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    The Unofficial Dragon Quest Roleplaying System The Unofficial Dragon Quest Roleplaying System is a tabletop RPG that aims to allow players to intimately revisit the worlds of their favorite adventures from the Dragon Quest video game series. Combining staple gameplay mechanics, locales, and monsters with well-proven conventions of dice-and-paper role-playing, above all else the game intends to combine the charm and style of Dragon Quest with the realism-to-fantasy that made successful Dungeons & Dragons so immersive. Below, I discuss what I consider my image for the game and future goals so that you may contribute your thoughts and ideas to the project. The Universe Dragon Quest has taken players on dozens of adventures through hundreds of cities, ruins, forests, caves and even subaquatic civilizations. In fact, the franchise has spanned multiple universes, and then within those universes themselves Dragon Quest games have spanned multiple worlds and then further within them multiple realms! These universes and worlds and realms viewed as a whole create what we call "The Dragon Quest Multiverse". Alefgard of the Erdrick Trilogy, and Zenithia, and the Almighty, the Dracovians, and the Celestrians are all recognized as existing simultaneously within the bounds of The Unofficial Dragon Quest Roleplaying System. However, not all of them -- nor any of them -- need to exist within any world that hosts the player's adventure. Every campaign inhabits its own independent universe inside of The Dragon Quest Multiverse, which runs by its own rules and is governed by its own laws, forces and deities and which is only connected to the rest of The Multiverse by raw chance and the mutual existence of themes, creatures and people shared only by the thread of fate. Thus, players are free to ignore or incorporate any lore from the Dragon Quest series that suits their game world and their narrative choice! The Player Character Player characters will be given a name and a a title for flavor. A section will be provided for players to freely describe hair color and style, eye color, height, weight, and their costume (the outfit the character wears inexplicable despite the equipment they carry with them). Their stats, skills and spells are defined by their Vocations. Vocations are catch-all terms which determine how characters grow stronger as they level up, what weapons they can use, what skill trees they have access to and what spells they learn. The capabilities of a character are determined by their stats. These are: Strength: the character's ability to deal damage with physical attacks. Resilience: the character's ability to sustain physical damage Agility: how fast the character can move, how likely they are to dodge Magical Might: the character's ability to deal damage with magic. Magical Mending: efficiency of healing spells Deftness: the character's ability to deal damage with ranged attacks, critical hit chance and when they act in combat. The Vocation System: All Vocations featured in the Dragon Quest series will appear in The Unofficial Dragon Quest Roleplaying System, and then some! The system present will be a reconciliation of the systems of Dragon Quest VI and VII, and that of Dragon Quests III and IX. Every player character will begin with a single Vocation. Whenever you level up, a die will be rolled to determine how many skill points you earn; these will be allocated to one of five skill trees determined by the player character's Vocation. These make the character more proficient when wielding certain weapons and allow them to gain access to new special abilities using a milestone-like format. Whenever 150 skill points are allocated, the character is considered to be a Master of their vocation. Whenever a player visits an Alltrades Abbey, they may change their vocation. When they do, their level is reset to 1, and all of their stats are equal to the value of their previous Vocation's stats halved, rounded up. This character can use any spells they've ever learned if the new Vocation has it in their spell-list. Furthermore, all Vocations use the same skill tree for a particular weapon, and any progress made in a skill tree in one Vocation will be carried over into any other Vocation that uses the same weapon. The Vocation is negligible if the character has become an Omnivocational Master of their particular weapon (100 skill points in that weapon's tree), allowing them to use the weapon as any other Vocation. Should the player become a Master of two Vocations, they have a chance of gaining access to an Intermediate Vocation, which shares qualities of the two child Vocations! An Intermediate Vocation can cast all Spells learned by the child Vocations, and will learn new ones. They, however, may not necessarily share all skill trees with their child vocations! What Else? This isn't a lot of progress, but it's a start. Unfortunately, though, making a tabletop RPG is a time-consuming process, and can take months if not years of balancing and designing. Even now, there's a lot of things I'm not 100% sure about in making this game. Included below are some goals I have for finishing the game and turning it into something playable, fair and fun. Combat -- I don't know if I'll use a traditional Dragon Quest-like turn-based JRPG format or a hex-based tactical TTRPG format. Growth -- Converting the stat growth, and determining base stats, from a video game to a TTRPG is a behemoth challenge to undertake. This also includes scaling everything to the players' growth. Out-of-Combat Skills -- I don't know how I'll determine how good a character is at tasks outside of combat. Spells -- Should I create new spells to provide more D&D-like functionality or fully retain Dragon Quest's simplistic charm? Magic Items -- How would I handle magic items on a functional level? Rolls -- Do I want to use a d20 format that utilizes all the dice or do I want to use a d100 system to replicate chances by percent? And even now, I'm probably forgetting hundreds of things I need to keep in mind for creating this game. This thread is simply to call attention to the project, and get everyone on board with what is intended as the greatest intimation of players to the world of Dragon Quest!
