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    The first one for me was DRAGON QUEST XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age the game is simply at the top of its kind on Nintendo's Hybrid: Very visually and technically impressive, incredibly endearing and pleasant characters, enjoyable music, interesting story, classic but effective fights, monstrous content, massive additional content compared to PS4 / PC versions. Dragon Quest XI S is an essential that any owner of Switch must own, it is one of the best games of the Switch and this generation.
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    Favorites: I: Dragon Lord. Not many memorable characters in this game, really. The Dragon Lord is the only one with any real personality. So odd for me to say this. II: Princess of Moonbrooke: She's the only one I sympathized with. That game NEEDS party chat for a future release as she would have some great dialogue. III: The king who offers you his throne. This clown is great--he sees royal life for what it is: boring and thinks "hey, why do I have to do this? Let someone else! I'm headed to the casino and bunny girls!". Wholly irresponsible and immature as a character, yes, but I find him amusing nonetheless. IV: Alena: I LOVE her! My favorite female character of the saga. Such a loveable tomboy who keeps breaking her wall, giving her father heartburn, giving Brey a heart attack and worrying Cristo. I love their whole dynamic. Chapter 2 is among my favorites. God, I could list the entire cast of IV, really. I love Torneko, the hero, Ragnar, the sister who loves gambling... IV: Psaro: He's the most layered villain of the series by far. I actually somewhat sympathized with him. I loved how Chapter 6 improves his ending. He's not just some boring demon lord. V: Pankraz: Who wouldn't want this honorable man for a father? He's the one NPC of the series I'd love to see a spin-off/prequel for. They could base it on the years he was travelling with his son. VII: Maribel. Sorry, Platty. You and I agree on many things here but I must deviate from you on this one: I LOVE Maribel. I find her sassy attitude funny as hell. Downright adorable, even. She just calls it like she sees it. VIII: Yangus. I think most of us can agree here. Do I even need to elaborate? VIII: Trode...what more needs to be said? IX: Stella. In a game devoid of party chat, this fairy amuses me. I find her adorable. XI: Veronica. As others stated, she's like a refined Maribel. She's cute and looks even cuter when she's in a bad mood. I find the way she clings to the Luminary as her protector to be very sweet. XI: Erik. What a pal. He's like a less refined version of Henry from V but in a good way. XI: Sylvando. I find this flamboyant character to be quite amusing. Least Favorites: I: Princess Gwaelin: I hate her. She's almost entirely useless and seems to function as a clingy character who lives to love the hero. No redeeming qualities. No real personality. She's a corny character. II: Prince of Cannock: He might be the only character I list based on gameplay but I don't care--this guy is WEAK. No matter how you armor or level him he JUST...KEEPS...DYING. Ugh! Plus, I never forgave him for having to chase him all over to get him to join me. III: Kandar (To hell with "Robbin' 'Ood"--he's Kandar, dammit). He wipes out half my party and then begs for mercy like Dr. Wily each time...can't stand him. IV: Dragon King. This might shock some but allow me to explain: I am mixed on this character. The backstory of the game says the "Zenith King sent forth a lightning bolt that killed the woodcutter. He then took the Zenithian mother away". The dragon king was well-established was centuries. This "Zenith King" would have to be referring to the Dragon King. Who else? This dragon is responsible for orphaning the hero and all because his mother married a human. The mother was distraught in Zenithia (it's heavily implied to be your mother when you meet her). The dragon king ruined the hero's life in many ways and he must have felt guilty since, at the end, he revives his friend/love interest in the village. We also know that he changes his mode of thinking by the time of V. Still, I find it seriously screwed up how the Dragon King orphans the hero and then turns around and asks him to help defeat Psaro. He didn't need to KILL the woodcutter. This story always bothered me. Still does. V: Nera. She's not a bad character but she's boring. Stale, really. VI: Ugh...I don't like ANYONE in this game, really. I'll give it to Nevan because, like someone else said, no elaboration is necessary. VII: Hondura: I hate this drunken uncle. That is all. VIII: Charmles. Do I need to elaborate here? IX: Zenus: An underdeveloped Dragon King-like lunatic character. XI: Jasper: An underdeveloped character with flimsy characterization/motivations.
