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    My problem with it was where it was placed. They should have had those mini arcs being told by the respect characters either after they joined or right before they officially rejoined the party. I definitely prefer how the original opens with the hero alone in Act 2 in his situation and has to try and find the others again. Putting all four of the new mini stories at the start of Act 2 kind of ruins the vibe in my opinion. I preferred being left in the dark on what became of everyone, so when you did find them again it was a sigh of relief they survived. Having them recount their experiences on their own to the hero would have fit in better with the story telling IMO. In Erik’s case, have him recount his story after you’ve finished the Sniflheim events in Act 2. I didn’t think the new stories were bad (except for Jade’s which felt unnecessary), but the placement of them could have been handled a lot better.
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    We are still having a lot of problems with inappropriate behavior in team chat. I don't know if you guys have noticed, but a number of people have left the team over it. I don't want to start taking draconian action, but we as a team have got to start treating each other with respect. We are getting far too many people not showing respect to others in chat, or saying inappropriate or hurtful comments. I really have not wanted to take the step of setting up tools to monitor and log the chat, but I'm on the verge of having to take that step. Think about what you are saying in chat. It should be obvious already that we don't story spoilers in the chat. That said, occasionally a spoiler might slip through by accident. If someone is telling you that what you are saying is a spoiler, it's best to take that conversation to private pink chat. If you disagree that it's a spoiler, it's probably not a good idea to start a fight about it in team chat. Ask me if you are unsure. But really, the safest option is just to take your current conversation to private friend chat (the pink window) with the person involved and continue it there. If you feel someone is not being respectful or is showing disrespect, please notify me of it. I review things and will act on it if I feel action is needed. These issues in team chat are costing us members, and damaging our reputation within the community as well. We are no longer seen as the friendly welcoming and helpful community that we have been for the last 7 years or so. That is a really unfortunate situation for us to be in. We were always seen as the go-to DQX community and the best source for new players to go to. We've lost that reputation. We must get this situation under control immediately. It's been a source of frustration for many members of the team, both past and unfortunately now former members of the team that left over these issues.
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    Got a big crew together for yet another Sidequest! Thanks to @AustNerevar, @Pendy, @YangustheLegendaryBandit, @Bururian, and @Brother Jaybird for talking about so many cool games last night!
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    Cran was able to cull the member number down a fair bit. I don't think you're in danger of being removed anytime soon. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    https://www.siliconera.com/dragon-quest-monsters-2-headed-to-smartphones-in-japan-with-new-features-on-august-6-2020/ if any one is going t o sign up for this let me know i am a big Fan of the monster games and would love to play it on my phone!
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    Ugh. I hate to say it, but I would probably buy the Switch Pro. The Switch has been so damn good to me.
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    I picked up Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town on the Switch. Really enjoying it. I actually prefer it over Stardew Valley. I don't feel as stressed when it comes to the game. No quests and such to relax more to. Probably going to be playing this for a couple weeks. Still playing Animal Crossing as well.
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    I've added a section for spin-offs. They're just the ones I own, but will add to it later (Both the list and my collection!!). There are links to guides/wikis for DQ3 now, so I'll add those to other games as I go too.
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    Had a pretty good low key birthday today. I was busy all day yesterday but got a surprise pizza party yesterday and a cool birthday cake in the evening, and got a few new games and t-shirts today. Been taking it easy today and have been playing Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition. With how busy my July was (and how busy my August is gonna be because of work) I’ve taken a few days off until later this week since I haven’t taken an actual vacation from work. Plus I had a lot of PTO time that I would have lost so definitely using that! Haha
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    A friend recommend Yakuza a while back so I bought 0 pretty cheap for PS4 but didn't get past the first chapter. Getting to lockdown, I've not finished the main story and am going through the side missions, but I might jump into Kiwami before much longer. TBH I was reluctant to start it because my wife and I were due to be in Osaka/Tokyo over the summer but obviously "Plans change", I'm really glad I got back in to it. The main story is great, especially the evolution of Majima, but I loved the silly side-stories. I've just battered a yakuza captain but OF COURSE I don't mind pretending to be your boyfriend to trick your dad!
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    That's by design. Squeenix pays for them to do that. Saw so many complaints about this when DQB2 came out. Squeenix only promoted the Sony port. Nintendo only promoted the Switch one. It's by design, not Squeenix ignoring the Nintendo stuff. Oh, indeed. I can't recall a system I bought without being prompted by an upcoming DQ title.
