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    Last night I rode the train home playing DQIV on my DSi XL. Glancing to my right I saw the dude sitting next to me playing Dragon Quest Builders on his Vita. I was about to tell him, "great game. I'm looking forward to the sequel on July 12th," but we in the "quiet car" on the train, so neither of us said anything to the other.
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    Merry second day of Christmas (Feast of St. Stephen)!
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    Merry Christmas to the forum and its members. May God & Christ bless you all today and for the Christmas season to come.
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    Guess who only JUST discovered DWM2's Sky World has wild Robosters? It is my third playthrough! T_T
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    Hey all! At 2:15pm US Central Time, Vaxherd will be running Dragon Warrior 3 at SGDQ! Show your DQ live and support Doctors w/out Boarders if you can! www.twitch.tv/gamesdonequick
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    Hideo Kojima, who doesn't know what Death Stranding is about, is planning sequels.
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    Saw Aladdin live and it's less charming, witty, and clever than the original. There are several points where things are different in such a way that it becomes apparent the creative staff doesn't really understand the original.
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    THE SUN HAS BEEN KIDNAPPED! https://johnhughesdidnotdirectmylife.tumblr.com/post/185893964182/they-deleted-this-from-the-first-toy-story-movie
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    FINALLY got to see Endgame and I was delighted. Even my bitter, critical heart was pleased with eleven years of payoffs coming one after another down the pipe.
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    I haven't seen this posted, but I haven't really been paying attention: the Steam Summer sale is on for a few more days, and the DQ Heroes games are each half off.
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    I beat Zoma in Dragon Quest III. Best part is I finished him off with Kazap from the Hero, which is pretty fitting. Now gonna go up to fight Xenlon.
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    Man, Super Mario Odyssey has been SOOOOOOOOOO good! Waiting nearly 2 years just to finally play it seems like nothing now. I’m having a wonderful time with the game. It makes me feel like I’m playing Super Mario 64 for the first time again 20 years later!
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    Wow, Smash Ultimate sure is a considerate game. Very first character I unlocked was Ness. It’s like the game knows Ness is my go to character for the series. Edit: Guess it depends on what you play/do first. Thank you then to whoever decided the first character to unlock is Ness via Smash mode! https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.polygon.com/platform/amp/super-smash-bros-ultimate-guide/2018/12/6/18123674/character-list-unlock-fast
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    Beat FF8! Ignasia's tips reall you helped! With that done, I think it's a good thing I decided to return to FF8 after all these years and appreciate in a way I wasn't able to back then. Onto NG+ in Sekiro!
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    Just Beat DQ5 again. This time on mobile. Last time I didn't get to play any of the postgame because I was trying to get through the whole main series so I'm putting more time into it this time. So far it's TNT Heaven.
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    I just watched all of Funimation's English Dub voice videos for Nichijou. I've only ever watched clips of the Japanese version, but the English voices are great.
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    I FINALY HAVE DQ 8 i can finally experiance it oh and i also got dq 7
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    LoZ: ALttP in DQB2. Very impressive.
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    Boy am I glad I never got into ProJared’s content.
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    Dragon Quest V Prologue in a nutshell. (Click to my profile to see attached image)
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    I just revived my Dragon Quest + Warriors roleplay and I'm already having fun just imagining the chaos that I'll (accidentally) cause since I'm the admin
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    Sharing a GoFundMe campaign for an acquaintance fending off homelessness. If you can help or even just pass it along, that'd be great. https://www.gofundme.com/kxjau-starting-over?viewupdates=1&rcid=r01-155103984179-5baed4cf096a4e89&utm_medium=email&utm_source=customer&utm_campaign=p_email%2B1137-update-supporters-v5b
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    Playing through DQIII without a priest is a lot harder than I thought it would be.
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    World 7 in Super Mario Bros. 3 is one of the most frustrating places in a Mario game, let alone platformers. I forgot how much of a bastard that whole world is.
