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    https://anchor.fm/dqslimetime/episodes/Episode-023---Samantha--Dragon-Quest-Everything-ejpa44 We were pleased to have our very own Denizen @Michi on the Dragon Quest Slime Time podcast. Check out the interview as she talks about fandom, working at Square Enix, DQ cosplay, working with Yuji Horii, and more. This podcast also features our resident Slime Time artist, @Dwaine. YT version pending.
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    I'm pretty new to this place and also to the series. So far i got IX,Joker and IV for my ds and i'm getting Rocket Slime for XMAS this year pleasure to make your aquaintince.
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    Last night a YouTube dude I'm told is usually pretty reliable (don't blame me for the misinformation haha) posted and Tweeted about the new Dai remake being released in October via Crunchyroll, maybe even that first weekend. It'll be subbed. An hour later the tweet and video were gone, so maybe good news shared too early? [emoji106]
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    I managed to get all prepped for the upcoming Pokemon tournament. Hoping it goes well this time around. Ex and I have been reconnecting. We both admit to making mistakes last time.
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    Dai, you say? I know, right? I mean, for one thing it’s not even an actual roll, nor is it crunchy! Such false advertising...
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    Hello everyone, bringing news. I've added all the monsters From DQ X, DQM2 3D/SP, DQMSL, DQMJ3(P), DQSB, DQMP, DQOTS, DQR & DQW, along with some other monsters that I may have missed previously. I wanna die in piece now. All the monsters with both English and Japanese names on the doc are those that I added (or in the doc I'm attaching) . I did what I could with the cropping/translating, but i know it's not perfect (some monsters names are romanization, others are raw translation). So if any of you have better names, please feel free to tell me. Also, even on the Japanese web, I lacked some info, so if anyone have a clear list of all the monsters/cards from DQSB please tell me. Also (2), There's a big hole in the Japanese wiki monsters list of DQOTS (from n°1105 to n°1345 (maybe beyond ?)), and I don't know why (To be release, or lazy Japanese fans ?). I listed some monsters from that range, but 99% of it is impossible to find (at least for me), so if any of you know can find me the missing monsters I'll add them (There's monsters like Mothra & Godzilla in that range). As always, if you got any feedback/corrections/translation to offer, please tell me. The expert of each games are invited to (not) insult me and to tell me the thing I may have missed or wrongly done. New Monsters.rar
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    Dude you need like 5 more paragraphs before I'll believe that somebody hasn't hacked your account. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    I'm not necessarily trying to argue that Pateron would be better for anime, just that we shouldn't be in this situation where some people need to be pirates because the legal streaming services are awful. We should be given a service that's actually good so we wouldn't have to. Would you really want to watch Dai No Daibouken if it was running on a glitchy player and the subs have a million errors that the guys at crunchyroll refuse to fix?
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    I don't really like this person's content in general but this video is on point. Just torrent the episodes.
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    Here is the youtube version if anyone wants to listen that way https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tBOEMM6Bqrk And I didn't realize I forgot to upload MP3 of Sidequest 004 and Prime 024 to the episodes page, they are there now https://www.woodus.com/den/slimetime/episodes.php And the MP4 version of Prime 024 as well
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    I played a few minutes of it. It’s fine. The Vita version is weird though because the voice acting isn’t a part of the base game and instead you have to download it as free DLC.
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    Mine still has copies of Yokai 2....don’t remember which version, but there you go.
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    I shared this with the team that is currently working on a quick monster/item/skill/menu translation of DQM2 3DS. I know they were looking for some help with what to name things, so your work may get put to immediate use!
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    Not sure if this is common knowledge, but I definitely didn't know until just now. https://en.dragonquest-builders.com/
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    There’s plenty of content if you listen to Slime Time and Side Quest...😘
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    You’d be surprised, kids just need to find the right sport. I did soccer for 6 years because my dad was a coach, and I only scored a single goal that entire time. I was a decent hitter and runner when I played baseball, but I couldn’t catch or throw to save my life. I had the stamina for basketball that I couldn’t muster for soccer, but the team I was on lost every game and I struggled to make shots even though I could get the ball across the court no problem. However, I had a talent for karate. The only thing that held me back was I didn’t have the ability to go two times a week so I learned twice as slowly as everyone else and didn’t have the time for new concepts to stick as well as they could if I went more than once a week. I had the talent and skills just not the time, especially now. I went for 10 years but had to stop once I started working full-time and moved too far away from the karate studio.
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    I’ll be curious what your boys think of them. I remember having fun playing Mario 64 with my dad. Good times.
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    Finished Final fantasy tactics a2 recently.
