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    Dragon Quest III Switch has been finished! Thanks to the combined efforts of Plattym3, Woodus, Liamland, and myself, we defeated Zoma and saved Alefgard. Now I am known as Erdrick. As for where I disappeared too after the celebrations? I dunno. 🤷‍♂️ I’m glad to have this version of the game done. I still prefer the Super Nintendo version with the fan translation, but I always enjoy playing through DQ3 regardless. I may be as bold as trying a full Goof-off/Gadabout party next time I play, but we’ll see. Gotta have the hero travel the world with his three bunny girls.
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    surprised me most people found my Modpack because of this forum post
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    I think I got everyone added that posted here, also added my switch code to my profile so it should show up in my info. Should I make a page like the 3DS Friend Codes page that we had for the Switch codes? - https://www.woodus.com/den/site/friend_codes.php I went ahead and added the page - https://www.woodus.com/den/site/friend_codes_switch.php
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    A lot of video game YouTubers have been talking about XI and how much they love it. That’s the benefit of previous games not being required to understand the story or being directly tied to it. I think I even saw BeatEmUps went to Japan and was specifically seeking out Dragon Quest stuff, which resulted in a video where he talks about Dragon Quest stuff, of course. It’s honestly almost like a strategic, targeted strike. A Switch port of a lauded PS4 game that has enough features to make it worth it for those that played the PS4 version, timed with Builders 2 and the Hero’s introduction in Smash. That crazy long demo went a long way in producing goodwill and excitement and, it’s length being so irregular for a demo, it got in the news just for that. Then they through up the original trilogy of games. And now a movie on Netflix. Within the span of a few months of each other.
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    We got hit with snow this morning and that slowed my commute to work down a bunch. My neck has been messed up for 2 days straight so that was a nice wrinkle to my shoveling this morning. I'll try to remember to send a friend request tonight.
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    I was wondering when that would happen.
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    Good games @Twinkie. You have a very good and scary K. Rool. I made some dumb mistakes with Captain Falcon and Ness, but I had a fun time fighting. I definitely want to see how crazy it would get if four of us Denizens fought at once, whether we did team battles or free for all.
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    He shoved my GameBoy player disc, 2 business cards, a TY beanie baby heart, and a bunch of ruffles into it Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Tapatalk
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    Happy Birthday, @Ashes! Hope it was a great one! Hope to see you again soon! Just got a new job so I see DQX in my future.
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    You know what? I’m seriously considering swinging back to my Wii U version of TMS. It’s a damn good game and I hope the Switch version gives it a second wind.
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    At last! AT LA-HA-HA-HAAAST! All my monster-hunting achievements have been unlocked! Every Item Drop, Every Monster Minion, Every Wanted Monster! I stand here atop a mountain of corpses howling with glee and brandishing an abacus! Apropos of nothing, the only thing more rewarding than ganging up on a Loss Leader with a bunch of Level 90-ers is discovering that Torneko is the best secret weapon to bring to that party. Loss Leaders are susceptible to sleep, and thus, the Dream Dagger.
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    Shut up, Lazarel. We are not unstoppable. We were stopped very hard, several times.
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    Cool. I’ll get an Friends only set up around then and you can join whenever you can. 🙂
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    You better watch out for those hippies too.
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    HOLY #$*!, PLATTY IS ACTUALLY PLAYING EARTHBOUND! How I have waited for this day to come... Anyway, since I’ve been undecided on what to play I’ve decided I’m going to focus on finishing games that have been in limbo. First up is Dragon Quest III Switch. I’m in Alefgard now and am hunting down all the necessary items for the Rainbow Drop and the sacred items from Tantegel Castle.
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    Still going through Persona 4; Rise and Teddie joined the team. I also maxed out my first social link (the strength one). From playing random GB games, I got in the mood to play Wario Land II again and decided to play the Japanese copy I got last year since I had already 100%d the English Game Boy version. As fun as it is seeing penguins throw beer at Wario in an attempt to get him drunk in some levels (and having drunk Wario burp on them to kill them), I prefer the original Game Boy version over the Game Boy Color version. The colors look kinda washed out and for some dumb reason your save file isn't cross compatible between certain iterations of the Game Boy family; like I have to choose if I want to play the game on a Game Boy/GB Pocket/GB Light/Super Game Boy/Super Game Boy 2 OR on a Game Boy Color/Advance/SP/GB Player. I don't have to worry about this issue with the Game Boy version of Wario Land II or any other black cart GBC game to my knowledge. Regardless of that issue, the game is still fun and like with Dragon Warrior I-II on GBC, the game changes borders depending on where you are when being played on a Super Game Boy.
