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    We succeeded hosting the 10th Anniversary events in Akihabara Tokyo. We appreciated that over 60 players came to our event, including DQIX Legend players, Kansai & Tohoku players, and Mr. Fujisawa, the DQIX director😆 Unfortunately I haven’t tagged Mr. Fujisawa but most of my seniors had. BTW, there are no foreigners in the event but myself. So I don’t need to speak English or Chinese to serve anybody. Also congratulates Liam for a successful NYC 9th Anniversary event!
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    I haven't been able to play since Sunday, hopefully I can get sometime in this weekend, everything I am reading sounds quite interesting though.
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    I did notice as I was making another pathway for the water, I got it flowing out to the desert area, but it hits an invisible wall and I cannot build anything there. "You are unable to place anything here" I get as I get that fantastic magical colored halo as I stumble after trying to place a block.
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    I don't think so because I noticed the same thing. I think I'll do something like you and make my own little area for a village. I love the idea of an area with lots of nice water around it (river and waterfall).
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    Right next to the waterfall you created, I leveled some of the land off to the left of the waterfall against the rock. I have built a social bedroom, an Agricultural kitchen as well as a regular kitchen with a dining room on the second floor. I have also put a bathroom next to it so I have a continual supply of nightsoil. I also planted Pumpkins, cabbages, wheat, and Strawberries along the riverbed. The only minor complaint I have is that the worm food will cover the current plane you are on and everything below it if the land slopes down, but it won't go upwards at all, if that makes sense. Is there a way to do it that I am missing out on?
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    I've finished the first island, and have gone to both Explorer Islands that you have near immediate access to once you get back. I have also done the first Isle of Awakening Tablet and am doing the optional tasks from it as well. The 2nd Island is open to me now but I haven't gone there yet as I wanted to get a small established base and crops going for the main island. The Tool you get for swapping walls in a godsend. So much better than the cladding item from the first game.
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    That would have been really cool if it didn't mean literally 75% of the game was a tutorial. To me the issue isn't whether people ask you to do stuff... I mean, having clear goals is exactly what separates it from Minecraft and makes it its own interesting thing. The balance is in how strict/open what they ask you to do is. Like even after you crash the ship in the demo, you're still drawn along a line of going to very specific places and doing very specific things. An event happens and you are expected to go up to the top of the mountain the be given the hammer, etc. It's so tightly dragged down a specific route, that it feels completely pointless to even be playing the game. I might as well be watching just one long cutscene of someone else doing it - there's really no difference - all the qualities of the fun atmosphere and quirky dialogue would still be there. It's what makes the majority of DQB1 and the entirety of the DQB2 demo feel like a tutorial to me. No matter what, I know I'll be enjoying DQB2, because I at the end of the day I enjoyed DQB1. And simply being able to return to old locations, and not being punished for faffing about building your own ideas due to the existance of some pointless "challenge", are two changes that are enough to immediately make me like this game a lot more than its predecessor. But I just really wouldn't mind if they'd improved the whole quest structure thing, too. Really.
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    That's me! 100% me! I get that so much. With limited time and so so many awesome games out there I want to play, it's a difficult mental hurdle to leap. I was all in on Octopath Traveler and loving it, but after seeing "The End" 8 times and credits rolling, I just couldn't do the post-game story. I don't do it in Pokémon either or most any other game. The past decade the most I've done is DQXI, Fantasy Life, and DQHTWTWATBB. Others, Meh.
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    recently I found out I can make .gifs with my art thing! So I had to make a thing. Does anyone have any ideas they'd like to see? I'm open to suggestions!
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