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    Hey everyone! Similarly to what I'm doing with Dragon Quest XI, I'm finally getting around to editing my initial play through of Dragon Builders 2 and figured I'd post it here as well in case anyone was interested. Also, just like DQ11, don't worry, I won't be spamming replies to the chain every time a new video is posted. But if you're curious about the play through, all videos will be located in the spoilers section below. And if you like what you see, feel free to like, comment, and subscribe! (gotta have that shameless plugging! ).
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    I've been getting stupid luck with my lucky chests. Got Erdrick's Sword one week and then Sword of Kings the next. I promptly destroyed both to extract the skills for my Battle God Sword. Really enjoying this game so far.
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    Hope this is the right place for it, but I made some Dragon Quest outfits! You can save these to your custom designs once you've unlocked the Able Sisters. You can also search my creator ID to see all outfits: MA-3446-4789-8332
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    I'm waiting (hopefully) for The Legend of Zelda collection to come to the Nintendo Switch next year since next year's the 35th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda series.
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    We're fine. We're just across the water from NYC, in West New York, NJ. My office shut down over 2 weeks ago and I've been working from home. The biggest challenge has been avoiding my 3 year old. Cuomo deployed a medical frigate to the Javitt's Center today, a giant red-cross barge that's supposed to house 1,000 hospital beds. That should help with the local hospital's over-capacity. My wife is due with our second child in June. Should be interesting. She's giving birth in the local Jersey hospital here where they setup the quarantine. We're both a little worried about that--even though we know the quarantine is isolated from the birthing ward.
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    Here's another DQotS-event fanart I done did! This one is of our good friend Baramos... the confuse-initiating pterodactyl weirdo.
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    Went back to Let’s Go Eevee to finish it up. “But eal you just said you were gonna play Stick of Truth!!” I’m don’t wanna talk about that trauma! I’m in Fuchsia and could probably bang out the last four badges and the Elite Four tomorrow if I dedicate the afternoon to it. I got to see the Pokémon Go connectivity firsthand and transferring my Pokémon over was simple enough but catching them was actually annoying. If your presentation is just gonna be them standing in a cluster in the middle of big open field then at least not make me actually have to try to catch them. I spent like five minutes trying to get Zapdos in a Pokeball. They can run away, for goodness sake, and you have to try again!
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    Been cooking with Raman noodles quite a bit. Bought a big box for my cousin as a joke and seems like we're not going to see her until summer now, so it's time for Coronarantine cooking! Recipe #1 - Mexican Raman Recipe #2 - This was more like a lasagna Recipe #3 - Raman curry. My wife mistook masala spice for curry, so we added both! This has been my favorite, likely 10,000,000 calories. Recipe #4 - I'd made poutine a week back and had tons of gravy left over, so Raman poutine!
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    The granny got the special edition Switch.
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    yes but the compression made it very fuzzy so I replaced it with Acerola. I've been on work from home for 3 weeks. I've been *working* about 85% of that entire time period. Not the normal 40hr shift. But all of the time. I am getting two companies set up to shift operations remote. This has been 95% successful, thankfully.... but I am exhausted. I live in a city, all kinds of lockdowns in place, all the restaurants are only doing carry out or closing up... some permanently. as far as my time on twitter... yeah no. I just cant anymore. too many egos. complete distortion of any kind of reasonable discourse on really anything. I quit. I met my fiance there that was the high point.
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    I'm somehow alive but I need a vacation. I miss this place. Too much twitter has screwed with my brains.
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    Hey, you played longer than I thought you would. Way to go, Platty. 😎👍 I’ve played with the pro controller and it’s pretty good for the game. I want to try it with the motion controls before the trial ends, but from my fighting game experience it’s better to have a traditional controller over something different. I’ve enjoyed the trial and want to pick up a physical copy of the game in the future as it was a game I was interested in when it was first revealed but just never picked it up. Maybe it’s because I enjoy fighting games that I found the game a lot of fun. It feels like an expanded take on Wii Boxing from Wii Sports, and I hope ARMS gets a sequel so they can further expand on what the game has to offer. It’s great, but there’s a few things I can see where with some more expansions and some ironing out the game could reach more people.
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    I did a variation of this for Tokyo Mirage Sessions. There’s a dungeon where you enter a room and there are a number of TV screens with nothing on them but one has an ad on it. You need to enter the room that corresponds with that TV based on its position on the map. Towards the end, there’s a note with a series of numbers and now all the TVs have a number on each of them, all totally out of order. The note shows the order of which room you should enter. I don’t remover what the numbers were but if it says 8194, you need to go to room 8, 1, 9, then 4. So I had to take a picture with my phone of the TV screens and the note and made sure I went in the right room.
