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    Here is a sprite sheet for anyone wanting these sprites. I plan on submitting the 16 bit versions here in a day or two.
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    Hey guys, so some years back there was a topic asking who the cover artist for DWII was in NA. Nobody managed to figure it out, however years later I tracked down Chris Hopkins as the artist for DWIII and IV on NES and I did an interview with him. Well the only thing we had to go off of for DWII's cover art was a lone signature in the corner. Now @Dwaine seemed to think the signature was "kis" however it looks like we may have been looking at it the wrong way. This painting wasn't done by a Western Artist, but a Japanese one! The very same signature appears on the works of Kensuke Suzuki, a pen name for artist Hiroshi Kajiyama who did character designs for the Shining Force series. Thats the very same signature! It has to be him! Now I'm wondering if he did DWI as well, had no idea Enix got a Japanese artist to do this. Also I'm sad to say that Mr. Kajiyama passed away two years ago in July it looks like. I'm glad this mystery can be put to rest now at least.
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    https://anchor.fm/dqslimetime/episodes/Episode-023---Samantha--Dragon-Quest-Everything-ejpa44 We were pleased to have our very own Denizen @Michi on the Dragon Quest Slime Time podcast. Check out the interview as she talks about fandom, working at Square Enix, DQ cosplay, working with Yuji Horii, and more. This podcast also features our resident Slime Time artist, @Dwaine. YT version pending.
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    Hello everyone. I made a Chart containing all the monsters of the series that I could find with model/name. I mainly used info from the Fandom Wiki and this website (and some others that I found on the web). It list all the monsters Splash art and Name) and in which game they appear in. I don't know if you can do something with it, but I think it's worth sharing (That's a lot of info), so if you want to use it (for a Mega Page or something), please do so. It sadly doesn't list every monsters in existence cause some that are in non translated Jap versions of games (like DQMJ3, Super light or Stars) that i just can't access/know about them. I would have loved to add some option like knowing the rate of apparition of one through the series (Slime that appears in all Games, She-Slime in all but 4, etc..) or the percentage that each game added in the series or posses (40 monsters in DQ1/2463 monsters in the entire series = 1.62%, etc...), but sadly I'm limited by the technology of my time. I counted all the version of a game into one range (like DQ11 3DS, PS4, PC and Switch all in one). https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WT6mmtoUf6w-nP0-LteUJNbJuIuUBm5GvPqH5nmQOZ8/edit?usp=sharing Here's the link of the Chart if you want to look at it.
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    During the past half year of lockdown, I've gotten into importing Japanese games, including several boxed DQ games. Besides getting them for my DQ collection, I scanned most of their manuals and uploaded them to a dummy Google Drive folder (I don't want to put them on my Google account with my real name): https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1EvblbX9BAQVFQlzUBwstvBMFDKvhx6b3?usp=sharing Right now, it has manual scans for DQ IV and VII on PS1, Slime Morimori/Rocket Slime 3 on 3DS, and Monsters 1, Cobi, and Tara on GBC. I had contributed a scan for Slime Morimori on GBA to here some time ago, but I noticed there was apparently dirt on the scanning area for that upload. I included a better-quality, rescanned version and the first version in the Drive folder for the sake of comparison. I'm also looking to, at some point, scan the manuals for Torneko no Daibouken on Super Famicom and a bunch of DS games: Monsters Joker 1 and 2, DQ V, DQ IX, and Itadaki Street DS. I also got DQ XI and Monsters 2 on 3DS, both of which have a manual "leaflet" instead of a booklet like Slime Morimori 3.
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    Dragon Quest did sneaky things like this. One of my favorite memories as a child was figuring out how to get to Garin's tomb from Garinham. The NES graphics were very well done and you couldn't immediately tell there was a hole in the wall. I started at the far end and kept trying to walk up until all of a sudden I was outside. It was pretty exhilarating to my 12 year-old self. I have a feeling I had a small booklet walkthrough for Dragon Warrior 2 so I don't think I figured out that Rhone (Rendarak) Shrine sneakiness on my own.
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    And I have returned with the 16 bit tile sets. Also no thanks or reference required if any are used. Maybe just check out the game when I finally announce it.
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    I'm pretty new to this place and also to the series. So far i got IX,Joker and IV for my ds and i'm getting Rocket Slime for XMAS this year pleasure to make your aquaintince.