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    I feel like we've had this for weeks, but it's only been like two days since I entered the worst of it. I feel normal today, so hopefully I'm on the way out. My wife and son are doing a lot better than I am. She lost her sense of taste and smell though, while I seem unaffected in that regard. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    The World Ends With You for my ds already played the switch so now i'm playing the o.g version.
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    Really enjoyed that episode and all the behind the scenes stuff. And hearing about Michi's favorite DQX character. This is the one for those of you who don't know X. Fairly popular with fans so there has been some merch of her. If you'll notice, her color scheme even matches that of a Healslime. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    Welcome to the Den, IX was the one that got my wife and kids to play Dragon Quest.
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    Posted it to Reddit, but it's not getting much love, there. Historically, though, I haven't seen more than 10 likes go to any podcast posts in Reddit, including ST and DQFM. If anyone has a reddit login can you upvote this post? Hopefully we can get it more visibility.
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    I just took the lazy approach with that problem and dated someone who enjoys those kinds of games. No need to hide it or make excuses.
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    "#$*!ing Yangus and this new game share service he signed up for with Nintendo..."
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    Does your wife know you play those games? Serious question by the way, I’m legit curious if she knows and/or what she thinks.
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    It's good, I've made his recipe
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    Whipped up some Cheeseburger soup today. My mom’s birthday is tomorrow and it’s one of her favorite dishes, so I thought that would be a good surprise. First time I’ve actually made the soup, and it seems like a lot of prep for it but it’s not that bad once you get going. Accidentally bought and peeled too many potatoes so now I have some extras I need to do something with. I’m thinking homemade potato wedges or maybe some mashed potatoes tomorrow or Friday night. They should keep as long as I keep them in cold water for a few days.
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    Sounds like being a Dragon Quest fan waiting on 3DS fan translations. [emoji24]
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    It’s been awhile since I turned on my Vita. Had to do a full battery charge and once it turned on I had to reset the time and date. I was really afraid it asking me that meant my system became corrupted somehow, but luckily I just jumped the gun and the system seems fine. All my games and save data are still intact. Had to do a system update too. Been feeling like going back to Ys 8, so once I finish Romancing Saga 2 I may just do that.
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    One of the greatest tragedies of the modern era.
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    So I keep managing to push Psaro's damage output more and more versus Estark Extreme. This is now my second best time versus him. Even beating out my no damage run with Teresa as a martial artist. I got it on stream as well. I'll include it with a time stamp below in case you guys want to get an understanding for how I use Psaro here.
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    @AlefgardHero You know, o never even thought about World of Final Fantasy. I have the game, but I haven’t started it yet, but I remember from the demo how it has an emphasis on getting different monsters and using them to from stacks. We’ll probably revisit Final Fantasy at some point with a future episode, so we might do a quick mention of WoFF depending on the topic.
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    Finished this episode earlier today and had a couple thoughts. First, as I've said before Yo-Kai Watch is one of my favorite games all time, and I'll have to go against you Platty and recommend the first one vs recommending the third. Not that there isn't anything wrong with YKW3 but for the price alone, getting a physical copy is impossible for under 80 bucks right now and the digital copy is 40 period. By contrast the YKW1 physical hovers around $11 all the time. There is also a demo on 3DS for YKW1. Also, I think with the shear amount of stuff to do in YKW2 and especially YKW3 you can really get bogged down in side-quests (although considering that this was a "Sidequest" episode of Slime Time I do see the irony). Now if the person you are recommending it to loves side-quests, no problem get Psychic Specters or YKW3, but if they just want a taste I'd say YKW1 ftw. I feel I may be in the minority of the YKW community on this but, I am not a fan of the battle system in YKW3. It's just not as intuitive to me as the spinning circle idea in YKW1 and 2. Now I will say that I have beat YKW1 three times; twice on 3DS and 1.5 times in Switch. I kinda flew through YKW2 and really want to go back and play through it again. I still haven't beaten YKW3 even though it was a day 1 purchase (I did mess up and cancelled my physical copy order and got lured into the bonuses for the digital copy, I'm an idiot). I did make it to the Blasters portion and that is worth it all on it's own. TLDR: I think if you're interested in YKW get YKW1 to see if the humor and game-play is up your alley, and if you love it move onto YKW2:PS or YKW3. Second, I have two games that I would add to you list: Jade Cocoon 2 for the PS2. Full disclosure, I never played the first game on PSX, I've never fully beat the game, I got up to the final boss but didn't want to grind to beat him, and it has been 15+ years or so since I played it so I don't remember all the details. I grabbed this game kind of on a whim back in the day looking for an RPG. The battle system was totally unique to me then too and I think