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    I'm pretty new to this place and also to the series. So far i got IX,Joker and IV for my ds and i'm getting Rocket Slime for XMAS this year pleasure to make your aquaintince.
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    I’ll be curious what your boys think of them. I remember having fun playing Mario 64 with my dad. Good times.
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    I usually have about 5 or 6 games on hand. Usually, there's one or two I play every day, and the other 4 get played every week. It really started becoming a bigger list when Pokemon started introducing time based events. I'd play MMBN for awhile, but I'd have to switch carts to check on my berries in Pokemon. Currently, I'm playing Etrian Odyssey 2, and I have 3 WII games on standby (2 RPGs, and Smash IV). I'm also playing Castle of the Winds. Of those five games, I've only actually touched two of them today. My strategy is probably a bad one. I have no idea what I'm supposed to do next in about 50 games I have because I put them on the back burner for weeks or months.
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    Finished Final fantasy tactics a2 recently.
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    I've read some Hatsune Miku manga lately they have alot more story then we ever give them credit for i'll say taht.
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    I feel like we've had this for weeks, but it's only been like two days since I entered the worst of it. I feel normal today, so hopefully I'm on the way out. My wife and son are doing a lot better than I am. She lost her sense of taste and smell though, while I seem unaffected in that regard. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    The World Ends With You for my ds already played the switch so now i'm playing the o.g version.
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    Haha. This is great! Something's surely expanding!
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    Dude you need like 5 more paragraphs before I'll believe that somebody hasn't hacked your account. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    I’ve slowly worked my way through the Spyro Reignited Trilogy on my Switch. Got the PS4 version last year but wanted to pick it up for my Switch since I enjoyed it so much, and just now I finished off Spyro 2 100%. I may take a break before jumping into Spyro 3. Honestly Spyro 3 is my least favorite of the original trilogy, but I still think it’s a good game. Anyway, it’s been fun to have the trilogy on my Switch and replaying them. The originals were one of the few times I was able to play PS1 games as a kid, so these games do have a bit of nostalgia for me.
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