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    Looking at Amazon you can get the games via pre-order now. I may just go for the standard physical copy, as thinking about it I don’t really need the bonus stuff. Plus I already have Stranger of Sword City’s soundtrack courtesy of iTunes. https://www.amazon.com/Saviors-Sapphire-Wings-Stranger-Sword-Revisited/dp/B08FC4RDL1/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=stranger+of+sword+city&qid=1596928670&sr=8-1
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    It was a Vita title from July 2019, stayed Japan only. Another DRPG https://www.siliconera.com/experiences-azure-winged-chevalier-being-localized-as-saviors-of-sapphire-wings/
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    Looks like Leo was up all night playing poker!
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    Got Jade and Rab yesterday morning. That's definitely a fun part of the game. The butterflies aren't as eye-popping as the 3D version. Now I'm in Puerto Valor playing poker. Gotta get at least one cool sword!
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    In DQIX, Sterling's Whistle calls the Starflight Express. That's the first post-game quest that's worth doing, and it's not even DLC-locked. It's called Follow That Fish and it's quest 39. If it's locked on your game there may be story quests leading up to it, but try to do that one as soon as it becomes available for easy mobility throughout the map and access to places not possible during the main story.
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    I waaaaant to!! I love card games. My first one was Gwent, spent close to 500 hours in it, yeah... I plan to dive deep into Yu-Gi-Oh at some point but I'm in no rush. Also Hearthstone. But if DQ Rivals was to be fan-patched or officially localized, I'd probably end up spending a lot of time in it.
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    I definitely don't prefer it over SDV, but it's pretty great. Reminiscing over some teenhood memories. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    Had to start my DQ2 file over again due to corrupted data, so working on finally finishing the Erdrick trilogy. Previously my crew was early 30s to late 20s for the Princess of Moobrooke. I got the False Idol and didn't really get to Rendarak itself. Was holding off doing it until I got two Aurora Blades for the Prince of Midenhall and Prince of Cannock.
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    I mean, if it included characters from other Atlus properties then maybe. I’d be down for playing as someone like the Demi-Fiend and taking down swarms of enemies with stuff like Gaea Rage and Freikugel.
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    Well I got it at a pretty good price actually. Shipping was nuts, but got that actual game at a really good price. I hate scalpers. I'll be making it a priority to play through the game and get it done ASAP. I want to see what all has changed, and I'll be posting information on Malroth as soon as I come to him of course.
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    I love the DQ Heroes games, but even so I'm not sure I'd dish out a bunch of money to play them both on the Switch again. Who knows. Maybe it's better that they don't so I don't have to make the decision.
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    Yeah, DQ games tend to be on what the current biggest install base is, be it handheld or home console. It’s why DQ9 was on the DS after all. We could see the game on two consoles at launch, but I’d imagine the Switch will be one of them depending on when the game comes out. (Also, the PS3 version of Persona 5 came out over here in the States too, Platty. Back when I released I saw physical copies for sale at places like Wal-Mart.)
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    One of the QoL things I like about DQ11 is, being able to set tactics on the Hero. It makes what little bit of grinding you have to do in this game very simple. Although, with my first play-through I'm pretty sure I forced myself to play more traditionally and control the Hero almost every battle.
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    Like I mentioned in the title, take it with a grain of salt. The subversion of expectations has been put in place already.
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    Are we assuming that this situation is a Japan only release at first, and then have a release outside of Japan a year later? Or a worldwide release? Or are we only factoring the overseas release? Considering the history of DQ, I think it is fair to assume that XII will be a Japan only title for a year or two. If that is the case, I am confident that the game will be a PS5 exclusive until it gets localized. Japan likes to have their games exclusive to one platform until it gets pushed overseas. They could pull a IX on us and make it a Switch exclusive. I think that is very probable. Especially since Nintendo seems to be playing really nice with Square right now. As of all consoles, I would say that is pretty much out of the question. At least until we get a Definitive Turbo S Special edition.
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    Same, I hoped it will be released on all consoles at the same time, as to avoid having to buy a "Definitive Edition" later. Or a Final Mix, Royal, Turbo, Emerald (etc) version later on. Well anyway, I know I won't play it on its release day anyway, since I'll have many other games to beat first, so I'll have the time to see where it's launched and if it'll have more than one edition too. I Stull haven't played XI, which is why I'm glad my first play through will be on PS4 with the Definitive Edition hehe.