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    Those are the best kind of shows! Haha As a bonus I happen to be friends with the female lead
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    I’m 10 hours behind on podcasts so I’m listening to those while I play a session of Sleepy Dogs, trying to finish everything in the game. I’ve polished off the main game stuff long ago. All that’s left is the repetitive side content in the DLC. They scaled some of these things really poorly. In Year of the Snake, I need to arrest 200 criminals, and generally, they spawn 3 at a time in random locations all over the map. But this and maybe two more side missions are all that’s left in that, and then I’m basically done.
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    Downloaded the NES and SNES Nintendo Switch Online apps. Since they’re fee downloads, I figured I may as well now that I have Switch Online. While I have most of the games on other consoles (both physical and digital), I’ll be happy to play these games on the go whenever I take my Switch somewhere. Not gonna lie though, with having these on Switch now I have the hankering to do some races on some NES or SNES games, particularly Super Mario World and Kirby’s Adventure. I blame watching ProtonJon streams/archives.
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    Tonight's episode of Sex Education is brought to you by Super Smash Bros. Remember kids, first Smash, then smash.
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    Alright who is "A Pinkie" lmao. @Democrobot? It was pretty funny having it be right next to Twinkie. Added all of you lads.
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    One of the managers at our store in El Paso, Texas is named Jesus. We usually have to compete with that store for higher numbers on various things, and whenever we do happen to outrank them in a category during our weekly manager meetings we always joke and say, “Hey, we beat Jesus these week!” and other such jokes.
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    Up here we'd give that kid a swift kid in the ass and tell him to smahten up (New England accent implied). That might just be me though, I don't think my wife who is a teacher is allowed to do that.
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    I’ve heard of someone having a “come to Jesus moment.” But if someone was going to someone, as the teacher, the student goes to you. I’m just being willfully difficult at this point haha.
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    So I'm almost done with Act II. Whilst I surprisingly defeated in one try, I have yet to defeat Mordegon, Lord of Shadows, since he is straight up kicking my ass. Keep in mind I'm playing with the Reduced Experience from Easy Fights, All Enemies are Super Strong, Shypox, Super Shypox, and Townsfolk Talk Tripe Draconian Quests turned on.
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    Why on Earth does refusing Gwaelin's quest not result in "But thou must!"?
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    Hi. I've just passed the word to a BR cmm I am on facebook. Let's not lose hope, the brand is in a continuous grow in the west since latest games releases.
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    Here I stand, at long last having hunted every variety of monster to reasonable levels, and I think to myself, nothing will be as delightful as setting Antiquitrees on fire.
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    Jumping into the thread before I'm done listening to play the nerd card: both Dragon Quest's Xenlon and Dragon Ball's Shenron are the mythical Shenlong, who for all intents and purposes is a public domain character used by both franchises.
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    I added you both. My FC is 8311-5219-3813.
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    Super Kiefer permanent #3. Only this one has Maribel + Hero with 0 EXP (I let the first set of slimes flee). Stat comparisons (the original I can't find my pictures from or posts of, which is odd, as I know I took them and left one here, but alas, not found): #1 / 2 / 3 Strength: 458 / 570 / 447 Agility: 188 / 182 / 185 Resilience: 685 / 687 / 691 Wisdom: 293 / 298 / 297 Style: 211 / 172 / 246 Attack: 573 / 634 / 567 Defense: 820 / 807 / 821 Max HP: 938 / 909 / 893 Weapon: Hela's Hammer / War Hammer / Hela's Hefty Hammer Armour: Windcheater / Windcheater / Full Plate Armour Shield: Shimmering Shield / Shimmering Shield / Shimmering Shield Helm: Mythril Helm / Iron Mask / Slime Crown Accessory: Lucky Pendant / Eye of Rubiss / Eye or Rubiss Timestamp: 170~250ish hours / 130ish hours / 30:33
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    I am working on the Baulder's Gate collection for Switch currently and some Puzzle Quest Switch. Just finished Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear and moving onto BG2 (going to skip the Pits as that doesn't interest me).
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    Been playing a bunch of Stardew Valley recently. I was originally trying to role play as Torneko but I've kind of fallen off that. I named my farm Endor and made my character look like him. It's seriously one of my favorite games ever.
