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    Hey everyone! Similarly to what I'm doing with Dragon Quest XI, I'm finally getting around to editing my initial play through of Dragon Builders 2 and figured I'd post it here as well in case anyone was interested. Also, just like DQ11, don't worry, I won't be spamming replies to the chain every time a new video is posted. But if you're curious about the play through, all videos will be located in the spoilers section below. And if you like what you see, feel free to like, comment, and subscribe! (gotta have that shameless plugging! ).
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    Hope this is the right place for it, but I made some Dragon Quest outfits! You can save these to your custom designs once you've unlocked the Able Sisters. You can also search my creator ID to see all outfits: MA-3446-4789-8332
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    I've been getting stupid luck with my lucky chests. Got Erdrick's Sword one week and then Sword of Kings the next. I promptly destroyed both to extract the skills for my Battle God Sword. Really enjoying this game so far.
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    Joker 2 Pro: I believe he took over the throne of the sky kingdom or whatever from the Sanguinis. Terry 3D: Haven't played it, so I don't know. DQM2 3D: It's just some sort of sealed evil that some legendary heroes defeated in the past. In Joker 3 Pro, I skipped the post-game from the original, so I can't speak to that. Joker 3 Pro: Once again, way back in the past, there was a war between the good and bad guys; Madyraja was the leader of the latter. These games and "complex stories" do not go together.
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    Incidentally, I once compiled a list of the events of the Japanese version. I think it's almost exhastive. It covers from the release date until Nov 2018. Unfortunately it's written in Japanese, and the Japanese event names I think will provide little help for those who are not familiar with Japanese DQ games, but it won't hurt... You can find it here. (It's in my Japanese blog site, of which topics are DQ9 and Stars.)
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    Hey guys, been a while~ Anyways, I found this old 1989 Nintendo power that had an article of Dragon Warrior with old Nintendo Power art. I looked on the main site, but didn't see the pages anywhere. I already have all of the pages scanned if you need all of the images. Here's two images as an example, the cover of the nintendo power, and one of the pages with the art.
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    I'm waiting (hopefully) for The Legend of Zelda collection to come to the Nintendo Switch next year since next year's the 35th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda series.
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    We're fine. We're just across the water from NYC, in West New York, NJ. My office shut down over 2 weeks ago and I've been working from home. The biggest challenge has been avoiding my 3 year old. Cuomo deployed a medical frigate to the Javitt's Center today, a giant red-cross barge that's supposed to house 1,000 hospital beds. That should help with the local hospital's over-capacity. My wife is due with our second child in June. Should be interesting. She's giving birth in the local Jersey hospital here where they setup the quarantine. We're both a little worried about that--even though we know the quarantine is isolated from the birthing ward.
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    Here's another DQotS-event fanart I done did! This one is of our good friend Baramos... the confuse-initiating pterodactyl weirdo.
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    Hello again ya'll! I've been into the DQ mobile game lately and I drew a little scene I pictured while doing on of the themed quests lasts week. Stay safe and healthy, ya'll
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    Done, sorry just getting back to the Den after traveling and work with COVID-19
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    Buy the physical Switch collection now and enjoy all these “meh,” games whenever you want too!!! Kemco. Here to make you question spending 5 dollars.
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    Long time no see! Quite a few years ago I created an app to assist players with the Lucky Panel game in DQVII. I came across the source code the other day so I put it up on github to make sure I wouldn't lose it. The app itself is actually hosted here, but it's an older version. You can grab the latest version and/or view the code here: https://github.com/cain05/DQVIILuckyPanel/releases. Note that it's based on the PSX version, but it's still more or less applicable to the 3DS version. I may update the app in the future, but there's no immediate plans to do so. You'll need to have at least a java 1.8 runtime environment installed in order to run it. Cheers.
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    I saw this topic and came here to post Descendants of Erdrick links, only to realize I did that 2 years ago. With Amanda's permission, we took clips from their DW cover on the Advent album for the intro and outro themes for the DQ Slime Time podcast.
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    A lot of your ideas are good (full-disclaimer: I've wanted in Morrie in Heroes 3 myself), but you may want to discuss them on the Wants and Wishes thread we've already got.
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    I don't feel bad when they come in, everyone else is set up for a food combo, and they choose bread. Then when everyone is spamming "Go for a combo meal" the person doesn't change and readies themselves. So I do the same. I'll boot them if I'm the host because it's my stamina I'm using.
