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    Captures for the remaining 3D locations. https://imgur.com/a/UPbWlIP
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    I've used the same custom keyboard app on my phone for about 7 years now. It's knows all my tendencies. All I have to do is type DQH and I'm good!
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    Platty, you asked me to remind you not to stay up until 1am editing, tonight, so...don't stay up until 1am editing, tonight. It can wait.
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    I'd take the graphical differences of the DS version over the SFC for that one extra party member in battle. The SFC version's battle system feels like a step back in the series' chronological development, considering DQIII & IV NES/FC allowed for 4 party members in battle. DQV is also a game with a large amount of human heroes and recruitable monsters. Having to choose only a combination of 3 does a disservice to the amount of possible characters from which you can choose. I'm really glad the remakes fixed that.
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    Thanks to twinkie for the last batch of pastword screenshots for the 3D mode of Dragon Quest XI S https://www.woodus.com/den/games/dq11s/pastwords.php
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    Like a delicious snack food that could survive the apocalypse, that Denizen just gets better and better. Thanks, @Twinkie
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    Perfect, thank you. I have them updated. I just need to pull my images for the 2D ones
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    As I log on to post this article.... Yes, please! Let's get this going Squeenix! You know what they could do to make it different? Make it a sequel to DQXI! Look at the Persona franchise that put out all those games after Persona 4. You had a fighting game & a dancing game. Hell, there's even a couple Etrian Odysseyesque games in Persona Q & Q2 starting the cast of P4. Launch DQ as a multi-style game with the cast of DQXI. Announce them all in DQH3, the next monsters game with Erik, and hell throw in a strategy game with tons of different classes while you're at it! Do it!
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    Happy Thanksgiving to the Den! I totally just spent four hours overestimating my ability to cook food in a synchronized matter and a sibling had to come bail me out with my perogi and some of my chili, but all in all, dinner tastes fantastic.
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    I haven’t abandoned my new recipes goal. Today for Thanksgiving my contribution to the family meal is a corn casserole dish. You take kernel corn from a can, creamed corn and corn muffin mix and throw it together with cream cheese, butter, half a chopped onion, some salt and pepper, 2 eggs, and some cheese and let it bake for 50 minutes or until the toothpick comes out clean. Throw a little extra cheese on top afterwards and some garnish like parsley and bake it until the cheese is golden brown on top. I’ve had it before and thought it would be a good addition to the family meal today. I was originally going to make green bean casserole without cream of mushroom soup but opted for the corn casserole instead. Hope everyone likes it!
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    Ibuprofin and Dunkin Donuts is always my go to when I need to get rid of The Zings.
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    I finally pulled the remainder of my 2D pastword locations and have updated the pastword list (only one I forgot was the Baramos' Castle Later On one when you received that for completing the first Baramos' Castle). https://www.woodus.com/den/games/dq11s/pastwords.php
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    Hi Hi guys , is me again IKAROS~ . Today I'm gonna talk about the glitches that I love and can't stop using it in DQ Builders 1 & 2 . We all know every single has their own glitches , some of them are good , some of them are hilarious and some of them are making you pissed AF . In DQ Builders 1 & 2 there is a lot of glitches that people keep using it . Some people see it as a glitch or you can say an advantage to make them more easy and more happy to play with . But some of the people see it as cheats , and these "cheats" make them super pissed and they keep saying that cheats is something that will ruin your game experience . Some times we can even see some people arguing on the internet . Geez that is some world war sh!t right there XD . [ Dragon Quest Builders 1 Glitches ] * Items Duplicate Glitch We all know some of the resources in the game cannot be respawn again and can be finish using it . Such as Food , Stone , Iron , Copper and a lot of stuff that you can't survive in the game without it . And some of the player like me love to go slow in game and some times in a single chapter , we wanted to stay long enough to say bye bye to our lovely land . Now things going very good until we find out that our food is running out and we don't want this kind of stuff happen in game . To prevent this kind of stuff happen , we need to be prepare in the early game . Now this is how the glitch works . First , you have to collect a 100 of the resource that you wanted to duplicate . Then you have to prepare a chest that you wanted to put the stuff that you duplicate . And the last is you have to stuff your Colossal Coffer with any items until it has only one space left . When all those steps are done , we can start our duplicate section now . First throw out 99 of the item that you wanted to duplicate at some place that you can easily pick up again . Then put that last 1 of the item that you wanted to duplicate into the last space that you prepared in the Colossal Coffer . And before you start , you must also fully stuffed your item's bag . You can just take out 1 or 2 in each items inside the Colossal Coffer to fully stuffed your item's bag . When all is done , you need to go back and pick up the 99 items you threw . The items you pick up will still laying on the floor when only 98 of it was sent directly into the Colossal Coffer. Now , clear one space in your item's bag and go take out the 99 items that you wanted to duplicate and put it into the chest that you prepared earlier . After that , take 1 out of the item you just put inside the chest and put it back into the Colossal Coffer . Now stuff your item's bag fully again and go pick up the item you just threw and wallah , the item will be still laying on the floor and inside