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    And today I finished finding all the chests in the game... including one in a late game area that was positioned backwards, with the latch towards some stony outcroppings. I have no idea why it was like this, but maybe someone figured that it would be better hidden that way?
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    It’s a spotty mix of games. Spots like on a plant. A certain kind of plant worth 20 quarters... Chomp. Chomp.
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    I remember that getting thrown in fans faces when people got pissed DQ8 changed all the names. People were pissed about the "new" names and then the purists butted in to tell us all to shut up becuase now it was more faithful to the Japanese.
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    Very neat! Missing out on a lot of the Japan-only games has been a sore spot for me because I'm a lore whore, and all the new varieties of monsters are just passing me by. Also, I had no idea that the Japanese spell names were onomatopoeia! Very cool.
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    Thanks Woodus, I have just confirmed the links work as expected. I'm glad i could be of assistance! Thanks again!
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    Thank you! This is the first time I've heard of this item. I just went and bought them and now the race might be a little too easy. To be clear, it'd be neat to see horse racing become a new staple of the series, but the way opponent racers are implemented here is awful and needs to be reworked should the races make another appearance. I don't mind difficulty, I mind cheaply inflated difficulty.
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    Here's the lost episode translated. Torrent: https://nyaa.si/view/1211939 DDL: https://mega.nz/#!94UGGQYb!WCyGsGHD1frmzblMJb1sjBvpXIR70G5DDpOsxWWQQC8 Enjoy!
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    @YangustheLegendaryBandit Oh, sorry mate, I didn't really think about that given it's been awhile since release, and things have relaxed a bit. I did edit my post to fix that. That was a bit out of character for me, but I was in a rush to finish that before leaving to do a bunch of things, so I had like 10 minutes to whip that together. Too late to fix my oversight now, but yeah... @JaybirdC Sorry if I spoiled anything for you (not that you mentioned anything in your post). That was unintentional, and I wasn't thinking. ======== @Twinkie and Yangus ...when I first saw video, I wasn't overly fond of C's design, but over time, and after beating the PS4 version, I grew to like it. It's like a combination of Psaro and Esturk in terms of the bug-like design, and the eye shape and simple facial structure feel more disturbing in a way, with a hint of robotic elements, reminiscent of the cold dark world of the abyss, and the robotic mindset of an absolute desire to fulfill a destiny much like an AI that can only function in one direction. No personal desire, but rather the physical manifestation of the Which also fits well with the simple design aesthetic, and the So in that sense there does feel a bit of an inverse connection to DB, in that Cell really was the original planned ultimate enemy in the Dragonball universe, and in some respects, the nature of Cell and "C" are parallel in that they exist ============= Jay ... True, 6 was disjointed. It's arcs were split randomly throughout the story, and almost all are optional, and some scenes can be missed (two scenes with Carver and his parents). The exception, and seeming start of his understanding of character arcs being the moments with Terry to build him up as a potential enemy, only to bring it around after his battle and some connecting story points provided by Milly. Though without the optional backstory from their hometown, it's very shallow. Even then it could have used more moments as the story progressed. Something that yes, Dragon Quest VII began with the constant interjections in the main story from the characters, mostly Kiefer at first, then Maribel, but also Gabo/Ruff, Melvin/Mervyn, and Aira/Aishe. It's not just about character arcs in 7, though I see what you're pointing to, with Maribel's family and her personal suffering and feeling of exhaustion. It's also that the characters actually take part in the general story in a more meaningful and direct way at every point than they did in all previous games. Kiefer moves the story along as the main driver for the first half, and the entire portion of the story surrounding his presence, is his arc, as his relationship with his father, and desire to shirk his responsibilities are directly applied at every element. His need to escape and seek adventure, while also feeling obligated to keep up with the Hero's desire to save the world (based on Kiefer's responses), is its own arc. In a way it's more expertly done than later stories, in that the main story is laced together with the individual character storylines. Though after Kiefer, it becomes just a mystery quest, and uncovering new stuff, until Maribel's smaller arc. So I would argue Kiefer's arc is the first true arc he developed, alongside Maribel. Gabo would have been better served with more attention given to his connection to the Woodsman, or his ability to speak