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    I haven’t abandoned my new recipes goal. Today for Thanksgiving my contribution to the family meal is a corn casserole dish. You take kernel corn from a can, creamed corn and corn muffin mix and throw it together with cream cheese, butter, half a chopped onion, some salt and pepper, 2 eggs, and some cheese and let it bake for 50 minutes or until the toothpick comes out clean. Throw a little extra cheese on top afterwards and some garnish like parsley and bake it until the cheese is golden brown on top. I’ve had it before and thought it would be a good addition to the family meal today. I was originally going to make green bean casserole without cream of mushroom soup but opted for the corn casserole instead. Hope everyone likes it!
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    I'd take the graphical differences of the DS version over the SFC for that one extra party member in battle. The SFC version's battle system feels like a step back in the series' chronological development, considering DQIII & IV NES/FC allowed for 4 party members in battle. DQV is also a game with a large amount of human heroes and recruitable monsters. Having to choose only a combination of 3 does a disservice to the amount of possible characters from which you can choose. I'm really glad the remakes fixed that.
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    Thanks to twinkie for the last batch of pastword screenshots for the 3D mode of Dragon Quest XI S https://www.woodus.com/den/games/dq11s/pastwords.php
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    Perfect, thank you. I have them updated. I just need to pull my images for the 2D ones
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    As I log on to post this article.... Yes, please! Let's get this going Squeenix! You know what they could do to make it different? Make it a sequel to DQXI! Look at the Persona franchise that put out all those games after Persona 4. You had a fighting game & a dancing game. Hell, there's even a couple Etrian Odysseyesque games in Persona Q & Q2 starting the cast of P4. Launch DQ as a multi-style game with the cast of DQXI. Announce them all in DQH3, the next monsters game with Erik, and hell throw in a strategy game with tons of different classes while you're at it! Do it!
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    Hi. Just joined the forum and thought I'd introduce myself. I've known about this site for quite a while now, but didn't decide to join until I started listening to the Slime Time podcast. I've been a fan of the Dragon Warrior/Quest series for 18 or so years and the Game Boy Color remake of Dragon Warrior/Quest III was my introduction. My oldest sister got the game along with the Prima strategy guide I assume either for Xmas or her birthday and I remember always looking through the guide at all the artwork for the monsters and equipment. It wouldn't be sometime though until I actually played or even finished a DQ game; III was my sister's game, so I couldn't play it and later when she got VIII I didn't play it either, but mainly because I was watching her play the game (and also looking through VIII's official strategy guide) and busy with Pokemon. Later though once she finished VIII, I started playing it and once I beat it, I was interested in playing the other DQ games starting with Rocket Slime which I loved. Since then, I've played and beaten every main game in the series (except for X for obvious reasons and IX) and played a few of the side games. My favorite Dragon Quest game is V and my favorite spin off game is Rocket Slime. Other than the Dragon Quest series, I also enjoy other game series like Mega Man, Mario, Picross, Pokemon, Kid Icarus, Zelda, Rayman, and in general like to play a mix of random retro and modern games.
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    I can honestly say I haven't probably booted up a game on my phone in over 2 years or even have your 1600 times total on 10 years. Wow! Also worth noting that it’s a F2P game and I haven’t spent a single dime on it.
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    I thought the beginning of Ni no Kuni had bad backtracking. I played for an hour last night bouncing between like 3 areas. I know it takes awhile to get into a fight but come on! I'm about to gather the last of the first tablets so if I remember correctly I'm about to go to the first island with the female warrior and actually kill a slime or 2. Looking forward to playing the game though I may have to bash through the last part of Jedi Fallen Order before giving it my full attention.
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    Go in with patience in mind. DQ VII is AMAZING, especially on 3DS, but patience gets you to a point of true appreciation of the game. The game is long. Like WAY long. But it is also an absolute treasure. I'm excited to hear about your experience with it.
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    Well, we played with TiTs. I was WAY more into that initially (insert many jokes@eal), I think@YangustheLegendaryBandit went back a year later and finished, but 2017 was my year for that! 2018 was the year I noped out of Suikoden, and my Twinsie was 216% into it beating both of the first two entries! 2019 shall be the year maybe both of us fall in love at the same time! It'll be a little bit before our SaGa begins, but we now both have Romancing SaGa 2 on Vita/Switch so the possibility does indeed exist!
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    @SumezI apologize for my post earlier. I was not in a good mood and have been stressed out by a few things in real life, so sorry I was sounding short in my earlier post. I let real life stuff effect what I typed/how I responded. Sorry about that man. Part of my personality is that I like to figure out how to do things on my own and then seek out advice when I need some help, but that was no excuse to sound short earlier. If I need any advice I’ll look over that post of yours above. 👍
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    The word “Romance” can also refer to a tale of sweeping legend with lots of interpersonal aspects to the story. Similar to Romance of the Three Kingdoms. I’ve never played any of the Romancing SaGa games but I assume that they contain characters in a sweeping story that spans continents, what with them being RPGs and all. The sci-fi version of this is called a “space opera.”