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    You bet. It doesn’t let go of important information lol. Also I learned some things for the Japanese exclusive Switch ports for DQ Heroes 1 and 2. Aside from knowing Ragnar McRyan is in there, there’s also exclusive costumes based on the Prince of Midenhall for Lazarel and Teresa. Plus an additional boss fight that pits you against Malroth is in the game. I wish we got a localization of this. 😕 Guess I’ll have to import a copy. Not missing out on this content. This’ll be my first ever imported game. Plus they apparently balanced the game a bit better compared to the initial releases of both games. So I’m pretty excited to see what is different. Hopefully they balanced enemy HP a bit better. Dread Dragonlord is way too terrible with that much HP.
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    Got a solid couple hours with Builders this weekend. I think I'm close to wrapping up Kol and Galenholm but I've been wrong before. In terms of DQ III, I'm gonna goof around for a while longer, make sure I've searched everything and all that since I probably wont be coming back to this game for a while. I JUST opened my shop in Rune Factory 4. I've done a lot of farming and tasks, but I've also been very quest-focused since I started the game. It's nice to keep peeling back the layers. I have a feeling it's going to be a LONG time until I put this one down. Just chugging along in Pokemon Emerald. Team is all around level 23.
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    I just finished the last volume. The ending was definitely open ended. I was hoping for a show down with Terry but that was not to be. As far as I can tell:
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    I'm guessing this quest is closed? I pre-ordered my copy from Play-Asia, but haven't been active on the forum for a bit.
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    They're magic users, don't overthink it.
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    I don't think it's just that. I remember when I was actively avoiding any Dragon Quest XI media to avoid getting spoiled (when I pre-ordered the Steam version), I didn't really come across any ads for Dragon Quest XI (except for maybe a couple of times). I don't know if it's because I was actively searching for Dragon Quest XI S news since I've finished act 2 of Dragon Quest XI on Steam, but I remember seeing more people outside of the Dragon Quest fanbase talking about Dragon Quest XI S when Nintendo marketed Dragon Quest XI S than when Square Enix marketed Dragon Quest XI. And I think I remember seeing a good chunk of ads for Dragon Quest XI S all over social media.
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    I don’t understand the big push for crazy high def graphics either. I’ve never been that picky about graphics, but since I grew up during the N64 era (and saw plenty of PS1 games at friend’s houses) that may have something to do with it. I just don’t think that should be the focus on the gaming experience.
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    Whatever console Dragon Quest games land I'll pay that tax. I just hope they keep the quality consistent with the series I love.
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    I’m predicting that the next generation is going to be a breaking point for AAA. They’re only going to take longer to develop and cost more to make, so that most of the big budget games will become console exclusives funded by either Sony or Microsoft. The fact that the Switch continues to sell well means developers and publishers will want to keep putting games on it, and most of these current gen ports are already too much for the Switch to handle, meaning that the Switch is going to be totally left in the dust. This will result in us getting a lot of mid-tier, AA games on Switch.
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    I would say Dragon Quest is analogous to Nintendo consoles like how Final Fantasy is analogous to PlayStation consoles since all the mainline Dragon Quest games are released on Nintendo consoles. And so far, I feel like Nintendo has been more aggressive in marketing Dragon Quest than Square Enix has (I hope that changes with Dragon Quest XII).
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    I love the 32 bit presentations of 1-6. I was really impressed with how good the Switch ports of 1-3 look, But I was even more impressed with how XI looked on my PRO(same with Heroes + Builders 1 and 2) and VIII emulated on my PC. So I guess I spoiled myself.
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    I'm okay with concessions made to graphics for specific hardware if it's necessary for the game to run. But that's not the case on XBox One, PS4, or PC.
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    I'm not sure S was a timed exclusivity deal. The game was supposed to launch on Switch alongside PS4 and 3DS but Unreal Engine wasn't ready for Switch yet. The extra content was thrown in as an apology for the delay/thanks for waiting. XBox probably wasn't in the picture at all until recently, all of a sudden they are focusing on Japanese games. That said, I've been rethinking this. I don't think I'll buy another copy of S unless they upgrade the graphics to original PC/PS4 levels of detail, regardless of system. I don't want to support such laziness in development from a AAA studio/publisher. Especially with my favorite series - I don't want them to think it's OK. If they released the extra content as DLC for the original version on PC, with no graphical downgrades, I would've snapped it up right away.
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    I hope that Dragon Quest XII will be released for all platforms at the same time instead of having fragmented releases like with Dragon Quest XI. But of course, this is Square Enix we're talking about. So I really don't have much hope. And please no timed exclusivity for Dragon Quest XII. I can see Sony trying to get timed exclusivity for Dragon Quest XII since Sony has been really aggressive in terms of timed exclusivity. And I can't count out Nintendo since Nintendo's willing to pay for timed exclusivity for Dragon Quest games as shown with Dragon Quest XI S.