the Colossal Coffer , that 1 item you put in turn into 99 again . Keep repeat again and again and you will be rich AF 🤣 . If you wanted to stop duplicate it , just left out a empty space in your item's bag or Colossal Coffer and pick up the item that laying on the ground . PS : 🔗In case you need a video . Big shout out to BenXC . * Easy Experience Now this Glitch is call Easy Experience , is about the base EXP you have when you building your base in story mode . Like me personal , I like to build up the base after I get the Items or block recipes I need . But without upgrading the base experience , I can't complete the quest that given by and so the story progress won't go on . And like that you won't able to get the recipes you need and you have to build . With this kind of problems , is the time for this glitch to kick in . Now we all know when the room points hits enough , the base will level up . And when the level is up , it cannot downgrade your level . If you destroy your room , it will only take away points from your Level progress bar . And so , if you wanted to level up your base without using a lot of times to build up a fancy big base , this can be really helpful to you . Just simply build up some small rooms with dirt and put stuff in to become a useful room such as Armoury , Bedroom and more . And when your Level is up , just destroy the stuff you put inside the room and put it back to make the room register again . And this is how the Easy Experience Glitch works . PS : 🔗 Just kidding , there are no video for this XD * Elevator Glitch Yes as the name you see , this is a glitch that can make you a awesome elevator . Now this is a bit hard to explain by just using words , and so yes , your favourite , VIDEO TIME ~ YAY . (Crowd Clapping) *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* . Thank you thank you , love you guys . Thank you thank you . Being punched by reality and awake ........... He...here , the video you guys need . And again big shout out to BenXC ...... And so that's it for today's episode . Feel free to comment what you guys thinking of , and follow me if you love my post . Next episode we gonna talk about the glitches in DQ builders 2 and so see you guys in next episode . ByeBye
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    I can honestly say I haven't probably booted up a game on my phone in over 2 years or even have your 1600 times total on 10 years. Wow! Also worth noting that it’s a F2P game and I haven’t spent a single dime on it.
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    MP4 is finally ready Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vR_e0gBsg7c Den: https://www.woodus.com/den/mediaplayer/index.php?flvgrp=slimetime&file=episode_008_-_sackchief_and_dragon_quest_xi_s.mp4&subdir=movie
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    Anyone read the Star Wars: Infinities series? I'm looking into getting the trade of it which includes 8 issues of "The Star Wars" which is a rendition of the original screenplay for Star Wars. I can get them a bit cheaper separately but the site I'm ordering from has it listed as "special order" and they have to get it from somewhere else before they can ship it to me. I don't want to get 2 or 3 of the books and not be able to get one for whatever reason. Might just suck it up and buy the trade since they have it in stock at one of their stores.
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    I thought the beginning of Ni no Kuni had bad backtracking. I played for an hour last night bouncing between like 3 areas. I know it takes awhile to get into a fight but come on! I'm about to gather the last of the first tablets so if I remember correctly I'm about to go to the first island with the female warrior and actually kill a slime or 2. Looking forward to playing the game though I may have to bash through the last part of Jedi Fallen Order before giving it my full attention.
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    Too long, not enough time, I thought the 3DS game was kinda ugly and I didn’t like how tight the camera was on you, and the overworld was...bizarre. I remember it feeling like I’d take 10 steps and end up on a loading screen putting me on a different chunk of the overworld or something. I got all the way through the “stone” island (to avoid spoilers). I think a game came out right after it and took my attention.
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    You were close to Alltrades by that story. There’s one more story after that and then it’s off to the Alltrades plot. DQ7 is a long game, but it has some of the best town/island stories in the series (in my opinion). I love the game to death, but if you listen to the Slime Time podcast you probably heard all about that in the episode I was on. 😜
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    Depends which part of the "uncle" statue he was touching.
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    I think I got TO the class changes. The last thing I remember about the story was with the robots in the castle or something and the scientist was doing something with one in his house?
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    Go in with patience in mind. DQ VII is AMAZING, especially on 3DS, but patience gets you to a point of true appreciation of the game. The game is long. Like WAY long. But it is also an absolute treasure. I'm excited to hear about your experience with it.
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    I think it's time for me to start Dragon Quest VII. I'm just about to finish up Jedi Fallen Order and I've taken enough of a break from DQ games. I'll be playing it on 3DS and it's the last one I need to beat in the main series, I got around 13 hours in the first time I played and stopped.
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    Haha. It's nuts, but I'm sure he gets that all the time. Follow up to one of our discussion points about Manami Matsumae on this episode. I found a personal connection to one of her albums...
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    Yeah, I went into Nintendo's Black Friday/december sales thing to pick up RS3, but it's still way too much for what I'd pay for a downloadable game. $20 USD would probably be my cut-off point also. I liked RS2 well enough that I might pay full price for a physical RS3 tho.... If only to support them.
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    I miss DQ Bingo. Probably the best casino game in the series. The casino grind is what I really look forward to everytime I get to it.