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    Last night a YouTube dude I'm told is usually pretty reliable (don't blame me for the misinformation haha) posted and Tweeted about the new Dai remake being released in October via Crunchyroll, maybe even that first weekend. It'll be subbed. An hour later the tweet and video were gone, so maybe good news shared too early? [emoji106]
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    I managed to get all prepped for the upcoming Pokemon tournament. Hoping it goes well this time around. Ex and I have been reconnecting. We both admit to making mistakes last time.
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    Dai, you say? I know, right? I mean, for one thing it’s not even an actual roll, nor is it crunchy! Such false advertising...
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    Hello everyone, bringing news. I've added all the monsters From DQ X, DQM2 3D/SP, DQMSL, DQMJ3(P), DQSB, DQMP, DQOTS, DQR & DQW, along with some other monsters that I may have missed previously. I wanna die in piece now. All the monsters with both English and Japanese names on the doc are those that I added (or in the doc I'm attaching) . I did what I could with the cropping/translating, but i know it's not perfect (some monsters names are romanization, others are raw translation). So if any of you have better names, please feel free to tell me. Also, even on the Japanese web, I lacked some info, so if anyone have a clear list of all the monsters/cards from DQSB please tell me. Also (2), There's a big hole in the Japanese wiki monsters list of DQOTS (from n°1105 to n°1345 (maybe beyond ?)), and I don't know why (To be release, or lazy Japanese fans ?). I listed some monsters from that range, but 99% of it is impossible to find (at least for me), so if any of you know can find me the missing monsters I'll add them (There's monsters like Mothra & Godzilla in that range). As always, if you got any feedback/corrections/translation to offer, please tell me. The expert of each games are invited to (not) insult me and to tell me the thing I may have missed or wrongly done. New Monsters.rar
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    The heavy blues, the warrior raising his sword, the fallen comrades...it's a pretty grisly and dark cover art that perfectly encapsulates in a more grisly realistic fantasy art fashion, the dark world of 2. It's a very stylized form, reminds me a lot of the Hildebrandt brothers, especially Tim.
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    Dragon Quest 2’s original Famicom box art is one of my favorite Dragon Quest pieces of art Toriyama has made, but saying the NES version art sucked is a bit of an exaggeration. It’s different, yes, but it has some cool details and interesting takes on the main trio.
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    I'm a rando artist from the Internet. I just came to the forum not so long ago with the goal of learning a bit more of the DQ universe. I was a huge fan of the Monster Joker series when I was a kid. And now I would like to draw a lot of the monsters of this franchise just to practice a bit. I love creature design and this is a good opportunity to practice. But since I'm kinda new on this I would like to know some good ones to start. I know some names but I played the Spanish version of the DQMJ2 so I don't know most of the original names and I want to search for good image references of this creatures (Or if anyone knows about artbooks of the games I'm also interested). I'll leave here a bunch of sketches I did (I'm busy most of the time so I didn't put much time of them). But I hope everyone can enjoy them! Hopefully I can finish them or make better ones to post. Thanks for reading.