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    This comes down to preference. The game is set up in such a way that you can beat it choosing any weapon-type. But, if you want to maximize these two characters strengths then stick to heavy wands and wands respectfully.
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    They aren't "bad". They aren't as good as they should've been though. The framerate is kinda...laggy when moving around and the smoothed over sprites don't match the environments, I feel. But they're still probably a better way to play than the mobile ports. But if you want to introduce her to DQ, why not buy her XI?
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    Greetings, Questers, Gamers and Completionists! Sadly, today on May 20th, Nintendo discontinued its Wifi Connection service, rendering DLC for many games, including Dragon Quest IX, inaccessible. http://www.nintendo.com/consumer/gameslist/en/games-wifi.jsp But there are still tools for Dragon Quest IX to allow you access to these now-cut-off elements within the game. I've written up a plan for a Mail-and-Tag service (mail me your cart, I will add special maps, upgrade your inn, or make any other agreed-upon adjustments, and then mail it back to you). There will be a cost involved, based on the amount labor. I've tried to spell out the project in the below write-up. It sounds a little legal-jargony, but I wanted to make sure all of the details were completely spelled out and that any best-and-worst case scenarios were covered: Please read through the following to fully understand the Plan, Cost, and all aspects of this project. Please do not use this service unless you absolutely feel you must complete everything the game has to offer. This may be expensive for the casual gamer, and ultimately not worth it unless you are a completionist. This service is for people who do not have access to the tools to do this themselves. The Plan: The idea is to create a mail-and-tag service, with a low cost, for the labor involved--to justify the time-spent. The turn-around shouldn't be more than 2 weeks at the latest from the time I receive the game, with some fluctuations, depending on the amount of orders I receive at one time. I will also need to factor in the cost for shipping the game back to you. 1) Cost: For this service, I will be charging about $20 per cart (if I receive multiple carts, on which to work, I will need to charge separate for what you want done to each.) It costs about $7 (on average) to ship it back to you in the US, so you will need to factor that into the price. International return shipping is expensive so I highly recommend you find another means Standard Package: $20 + $7 shipping, total: Include a check for $27. Includes the following tagged or added to your cart: special maps, DQVC exclusive shareable items, a specific DQVC shop download of your choice, all of the legacy guests, access to all DLC Quests, any additional weapon or item, as specified by you (this package does not include 30 unique inn-tags.) What's Negotiable: Some of the labor is negotiable. If you have two carts, and you want me to add maps to one, but to the second copy, you only want a DQVC shop download (with no maps, or anything else) I'll just charge $20 for the separate changes to both. (That way you have an extra copy of the game with a shop you can raid, continuously.) However, if you want maps and items added to both it would be $40 for the labor, or $47 for two Standard combos, with shipping included. 2) Time estimate: Depending on the amount of projects I receive, simultaneously I estimate that 2 weeks from the time I receive it, you will have the game(s) back to you. I may have to extend the time, if I receive a large amount of orders at once, but I would keep everyone posted on the ETA if that is the case. 3) Special maps: I have a list of special maps that I can make available, if you want to pick specific ones. Otherwise, I have a standard group of them that I typically tag to games, including access to all legacy bosses at decent-to-great locations, and a handful of the famous grottos: masayuki and hatuko's MKS maps, sawapi's Kawasaki Locker map, a gem slime map, Millionaire map, and a group of high level maps for better blue chest drops and more rare, quest-related monsters, such as Bling Badgers, Blight Knights, and Drakulords. Please make sure there is available map space for me to tag over what you want. Otherwise there will be a delay, with back-and-forth, for me to find out what maps you would like me to delete to make space. Without you having visibility into what's on your cart, in my possession, that process can get complicated. 4) DQVC Exclusive Items: Shareable items include: 2x each of Choice chocolate, Block o choc, Basic biscuits, Posh biscuits, Christmas cake, and Festive feast. I will typically also throw in Birthday Cake and Party Popper. Non-Shareable Items, Weapons and Armor: For this, I typically just add them to your game, at no in-game cost. There are too many shop exclusive items to add to one shop download. Instead, I typically add a shop download with Agate of Evolution ingredients from the New Years Sale. Here is a list of the non-shareable weapons and armor, starting with "Weapon:" http://www.woodus.com/den/games/dq9ds/dqvc_exclusive.php 5) "Can you add everything I would need for 100% completion?" I'm not sure what an individual defines as 100%, but when it comes to DQVC Exclusives you would be covered. You would also have access to the DLC quests and the special guests, with a fully upgraded inn. Between all that and the maps, you should be covered for anything outstanding. 