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    Well here is the path I took: Age 14 and 15 - Worked seasonal full-time at a waterpark as a lifeguard in the summer Age 15.5-17 - Worked part time at pizza place while finishing high school then started college part time. I was living on my own in a multiple-room mate situation to make ends meet. Age 17 - Moved geographically for opportunity, graduated high school and continued college, worked at a pizza place and fast food joint for a total of 70 hours a week. Still needed a room-mate. Did not sleep much, rode my bike about 10 miles between jobs and home every day. Age 18 - Promoted to supervisor at the fast food joint, went full time. Age 18-19 - Used Management experience to go into the restaurant maintenance field and was a supervisor shortly thereafter, full time. Continued part time college Age 19 - Drifted toward my career field. Moved from a management position at a retail store to a loss prevention position. Full-Time. Age 20 - Culmination of all of my experience allowed me to break into the career field I'm in love with and will be in for the rest of my life (hopefully). Age 27 - Going strong in my full-time government job. I've moved agencies and titles a bit, but I've loved every minute of it. Benefits and the whole shebang. In conclusion, it took a lot of working my butt off, working multiple jobs, working 70+ hours a week, gaining experience, etc to get where I am. So that is how I got my full time job. Everyone's path in life is different, find what works for you. I wish you the absolute best! Good Luck!
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    I don't have time for it now, but I've had an itch to replay DQ7PS1 for a while now. When I get around to it, I'll try to remember to snag these. I've never completed the Monster Park, though.
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    In concept that game sounds cool, but I kind of loose all interest when I realize it's not DQ. It's not tuned *exactly* the way I like it, but DQ is so I'd rather just play DQ.
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    I'll admit it -- I like the game. Enough that I keep happening across cool things and effectively spoiling myself RE: possible events we could be facing. I already shared the 30th anniversary Psaro fight: ...but I also just happened across the fight with Corvus during an apparent DQIX event as well: Note the new transformation sequence at 5:14 and that they take Corvus' finishing move from Monster Battle Road.
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    We were furloughed at work until further notice. Good news is we will still have our health insurance active for all full timers. Certainly wasn’t news I was expecting today. Guess it’s a good thing I have a few RPGs I need to finish off.
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    I'm still not sure what was fake and what wasn't. 😝
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    This is a weird recommendation because I haven’t actually played it myself. I’d say look into it and see if it’s something your son might be into. Runbow: I’ve heard good things about it and it’s very colorful so it would appeal to a kid.
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    I’ve heard SnipperClips is pretty good. Haven’t played it myself, but from what I’ve seen/heard it can be a fun time. I would recommend Super Mario Odyssey. It can be played with two controllers, one person playing as Mario and the other as Cappy. There isn’t a life system like past Mario games, so if your son plays as Mario the only thing you’ll lose if he accidentally dies is 10 coins. The game points out the next objective well and there are ways to find any power moons (the game’s main collection item) you may have missed. There’s more than enough per world that you can find in order to move on no problem. I’ll have to check through and see if I’m forgetting any good multiplayer games, but Super Mario Odyssey is my recommendation.
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    Life is already a bit of an April Fools joke at the moment. For real though, I haven’t seen many this year, probably because places didn’t have an opportunity to do anything because COVID-19 has everyone at home right now. Honestly, I don’t think anyone would be able to fall for them anyways. Aside from NIS America apparently, who else is out there making announcements of new products in the middle of a pandemic? There’s a good chance some stuff that’s already been announced might not even come out on time.
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    Damnit, I knew I shouldn't have clicked. The Squirrel was your mother the whole time who'd once slept with your grandfather (her father-in-law thank Goddess), making Aqua & Snow not just your cousins, but half siblings. Ruined. Forever. Now there's no point in playing.
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    Hey, a half dozen hours of Wikipedia research wasn't spent on nothing. Thanks for the listen!
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    Finished a nice enough but short game called The World Next Door. I had fun for the four or five hours it took to play it but the ending was very anticlimactic, there were a lot of unanswered questions (I assume I would have gotten them if I picked the second ending), and most of the limited number of Quests were simple. Also, I hate YouTuber cameos and this game had one by an anime YouTuber (because Viz Media published it) and her voice acting was obnoxious. Definitely felt like this was Viz testing the waters in game publishing, the whole thing felt incomplete. Now I’m back to South Park: The Stick of Truth. I’ve gotten far enough away from my last attempt so I’m starting over again to try to complete the game in one go. I have a full list of missable content on my phone I can reference lol. I can mute it and listen to my backlog of podcasts while I try to catch up. These inconsistent days off that work gave us has given me a good amount of time to catch up to my backlog a bit.
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    My least favorite parts of the game are the secret zones you can access in Delfino Plaza (that #$*!ing pachinko board and the poison river that takes ages to get to can both #$*! off) and finding all of the blue coins. I like looking for them, but when you get to the point of missing like 2 or 3 in a world it becomes difficult to finish off finding them all.
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    Back-filled all the events I could, I guess I should have grabbed them all when I had the chance.
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    I thought I was being fooled when Platty told me about the announcement earlier this morning. Turns out it’s totally legit. Kind if a bad day to announce it consider its April Fools, but maybe that’s the joke. 🤷‍♂️ Whatever NIS was thinking, I’m happy the west is getting the game. I still have a ways to go before I even get around to playing Cold Steel 4, but I’m happy the long time fans will get to officially play it in English at last.
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    What dumb-dumb would make a (I assume legitimate) announcement on April 1st?