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    So just over four years later, there are now two models for GMOD [playermodel/NPC/ragdoll support]: Healix and Nera. Both of these were created by "Retro2Modern", the first commissioned by a different person, and the latter commissioned by yours-truly. However in addition to that, the creation of Nera's set inspired me to use the voice lines I extracted of hers for my Aetherius classic [GZ]Doom modification and make what is called a "TFA-VOX" pack [a voicepack that can be used with a specific player model]. This ended up being my first ever Steam workshop addon I ever made. I might consider a similar voice pack using the Healix sounds/voice-files I extracted some years back, but that might not be immediate. P.S. I hope this isn't against the rules to post this over 4 years after the last post, but the previous posts were extremely relevant for this post. x.x
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    Hello! So I've been going super scientific over the coin pusher minigame available in DQotS, and I'm here to share my research . Me, a total crackhead playing this game for at least a 3 days worth of playtime to get gadabout, I'm a third of my way in. At first, I was thinking about making an extensive guide how to play and take advantage of the system, but I can't really at the moment so, that aside, I'm here to share some stats I have gathered instead! Let's start with some miscellaneous facts first: Bosses and befriended monsters attack have a defined single value, yes it means there is no resistance or advantage whatsoever, a spiked hare will hit 118 nonetheless of the boss and a boss you will hit you the same amount of HP nevertheless of your team formation (although team HP max does depend on team formation, see below) Your team formation will create a set of total HP depending on the befriended enemy's rank (see rank down below) Befriended monsters are officially tier'd into 3 states: Gold - Silver and Bronze (you can spot them on their pedestal upon summon), they will give a set amount of HP (better ranked monsters = more health, inverse is true) and their rank is tied to how much attack they have as well. In order to guarantee surviving on Superbosses (see superbosses below), you need a team of at least one gold and two silver ranked monsters, and the gold is the prominent attacker/skill release on the rolls, or have 2 golds and pray the lesser ranked enemy doesn't attack as much. Superbosses (not official, made up by me) are bosses above 2,000 HP AND/OR have a skill that affects the board, such as Malroth, Zoma, Dragonlord 2nd, these will more than likely wipe out your team and split the battle in two unless the condition in the point above are met. Said superbosses have a jackpot reward of 450,000 coins, although I don't know if it's due to the premium coin pusher I'm using or if it applies to regular pusher (let me know!) Baramos is an outlier, as he's technically a superboss in terms of HP amount, but is probably the second easiest one after Dragonlord 2nd, and the 450,000 reward is not guaranteed (I got 150,000 more than once). Superbosses guarantee a Jackpot shot as their reward, with the exception of Baramos. The game shuffles around 12 bosses in total. The game shuffles around 20 befriendable monsters, although their rate is biased to which boss you are about to counter (ig, more likely to get gold and silver on superbosses while weaker bosses you'll generally have a trio of bronze monsters) Keep that in mind for the point #3! The Jackpot shot prematurely ends the roulette from spinning when you tap the screen. Throwing coins to hit the side slots will more than likely push the coins to the side pits rather than forward, making you lose them. It is preferred that you only throw on the center spot, while the pusher is coming forward. The rare "7" roll match is a Jackpot shot, in case you never landed on it, and the reward is the same as the superbosses, being 450,000 coins at stake. The rare "Go-go" roll match activates an effect of giving you 5 consecutive guaranteed roll matches. Treasure chests always give you a ring. Items (rings, crowns, ingots, monster figurines, etc...) CANNOT and WILL NOT fall into the side waste pits, at worst they will be stuck because of the coin formation. To easily resolve this go to the menu → click "reposition" button and the game will take those stuck items and put them back on the center. Theories: The Jackpot shot may be slowed down even more if you tap more than once on the screen, I once managed to get the Jackpot Shot's roulette to last 2 seconds. There might be a timing to figure out thanks to the tapping in order to get a guaranteed landing on the Jackpot Shot depending on where on the roulette the arrow starts relative to the Jackpot shot slot, as I managed to get jackpot 3 times on weaker bosses tapping at the exact position on the roulette, although it did not work on superbosses so far. I decided to not put rewards as they are quite random and it will take me time to have a 100% drop rate on every one of them to know the max amount of coins they can give. Just keep in mind that Superbosses have a Jackpot Spot reward of 450,000 coins and weaker bosses 21,000 or 15,000 if they give one; and again, this was done on premium, the rewards might be cut in 3 to get the result for the regular pusher, would like to know if the regular