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    I know, I was primarily complaining they keep "cloning" what I am not a big fan of) And duh, googly eyes are as unsexy as it goes.
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    Oh don’t you worry. Stuff will get expensive real soon.
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    Took so long to get the chick. I was also level grinding like crazy because it'd take 2-3 battles total to go up a level and I was so strong. I'm mid 20s (Chica not so much as she got killed pretty soon in the middle of a dungeon) and have 2 sounds as well. Need to finish off a little Twoson stuff and move on tonight. If you need some more levels for Paula don’t be afraid to use the 2nd Your Sanctuary. You probably noticed enemies run from you once you finish it.
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    Yeah, I remember that but I didn't save it, I will have to see if I can find it Is this the one you want on Wikipedia ? https://dragon-quest.org/wiki/DQVC
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    Cookie monster looks like some bizarre mix of the Slime and Beast families. There's franchise crossover potential here and it makes me deeply uncomfortable.
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    I mean, she's not wrong. He nails unsexy.
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