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    On my way home I spotted three big dogs. They'd gotten out of their yard and were going on a grand adventure. Didn't want them to get lost or hurt, so I corralled them at a park and loaded them into my car. They were very friendly and happy dogs. Luckily they all had collars with their name and address. They didn't live too far away and the owner was very happy to get them back. Although, they were very muddy buddies and I spent my lunch hour shampooing my car seats.
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    Prologue + Chapter 1 up now: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1uoRF-HcDR3U3cR23OeEMhssLF4Jd5jGj
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    A celebration that can occur only once every 4 years! It's Cranberry's Birthday Party! 2/29 at 06:00 AM Pacific Time 23:00 Japanese Time. Location: Cranberry's in game DQX house! ガタラ住宅村 水没遺跡地区 7424丁目 4番地 Invitation to the team to attend! It is not necessary to bring a gift. The party will feature both Japanese and English players. To help everyone enjoy the party, アートゼンテさん and テンコさん are available to help with language translations. Hope to see you there!
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    "You know what they call a fading jenny with Tantegel?" "They don't call it a fading jenny?" "Nah, man, they got the Nintendo Entertainment System. They wouldn't know what the #$*! a 'jenny' is." "What do they call it?" "They call it an 'invisibility herb.'" "'Invisibility herb!'" "That's right." "What's a medicinal herb?" "A herb's a herb, but they call it 'medical herb.'" "'Medical herb!' What do they call a Falcon blade?" "I don't know, I didn't go in a weapon shop."
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    You are a hero with a special book and you go and explore. There’s a big bad evil person you gotta fight. Oh, and there are flying squirrels. (Flails arms in whimsical fashion)
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    So the FM guys didn't hate it. BJ was ambivalent toward it, and Austin liked the ending. I'm seeing that more and more, that many westerner DQ fans support the ending more than Japanese audience did. I am still sticking with the mindset that if they were going to write that type of ending that there's a better way they could have done it. At the end of the day if you got something positive from watching the movie then it did it's job. I liked it for the most part. It was full of laughs. I just happen to be one of those people who think they should have stuck with the story, instead of build up an hour and a half of plot only to reveal a giant red herring.
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    Resistance calculation is really important in DQ-Stars. I wrote an article how to calculate it here, based on the Japanese version. It's purely technical, and there's no spoiler. It's not necessary yet, but keen players will soon find it invaluable, say in April or May. In strong boss fights, it'll be crucial. You can't play (in fact, can't DL) the worldwide version in Japan, including me. Please suggest me any improvements, in particular terminology glitches. Enjoy! EDIT: @Brother Jaybird and @ignasia: Thanks for your kind replies! You know I'm a newbie here, tee-hee. @woodus: Thank you very much for running a great site!
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    A wiki user by the name of Molacarthy has ripped the entire transcript for the mobile phone version of IV, as well as the party chat for VI. I had nothing to do with either rip, I'm just spreading word about this achievement and all credit is due towards Molacarthy. https://dragon-quest.org/wiki/Dragon_Quest_IV_Transcript https://dragon-quest.org/wiki/Dragon_Quest_VI_Party_Chat I'm posting this in the general section of the forum to maximize visibility for most readers; Woodus, if you want to move it later then by all means.
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    Hmm. I see there's a disagreement in the Den and I'm not participating in it. Let's fix that with a controlled shock. *Smarty Pants Hat On* Let's Define a Term: An adaptation, in this usage of the word, is when a story is fitted from one medium to another, in this case transferring DQV from video game to cinema. What makes an adaptation good or bad depends on how well the story survives the translation (hence "faithful adaptation" is a compliment), which is a separate question from how good the actual story is -- counter-intuitively this means you can have a bad adaptation of a good story, a good adaptation of a bad story, or even a bad adaptation of a bad story that still makes a good final product because it improved/fixed the original bad story (note: this is very, very rare). So for Your Story to be a good adaptation, it would have to do a good job translating the DQV story to cinema. I argue, given that Your Story deliberately subverts the DQV story in order to make it a vehicle for its Teachable Moment about The Value of Playing Video Games, reducing the DQV story to a mere example of "someone's beloved video game", and given that as a mere example DQV is therefore irrelevant to the "true" story (because the example game could be anything: DQIII, DQVIII, Final Fantasy Whichever), that Your Story is not a good adaptation of DQV. To the storytellers, presenting DQV is not an end in itself, which is what every sane and honorable person would think, but a means to the end of lecturing the audience about The Value of Playing Video Games. The audience already knows The Value of Playing Video Games, it came to see a damned video game movie. I don't think an RPG adaptation would be necessarily disjointed -- I laid out an rough plan for boiling DQV to its bare essentials earlier in the thread -- but I do agree that it would be better served by a series. Each Dragon Quest game has enough material for at least a single cour's worth of anime, and after the first game three or four cours' worth if you know what you're doing. That could work, but you'd have to spin character value from basically nothing. DQ1 has only two major characters with any personality, Princess Laura and the dragonlord, and both of them are essentially plot devices.