ones give the same Jackpot Spot rewards. Preface for the Boss and Befriended Monsters stats: Green is HP of the subject, red is their attack value, and purple the attack value of their skill. Orange indicates a board effect from a skill OR a debuff effect on the target. BOSS STATISTICS [sorted by HP, then total attack including skills] : superboss class bosses: Malroth - 2,300 HP, Deals a single 140 HP attack on your team. Skill: Hellzapple (459 HP attack) - sends a lightning strike on the board, evaporating the coins around the area, lasts for 10 seconds (CT might be 120 seconds) Zoma - 2,300 HP, Deals two 75 HP attacks on your team. Skill: Kacrack (320 HP attack) - summons three icicles towards the gathering coin spot and makes the ground slippery, which creates the effect of sliding coins towards the side pits for about 10 seconds (CT might be between 60 to 120 seconds) Baramos - 2,100 HP, Deals one 124 HP attack on your team. Skill: Mountainmover (250 HP attack) - no board effect, (CT might between 60 to 120 seconds). Dragonlord, 2nd phase - 1,650 HP, Deals one 90 HP attack on your team. Skill: Scorch (650 HP attack) - incarcerates the board which makes the coins vanish, dures approximately 10 seconds (CT might between 60 to 120 seconds). basic bosses: Hargon - 1,500 HP, Deals one 90 HP attack on your team. Skill: Kaboom (420 HP attack, nice) - no board effect, (CT 120 seconds maybe). Dragonlord, 1st phase - 1,400 HP, Deals one 100 HP attack on your team. Skill: Inferno (220 HP attack) - no board effect (CT 60 seconds maybe). Golem - 1,300 HP, Deals one 50 HP attack on your team. Skill: Megaton Punch - no board effect (attack value and CT approximate missing! I have not recorded it!). Striking Sabrecat - 1,050 HP, Deals one 50 HP attack on your team. Skill: Gale Force Fang (80 HP attack) - no board effect (CT 60 seconds maybe). Wrecktor - 1,000 HP, Deals one 60 HP attack on your team. Skill: Boom (160 HP attack) - no board effect (CT 60 seconds maybe). Orochi - 850 HP, Deals three 20 HP attacks on your team. Skill: Fireball Storm (120 HP attack) - no board effect (CT 60 seconds maybe). Robbin' 'Ood - 810 HP, Deals one 60 HP attack on your team. Skill: Helm Splitter (260 HP attack) - no board effect (CT 60 seconds maybe). Knight Abberant - 800 HP, Deals three 20 HP attacks on your team. Skill: Tomahawk (120 HP attack) - no board effect (CT 30 to 60 seconds maybe). Please note that CT is very inconsistent, even when recording them. I'm only giving an indicative timing on them. BEFRIENDED MONSTERS STATISTICS [sorted by attack value, then skill attack] Gold tier monsters: Dragon Zombie - one 220 HP attack. Skill: Freezing Blizzard (400 HP attack) Archdemon - one 210 HP attack. Skill: Didn't catch the name, sorry! (210 HP attack) Gigantes - one 200 HP attack. Skill: Crackerwack (370 HP attack) Killing Machine - one 194 HP attack. Skill: Krackle Slash (429 HP attack) Green Dragon - one 190 HP attack. Skill: Flame Breath (460 HP attack) Silver tier monsters: Boss Troll - two 85 HP attacks. Skill: Boulder Toss (200 HP attack) Silvapethicus - one 162 HP attack. Skill: Sizzle (204 HP attack) Living Statue - one 155 HP attack. Skill: Stomp (220 HP attack) Orc King - one 145 HP attack. Skill: Mercurial Thrust (280 HP attack) Golem - one 120 HP attack. Skill: Megaton Punch (350 HP attack) Bronze tier monsters: Walking Corpse - one 130 HP attack. Skill: Poison attack (135 HP attack, may cause poison status) Goodybag - one 125 HP attack. Skill: Sizzle (150 HP attack) Dancing Flame - one 120 HP attack. Skill: Flame Breath (160 HP attack) Restless Armour - one 115 HP attack. Skill: Attack Attacker (180 HP attack) Spiked Hare - one 118 HP attack. Skill: Zap (170 HP attack) Dracky - one 90 HP attack. Skill: Zam (100 HP attack) Imp - one 85 HP attack. Skill: Boom (110 HP attack) Funghoul - one 80 HP attack. Skill: Sleep Attack (120 HP attack, may cause sleep status) Medislime - one 76 HP attack. Skill: Spinning Tackle (176 HP attack) Slime - one 70 HP attack. Skill: Inferno Breath (140 HP attack) looks like slime is at the bottom, well that's kind of expected. Note: for the tiers I'm not entierly sure about Walking Corpse being in bronze, but if there are any errors let me know I'll correct it in the future! Miel's personal guidance and tricks You aren't 100% required to follow them, but I have assembled a couple of tricks and guidance in order to maximise your gameplay of the minigame. Call me the coin pusher expert or crackhead, as you wish. I've managed to earn a total of 330k in less than a day worth of playing after all, and not even touching the high Jackpot shots rewards of 150k or 350k . Rambling aside, here are some of my guidances, and tricks regarding the coin pusher gameplay: Try to play everyday, if you can. The most opportunistic way of playing it is when you run out of stamina and are waiting for it to refill. It's a good pass-time (in my opinion). You will earn daily challenges, and while the amounts are not substantial they can make that difference when you need a couple thousand coins for x reward exchange. Take advantage of the slot rate up events, they might seem insignificant but they boost your playthrough quite a lot as you'll be more likely to land on matching rolls. Avoid throwing the coins towards the sides of the pusher (left and right), as the coins that pass through the slime will push the other coins towards the side waste pits rather