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    Got to L’Academie de Notre Maitre des Medailles (god I hate French and French accents) at last. I still love how eccentric the headmaster is. But what I love even more is that we get to hear that awesome Tokyo Metropolitan rendition of “Castle Trumpeter,” from DQ5 when on the school grounds during the day. I’m probably going to keep praising the use of the symphonic music with each piece I finally get to hear in symphonic form in game. Mainly it’s just nice to finally hear these songs I love so much in an actual Dragon Quest game instead of just listening to them from my iPod or the physical discs. I love it. Anyway, I’m thinking before I make the trek to Phnom Nonh I’m going to head to the valley east of the Medal Academy. I’m pretty sure one of the orbs is over there in that valley if I remember right, and, well, I’m not exactly excited to go back to Phnom Nonh.
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    Yeah, I’m glad Falcom does that for NG+. When I started a NG+ for Cold Steel 1 on my PS4 to see the first few chapters on the system (long story short, transferred my Vita save file to my PS4) I was surprised to see the point system allowed me to pick and choose. I did most everything I could while playing, so the only things I couldn’t access were a few things, but I was able to get my levels and equipment/items over for a Nightmare run. It was also great to see by playing fully through Cold Steel 1 I was able to get a number of bonuses when I transferred the complete data to Cold Steel 2 once I started it up. A game that ACTUALLY rewards you for playing through the previous entry and doing the side activities? Why don’t more series try to do that?!
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    Didn’t the 3DS version of VIII let you reset skill points from a skill tree? I know in the PS2 version once you made a decision you were stuck with it, but I thought they changed that in the 3DS version where at certain churches you could empty out one of the five skills of points and put them towards something else if you wanted to. I haven’t played the 3DS version of VIII for a long time so my memory is kind of fuzzy. I’m not opposed to how they handled it in VIII though. Every time I replay that game I go with a new weapon skill line for the characters, with the other points going into their unique skill sets. At some point I need to get back to the game and do a Boomerang/Club/Knives/Staves run. Probably go Fisticuffs with Red and...well, whatever the weakest of Morrie’s attack skill lines is.
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    This isn't a Grotto question though. It's a stat/character gameplay development question. I would say farm and get all character specific skill sets to max, for all the stat bonuses. So Guts, Courage, Enlightenment, etc. Those stat bonuses carry over between classes and stack with one another. After that, just keep grinding away until you get harder grottos, and I suggest using the Baramos map to gain access to harder maps. if you want to get the post-game quests (the bosses that come with them), and the legacy bosses that also come with them: or this: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/937281-dragon-quest-ix-sentinels-of-the-starry-skies/77723677 ...this is the better method if you can set your router to allow WEP encryption for a night...OR if you have a second router you can physically plug into your main router/gateway, then set that to WEP (or better yet, just whitelist only the DS Mac address), and use that for your DS.
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    You just had to bring up the Bianca vs. Nera thing in Dragon Quest Heroes, didn’t you @Liamland? 🤣
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    Correct. It wasn't "bad", it just wasn't really very necessary or a part of the game at all. I enjoyed Harvest Moon many many moons ago (late 90s, early 00's) and when the original Rune Factory came out, it was a pre-order and day 1 play for me. Hooked ever since. Heck, all Fantasy Life had to do was look like Rune Factory minus farming and I pre-ordered and sunk 120ish hours into that as well. I'm a sucker for simplistic combat like that.
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    I have grown to appreciate the "farming" genre of games in recent years. I have played some of the older Harvest Moon games in the past. But as I get older and have more responsibilities I have been drawn more to these games. They are so easy to just relax and play, and even with the combat in RF3 I really didn't feel stressed. One thing I do regret is not taking my friend's suggestion in getting the Rune Factory games 10 years ago. I have close to 500 hours on Stardew Valley alone, and that has a big part with the modding community. But I do agree with you on the combat with the game. I have nothing against the combat system itself, but more of the lack of content associated with it. No bosses. Easy enemies. Weapons only are used to clear floors faster. I just felt like the game is better off not having the combat in it at all to begin with.