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    Guess what, Jay? I'm a dum-dum. I went home last night and saw that my party was Lv27, not 17. I mis-remembered. I played for a while and got to the top of the mountain. Party is Lv30 now. Fighting all of those Powie Yowies really got me some levels.
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    Hey all....Been away for a while. Used to have a web page with scans of all of these cards (including all promos and secret-rares). Translated ~200 of them and the rules. This was circa 2012-2014... before we had phone apps that could insta-translate. Should be a lot easier now! (wow, I feel old). Web page and domain are long gone... but I still have everything saved off on my old computer from back then. If there was significant interest, I can dust it off sometime.
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    Found it. Item: light/sturdy fitting Continent: Batraccia Dungeon: Old Mountaintop Castle Boss: Mean Spirit (L1)
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    Oh God, I know I’m gonna curse myself for saying this but I’ve been flourishing. I like being around people on weekends, but, for the most part, I prefer solitude so lack of human interaction doesn’t bother me. I get plenty of that at work, which has given us a few random days off through the week. I actually have tomorrow off, in fact. Financially, things have lined up for me so I’m fine in that department. While my family are losing their minds from boredom I have a stack of games I’m working my way through at a faster rate than ever. I’m at no real risk of buying any more games because I’m not doing any pleasure spending (okay, a little). It’s too much of a hassle to do so nowadays. I stood in line for about 15 minutes just to get to the Whole Foods Amazon lockers. And yes, the lines are annoying, but I’m having no issues finding what I need at the grocery store. I even found toilet paper last week! Obviously, I’m aware that I’m very privileged. I work in an industry that is considered essential, so I have job security, but doesn’t beat down and abuse its employees the way a lot of “essential” classified industries do. So I’m not facing any economic uncertainty the way many, many people are. I’m in an age demographic that isn’t commonly at risk. I have a personality type that enjoys staying home. This situation has offered me the chance to observe the way people react to a crisis, as well as complete isolation that has afforded me a level of self reflection. I’m almost afraid to post this because, with my luck, just acknowledging it will cause it to all come apart instantly. But for now, I’m doing quite well, all things considered.
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    Sounds like getting the Genisis Collection is worth getting. Thanks guys. I have some gold points so I can get it for $10.
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    Beat the Elite Four and now I’m level grinding in Cerulean Cave to take on some of the Master Trainers. We’ll see how many I beat before I give in.
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    Speaking of Genesis games, the collection is on sale for $12 on Switch right now. I'm guessing there's some overlap in the two libraries of the Mini and the collection, do you think the collection is worth it?
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    That’s also my history with that game. Installed it in 2013, played it for two minutes last year, haven’t touched it still but still have it on my 3DS.
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    Went back to Let’s Go Eevee to finish it up. “But eal you just said you were gonna play Stick of Truth!!” I’m don’t wanna talk about that trauma! I’m in Fuchsia and could probably bang out the last four badges and the Elite Four tomorrow if I dedicate the afternoon to it. I got to see the Pokémon Go connectivity firsthand and transferring my Pokémon over was simple enough but catching them was actually annoying. If your presentation is just gonna be them standing in a cluster in the middle of big open field then at least not make me actually have to try to catch them. I spent like five minutes trying to get Zapdos in a Pokeball. They can run away, for goodness sake, and you have to try again!
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    The granny got the special edition Switch.
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    yes but the compression made it very fuzzy so I replaced it with Acerola. I've been on work from home for 3 weeks. I've been *working* about 85% of that entire time period. Not the normal 40hr shift. But all of the time. I am getting two companies set up to shift operations remote. This has been 95% successful, thankfully.... but I am exhausted. I live in a city, all kinds of lockdowns in place, all the restaurants are only doing carry out or closing up... some permanently. as far as my time on twitter... yeah no. I just cant anymore. too many egos. complete distortion of any kind of reasonable discourse on really anything. I quit. I met my fiance there that was the high point.
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    I'm still not sure what was fake and what wasn't. 😝
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    I thought I was being fooled when Platty told me about the announcement earlier this morning. Turns out it’s totally legit. Kind if a bad day to announce it consider its April Fools, but maybe that’s the joke. 🤷‍♂️ Whatever NIS was thinking, I’m happy the west is getting the game. I still have a ways to go before I even get around to playing Cold Steel 4, but I’m happy the long time fans will get to officially play it in English at last.