than forward to the reward pit in front of you. Maximise your middle throws like in this linked video, when the pusher comes forward. Maximise your roll count, especially prior to a boss battle; the reason why is that at high count and always putting more guarantees the slot rolling fast, it does by default. By the time you get an extra slot the machine might have already run 2 if it wasn't a match. As for the boss battle, having a max count lets you not worry about the combat much and focus on pushing the coins to earn them, the turns are slow enough to maximise and keep it high througout the fight. This mini-game requires mostly all of your attention, from my experience 30 seconds or more of inattention destabilised my playthrough because of the rolls quickly running out. The big money comes mostly from chests and bosses, for chests not so much if you make a lot of coins fall on the sides. But bosses are pretty generous especially with a Jackpot shot. Following up the previous point, make sure to rush to bosses, now knowing the stats of befriended monsters you can predict whether you are going to survive in one battle against the likes of Malroth and Zoma. You should be aiming for jackpot shots and try your best to get timing with the tapping. Rush the coin pusher when you are about to deal with Malroth, Zoma and Dragonlord2 because of their board effect most of your coins on it will be gone, you want them to fall and be earned as much before they whip out their super skills. Take advantage of the coin bag, treasure chests and monster while rolls. The reason is simple; they push significantly more coins than a single one, plus the treasure chests and bags will spread coins so the push will be evenly. When those happen you don't need to throw coins for one small back and forth of the pusher to get coins forward falling. If you are on the premium coin pusher like me, be extra careful with your throw coins, everything is tripled including those. With treasure chests, bags and following my guidance your coin count should be stagnating, if not slightly get higher by only the hundreds. Hopefully this small pseudo-guide will be helpful to any gadabout seeker! I plan to update it whenever I find out about more stuff (what I missed due to RNG, rather) or to correct myself. And here's hoping that future updates won't ruin the meta that took me so much time taking notes of, although extra bosses and monsters would be very welcome. -------------------------- immediate edit: fixed some typos
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    Most of the new monsters are from DQ11. They're still updating this as they find more breeding recipes, but https://game8.jp/dqm2/346570 has a list. It's in Japanese, but you should be able to recognize the pictures.
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    We have reached the maximum level for our team in DQX! A big thanks to everyone that helped do the team quests, and especially Rin who truly dedicated herself to completing these and is a very big factor in having gotten us to this point! To celebrate the milestone, we will be having a celebration at Remina's town, appropriately called もじゃ Town. We'll be temporarily switching the team house to his town this weekend for the occasion. It's a weekend affair, but the main celebration is going to be held at 5PM Pacific time this Saturday, August 29th 2020. Bring as many fireworks as you can! We'll be setting them off and lighting up the sky! Also bring your swim suites, we'll be having our party at the beach and I just might host some swim races! I may have some minor prizes in the form of some colored orbs to give out, nothing major though so don't feel devastated if you can't make it. Also bring your moves, we may have an impromptu dance off occur!
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    About that. When Heroes came out. No, the Shrine hasn't been touched in a while. It's not motivation, that's for sure. I loved the design I was working on. I absolutely adore the menu Mimas made for me! It's perfect! I feel terrible about it. There's only so much I can do. I want to have a quality site, but there's so much to gather just to hit all the basics for one game. I've only got so much time. When I'm not building up my business I'm working on my 150 page graphic novel. That's taking fo'eva, because I only get an hour or two each day to work on it. So in order to return it has to be something pretty major or a paying gig. I would LOVE to do more interviews! The Plus Alpha interview is one of my all-time favorite things I've ever done. I truly believe every DQ fan should read it. While DQ is made by hundreds of people, they're all people with their own individual stories. I want to hear those stories! And I don't want it in some standard blog or news site template. Podcasts and videos are great, but I want something people can sit down, explore, and really take in. Like pouring over all those old Nintendo Power articles. It's kind of become a lost art.
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    A little update. The pause menu is coming together now! This was from Wednesday this week but since then I've not had a chance to get time on it. Since then, this week has been pretty awful! I'm planning to book some time off next month and should be able to commit a couple of days and hopefully have a very early patch for Extra Mode.
