think I'm deeper in a dungeon than I've ever been. It's nice though, there are periodically those little teleport things that allow me to head out and gear up or whatever. I think I'm Level 62
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    Send me a COVID shaped balloon animal.
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    Have decided to sell the Dragon Box set I own. These are pretty expensive. Ranging from 250-400 a piece depending on condition. I'm posting here in hopes someone here or someone knows someone who would be a serious buyer. I will post photos later tonight.
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    Ah, good call. I do have that sitting in my Wii right now.
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    No I missed the "Switch" part, I will get it added. Added
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    Add PS4/PS Vita Itadaki Street to games owned list, please.
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    I didn't do that. Or the chit chat thing where they talk every single turn. I'll need to do that; thanks for the reminder. Totally forgot about those speed-up options. Of course now finding them in the Japanese menus will be interesting.
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    Squenix and Level5 should do an HD upgrade instead of a full rebuild with 3D graphics similar to, say, DQ11. Akin to how Level5 handled the Switch upgrade of Yo-Kai Watch 1. It would keep the charm up. I've been playing a lot of both games recently and you can definitely see/feel Level5's fingerprints all over DQ9, the games are so alike in some aspects. Also some QoL improvements like, adding online capabilities to the multiplayer aspect, a dash function and equipment slots for appearance only, because some of the best a gear is not always aesthetically pleasing.
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    I found my Nintendo Switch! Right between my couch cushions, one of the first places I checked and it got checked multiple times. I don't know how I missed it for literally weeks.
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    DranzerX13 and Mimas: You are gifts to humanity. Thank you.
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    Throws me back to the days when I literally went to every store that sold video games back in the early 2010s looking for DQ V, but IX had just come out and made the search harder when you asked for Dragon Quest V and they thought IX was what you were looking for. I think there was only 1 copy within 30 miles according to a GameStop employee during my search. I ended up buckling and just buying it new for a good price on eBay. They we’re selling new copies on the Square Enix store fairly recently.
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    ‘appy birfday, guv! Hope it was a diamond of a day! Enjoy the gift of song @DrippySlimeStar!
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    Finished up Graveyard Keeper. Wahoo, what a freaking fun ride! 48ish hours, and that was thanks to the DLC. Did about half the extra story DLC. The other DLC was a whole quality of life thing that allowed me to turn corpses into zombies and automate tasks. So I guess the time kinda balances out.
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    Ah! Thank you so much dude! I worked yesterday so I could have today off and it's been a pretty great day.
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    Some of these would be great for a redbubble store or something!
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    My oldest son did some new Slime designs for our redbubble store! Check 'em out! http://alefgardhero.redbubble.com
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    Did you use context clues?
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    A lot of teachers default to the high risk demographic. Nobody's even talking about the threat posed to them if schools open up again. Things need to just stay online. I totally understand that a lot of kids probably just don't learn anything remotely compared to in-class but dems da breaks. I'd rather that than have more people die en masse. But I dunno. I don't have the answers I guess.
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    Sitting home & hiding from the crashing 2nd wave in Florida right now. Figuring out how to reopen schools right now. My private school will be opening and I'll have to watch a mask (good), but the kids... [emoji2369]. Elementary kids are going to make a mess of mask-wearing. I've been there for 20 years. They can't wear their shirts right, can't tie their shoes, and lose literally everything not tied to them almost daily. Haha, oh it's going to be a hot mess. Sat in on a Zoom conference call for my son's school. Wow, that principal had 85% of the answers (his hands are tied by the school board), but still the questions he was fielding... whew. It's not going to be a happy start for anyone. And we start in less than a month.
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    Coworker is really really sick and possibly has it. So now I'm doing the job of two people, plus my own. I haven't been this tired since I worked in a warehouse. Also, my state is led by a bunch of dumb #$*!s that still have not implemented a masking order and will more than likely not close again once the second wave hits.
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    Mine just arrived today. It is a thing of beauty. The box feels nice, thick and strong. The booklet also isn't just some flimsy extra. It is well bound and glossy. I will probably translate the interviews in it some time soon. The restoration is gorgeous, and it is fun to see the small flaws in the animation that were not obvious in the subpar video release (Not to mention that the video tapes I owned were all from Japanese video rental stores selling their old stock) and smaller TVs.
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    It didn't arrive until yesterday due to me changing the delivery address and DHL ignoring my date request. Binged disks 2 & 3 yesterday. Glad I finally got to see how the fight with Crocodine concluded. 😄
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    If it’s an announcement in Jump it’s likely info on one of the Dai games. They could also likely use the opportunity to share more info on the anime with character art and the like since it’ll be airing a couple months later.
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    What I couldn’t believe was that the usual Nintendo games weren’t present. No Mario Odyssey, no Breath of the Wild, not even Kirby! Meanwhile at Wal-Mart (which I ran to just after) had copies of all the current Pokémon games on Switch. Usually the Best Buy has a better selection, not the other way around!