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    I have started lists for Combo Meals, Adventure Rank Rewards (though I am missing many since I didn't think about it right away), and monsters (that I had before the update this week). https://www.woodus.com/den/games/dqstarsandios/combo_meals.php https://www.woodus.com/den/games/dqstarsandios/rank_rewards.php https://www.woodus.com/den/games/dqstarsandios/monsters.php
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    Well, turns out I managed to get it to work! I chose the first option, when you click to import monsters from either M2 or J3, which is basically a way to import data from the game. Once the data are updated, then the latest monsters you've caught are selectable to import. Also, should you have done the fondude quest, that gives you a rainbow fondude, I remarked that every time I fuse a monster with it, I get two monsters: the one I chose to get, and a copy of the rainbow fondude with the same +number than the fused monster. Like, when fusing my Break Estark SS+25 with the Rainbow Fondude A+25, I got a Break Estark SS+50 (the one I wanted) AND a Rainbow Fondude A+50. Which will be more than useful to strengthen my Shadroth and any other monsters.
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    When transferring from DQM2 3DS, I noticed similar things. I believe you're capped in rank, and it also depends on what skill sets they have; some will transfer, some won't. I tried using this to get some fancy skills in Pro from DQM2 3DS but it wouldn't let me. It's somewhat inconsistent.
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    The demo survey is up for Bravely Default II. I’m going to be as thorough as I can when filling it out because I think BD2 can be a really great game just like it’s predecessors. It needs some fine tuning for sure. https://form.square-enix.com/a.p/196
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    Oh man that is one wicked sword.
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    With that Senran Kagura game done, I’m moving onto a totally different game that I’ll probably like more: VA-11 Hall-A. It’s sorta a visual novel with a retro anime game visuals where you serve drinks to patrons of a bar and they tell you about their lives in the cyberpunk world the game takes place in. I’ve been itching to jump into this so I’m hoping it lives up to the wait.
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    Thanks to Brother Jaybird I have updated the Dragon Quest Heroes monster list with the missing images and a few other pieces of info. https://www.woodus.com/den/games/dqheroes2ps4/monsters.php
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    Thanks to Brother Jaybird for noticing that the descriptions were cut off, I re-uploaded those to the database and then added the ones that were missing from his screenshots. I will capture the 2nd set of notes and add those as well down the road. https://www.woodus.com/den/games/dqheroesps4/monsters.php
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    I completely forgot about this - Regardless, I've been doing more DQ-based drawings as of late (aside from Miitopia ones): This was back in December, and it was drawn during my lunch period at school so it doesn't look as good as it could've been for obvious reasons, heh. This was in February, and it's my current profile picture on here, surprisingly. I believe this was also drawn the same week as the last one, it's a mandrake marshal. I drew this one today actually, it was mostly a test to see how well I could take a picture of my traditional drawings without getting it too blurry (since I use my phone for taking pictures of my traditional drawings, this one and the one below were the first ones I decided to put on the internet). This one is of a great sabrecat since I've been playing more DQV and DQVIII as of late. Like the above, this was another attempt at the traditional drawings. Except this one is the only one that isn't DQ-related, it's a Miitopia-Wings of Fire crossover since I've been playing Miitopia a little more too.
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    Done, sorry just getting back to the Den after traveling and work with COVID-19
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    I'm 46 and will be married for 19 years as of May. I played the original DQ in the late 80s not long after it came out. It and Ultima IV were two of the first RPG games I've played. I'm as home with an RPG game as I am a sports game as a I am with a football or at my backyard firing range with my firearms. I can wear either camouflage or a suit depending on the circumstances. People have varying interests and I don't judge a book by its cover.
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    I like it and also take it for what it is - an extremely hard game (original version).
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    Incidentally, I once compiled a list of the events of the Japanese version. I think it's almost exhastive. It covers from the release date until Nov 2018. Unfortunately it's written in Japanese, and the Japanese event names I think will provide little help for those who are not familiar with Japanese DQ games, but it won't hurt... You can find it here. (It's in my Japanese blog site, of which topics are DQ9 and Stars.)
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    Ah, yes. I wonder if we have a sufficiently sarcastic woohoo emoji lying around somewhere. Do we have a list of Den emojis somewhere?
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    Anyways, it's nice to see that people can play these games with any method they can, but I feel like embracing these very intentional "gambling" elements spice them up, and really makes you aware of design decisions like "flee not being a guaranteed success", "rezz having a chance to fail", "save is only available in town", the fan favorite "a metal slime appears" etc. Even losing half your money is basically "casino risk" levels of experience: "You traveled too far and met something that's so hard, your risk taking didn't work, gimme your fortune bro". I kept thinking "for a classic series, Horii was too open to roaming visible encounters" and initially believed that he was willing to let go of the risk/reward that comes from roaming too far from town in the DQ games with random encounters. But I was wrong, the risk/reward is still there, you're just the one who willingly takes the risk of going to the boss without fighting "as much as you used to". It's not like Horii being fan of gambling is a secret, and you can see that it affects his game design choices. Overall, grinding to reduce risk is only one of the ways to enjoy Dragon Quest, but it's not the only way to enjoy these games.
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