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    I finally got Platinum in Bloodborne.
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    So I can now report that it's possible to let the travelers die in DQH2. I just saw the guy in Greena Pastures get completely slaughtered by a Pruslas.
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    Happy Epiphany! I've been playing Heroes II again and keep finding new things to amuse me. I like Jessica's & Angelo's shared quest, because the idea of these two giving romantic advice is ridiculous.
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    Merry Ninth day of Christmas (and Memorials of Sts. Basil the Great & Gregory Nazirean)! Except for you weirdoes on the east coast.
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    A Blessed Eighth Day of Christmas (& Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God) to you all! Also, Happy New Year,
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    The Dragon Quest mobile games are on sale along with other Square Enix titles. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.gamespot.com/amp-articles/killer-deals-on-civ-6-final-fantasy-9-chrono-trigg/1100-6464044/
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    I hope 2019 will begin with a big bang.
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    Merry third day of Christmas (Feast of St. John)!
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    Anyone else have it when the finally finish a Dragon Quest they get this sad feeling inside that your adventure with the game is over? Yes you could always replay the game, but finally seeing the ending is happy but bittersweet too... 😭
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    I can honestly say I don’t think the avalanche has ever been as bad as the Bowserette one.
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    This Just In: HP laptops are miserable when it comes to disassembly.
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    Youtube's new front page is terrible. It's sooo bloody random. I can't even change it any longer; they removed almost all options for the layout of the front page except for dark or light background. It's a random jumbled mess of dates and channels. It's actually disorienting and confusing. Especially when there's no absolutely specific organization per line. Sometimes there is based on type, maybe technology, but for one line of tech it's all channels I sub to, in random assortment, and the next one or two channels I don't is mixed in. No breaks in between, it's too much to take in. Youtube is getting worse and worse and worse. The limitations make no sense from economic perspectives, they're even shooting themselves in the foot financially by intentionally picking and choosing what channels do and don't get advertisements, sometimes based on arbitrary values. That's less advertisement money they get a cut of. Then you have the new search system, that takes a lot longer to get to videos I want, and half the options for trimming it down are taken away when they were solid algorithms in the past, and far worse now. Now it's all geared towards favoured channels even if it's something somewhat related. Bloody hell google, you're worse than Microsoft.
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    I've beat the Hunter's Nightmare and gotten all the DLC weapons. I went ahead and polished off all the weapons for the main game. Currently only have 4 trophies till Platinum, and I'll be able to get 2 more very soon. Might as well go the distance for the 100%.
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    Finished group video game. One class down, three more to go.
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    FOR THE WRITERS: Tor.com is accepting novella submissions in May and June! (https://www.tor.com/2018/04/17/tor-com-publishing-opening-to-novella-submissions-on-may-1/)
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    A kind friend of mine from another corner of the internet just made a nice new profile pic for me! I think she did an awesome job!
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    I sometimes forgot how much I love Dragon Quest. Messing around in the early hours of DQ7 again has been a lot of fun, seeing how all the dialogue changes, how the world grows thanks to your actions...it's all coming back to me why this particular game (and franchise) is one of my favorites.
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    I'd like to just take this moment and appreciate how informative the new forum is. Whenever I get a new private message, I'm alerted in three different ways simultaneously!
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    My friends tried to get me to join in their WoW escapades, but the more I played, the more I realized I just enjoyed FFXIV more. Managed to get a refund back from an awesome Blizzard rep, so shoutout to that dude. As for now, more FFXIV it is!
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    I've been jamming out to the Cuphead soundtrack lately. It's easily one of my favorite soundtracks of the year, if not my #1 of the year. Kristofer Maddigan (the composer) and all the performers did a wonderful job. Definitely envokes the frantic nature of the levels and the upbeat jazzy style of classic cartoon music.
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    Jessica in Heroes: I have to be careful where I point my spells so I don't blow anything else up accidentally. Sheesh, this woman.
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    The hero marries Jessica in DQ VIII 3DS.
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