6) This is a service, not a business: I hope to offer this for a few years while people still need it. While I'm not trying to profit, I need to justify the time spent for a specialized service. This is a service for DQ fans, by a DQ fan. If anyone who has the same or similar tools wants to take up this service as well (even feel free to under-cut me in price) go for it. It's about someone or a group of people providing this service, and not about competition. It is perfectly in your right to find fault, or get annoyed that I would charge for such a service, but I invite you to take up these projects, yourself, and help me to provide to DQ fans (albeit in a more manual sort of way) what is no longer being supported by Nintendo. 7) Tools used: Any modifications to your cart will be done using an NDS Adaptor Plus and the DQ save editor. I will not be using AR, so there is no risk of bad codes, corrupted save files or problems that adversely affect gameplay. I am in the process of creating a guide for how to do what I am doing, however, it is still dependent upon you having the right hardware specs, purchasing a device, and getting it to work. 😎 Steps: a. Contact me via PM, and please let me know the details of what you are looking for. b. I will send you my mailing address. Please do not post my address anywhere in online forums or on publically viewed websites. I will be giving it to you directly. If you would like to promote this service to a friend, please include the URL to this post, but do not send out my mailing address to others. c. I will not accept games sent to me before corresponding to go over the details. d. Please remember to include a check and not cash. I will give you the full details of who to make the check out to in our correspondence. 9) Added Value: In addition to the changes to your cart, you will also receive a before-and-after digital copy of your save file. This is so that just-in-case anything happens to your game in the future (damaged cart, corrupted save file, etc.) both you and I will have a data back up, and you won't have to start the game over from scratch. 10) Tips: --Small, padded envelopes are usually best to protect the game when mailing it. That is what I will use to mail it back to you. --You don't need to mail me the game box, especially if you mail multiple carts. If you can spare a game case for a few weeks, put your cart in there and you can mail it in a small, padded envelope. I've also seen people just wrap the cart in a white envelope and then put that in a padded envelope. That works as well. Thanks everyone. Liam
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    Amazon UK got it in stock so just ordered from there. They don't always package the books well well and they arrive damaged, but this arrived OK. I'm confused by the ending, it felt rushed and I don't understand what happened.
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    Dragon Quest Discography / Soundtrack Collection I spent about a month collecting all the Dragon Quest music. I had to sign up for sites in Japan and China, and had to download a Chinese downloader, which took me quite a while to figure out my login details, and then after downloading found out a lot were password protected, so had to search Google in Chinese for the password. So hopefully this is all of them, I noticed other threads were incomplete and had dead links. As far as I could see from RPGFan and VGMDB this should be all of them, if anybody sees any missing let me know. Big thanks to those on here that uploaded some of them, like ChucklesProduction, and to people on Baidu.com and pan.baidu.com for posting a lot of the missing ones, and to the people on Niconico www.nicovideo.jp for posting the CD Theaters, and to the FFShrine at http://forums.ffshrine.org, they had the majority of them. Dragon Quest Soundtracks 146 files 19.68gb Dragon Quest Firedrop links --Firedrop Folders-- Dragon Quest Mega links --Complete Folder-- Dragon Quest I Dragon Quest II Dragon Quest I-II Dragon Quest III Dragon Quest IV Dragon Quest V Dragon Quest VI Dragon Quest VII Dragon Quest VIII Dragon Quest IX Dragon Quest X Dragon Quest in Brass Collections Dragon Quest In Concert Dragon Quest on Electone Dragon Quest Monsters Dragon Quest on Piano Dragon Quest Slime Mori Mori Dragon Quest Symphonic Suites Dragon Quest Torneko - Taloon Collections Dragon Quest Wind Ensemble Dragon Quest CD Theater Dragon Quest Anime TV OST Dragon Quest Best Dance Mix Dragon Quest Best Live Symphonic Suite - Music Treasure Box Dragon Quest Best Songs Selection - Loula Dragon Quest Game Music Super Collection Dragon Quest Heroes Rocket Slime Soundtrack Dragon Quest Jipangu World Dragon Quest March Dragon Quest Legend Dragon Quest String Quartet Dragon Quest Swords - The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors Dragon Quest Young Yangus' Mysterious Dungeon PS2 Dragon Quest Theatrhythm Nintendo 3DS Itadaki Street DS - Dragon Quest Super Mario Fortune Street Wii
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