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    I'm shocked no on touched this. Sakaguchi has no creative control over Final Fantasy. Never did. This is because, at the time of its creation, Square was both developer and publisher. Enix was always a pure publisher, so they allowed the studios who developed the games they published, to retain creative control over their work, thus you see copyright was carried by the respective game companies who developed their games, while Enix retained nothing. Yuji Horii's company, Armor Project, owns all rights to the content within Dragon Quest games. Not the dev kits and tools used to craft them, but the actual content that was created. So he owns the Battle System, the Scenario data, the Skills/Spells/Nomenclature/Characters/Storyboarding/Quests/Character Development trees, everything related to how the game is scripted, flows, and plays. All the music, at least all music recorded for DQ by Koichi Sugiyama, is owned by his label, Sugiyama Kobo. All the artwork for all Characters and Monsters, are owned by Akira Toriyama's studio, Bird Studio. I imagine the contracts assure his studio has creative control over the art direction of the games, and if anyone could change this, it would Yuji Horii himself, or whoever ends up taking control of Armor Project upon his death. However given the nature of Japanese society, this would be very unlikely, unless Bird Studio itself shut down, or Toriyama no longer wanted any part of Dragon Quest in any capacity, and made this clear to the Japanese public. Even then I would fully expect the next studio or group picked, would show some level of deference and respect to the original work, and attempt to keep some aspects and feel of Dragon Quest, as in retain as much of the stylings of Akira Toriyama as they could. Due to Horii's Studio owning the actual content of Dragon Quest, and likely how the games are designed, that is the only studio that has absolute creative control. Likely that would carry through in a trust that Horii's family would control well past his death, and until his death, he would have oversight of, to check on and assure follows what he wants in a DQ game, in his retirement, whenever that happens to be. This is something SE cannot, at this point, even consider legally #$*!ing with, as they don't own the games. Square Enix DOES however, have the right to produce the label of Dragon Quest. They also now own the development kits (since DQ7 3DS, which likely means even Level-5's development kit is now owned by SE for future usage, or there might be a minor conflict of interest, which is why we aren't seeing pics, or reading info yet of DQ9's remake on what is likely to be the Switch), or in the case of Unreal Engine, they're using someone else's engine, but keeping the rights to the specific objects/etc. they create with it to avoid development conflicts down the road when Horii retires. My point being, DQ will not see the same treatment as FF. Plus, FF established itself as always being different, and Nomura has only spearheaded FF10, which is beloved by most fans, FF13, Versus 13, and the original 15 (the only version I was interested in playing). Nomura is not the reason FF went downhill anyway. That's related to a lot of inter conflicts in SE itself, after the merger, and leading up to today. The biggest one being the upper management split him up to head too many projects, and given his nature of focus on one project, then having to meet deadlines for multiple projects, and forcing himself to spend time here and there with other projects, and lacking any notes on his general direction, then everytime returning to the previous projects, he would cancel or forget stuff because he left no direction, because he was overworked, and had to travel to different sectors of Japan just to keep track of each project, as physically the locations of various projects were in different studios, some hours apart in driving. That's more SE's management, and Nomura's inability to say "no" than anything else. He's rather good when he's focused on a project, like KH1, KH2, The World Ends With You, and FF10. Much of those problems were built around a company constantly shifting its internal mechanisms, and the loss of Sakaguchi, who was the only upper manager with any development experience. You have to remember, he was the first one in the industry to establish the role of Producer as essentially the top director, as he was part of almost all the development and directing oversight, and assuring they had funding, and were within reasonable time. His ousting from the company took a massive toll, as well as Yoichi Wada's lack of experience with actually running a company, or understanding of game development, having been the CFO up to that point, so he understood money alone. He constantly changed the internal structure of the company as per @Dwaine 's experiences getting interviews and how those interviews went over the years, along with quite a few other articles written over the course of his tenure, of the corporate culture. Money falling through the cracks, etc. Bad decisions, leaving too much responsibility on certain shoulders, expecting results without placing the right people to manage, making it difficult to communicate issues through the chain, too many middle managers handling information, leading to stuff falling through the cracks. After he was ousted, there were a few programming staffers who came out and talked about how deteriorated was Square Enix under