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    Well no. But it has bingo. And four person pachisi/sugaroku/TnT.
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    Well, we played with TiTs. I was WAY more into that initially (insert many jokes@eal), I think@YangustheLegendaryBandit went back a year later and finished, but 2017 was my year for that! 2018 was the year I noped out of Suikoden, and my Twinsie was 216% into it beating both of the first two entries! 2019 shall be the year maybe both of us fall in love at the same time! It'll be a little bit before our SaGa begins, but we now both have Romancing SaGa 2 on Vita/Switch so the possibility does indeed exist!
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    @SumezI apologize for my post earlier. I was not in a good mood and have been stressed out by a few things in real life, so sorry I was sounding short in my earlier post. I let real life stuff effect what I typed/how I responded. Sorry about that man. Part of my personality is that I like to figure out how to do things on my own and then seek out advice when I need some help, but that was no excuse to sound short earlier. If I need any advice I’ll look over that post of yours above. 👍
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    The word “Romance” can also refer to a tale of sweeping legend with lots of interpersonal aspects to the story. Similar to Romance of the Three Kingdoms. I’ve never played any of the Romancing SaGa games but I assume that they contain characters in a sweeping story that spans continents, what with them being RPGs and all. The sci-fi version of this is called a “space opera.”
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    I never liked the need to go to an event for a legendary. "Oh, you didn't go to this rare event? Screw you then!" The way it's done now does make them seem more common, but for someone like me, who enjoys using legends in casual battles, it's great.
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    Reminds me of when they tried to dress up Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE not getting a dub as an attempt to maintain authenticity, when really it was because it was a Wii U, a long one at that, when the console was on life support by that time.
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    True. Should have reworded that. Or it was like Strange Journey Redux not getting a dub: no monetary gain from going through the effort of dubbing a 3DS game in 2019 in the first place. And speaking of Persona Q 2, why the hell haven’t you played it yet? You get every new Persona game yet skip the 2 on the Nintendo 3DS? Platty needs someone to talk to about them since he gets no response from me about them.
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    Also, you’ll just randomly go, “I’m playing a Neptunia game,” or “they gave me a random phone port looking game to review for the site.” I think the PQ2 dub situation also had to do with just the logistics of getting all those voice actors to dub lines. The only VA I can think of who shares characters across games is Matt Mercer as Kanji and Yusuke, with Johnny Yong Bosch being the only actor I can think of who does multiple characters from the same game.
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    Yeah work sucks when it obliterates free time. America needs to go down to 30 hour work weeks. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    I would prefer it if they stopped making legendaries altogether. As you said, a lot of people don't use them. They usually feel like cheating. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    Hey, I haven’t played a Persona game since Dancing Moon Night. It’s ironic that Platty thinks Dragon Quest should take the Persona 4 route with their Heroes games since Omega Force, who developed Heroes, are making a similar Dynasty Warriors game called Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers (which I’m very excited for based on the trailer btw).
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    Someone’s been on a real Persona kick lately. Better start calling you Platsona or Personm3. Or we’ll just start calling you eal #2.
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    My mother had to go to the hospital for a really bad infection for a week. They had her stay a bit longer to do studies on her since it was an infection they never seen before. Doctors determined the infection was caused from the needle itself. She is back and doing well but I have to keep an eye on her around the clock. On other news. I picked up Persona 5 and Horizon Zero Dawn for $20. Two games I really have no time for to play right now. I still have Shenmue 1 and 2 I picked up last black friday and still haven't even opened it yet. If Persona 5 turns out to be as good as people are saying, I won't mind picking up the new version down the road at a later time. Just gotta find the time for it.
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    Charlotte's spells have a spirit requirement to learn spells. So you need to dump points into them for her to learn more. I believe that some stats do still increase if you don't put points into them. For her 2nd ability that cures effects is only one spirit higher then the healing. Spirits (elementals) are also required. But her first two spells are from the first spirit you get. So it is a combination of both.
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    I would like to hear about how the pachisi/TnT/Sugaroku in DQ3 is the best thing ever and how it should be included in every DQ game. Nay, every video game.
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    I haven't done much on this over the past month, been quite busy with other games. But i did find a little bit of time for it yesterday. Basically i've now defeated the boss of the Funadel manor and gotten through the tutorial on ship battles.
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    This clip was the best part of the whole parade:
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    Silver lining: no better time for that to happen then the day before Black Friday.
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    Happy Thanksgiving, guvs! Hope everyone has a great day whenever and whoever you spend today with!
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    I purchased and began playing the Switch version just a few months after I finished the PS4 version. It is ABSOLUTELY worth it. There a many upgrades and plenty off added content. I am confident you wont regret it.
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    I love forced alliteration, rhyming, puns, whatever. I'm a walking dad joke and any aspect similar cracks me up. The English subtitles are good. Ummm, what are they again? Actually, I don't pay enough attention to them to care. Except DQHTWTWATBB. Love that one! More more for the length. I guess I'm just that shallow. Size Matters.
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