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    I was at Best Buy this morning after my doctor’s appointment and went to look at the Switch stuff since I had some free time. I go over and started looking and, I kid you not, the bottom two shelves were nothing but copies of Pokémon Sword and Shield. There was one copy of Let’s Go Eevee and a copy of Pokken Tournament DX on the shelf above, but absolutely nothing but Sword and Shield on the bottom two shelves. Needless to say it was pretty ridiculous. Not even a single copy of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon DX which I was hoping to find.
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    Last couple weeks at work have been pretty busy, finally updated the DQotS events list, the following events have been going on since 6/23 And these since 7/1
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    My goodness. Those sales are pretty much all crappy. I mean I know DQ isn't a sales powerhouse, but with numbers like that I'm surprised they still release here at all.
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    DQ10 for the West? Pipe dream. Gamstat is an amazing site. Really opened my eyes, as I was wondering why the US sales for the PS4 edition hadn't hit 500k for DQ11. There are more DQ11 sales between the Switch, PS4, and the PC version than DQ's 8, and even 9 in the US. It's actually LOWER in Europe by a sizeable margin. DQ has been in decline in Europe ever since DQ8. Slow and steady decline, with a core and very loyal fanbase, but no perpetual growth for some reason (it's been bombing in the UK, even the Action games, but then the UK seems desperate to play anything that isn't swords and sorcery). However, the bulk of new sales? Taiwan, Hong Kong, and South Korea. Yeah, all the DQ Heroes marketing in those three areas paid off big time over time. Dragon Quest Builders 1, 2, Heroes 2, and Dragon Quest 11 have all grown there. Oh, they've grown in the US, just by VERY slight margins in comparison, for all the effort put into it. So NA sales: DQ8 - 430k (one print run, took years to sell through, opening month didn't break 80k) DQ9 - 500~600k (opening month broke 128k) DQ11 PS4 - 390k (338k specific to the US, 408k if we count C/S America) DQ11 PC - some unknown % of 200k+ (it's in the 200~500k range now, but it's only been there a short while, and growth was objectively slow, with a few massive sales pushing it over the 200k hurdle). Steam is mostly a "rest of the world" market (https://store.steampowered.com/stats/content/) , though for games like DQ11 and requirements, this is mostly a US/EU/Taiwan/HK/South Korea game, so assuming similar ratios, it's about 80~90k US. DQ11 Switch - hard to day, if the ratios are identical to the PS4, somewhere around 200~220k given the Japanese numbers, and total Switch sales being around 900k~1m (almost certainly over 1m now). DQ11 Total NA potential sales: 390 + 85 + 210 = 685k (could be as high as 700, could even be higher at 750k or as low as 625k). By comparison EU sales: DQ8 - 712k DQ9 - 400~500k (could be an even split, but due to opening bell numbers, it's likely more in the US favour, so probably 550 and 450k) DQ11 PS4 - 267k (all of Europe, including the UK, not just Western Europe) DQ11 PC - if ratios persist, then 50~60k. DQ11 Switch - if ratios persist, then 130~150k. DQ11 Total EU potential sales: 267 + 55 + 140 = 462k While that's good, and very promising for the US, it's not great overall. Probably not enough to guarantee DQ10 at this point. There will most likely need to be more growth. Here's Heroes 1, 2, and Builders 1, and 2 PS4: Heroes 1 - 200k NA , 171k EU Heroes 2 - 72k NA , 56k EU Builders 1 - 187k NA , 148k EU Builders 2 - 75k NA , 52k EU Builders 2 Steam (100k+) - if ratio's persist between NA, rest of world, etc. then 30k NA and 21k EU Builders 2 Switch (1.1m back in August, so possibly 1.3m WW across all systems by now...1.2~1.3 - .58 - .1 = 520~620k) - if ratio's persist, 67~80k NA, 47~56k EU Builders 2 total potential sales - 172~185k NA , 120~129k EU ================== We're essentially going to need DQ12. It's good SE has a very realistic viewpoint on DQ11, especially given revenue margins, and likely profits were never higher. Spin-off's are overall selling better (especially in the US), though seeing sad declines despite quality jumps (DQB1 -> DQB2), however, DQB1 has seen higher sales jumps since DQB2, as with DQH getting a jump with DQH2's release, and both original games, especially on Playstation 4, had insane price drops of the original games, as low as $3 at points, though usually hovering between $8~15. Assuming DQ12 sees growth that is. We might...MIGHT get lucky if SE sees an opportunity with SEA, and the burgeoning hard growth in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and South Korea. You can release games in all of those regions in English, as it's very commonly spoken as a second language (trade-business requirement). Especially SEA, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. South Korea might require Korean, and it's always smarter to release Cantonese and Mandarin language editions, but most SEA releases are done in English as there are too many languages to consider. So there might be consideration for the US by proxy.
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    Launch of an investigation for a potential organization of a Dragon Quest International Fan Fest which would be launched if soon in 2021 on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the saga. Your opinion matters a lot. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/12cVIwARKE4JRGd7RFw4ouPEJirqpvuM9JmJET4iA628/ Investigate international in order to be able to have a general opinion of all the West. We will come back to a report in a few days.