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    A perfect metaphor for real life combat.
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    So I logged into my CA account on a device with no other Google accts on it, set my VPN to Canada and I was able to Pre-Register!
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    6 year-old Plattym4 spent time today explaining specifically what I was doing wrong with certain items in Smash. Don't hit the fake ball or you'll go boom boom
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    Crud. That reminds me, I'm 5 hours into part 3. Fun game! I was actually considering getting the follow-ups on the Wii U Virtual Console down the line because I played the original voraciously. Get Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky. In my opinion, they’re the best narrative storytelling in all of Pokemon.
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    Finished the martial arts tournament today. I hadn't played IV the first time I played XI so hearing the battle theme in the arena battles was fun. Hell, I had only played I II, VIII, and IX by the time I played XI the first time. I only have VII left to play now so I'll be much more aware of the series nods and homages XI has.
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    I posted it on Twitter so Platty will be seeing this again but...JPRGs gotta cut it out with the "20 hours until it's good" stuff. Finally got to the good parts of Ni no Kuni. I played XIS as well but that game is a masterclass in JRPGs and video games in general.
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    i Agree that WOULD Be amazing; though Combination Attacks are admittedly more of a Chrono Trigger Staple instead of a Dragon Quest one(though one other than myself COULD argue that Pep Powers are basically Combination Attacks or Chrono Trigger Double & Triple Techs) and yeah, I Agree; I'd Love to see more Cross-game Interactions; Like Say How The Other characters would react to Sylvando's VERY Effeminate nature, or Alena's Reaction to Jade also being a warrior Princess, How everyone else would react to Jade's Re-Vamp Curse; Everyone's Reactions to Lizzie being affectionate towards Terry; there's so much possibilities for how each character can react to other characters, like comparing & contrasting, reactionary humor about how Characters react to certain other characters
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    Hey, I got platinium in 224 hours, it's too much but I'm not as good as I thought
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    Grabbed Layers of Fear for like $4. And The World Next Door for $3. Currently playing the last season of The Walking Dead game after totally skipping New Frontier, which I heard is pretty bad. Pretty much every day though is me trying to distract myself until MediEvil comes out next week.
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    That was a bit confusing to find out. I figured if any country would get a physical release it was be Japan.
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    Erdrick read no such thing. I am thinking he's conflating statements Horii made about wanting an Action DQ following DQ7's release back in 2001 (no longer exists, not even archived...thanks 1UP!), which was well known to the fanbase for a very long time. Alongside likely DQ9 starting out as an action RPG, and the recent anniversary couch conflagration of Horii and Level-5's leadership and how they discussed DQ9 and a remake (intended to make it seem as though it wasn't intended, but clearly they had plans before this, and this was how they planned to announce it). Then probably with the recent job postings SE has put out for new Dragon Quest games, and one which specifically calls for someone with Action oriented battle experience. DQ9 remake reveal: https://gematsu.com/2019/07/dragon-quest-ix-staff-discuss-possibility-of-remake-during-10th-anniversary-live-stream Dragon Quest job postings relevant to Action RPG's: https://www.jp.square-enix.com/recruit/career/contents/dragon_quest_new/ https://hrmos.co/pages/square-enix/jobs/100400900 https://nintendosoup.com/next-dragon-quest-title-in-development-could-be-an-action-rpg/ https://mynavi.agentsearch.jp/jobDetail/?jobId=31772535
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    @YangustheLegendaryBandit @Twinkie you cannot reset skill points in DQ8. Any version. However given you can postpone skill point distribution in the 3DS, and see what each skill available does, it offers a chance to plan out builds. While I like DQ8's system (and DQ9, which is a drastically improved revision, particularly the weapon attack bonuses, which DQ8 3DS should have changed to stacked bonuses), DQ11's is very well balanced, to the point where at particular skill point intervals, the game assures just enough skill points for certain groups of skills even between multiple paths, often highly useful skills and stat buffs at that particular point in the game that normally most people would be at said level, to have those skill points available. One thing though that DQ8 does give that DQ11 doesn't... The skill tree requirements, point gains, and seed of skill gains gives the impression you're always moving forward at a nice steady pace in skill development. DQ11 by comparison, is like a gulf of extreme limitation until level 40, which is likely to be around the point the 70% story marker clicks. Skill seeds give only one point, and while at max level that 1 point is meaningful, for the bulk of the game, it is meaningless, and rarely ever allows access to a new skill, weapon boost, or stat boost. It feels like walking through a desert hoping I place points in the most effective manner, something that is never present in DQ8. While I prefer the format for skill point usage in 11, I prefer the sense that I can definitely get that new skill on the next level or two, not feeling as if I have to wait 5+ levels for enough points to get a new skill or buff.