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    Reminds me of when they tried to dress up Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE not getting a dub as an attempt to maintain authenticity, when really it was because it was a Wii U, a long one at that, when the console was on life support by that time.
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    Also, you’ll just randomly go, “I’m playing a Neptunia game,” or “they gave me a random phone port looking game to review for the site.” I think the PQ2 dub situation also had to do with just the logistics of getting all those voice actors to dub lines. The only VA I can think of who shares characters across games is Matt Mercer as Kanji and Yusuke, with Johnny Yong Bosch being the only actor I can think of who does multiple characters from the same game.
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    Yeah work sucks when it obliterates free time. America needs to go down to 30 hour work weeks. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    Someone’s been on a real Persona kick lately. Better start calling you Platsona or Personm3. Or we’ll just start calling you eal #2.
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    My mother had to go to the hospital for a really bad infection for a week. They had her stay a bit longer to do studies on her since it was an infection they never seen before. Doctors determined the infection was caused from the needle itself. She is back and doing well but I have to keep an eye on her around the clock. On other news. I picked up Persona 5 and Horizon Zero Dawn for $20. Two games I really have no time for to play right now. I still have Shenmue 1 and 2 I picked up last black friday and still haven't even opened it yet. If Persona 5 turns out to be as good as people are saying, I won't mind picking up the new version down the road at a later time. Just gotta find the time for it.
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    I would like to hear about how the pachisi/TnT/Sugaroku in DQ3 is the best thing ever and how it should be included in every DQ game. Nay, every video game.
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    I haven't done much on this over the past month, been quite busy with other games. But i did find a little bit of time for it yesterday. Basically i've now defeated the boss of the Funadel manor and gotten through the tutorial on ship battles.
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    Everywhere I went today while shopping had both at $49.99. I’ve seen most stores here in Iowa selling both for that price. It could depend on the state, but I don’t know for certain.
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    If I ever get Sword or Shield, I’ll keep that in mind.
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    You should look into Crypt of the Necrodancer. It’s a good, very little story rhythm game. There’s only a small handful of cutscenes in the game, and those can be skipped entirely as you don’t need them for any sort of context.
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    I REALLY want to get it. Taking all my will power not to buy it right now. Too many games in the backlog yet.
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    In one of the trailers I saw a wild Dusknoir so I’m sure a couple trading evolutions are out there. You can also get the vanilla versions of a Pokémon with Galarian forms exclusive to the opposite game.
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    The DQIX remake should be built on Unreal in the style of XI Unreal. I say this because XI is based on X in terms of mechanics, and X's mechanics are basically just improved versions of IX's. If it weren't for the fact that Unreal is clearly much more of a graphical powerhouse than X's engine, I'd just say build it on top of X.
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    It’s funny to think that a year ago was when I was in that Suikoden craze. Suikoden 1 and 2 were some great games to play through on the Vita last year. I enjoyed 2 more than 1 overall, but both games complimented each other and were a lot of fun to play. I had my frustrations with them, but I’d place them on my favorite RPGs list and definitely as some of my favorite PS1 games. Also, got to give a shout out to the music and it’s composer, Miki Higashino. For her only composing full soundtracks for Suikoden 1 and 2 and fading into the background after that, she did a phenomenal job with both games and created many wonderful songs. She definitely took full advantage of what the PS1 sound capabilities were able to pull off.
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    Or like a winter coat. I don't care what we compare it to, I like it.
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    I beat the ice gym last night and it's been my favorite area so far. Ice areas are my favorite biome or aesthetic places in games but the fairy city right before is a close second. I saw someone on Twitter say that they feel the budget ran out before the last 2 gyms so we'll see. I'm still having a hell of a good time and Arcanine has been my main 'mon for a good portion of the game. I also got a "catching charm" in that city which makes a critical catch more likely. I'm not sure if there are any requirements but I just got it by talking to a guy. My Pokedex is pushing 160 I believe so it could be you just need to catch a bunch of dudes.
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    I recruited a second DragonKid, using a Sirloin. I guess it wasn't as difficult as I remembered. A pork chop wasn't enough. I'm leveling them now to create a 2nd Dragon to then create a Great Drak. It's a slow grind, though, to level them with enough skills and stats to make breeding advantageous. I named my first DragonKid Alex, after my 2 year old son and he's been on the farm ever since, so when I brought him into the main party he had a Wild value of 255. I had to laugh when it would say, "Alex isn't listening to you," and I just thought, "typical." My new DragonKid I named Roxy, for no reason. Just thought it was a cool name for a DragonKid. The weirdest part will be when my 2 year old son/DragonKid breeds. Sh¡t, I'll be a grandfather!
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    Wow, that’s cool a PC version is coming out. I’ll be curious what kind of mods people create for the game.
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    We definitely plan more coverage for RS3. That game is dope.