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    I have started lists for Combo Meals, Adventure Rank Rewards (though I am missing many since I didn't think about it right away), and monsters (that I had before the update this week). https://www.woodus.com/den/games/dqstarsandios/combo_meals.php https://www.woodus.com/den/games/dqstarsandios/rank_rewards.php https://www.woodus.com/den/games/dqstarsandios/monsters.php
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    With that Senran Kagura game done, I’m moving onto a totally different game that I’ll probably like more: VA-11 Hall-A. It’s sorta a visual novel with a retro anime game visuals where you serve drinks to patrons of a bar and they tell you about their lives in the cyberpunk world the game takes place in. I’ve been itching to jump into this so I’m hoping it lives up to the wait.
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    Well, I’m having a lucky day today. Got to work and they told me we’d be leaving at 1 or 1:30 since there isn’t much of the critical work to do, and we’ll be paid for a whole day’s work. Can’t say I blame our head manager for making that call since, like I said yesterday, we’re running into roadblocks. Figure today will make a good day to make a crockpot of that veggie soup recipe I found since I’ll be home way sooner than I was expecting to be. I also got The Art of Cuphead book in the mail this morning before I left for work. I had pre-ordered it months ago and forgot all about it due to what’s been happening, so I was surprised to see it had arrived. I’m looking forward to cracking it open and looking through everything while listening to the game’s soundtrack.
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    The more moral authority biddies I see on NextDoor the more I think letting seniors die for the economy is a good idea.
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    The extended offline campaign, featuring the main characters sibling, has been unplayable on all of the modern platforms for which the game has been released. Until now the only way to play this has been if you had a Japanese Wii and the original media (discs and 16gb thumb drive). This workaround uses emulation to get the original Wii version running on a (modest, yet capable) PC without the need for a Japanese Wii or the thumb drive. You will, however, need either the original game discs or an image of the discs. Procurement of the images of these discs WILL NOT be discussed here, nor will the images be made available here. What you need: You need to make .ISO rips of your game discs. There are many free programs available for this sort of thing. You will need about 8-10gb of space on your PC hard drive as Dolphin Emulator installs the game channel on your HDD as a sort of virtual version of the 16gb thumb drive. Once it is installed you may delete the .ISO files to save space as they are no longer necessary. Thanks to our friends over at Dolphin Emulator we have a working Gamecube/Wii emulator to run on our PC's. The first step to getting this going is to go to https://wiki.dolphin-emu.org/index.php?title=Dragon_Quest_X:_Mezameshi_Itsutsu_no_Shuzoku_Online and scroll down to the Configuration section. Above it you will see "Fixed in 5.0-5291." Click the numbers to go to the download page and then download Dolphin Emulator version 5.0-5291. *The current version of Dolphin Emulator WILL NOT run DQX. The only working version I know of as of the writing of this is 5.0-5921* Once you have unzipped Dolphin run the .exe file inside to start the emulator. Choose TOOLS>Perform Online System Update>Japan. This will connect to the Wii servers and set up a Japanese System Menu in Dolphin. You will need an internet connection of course. Next press the Graphics button on the main menu and choose the HACKS tab. Check the box that says "Skip EFB Access from CPU." The game will not boot correctly if this is unchecked. Next go to FILE>OPEN and select your disc 1 .ISO file that you ripped from your game disc. It will load the game installer and have three choices. Choose the top to install. It will then do a countdown from 100%. Once it reaches zero it will ask for disc 2. Tab over to the Dolphin main menu and choose FILE>Change Disc then select your disc 2 .ISO file. It will do another 100% countdown and then say that the game has been installed. It will then restart to the Wii main menu. Choose the DQX channel to begin gameplay. In order to play again later you will open Dolphin and go to TOOLS>Load Wii System Menu X.Xj. this will load the Wii menu and then you can select the game to begin. I was able to run through the prologue and begin the extended offline portion without any trouble once it was set up this way. I set up an old PS2 controller so it felt a little more like my time on the PS4 version. The graphics can be tweaked a bit to make them a little nicer too, if your system is capable of that sort of thing. Anyway. Cheers folks and enjoy. 😁
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    Baldo’s graphics and character design looks like rip-off Studio Ghibli. Definitely seems like the developers took a little too much inspiration from Ni No Kuni in particular.
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    Good news: you actually unlock terrain tools ONLY for more water! You either get river water, ocean water, or water water. The last one is the hardest to unlock as you have to fully upgrade your house and obtain the legendary island builder badge, but once you earn it you can destroy the entire island in one fell swoop and live within the confines of a watery wonderland! Too much water? More like too much fun!!!