to animals in the later islands. Similarly with Melvin's historical significance. He actually does have an arc, though not until the very end, and it's less concerned with him directly, than both he and the Hero. It's also rather sad there wasn't as much emphasis put on developing Aira/Aishe, especially given they give her a small arc before the last stretch, where she helps the King and Lisa connect to Kiefer, given their similar personalities and desire to escape the lifestyle they lived, only Aira is the inverse, in escaping the free roaming life in favour of a more stringent life of rules and regulations, but high responsibility, more so because Kiefer didn't want a purpose that was forced, while Aishe did not want a responsibility she may never fulfill. DQ8, sure, it felt like Jessica was dropped rather hard, and her experience as a possessed enemy was only to move the story along, less to build her up. Horii didn't use it to develop her further, rather the nature of the staff alone, as foreshadowing of the real enemy. Though at least they used it to develop her gameplay abilities, and unlock her as a truly useful mage. I get the impression the Alexandria arc was meant to be more extensive but perhaps time was short, and they had to rush the game. Afterall, look at the end-game itself? The moment the castle is destroyed, it feels like a bit of a rush job. There's also the statues and reliefs of Rhapthorne, which indicate other forms we never see. Neither of the two forms we see in game are represented anywhere. The closest we see are Dhoulmagus and Sir Leopold. So it's possible a lot of later planned arcs, including Jessica, and potentially Jessica + Angelo, were scrapped. Afterall, we see some indicators after Angelo finishes his arc with Marcello, that Jessica seems to develop some feelings for him, or is more open to him as she sees him now as a man of wisdom and less a playboy (or realizes the playboy was a facade to cover his childhood wounds). True in 9 there were some character arcs that were left unfinished. However I didn't see a need to complete Ivor, as he wasn't as important given the nature of 9, and if you revisit Angel Falls, he is complete in and of himself, as he finds his calling but clearly isn't up to snuff in keeping up with Erinn, nor is there a need to expand on that friendly rivalry. Though it would have made for a fun mini-game that allowed developing Erinn's inn, instead of using multiplay, which I grasp why this was done, but it would have made the process of developing the inn more engaging. Plus it would have been a lot of fun to see what happens to Angel Falls if Ivor actually develops it due to the growth of his Inn, though in the end leading to Erinn ultimately taking the crown after a special quest at the end, for something to add to the Inn that's one-of a kind...like maybe the fountain below ground is as a result of an earlier quest, with the coup-de-grace being the final post-game quest. That said I think for the nature of the game, the focus is on the larger complexities involving the world, and why every scenario focuses on the most important character in each town, less so the individual suffering in each area, and various intriguing individuals in each town more common to all previous DQ games. Where some towns it's the mayor or maybe the only doctor, and in others, it's some random kid who isn't particularly important, or the entire town as a whole, or a monster that everyone would be expected to hate but shouldn't because it's actually good at heart (especially given it takes after the human who adopts it). So I'd say in the case of 9, the focus is on the larger story elements and lore inherent to each area, thus the nature of its story telling is less focused on finalizing every arc, even in the post-game quests, as if said character isn't tied to some more significant mythos in it's specific area, it's of less import to world at large, and to the overseers, the Celestrians. This despite the introduction to the Celestrians. I think it more a practical application of the reality of what would be seen as more important for such a role, as it's one being per each area, and over the course of the game, it becomes one Celestrian who must protect the whole world. So the initial import of individual issues is overcome by the import of larger more global/regional issues.
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    Yep. It’s why even though Dhuran/Nokturnus share a general design, Nokturnus has elements to his design that make him stand out a bit more, particularly in the DS version of DQ6. Calasmos just straight up looks like a big baby faced guy wearing a Cell outfit with some modified arms.
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    Agreed. I still think somewhere he's got a book of basic outlines for DQ 12-20... or at I hope so!
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    Astros penalty got handed out today. GM and Manager suspended for a year (more on that later). 1st and 2nd round picks of '20 and '21 are gonzo. Plus a $5M fine which is the most that can be given. Then the Astros owner "dismissed" the GM and Manager in a press conference right after. Red Sox investigation is next and with Alex Cora being a part of the team I'm guessing the Red Sox are gonna have a new manager in 2020 at the earliest or 2021.