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    After playing Dragon Quest Builders 2 Hargon and Malroth are way more interesting especially the fact that from the beginning of the game Malroth is in a human form and acts as your ally.
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    I’m referring to this particular topic. I should’ve clarified on that. It’s been bustling pre-Sword and Shield but has gone quiet.
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    I think it's a case of the games likely being 3DS games for a very long time into development. Stuff game out today , I guess, that makes it look like they just sort of through HD sheets over the 3DS models. I hope they kind of leave Sword and Shield behind instead of doing an Ultra version like you had mentioned and just move onto Gen 9. That way they can focus on Switch assets and graphics from the start.
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    Switch to fighting games. You can beat another game every 30 minutes. 😂
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    I noticed that Garou and several other KoF games were actually on the top selling for digital games. I probably won't pick them up, but that makes me very happy to see them selling that well.
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    I have considered doing exactly that! At my current rate I play about 10-15 hours a week and complete about 3-4 games a year. In an ideal world, I would like to double that. Or, like you said, maybe I should take some leave for that, "Personal mission," you spoke of.
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    To be fair murder and genocide are two very different things. DQ11 is very much lacking in murder. It also doesn't help that
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    finally...missed delivery so I had to drive across town to the FedEx office.
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    The story is about 10 hours. It’s basically a visual novel. Each song is tied to a part of the story. For example, they’re going through the Midnight Stage and they end up at on a stage and the way they fight Shadows is dancing, so Yukiko goes, “I’ll handle this, guys!” and then you do a remix of Snowflakes with Yukiko as the dancer. I’m going to be honest, the first two hours of story is rough because it’s mostly introducing you to the plot without much gameplay, but you can pretty much unlock every song in Free Dance or whatever the mode is called, including the final boss song, except for a few hidden songs. I feel like the story picks up and starts to legitimately get fun to play as soon as you transition to the Dojimas and Kanami Mashita. Also, I’d say the music is better than what was in the other two games.
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    Jumped back into The House in Fata Morgana. The First Door was great and riveting but the Second wasn’t so much, and I didn’t like the slightly modern gangster aesthetic of the Third Door at all (and it was also the weakest of the three), so I was somewhat deflated coming back to it, but everything immediately picks up from there. I’m on the Fifth Door right now. I’ve also unlocked 3/8 endings. There’s a lot here. The main story is probably about 30-35 hours, the prequel thing I heard was pretty long too, and then there are some other stuff that follows the main story that altogether should make the whole experience about 50 hours, making this the longest visual novel I’ve played. Goal is to be wrapped up by the end of next week. We’ll see how that goes.
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    Very fun and addictive game, for those who love platform games, this is a must! the best 2D Mario game! Having not been able to play on Wii U, I am very happy to be able to play on Switch. VPN Sai Mannat AnyDesk
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    So, I had a lot of time to play this weekend and... ...WOW. Oh...my...God... I'll just put the rest in spoiler tags for those who may not have reached this point yet. I made it past THAT scene with the World Tree.
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    Hi there, first timer here. I found this forum while googling during a certain rom hacking work I was doing, namely restoring English party chat in DQ4 using the data from the English iOS ports ("ports" being the really important key word here). It seems there's quite a bit of interest here which could definitely get things started. Some screens: I'm also working on translating the Japan-only Ni no Kuni DS, which shares the DQ9 engine (later improved to become Youkai Watch), and we have had a drought of available translators so I just tried doing something else in the meanwhile. What inspired me was some obscure published patches that inserted the (accurate!) Secret of Mana French iOS retranslation in the SNES version (with uncensoring graphics as a bonus), and the Spanish Chrono Trigger iOS translation in the DS version. I hate iOS devices with a passion. I'm looking in finding some way to explot Tales of Phantasia Full Voice Ed. iOS and Idolmasters iOS English script in their PSP versions, and maybe (even if I hate that translation) the DQ3 iOS English translation into the SNES version. Concerning Dragon Quest 4 in order to not be too off-topic: * I'm not the one in charge of DQ4 Classic * Surprisingly enough, the iOS version message files use the same format as the DS version, with some formatting issues, and control codes not showing up as they should (fortunately, the file itself can be easily modified, uncompressed, in the UTF-8 encoding) * JP DS version with Japanese language option (other language options are dummied but on the cartridge, but still disable that feature) is the only way to get party chat - only one where B button works, Talk option works (doesn't, even in localized DS version with JP enabled with cheats even with the files there), and JP language is the only one which still has the actual party chat files (which are almost as big as the actual text) * JP DS version accepts the English/PAL message files and show them just fine in-game ... which is what I did. A big formatting effort, and replacing EVERY other japanese script with the English variant, have yet to be done. * Sadly no party chat for languages other than English and Japanese was ever translated, iOS version being English-only. I still have yet to play through the entire thing, but it irked me so much I did it on my own anyways. I also hate the font, but I'm afraid changing to something slightly bigger (even if it's fully possible!) it will require a big text formatting effort.
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