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    I didn’t get the full day off I was hoping to today as I had to go in and cover a few hours at work since a co-worker’s dad passed away, but when I got home I was very surprised to find that this bad boy arrived in the mail! It’s the Cuphead vinyl soundtrack I won! I love the artwork on front and back, as pictured above. The characters getting into the groove of the music is great, and some unreleased solos being a part of the vinyl is awesome. I can’t wait to listen to it!
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    Finished the Super Boss earlier this morning. Damn that was fun. Kinda felt bad that I "cheesed" it. But judging on what people are saying about the fight, it is pretty much a requirement to do the fight. Unless you want to spend countless hours farming seeds. Was thinking of unlocking all the new costumes, but I went against it since I really don't think it is worth it. But I did see a full list of the new costumes and some of them look really good. I have pretty much experienced all the new content that was offered in 3D. Time to move on to a second playthrough. I started up my 2D playthrough right away. Only managed to get through all of Heliodor. I knew that areas where changed to support 2D. But I didn't expect THAT much to be changed. It is pretty much playing a different game. Pretty glad I went with a separate playthrough for it. Even items and item locations are completely different. So it is a nice change after plaything 3D a couple times. I am also going with a Draconic run with it as well. I only turned on No Shops, Super Shy, and No EXP on weaker monsters. I wanted to aim for a more relaxing playthrough before I attempt full Draconic. Should have turned on the silly dialogue, but I am not worried about it. As much as I love the symphonic, I had to turn it off while in 2D. Just didn't feel right to play 2D with it on.
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    Somebody inform Reddit and Twitter. Better downvote that person to prove them wrong! That will show em!
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    My surgeon said my face is healed. Another step done!
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    Just... why do you have to restart an ENTIRE BLOODY CHAPTER to switch to/from 2D mode? I like the VA and 3D goodness too much! But the 2D turns it into a freaking SNES game, which is goodness too! And when I go to switch... "Oh, you haven't finished up yet? NOPE, GOTTA REDO THE PAST COUPLE HOURS, NOOB!"
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    I’m not a fan of how Chrono Trigger handles new game +. The Bravely games on the 3DS had the right idea for it, allowing you to choose what you transfer over to a new file via a check list. It was fun starting the game off at square one again but instantly have access to all the job classes. It made things interesting.
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    Finally got my hands on the green orb, so only 3 more to go. I kind of don’t want to leave the town you get the green orb in only because it has “Saint’s Wreath,” playing. I knew the symphonic form of the song would be beautiful for this town. Of course, I also think like Rab and am happy with this “paradise,” if you know what I mean... 😏 Anyway, I’ll probably do some exploring now that I can reach new areas of the ocean and will head to Phnom Nonh next. I really hope the boss of that area will be easier to fight now than it was the first time I played the game. At least I now have the knowledge on what to expect from that fight with stronger enemies on.
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    No worries, thank you for those, and I don't know if the larger map view is needed or not for these like you said.
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    DQVI is blocked by many. You're forgiven. I want Keifer & Amos. I need on one else.
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    Yeah and I totally get you not wanting to throw every game you've got a slight interest for on your plate. I used to do that and all it got me was a huge backlog and a ton of underplayed and underappreciated games.
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    It rotates daily. In the last week, I've been able to get Christmas Cake, lots of Halloween-themed "skeleton" clothing, pirate and captain vests, and some Santa-themed ones.