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    1 - looks kind of goofy with the super chibi model, but it's the easiest way to play. It does suck that stats are fixed, but then they were with the mobile version. The NES/SNES/GBC/Wii versions all had a series of fixed stat growths based on the numerical value of the name. Some were outright horrible, one was great in every category, and the rest were either more MP or more HP, with varying degrees of Agility+Natural Defense, or Strength, where you'd get the high's of A+D and low of S, or vice versa. Now it's a fixed stat, the most balanced stat growth, not the optimal, which works. It's MUCH faster getting to cap, and thus a very smooth ride, with very little grinding. So for that reason I'd say it's a A+ version. 2 - it's based on the mobile version, meaning it's the best version. Mobile doesn't fix the Cannock bug (make sure to get that leaf of the world tree to him when he takes sick), but it does three things that change the nature of the game to make it much more approachable and balanced: More levels for Cannock and Moonbrooke to match Middenhall's level cap. This means they'll actually gain levels faster, and so get to spells a bit earlier. Stat growth is jacked up, especially for Cannock. They're MUCH stronger, ala DQ4's DS/Mobile remake (not quite on that scale, but it's a noticeable increase in general stats). The game enforces finding the crests, and really pushes for it. I don't recall if it has a tracker of sorts, but it does have several instances that remind players they need to get them, and more NPC dialogue related to the main quest. 3 - it's a good version. It's not the best (my favourite is split between GBC and SFC). It's probably the most balanced, as you'll speed through levels at a faster pace than previous games. Seed farming is a little easier because of it. There are no monster animations in battle, so that's a bummer. There're no pachisi tracks, which sucks as the SFC/GBC tracks were some of the best in the series history (not overtly brokenly stupid hard and RNG unfriendly like DQ5's final two). I've gotten used to the models now, but they're not my favourite. The chibi-style really stands out here as well, less so in 2 for some reason...but it's easy to get used to. Just interesting that characters now have larger models than NPC's, which really stands out in this version. The colour palette being so bright is one of my least favourite things in the modern conventions (thank god DQ7 3DS's past was dark), and this really stands out in Alefgard in this version (the mobile used SNES graphics, so it looks better). However, it's the most accessible. By far, as it requires the least grinding of any version. So you can just coast through, no problem.
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    So, I got home from a long workday yesterday and started playing DQXI around 11am. I wake up at 5:30 AM for work each morning so I probably should have slept. My wife was also staying away later than usual so I thought: "What the hell? If she's staying up a while then so will I" so I lay in bed and completed the Erik and Mia segments. ...Wow. This might be one of my favorite story lines of DQXI thus far. This one...HURT. Wow... I really view the Luminary as the brother Erik never had. The Luminary was the sibling Erik needed after losing his own. I was so enamored in this story that I didn't even realize it was 1am by the time I saved at the church, LOL! It's great to be back to this game after a long hiatus and I must say that the writing and character studies in DQXI have been simply phenomenal so far--above average for this series, even. DQV and VII level, even.
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    After a VERY long hiatus, I FINALLY returned to my save file last night and am currently in the process of saving Erik from the gold monsters/vikings. As a massive lifelong Dragon Quest fan, I have NEVER left a brand new Dragon Quest game incomplete for months at a time if it was my first playthrough. Unfortunately, my life has simply been too busy this entire past year and I've been working very long hours Monday-Friday leaving me very little, if any, game time during the week. With little to no time during the week and mainly only weekend excursions, it's made this game difficult for me to fully enjoy. It's not this game's fault--it's the fault of my circumstances and the truncated way in which I've been forced to play this game. I hate it. This is not the way I like playing Dragon Quest games and 11 is, unfortunately, a unique circumstance for me. I was tempted to simply shelve this game until I can finally reduce my work hours but I had two issues: 1. I have NO idea when that will happen (it could literally happen any time or take longer--I don't know yet) 2. I've...missed the game. A lot. So, I'm back to playing the game in piecemeal as of last night. I hate that. Dragon Quest is an immersive experience that shouldn't be played in such a way, if you ask me...but what do I do? If I miss the game and the world of Erdrea, I either have to suck it up and just deal with it or hold off for God knows how long until my work hours are reduced. I chose to just suck it up and play it even with my reduced hours. I will definitely NEED to properly replay this game unhindered one day once I'm back to working regular hours. I need to do this game proper justice. Thankfully, this game is so accessible and so informative/user friendly that I was able to slide right back into the adventure last night with little confusion on where I was. I also just realized...the Dark World really seems to comprise of a large chunk of this game. I feel like I'm playing two games in one. It's reminding me greatly of Dragon Quest III, to be honest. Dragon Quest III felt like a whole other game in one once I reached the Dark World and this is the same, really. I've really grown to love the Dark World in this game as well. It feels like Dragon Quest's answer to Final Fantasy III--er, VI (I'll never stop calling it III by accident). It honestly reminds me of the Dark World from Dragon Quest VIII if you left the sky gray but colored the environments in. I've missed the world of Erdrea and I'm glad to be back. That's how much I've missed this game--I'm willing to continue playing it in piecemeal if I have to. But I WILL do this game the service it deserves one day down the line but replaying it in one go once my life gets less busy.
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    What he’s getting at is that it’s a misleading title. I came in here thinking it was coming out in English.
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