Wada. They also lost almost as much money as they gained, and while they did see total gains grow a bit during that period, it was mostly big budget blockbuster releases making up for poor periods of heavy losses, leading to near zero growth 10 years later, for a company slated to see somewhere around 200% growth just as it was, ignoring all the buyouts of other smaller companies like Taito, Quest, and Eidos. That's been changing since 2013, though it took about 2 years for the new culture to finish formatting, and the start of a new era internally. We've seen a lot of changes since. A lot of smarter changes. We've seen SE become more bold as well in terms of attempting new directions, new games. Nier Automata, Bravely Default, Octopath Traveler, all the Tokyo RPG Factory attempts, the upcoming Babylon project, all the reworking of FF14, making it arguably one of the most well loved MMO's, and for people here who have played it, DQ10, which is mostly SE, with almost no Horii insight or oversight, as he's been busy with other projects while most of the heaviest DQ10 content was created and unveiled. Meaning they're respective Horii's style and taking DQ into new directions. The new DQ spinoffs are another clue, as Horii's barely touched on those, though he has absolute oversight ability. Builders especially has been nothing short of amazing. I'd even put Builders 1 now, as one of my top 10 games of all time. Builders 2 is my #4 favourite game of all time, and my second favourite DQ game after DQ7. How is this? All I think about is playing them both, all the time. The writing is solid, really well played out, a bit over the top in 2, but still well done. The battle system could use some work, but it's fun, engaging, simple, and very enjoyable with monster recruits, or in building a death trap in Builders 1 battle island. Meaning DQ, even without Horii, is in good hands, and he seems satisfied with the handling and respect for his original work. This also bodes well for DQ going forward, especially with new remakes. I'd LOVE to see someone flesh out DQ's 1 and 2 more. There are a lot of special quests they could do, make the Dragonlord more active. Maybe a super dragon he created goes nuts and unleashes an attack on Tantegel if the Scion snags the rainbow drop before picking up the Armour of Erdrick, and if the other way around, way lays the Scion on the way to Charlock. I don't know, something. There's a lot new eyes could work out to add some extra oomph without taking away from what DQ is. While making the next remake worthwhile, because there's some actual new content that fits with the story. Or just continue that trend not with remakes, but in the same fashion as Builders, and alternative universe or parallel world storylines. That certainly fits with DQ since DQ6 and both the DQ3 remake where Zenith is connected to all worlds, and DQM1, where portals interconnect all the worlds, leading to 8's Ramia, and 9's Legacies.
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    The issue I have is the President of the United States of America shouldn’t be blowing hot air or trolling. And the people shouldn’t have to wade through his nonsense to find genuine policy positions. That reporter shouldn’t have given QAnon the attention of asking Trump his opinion on it, but his response absolutely fed into what they wanted from him when he should have condemned them.
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    Dude you need like 5 more paragraphs before I'll believe that somebody hasn't hacked your account. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    I'm not necessarily trying to argue that Pateron would be better for anime, just that we shouldn't be in this situation where some people need to be pirates because the legal streaming services are awful. We should be given a service that's actually good so we wouldn't have to. Would you really want to watch Dai No Daibouken if it was running on a glitchy player and the subs have a million errors that the guys at crunchyroll refuse to fix?
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    I don't really like this person's content in general but this video is on point. Just torrent the episodes.
  28. 2 points
    Here is the youtube version if anyone wants to listen that way https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tBOEMM6Bqrk And I didn't realize I forgot to upload MP3 of Sidequest 004 and Prime 024 to the episodes page, they are there now https://www.woodus.com/den/slimetime/episodes.php And the MP4 version of Prime 024 as well
  29. 2 points
    Not sure if this is common knowledge, but I definitely didn't know until just now. https://en.dragonquest-builders.com/
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    That's a very interesting fact about my namesake's game in the series! Great detective work @Sackchief! If this forum were a police station, they ought to transfer you to the Missing Persons Division! I'm obviously in the K-9 unit. lol
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    Here is the Game Script that AerynB did a while back https://www.woodus.com/den/gallery/graphics/general/gamescript/Game_Script_DW1nes2.pdf And here is a tool that will calculate your stats https://guides.gamercorner.net/dw/name-stats/
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    Ditto. I had it on mine and then was writing the post about DQV and realized I needed a monster collecting one. Having so many DQ, I sadly cut one to make way for another DQ.