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    Oh, I like it, but I don't LIKE like it. In all seriousness, yes, it's a great game. Flawed? Yes. I consider the flaws, however, to be forgivable to an extent. This was an early-RPG game and they were still trying to hone in on a proper style. The game deserves respect as one of this series' pillars. It got the ball rolling on many major DQ hallmarks: the ship, multi-party system, large world map, series inter-connectivity of continuity from game-to-game, job classes before they were job classes, status spells, priests, multi-town saving, helmets, etc. I consider Dragon Quest to be the Prototype version, DQII to be a soft opening and DQIII to be the grand opening. The game has wonderful music, as you stated, and is an overall immersive experience. My cons for the game would definitely be the extremely unbalanced difficulty (the way classes/levels of enemies so dramatically change after a few steps in one direction, for example) and the rather-confusing fetch quest for the five elements. I noticed on my Switch playthrough that I did better than ever and I largely attribute that to leveling hard and early as well as taking the time to focus on proper armor for Cannock and Moonbrooke. A lot less coffin-dragging this time around. The mobile and Switch versions really are the prime versions of these games, to be honest. Dragon Quest II is the "almost there but not quite" installment in this series and deserves respect. Imagine a remake of this game using the DQ11 engine and a repurposed storyline. They could do quite a lot with the Princess of Moonbrooke and that entire incident. I'd love to see the entire Erdrick trilogy receive this treatment, to be honest. Could be a great way of tying 11, 1, 2 and 3 together.
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    Well, if an admin said to do it here, I'd listen to the admin.
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    Stuff like this makes dumb people dumber and more reactionary. I hate how the news stations wind people up. It's similar to how they report on hurricanes. Rather than pausing until their source updates, they lure people in by repeating the same information and speculate. Get your info, take your precautions, get your updates, and move on with your life. That being said... I'm gonna dress up as Joaquin Phoenix Joker, yell, "I've gots the coronavirus! And you're all gettin' licked!", then chase the runners to Cotton Eyed Joe. Look, if people are going to panic, I'm gonna make 'em earn it.
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    I'm Hoping, in 2020, we get DQ 4,5, and 6 on Switch. Say what you want about the ports; I love them. Also, I'd love to get 10 here in the west. Honestly I don't care if it's online or not. I'm hearing impaired and since most people use headphones I can't game with others. I don't expect to get DQ 12 but maybe some teasers. On a side note; I'm worried we're not getting a Builder's 3 with the departure of Kazuya Niinou. Here's hoping.
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    I don't think you're outside the norm...nor do I think that quarantining for two weeks is drastic. What is drastic is the hoarding and general panic by the mass public.
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    50% of the non-original playable characters was DQIV. All DQIX got was Erinn. The representation is definitely a little unbalanced.
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    Well, when I wrote it nobody had written anything, so it looks like I was a little late to actually post. Whoops.
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    100% sure it was Japanese, not Chinese? Well no, not 100% sure. I should've screenshotted and then used Translate to check.
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    Actually Yuji Horii didn't win that contest. Koichi Nakamura did. Horii was runner up. Nakamura would later be one of the cocreators of the franchise, serving as director on DQ1-4. He was also the founder of Chun soft.
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    Welp, I went and checked, and find I should bite my tongue again. Gladiators have always been Battlemasters in Japan. Can't fault 'em for a more accurate translation.
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    Alright, I was able to get all the Battle God gear. Now I’ll need to see if I can get that King SpotSlime key next.
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    If you wander around your farm, there are a few screens of space where they hang out in pens and such. I don't think the 4-slot monsters show up, but the 3-slot ones will hang out as well.
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    Welcome! I'm 18 years old, probably one of the younger members of the site. I've tried my best to experience hundreds on hundreds of games I've missed out on through emulation so I feel I could hold a conversation with anyone reminiscing about the "good old days" of gaming! I started with Dragon Quest VIII when I was 11 but never got to finish it because I lost my PlayStation 2 and the game in a house-fire when I was 12. I bought Dragon Quest IX at launch and officially caught the bug. Bought the remake of Dragon Quest VIII on the 3DS at launch and if I could've bought it earlier than that I would have -- suffice it to say, getting the childhood game I never got to finish back was emotional for me. Got the VII remake, and then played/replayed every localized Dragon Quest in preparation for Dragon Quest XI. You're with good people, man! Welcome again to the den!
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