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    There. Now there's no chance of viewers feeling pressured. Just support the channel if you feel like it (you know the drill), and enjoy!
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    You know, originally I made a Butt Mark joke but then I felt like it may have been misconstrued as an insult. The DQX board seems get a lot more traffic than most from people who speak English as a second language.
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    Hey folks, I'm a newbie who just started playing DQX the other day (just in time to miss a bunch of time on maintenance, lol) and will be joining the DD team as soon as I get home and accept Cranberry's invite (thanks again!) - I look forward to meeting everybody in-game sometime soon!
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    Hi! I'm new to the game as I was searching for an mmo to play in Japan, I'd like to know if there are other English speaking players playing from here or Aus/NZ timezones thanks
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    I’m in Chapter 5 of Bug Fables. Finally learned the backstory for Kabbu, and due to some side exploration, I found out who exactly Leif is. I must say, I wasn’t expecting Leif’s story to be the way it was, and I was caught off guard by it. The side area you find this out in had an Etrian post game feel to it, in that you learn some shocking information about the old world of the game’s universe. The devs put a lot of thought and detail into the lore of Bug Fables, and I have to really give them credit for it. It’s genuinely interesting, as are many of the characters. These guys can definitely make an engaging world to explore.
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    Phew! Finished off Dragon Quest XI S! The Lord of Shadows is no more and the credits have rolled! It was touch and go with the first part of the final boss fight, but the second half was a lot more manageable. It felt like they better balanced the final fight(s) with Strong Enemies active, and that goes double for the second to last boss too. Feels good to final have beaten Act 2 of Dragon Quest XI S. I know there’s still a lot of the game left, but I consider Act 3 the post game so it’s not something I’m going to jump in. I’m a bit like @Plattym3 in that I don’t like to play through post game content again if I’ve already experienced it once, but I’m sure the itch to return to some Dragon Quest will come a knockin’ again soon. Besides, at some point I’d like to fully play through 2D mode, this time in a language I can actual understand unlike the Nintendo 3DS version! 🤣
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