  34. 2 points
    Oh for heaven’s sake! I just found a YouTube walkthrough that shows where you go. That’s remarkably inscrutable. I would never have thought to go down in the room below! (See at 2:38 in the video) Anyway now I’m going through the hell that is the Cave of Rendarak!
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    You could try to partition the drive into a smaller chunk and it might let you format it, the largest partition size for FAT32 is 32 GB in windows, or it looks like there are some other utilities that will allow you to format larger in FAT32
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    Rewarded myself with a little something yesterday. Barely have played my Switch in 6 weeks as kids and wife have taken over the console. Got $150 in thank yous and such from work so invested wisely. Might pick up Evoland duology for $5 just because.
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    "I've traveled now for many miles It feels so good to see the smiles Of friends who never left your mind When you were far away" ~Rivendell, by Rush, off the "Fly by night" album. Relaxed so hard I did another Rip Van Winkle and haven't been here in a few months, but I'm going to try to resume my activity here. I always think of this as a fun and accepting place to talk of just about anything game-related. I fall on and off the posting wagon ever now and then. Looking forward to resuming chasing the slimes around playfully and digging up golden keys for questing royalty!
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    Hmm... maybe it's finally time for me to beat DQ11S. I'm just leaving Lonalulu if I recall. Poor Michelle. I've skimmed the topic and seen very interesting things. Erik's accent is Scandinavian? Who knew. His accent always reminded me of my New Yorker father-in-law. *shrugs* Learn something new every day.
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    There you go, sprites fro DWC 3 based on DQ XI
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    I have the YouTube version up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-XGPSVrhyT4 And the MP3 on the Den https://www.woodus.com/den/slimetime/episodes.php
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    As I scrolled through this thread, I was looking for the right words. "Horribly hilarious," seems about right.
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    I've read about that one, isn't it a porn game? Lol
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    OK, so I started playing BODYCONQUEST in English. It sucks. Though that's mostly cause it's a multidisc Disk System game so you constantly have to switch disc cards. The "combat" is literally just walking up to enemies to make them die. For some reason you have to be a very precise angle to talk to NPC's which is especially shitty since the control feel kinda weird. ....I'm gonna play to the end.
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    Smart way to get around the censor. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    So here's an introduction. Good Afternoon! I am typing here on this very forum site. My name is Timber, and I love Dragon Quest. I started out with IX, I believe. I was in my first year of University and I remember spilling so many hours into that game. It awoke within me my passion for randomly-generated dungeons, and DQ in general kindled my love for genuine, unfiltered adventure. After that, I think I played VIII, and I just fell in love with the series. Buying the games were kinda tight, but as I grew up, I started keeping eyes out for game after game, until I finally played (almost beaten, working on IV) every DQ numbered title. I've recently picked up X, and I can't put it down. Sure, I'm struggling with proper armor, but it's nothing that a skilled Weddie thief like yours truly can't handle. [Honorable mentions- I like Disgaea (TRPGs in general), Etrian Odyssey, and Yakuza, but we don't talk about those here, dood.] Apart from that, I do voiceover, and I draw on occasion. I'm a loner mostly, but I try to make friends. It's a struggle, let me tell you. I can barely type it o- Anyway, thanks for having me here.
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    The series isn’t going to go to hell once the big 3 are gone. That’s a very pessimistic view to have.
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    I dunno about that. People have been complaining, at least on here, about Sugiyama for months and Akira Toriyama has been making some really uninspired designs lately (for Dragon Quest and other projects). Yuji Horii seems to be the most reliable of the three of them, and he can train a successor. Akira Toriyama has a lookalike artist working on the DB Super manga after all.
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    The issue here is that he shouldn’t be thinking out loud and musing on things like that while he’s in the middle of a press briefing being watched by millions and millions of people. He shouldn’t be asking his Coronavirus task force in the middle of a press briefing if disinfectant was something to look into while the world is watching you to see what more they can learn about the pandemic. While I wouldn’t be mad at Trump for that specific instance you mentioned since I don’t think he’s to blame for any one specific death by COVID-19, I think it’s fair to criticize Trump. For some people, he is just a dumb guy not worth getting mad at on Twitter and Facebook. But there are people that are affected by his words and policies. His voice carries farther than anyone else’s, what he says has weight. We shouldn’t just shrug off when he says he should get a third term because they “tried to cheat him” out of his first.
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