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    There’s a sale on the eShop for some games published by Limited Run Games. Revenge of the Bird King is $0.09, Saturday Morning RPG is $0.99, Cosmic Star Heroine is $4.49, Night Trap is $4.49, and Double Switch is $12.25.
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    Doesn’t look like my kind of game. Plus I still have a #$*! ton of RPGs I need to finish anyway, like DQ11 S, Etrian Odyssey Nexus, Trails of Cold Steel 2... And I still need to play DQ Builders 2, I’ve barely played my Genesis Mini, I need to finish Breath of the Wild...sorry, but Battlechasers won’t be a purchase now or the near future. Maybe at some point if there’s a good sale I’ll consider it, but the gameplay I’ve watched didn’t really grab my interest. If anything, seeing the game in action makes me want to get Darkest Dungeon for my Switch.
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    Haha! Oh, I just got to that part. That's right. That was our DQ Heroes debate. I think you liked the bubble magic and I preferred Rain of Pain.
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    So I have been sorta rushing to get to the new "super boss". Somewhat ignoring my weapons and armor. Since I turned off draconic and wasn't having much of an issue. And well... I hit a brickwall. I spent all my free time today getting the best equipment to tackle on this boss. Level 99 and everything. I attempted to fight the boss again and he just destroyed me. Massively. I REALLY hope you guys like a good challenge. Cause this boss will take everything you got. Including the grinding. I am fully convinced that this new post game content is impossible with full Draconic. Unless you really want to spend the rest of your life grinding out those seeds. This whole day made me realize that I might not be suited to handle the grind for a complete Draconic run. I will still attempt it, but I really have no faith on tackling the post game stuff. I might just end up saying "no" to the idea and just do my third run with a couple turned on.
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    Happy Thanksgiving y'all. Had the dinner yesterday. It was a hecc of a day. Used the leftovers to make turkey stew
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    Making a JP acct is pretty easy. This website should be able to walk you through it (https://www.gamesradar.com/3-easy-steps-to-setup-your-nintendo-switch-for-imports-with-a-japanese-eshop-account/). They have lifted the IP restriction for US and China players. Nobody knows if it will be reinstated. You currently do not need a VPN to play on Switch in the US. If they were to reinstate the IP block then you need to run your Switch through a VPN. There is a guide on how to do so here ( ) just in case that possibility ever arises. Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any more questions. If you get the game up and running be sure to request to join the Dragons Den Team.
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    To celebrate the upcoming Legend of the Ancient Dragon expansion, I thought I'd post this topic detailing everything I know about DQX's story. Beware of spoilers. So, our story takes place in the world of Astoltia, known for its 6 main areas: Ogreed, Eltona, Dwachakka, Puku Land, the Wena Islands, and Rendashia. We start off as a random Human (we'll call him/her X) living in Etene, a small village in Rendashia. One day, the village is attacked by a strange guy with a scythe who calls himself Hades Nelgel. Wanting to get rid of a prophecied "heaven-sent child," the jerk burns down the village, kills everyone (including X), and seals Rendashia in a dark barrier. However, thanks to the power of a magic flower X had at the time, (s)he is brought back to life in the body of a random corpse that just recently died. (The Ogre froze to death. The Weddie was killed in a sword fight that was supposed to be a friendly spar. The Elf.....misfired a death spell? Someone correct that for me. The Puklipo......woke up in his/her coffin in a carriage. I'm pretty sure the dialogue did some explaining, but I can't read Japanese. The Dwarf........I don't know. I can't find the intro scene for Dwarves anywhere.) After some adventuring, X meets a sage who claims that he can help, but only after X gathers 6 sacred emblems. X does so, but is constantly tortured by visions of Hades Nelgel taunting him/her from afar. When the sage fails to break through the barrier, he tries to find help from a gal named Furukka, but she's a failure in whatever she does. Desperate, the sage pulls X from his/her body, which results in him/her meeting the corpse's original owner. X learns that the only thing that can penetrate Hades Nelgel's barrier is the Ark of the Heavens, a sacred vessel that was last seen 500 years ago. X travels back in time, witnesses some political problems between the Ogres and Humans, and despite defeating a demon named Razban, is unable to foil his ultimate plan (bringing Hades Nelgel to life). X finally makes it past the barrier, and climbs to Hades Nelgel's throne room, but doesn't account for the final trick up his sleeve. However, the trap fails, and the two finally battle square off, mano a mano. X wins and manages to escape, but Hades Nelgel's barrier remains intact. Using a magic compass, X makes it through the barrier into Rendashia, where (s)he has to find a "sleeping hero" who should, in theory, be able to ultimately destroy the barrier. On the way, X meets an (amnesiac?) girl who is trying to head to the kingdom of Gran Zedora. However, the road is blocked off to anyone who doesn't have 3 sacred butterflies, compliments of Princess Anlucea. X rounds up the butterflies, and meets the princess, who is actually an imposter, with the girl from earlier being the real Anlucea. The rest is mostly my guessing, but..........Anlucea turns out to be the "sleeping hero," and helps you defeat Hades Nelgel's boss, Great Satan Madesagora. If you have stuff to add here, don't be shy to post.