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    I wouldn't say that about Horii. I think 11 was his best work. He's become far more sophisticated in his writing, as far as Dragon Quest sophistication can be carried, while still maintaining the same general feel and flow. There's not nearly as much party chat as previous games, but then, only 7 PSX, and the DS remakes had substantive party chat, and reactive party chat to individual NPC conversations. Since then it's related to specific story points almost exclusively, with only a tidbit of variety to some minor NPC conversations. There were far more considerations to distinct personalities, far more so in this particular DQ than in any previous. Though at the same time, certain characters did suffer for lack of focus (Erik needed more padding, but more significantly, Rab and ESPECIALLY Jade, as Yangus has mentioned a few times as needing extra story). Though this is more typical of a writer who is more used to hard focus on a few characters, and ignoring the rest. Dragon Quest VI had a lot of character development holes, and even failed to fully flesh out the main hero and his significance. V just thrusts several members onto the party without fully realizing their storylines and importance. It's really Sancho + Hero + Hero's Parents + Bianca + to a MUCH lesser degree, the kids. Despite being the prophesied hero, the son is kind of backburner and without the party chat in the remake, had no development, and Madchen had even less consideration. There's a lot more going on in DQ11 than in most other DQ games, a lot more general twists, and surprises as well. I can somewhat agree on Toriyama for a few reasons, though not completely: 1) As you said, Jump Force's final boss. 2) Dragon Quest VII and IX had the largest variety of new designs. Since then they've become ever more simplified, with a few bosses here and there that have serious effort put in. Though given VIII was VERY lackluster, and rehashed almost its entire roster, it could just be the normal Toriyama is bored, and Horii wasn't as engaged in picking monsters, as usually he gets engaged when he wants something new. 3) His DB Super work. I get the impression he's as hands-on with the anime as he was with DB and DBZ. The manga work doesn't seem entirely his either. Like he has staffers handle some pages, or maybe detail work. 4) Like with DB Super, for the remakes and spinoffs, he clearly has staff handle the job, though in this case, bird studio instead of a separate studio. Heck, all the mobile tweaks in DQ1, and the subsequent similar tweaks to 2 and 3 for 3DS/PS4/Switch was clearly NOT his work. That was definitely a staffer. So he's already delegating work more readily, but then he is involved in a LOT more projects. One of the issues with assuming Toriyama is out of it, or that he's running on fumes, is that his work load of late has ballooned. When he was doing work from Dragon Quest VII through to Dragon Quest IX, he wasn't doing much more than game work. The manga was finished. He wasn't spearheading any anime project. He wasn't creating new manga or anime. He was doing mostly work for game studios. He was fairly open and taking it easy. Since the Frieza revived movie, he's been really strained with multiple projects. There's been a lot of new Dragon Quest titles as well. So he's been pretty busy. It could be said he's just tired and out of it due to general burnout, which is why he was fairly quiet with manga and anime for such a long time. It's also a matter of how much inspiration or time he had to work on different projects. DQ11's final boss, if we're talking the , I get the criticism, as it's a cop-out move that required no effort. He could have created something really cool, or maybe created a dark version of the Zenith Dragon, like the inverse, only corrupted. If we're talking about , I would strongly disagree. I thought that was a clever design, it's a combination of various DQ final bosses rolled into one (Zoma, Psaro, and Esturk). I DO however understand the Switch sidequest final boss that leads to the . That one should have been distinct, but instead it's a harder version of who is a distinct creature all its own. No indicator of them being from the same tribe that I recall. So I wouldn't write of Tori yet.
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    The one that tipped the general gaming community off was the design for the Jump Force villain.