it's the reason I liked YKW so much from the beginning. It has a disc style turn-based system with eight slots for monsters. Each monster can be bred to get stronger ones and can evolve. There are a few different elemental types with the usual strengths vs weakness use. If I remember properly the dungeons were essentially branching corridors through different types of biomes. The story was interesting but was definitely a sequel to the first one. I don't really have much else on this one other than it's definitely worth checking out and I still plan to go back to it someday. World of Final Fantasy for Steam, PSVita, PS4 and Switch. I have never liked a FF game more than this one. I am not generally a fan of FF games, the only two games that I traded in for my DS was FF: Tactics and FF3. I like tactics style games like Shining Force and the first Luminous Arc but FF just left a bad taste. Also, I'm used to DQ games with job classes and large parties but FF3 did not get my motor running. World of FF though was a lot of fun once I turned off active battle and turned on "wait" style. I could understand if the art style turns you off with the chibi style characters and the chibi-ization of the FF monsters, but because I have no ties to the source material I was fine. The game also plays-out like a love letter to all the previous FF games too. This is one where I tried the demo on PS4 then bought it when I found it for 20 bucks at Wal-Mart. I will probably get the Switch version with the Maxima dlc content when it (probably) goes on sale around Christmas this year. The battle system is really fun, your team is made up of two stacks of three monsters. Each monster is grouped by size; large, medium and small. Larges go on bottom then medium then small on top. The monsters hold the same elemental properties they have in other FF games. The main characters can also be part of the stacks either as regular or chibi; As regular size they are considered large, as chibi they are considered medium. what's great is each monster has a skill tree and if you stack two or more monsters with the same skill that skill's power is multiplied. There are also special combos you can do with the main characters. In an inverse of regular FF games you can summon heroes to perform devastating specials, similar summoning Aeons (spelling?) in the regular series. There are sometimes a reason to un-stack the monsters and there are some attacks that treat un-stacking like a status effect; Though your attacks are usually more powerful in stacked formation. The monsters can evolve, using the skill tree, but there is no breeding. The biggest drawback to me was the map is very set; Aside from a few puzzles to find small hidden areas, you don't really deviate from the path, similar to Pokemon. Graphics are great and the big summoning attacks look really cool. You can fast-forward through the battles too. This is one I beat and had fun just about the whole time. I know I'll get back to this game at some point to play it through again. It's not too long of a game either if memory serves. You guys have piqued my interest in Denpa Men, and I have downloaded the demo to my 3DS. Also I had seen some stuff on Temtem before but finding out it's coming to Switch is a great boon for my buddy and I because he's a PC game and I have a PS4 but we both have Switches, and if it's a turn-base RPG we can mostly play together sign me up. Thanks for the great show!
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    Yep, if they're benched, they stay pepped.
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    All of this. After I completed the Switch version, I immediately began thinking that I missed out on a ton of other party options. That, in itself, adds such a fantastic amount of replay value. I also have the GBC version, which I never completed. I was thinking of doing a run now that I've played the switch version to do a compare/contrast. Not sure if that'll ever happen though. Either way, I'm in agreement that it is an excellent title and one of the best in the series. I would love for them to bring vocation changes back into XII, though I doubt that'll happen.
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    I didn't know that neither !! thanks for sharing the info
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    Could you imagine if we did it live and had an actual live number count showing us how many people don't even listen. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    Oh wow. I wasn't even aware of this. Pretty neat! They just posted a contest late last month too. So they are still keeping it updated. It is pretty cool to see other people's creations.
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    Game seven 2.0 I WON!!! Decided to turn the game on while everyone was sleeping this morning and found out that my oldest son went against my wishes and started the story board when I was letting him play! So When I go into the game I found out he saved it with me in LAST place but I had a good footprint on the board. From there I was able to invest and build up stock fairly quickly. I was starting to bite my nails making my way to the bank. I thought the winning amount was 18,000 but it was 20,000 so I had a bit of a buffer. 2 NPC's leveled up and hit 18,000 though while I was rolling 2's and 3's. And the line. Also snagged a new trophy.
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    Nice, thank you, I will get them added to the Den
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    That's a very interesting fact about my namesake's game in the series! Great detective work @Sackchief! If this forum were a police station, they ought to transfer you to the Missing Persons Division! I'm obviously in the K-9 unit. lol
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    Look up Scandinavian accents. That's absolutely what it is. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    Here is the latest patch for Joker 2 Pro. I believe it is mostly a menu patch. I think there were issues with inserting the English dialog. In any case, hope you have fun with it!
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