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    Play Trails of Cold Steel. Your wish will be granted.
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    Hey, the old saying "Fire Emblem fans can't live without stirring drama" keeps proving itself true.
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    Open this page in Chrome (make sure you have Google Translate installed) https://dragon-quest.jp/ten/quest/number.php and look for the quest number that matches the quest. This site is an invaluable resource. Also, I highly recommend checking out Nawaria's translation on YouTube.
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    I'm posting the questions and answers here from a conversation with Alexandrious over the messaging system. Feel free to add your own questions and I will try to answer them. Warning: I have avoided mentioning story based spoilers, but videos linked here do contain spoilers. As far as game story layout, I give a vague overview of it, so if you are extremely strict on yourself with spoilers you might want to skip over those questions. UPDATE: 4/23/2013 Added Questions 68-72 2/15/2013 Added Questions 66-67 2/5/2013 Added questions 60-65. 1/13/2013 Added a new question from PantheonSasuke. 1/12/2013 Added questions 50-59 1/10/2013 8:15 PST Added questions 41-49. 1/8/2013 7:00pm PST Added questions 37-40 and a sewing video for the answer to question 23. First time actively leveling it does depend on who you are leveling with. I think it took me about a month to get up to level 50 when the level cap was raised. Each time they raise the cap it takes about a week to reach the cap. I could be at level 60 now but I am holding back at the moment, so that I can enjoy my favorite classes for boss battles longer. Yes. They eat into some of your experience but on the whole they tend to make up for it in the speed that they can kill enemies with a lot of experience. Teams will be able to do more in the future, but yes they have a chat, yes they have a window listing people in the team and who is online. I believe the limit is 200 people. You only do the quest to have access to intense training. After that you then have the ability to go into "Intense Training Mode" when you are level 50, which allows you to earn training points when you fight monsters that are stronger than you instead of receiving experience. 1000 Training points gives you 1 skill point. It is complete in the way that DQIX was complete when you defeated "Corvus". There is obviously loose strings, and another demon lord is certainly out there somewhere, but there is no information about them other than the fact that everything isn't back to peace even though the big bad has been defeated. You could probably manage at level 35. A few levels earlier or later depending on how you go about it and who you are with. I do not think that people tend to use Paladins for AI that much. They aren't as good for leveling as say a Thief with claws or a Priest with a Pole. 22 hours. And you can max carry 20, and max saved up time is 440 hours. Yes. The calculation for how much you get is 25% of the experience and gold from battles you participate in. This is calculated from the person who uses you the most.There is also an upper limit based on the amount of experience between the level you are currently and the amount needed from that to the next level (not the current amount you need). x .1 X The amount of time you were used. Genkidama are a compeltly seprate system. You get double the experience and gold from battles that you start within 30 minutes of activating one.
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    I guess I missed this topic, I will have to show this to my son, he has done a lot of tinkering with Famitraker
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    Wow, these sound really authentic! Great job!
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