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    Dog Of Zahan casts Zing on this topic! A game-by-game list of my favorites and least favorites in DO history! Starting with the favorites: DQ1: Dragonlord. The villain has, hands down, the most character of the entire game. I mean, he introduces himself as "King of Kings" and "offers" you half the world, so he can murder you and delete your saved game. Gotta say, I like his ambitions and gotta shout out to his cleverness. He knows you fought your way to him and he knows you're the descendant of Erdrick that can hand him his tail in tail in a bloody bag in a one-on-one combat. His deception is the only way he stands a chance, and he knows it. DQ2: Princess of Moonbrooke. Poor girl gets her home burnt, her family slaughtered, and to top it off, she's been turned into a dog. While being a dog works out fine for me here in Zahan, she had to hobble around the town next to her own ruined home and birthplace, whimpering away for the fate of her charred remnants of her family. No wonder she spends the rest of the quest Sizzling and Kabooming everything in sight. Girl's got a lot to fight for. "No more meaningless destruction. Never again. Not to anyone else." DQ3: Zoma. Master Archfiend. Shadowy mastermind. Collector of entire worlds. Truly the General Zod of the series. Why do you struggle to live? His joy is thy destruction. His beauty, thy death. DQ4: Torneko Taloon. Affable fella who broke out of the drudgery of being an NPC weapon shop owner to be a world-famous treasure hunter. Married man, dream chaser, father, friend. Also, if he appraises a lady's garment for you, by his own admission, he MIGHT be feeling crazy enough to try it on if you push him, so mind yerself! DQ5: Bianca Whittaker. Fine, firey, spirited lass. Steadfast childhood friend. I owe her better than I gave in my first playthrough. I married Deborah, for the sheer comedic value, and it didn't deliver as keenly as I'd hoped. Bianca is where my heart lies, the road not taken. DQ6: Carver. A no-nonsense stand up fella. Not the sharpest tool in the shed, but a sturdy one! DQ7: Aishe. The descendant of Prince Keifer. More accurately, like Prince Kiefer, but pretty, and more tolerable. DQ8: Yangus. Stout-'earted bloke, never lets ya down. Reformed thief and bandit turned legend'ry 'ero with no shame about his past, or for that matter, public nose-picking. He could never hide his good nature behind his initial gruff exterior for long. Eight turned him back from the precipice, quite literally, and made a loveable rascal and hero out of him. Gotta love redemption stories. DQ9: Goresby-purrvis. slim pickings for memorable or likeable characters here, so I gotta go with the most well composed, appealing character designs here. It's not like I was going to pick STELLA. DQ10: No experience with this yet, thank you SquEnix. Pass. DQ11: Sylvando. The boisterous bon vivant who bleeds style and sass, and hides a past that makes him very nervous. He's devoted entirely to one thing in life: making people happy, whatever needs doing. His devotion to preserving joie de vivre, not only in himself but his adoring public, is wonderful. The Luminary is fated to SAVE the world, but friends like Sylvando make it worth living in. Least favorites: DQ1: Keeper of the southern shrine. Seriously? No bridge to the evil one, and I'm LITERALLY the ONLY one with the guts to go after him. Is that a "NO", I hear you say, kicking me out of your stupid house until I fish a golden trinket that any damn fool could dig out of that stinking bog in the southern lands? DQ2: Hmmm... tough one. Have to pass on this one too. DQ3: You know, not enough people with enough personality besides the big villain, so pass this one too. DQ4: Taloon's boss. Bet he's trying to wring every coin and ounce of free marketing he can out of his former employee turned celebrity. Leech. DQ5: Bishop LAdja. this guy almost made favorite villain for how evil he is, but he takes things WAY too far. The protag of DQ5 loses a total of 18 YEARS of his life to this jerk. 10 in the slave pits, and 8 turned to stone while his kids are growing up without him. There was no death bad enough or more goodly deserved for him. DQ6: Not enough experience with this one, and it's too easy to join the Ashlynn-bashing bandwagon. Pass. DQ7: God. Just... lazes around letting you do his dirty work, after he failed to put the Demon Lord away properly and let him fracture all of the world in space and time. Then when you're done doing his job for him, to rub salt in the wound, he tries to kick your butt, and when you are done taking him out... continues to laze about on your monster farm. Philosophers have debated the true goodness of God in our world for millenia. THIS version of God, there is NO debate. Worst. Creator. Ever. DQ8: Dhoulmagus. What a pity... that this Baramos-wannabe mask for the REAL threat wasn't more appealing. I mean, yes, he's a cold-blooded murderer, but... the evil clown thing... ugh. Been done better. DQ9: Stella. Chastises you at every turn, as if she could save the world better. Ugh. Just.. No. DQ10: Again, never played, can't say. DQ11: I'm still forming an opinion as I play, but at the moment, have to go with.. Veronica. For claiming not to be a child - and I DO believe her on the "stolen years" story - she certainly does act less her age than her prettier, more agreeable sibling. I swear, when they stole her body's age, they MUST have stolen her emotional maturity along with it. Runners -up for favorites: DQ3: Ortega. Father of Erdrick. Deserved better than he got. I'd accept "thrown into a volcano, and lost in an alternate reality" as a valid excuse for an absentee father. DQ7: The entire town of L'arca. Come on. TRY and work out why. DQ8: Godbird Empyrea. When she revealed in another world she was called Ramia, and blew open my perceptions to a DQ shared universe beyond the first 3... it was fantastic. DQ9: Any NPC played by my friends. Multiplayer DQ9 was fun. DQ11: Erik. His accent reminds me of my father-in-law in a good way. First friend the Luminary has on his way down to rock bottom, and helps secure his destiny early on.
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