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    Made this for Platty per his Twitter request
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    Oh, I know why I missed it. I was watching it with portuguese subs. It said "candy" hahaha. Whoever did the translation had no idea.
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    I'm actually a wacky waving inflatable arm-flailing tube-man. So nobody noticed the difference.
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    Today, I come bearing gifts! An archive of screenshots including all the monster data from my DQ Heroes II game, including what should be a complete set of Field Notes (that's the two part flavor text for each monster, for those of you playing along at home). I figured these could be of use to the Den and the Wiki. I took a few more screenshots than I strictly needed partly because some of the monsters' idle poses have quite a range and partly because I forgot whether I had or not and went back to get repeats just in case. Some choice selections: (I like the Gryphon family's poses!) Battle Records -- Monster Field Notes.zip (All graphics archived or pasted within this post are copyrighted by Square Enix et al.)
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    What's the point of 1.8gb the first time to wait all that time for small 21 more things? The update yesterday is because a lot of the other language options for the game is having issues so this small update was likely related to that.
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    The gift of gems scales inversely with the number of new faces you meet (the rates are listed in the event description in the game). Right now I'm pulling in about 50 per person.
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    The Falcon Blade/UFB was one of the best weapons in DQIX, with its 4-hit attack when combo'd with Falcon Slash. It was even more useful if you had a Stardust type sword and could falcon slash that for two times the defense drop, then switch to UFB. QotS brings back a lot of good DQIX memories. Haha, I told you that day #1, it's how I made like 7,000 gems the first day. I don't think I quite understood, because I didn't touch multiplayer until two days ago.
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    Got good news this morning! Thank goodness! That’s a huge sigh of relief.
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    You get tickets from doing the Daily Quests. Tap the book icon, there should be a Daily Quest tab somewhere there.
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    There's a few people I tried to add and we were already friends. I think I got everyone. If you see Riamu that's my character name.
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    I have something to #$*! about with this game: the re-use of Sea Breeze as the ocean music for the thousandth time in a Dragon Quest game. Suigiyama you lazy old fart, you have other sailing themes you could use from the series. USE THEM AND STOP DEFAULTING TO SEA BREEZE EVERY GOD DAMN TIME.
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    Hiii!! I'm WinterMelody, from Twitter!! I don't have a Woodus account (for some reason kjhsfjk) but here's my FC!! WinterMelody - ADTFNW3489
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    This will keep me off social media on my phone. I'd rather be playing this, and to me it's quicker to have some fun doing quests instead of microbursts of one of the mainline titles.
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    https://anchor.fm/podcast-d4a5800/episodes/Episode-012---Dragon-Quest-Your-Story-Spoilercast-eas4bs Thanks to @Liamland @YangustheLegendaryBandit @Dwaine and @Pendy for talking about DQYS all night long!
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    I was such a horrible student in high school that I created my own TnT boards on my notebooks and would play my own mini versions of it during classes. Obviously this doesn't answer your question, but I had a nice trip down memory lane because of it.
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    Actual chart showing my enjoyment of Dragon Quest: Your Story. I'd love to leave a full review, but I'm still reeling from that M. Night Shyamalan ending.
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    So I came across this website. I guess other people like me exists? I'm a family man, I have a career, Basically your average busy married 30 year old with kids... but there is something about me I don't really discuss much with people. I play dragon quest, like a lot of it. I have my whole life. And never really talked about it with other people until now. Once upon a time I was a 9 year old kid who randomly chose Dragon Quest Monsters for GBC from a shelf at EBX without really knowing much about it. It started a now 20 year journey of me and the dragon quest franchise. I have gone through many phases in life. I became a "normie" mid 2000s teenager playing Halo and Madden and heavily involved in sports, but I kept playing Dragon quest and other JRPGs when I was home alone at night. and I have never stopped. Its funny DQM got me into this, because previously I had pokemon and FF7 but never really picked up the JRPG bug until DQM. But no matter what stage in life I have been at I have never stopped my ritual of JRPG before bed. Its like I treat them as books. But yea here I am, your average man walking around in a shirt and tie every day in business meetings. Holding it inside me that I have played most Dragon quest games. You know I just never felt the urge to ask the people next to me watching football at a bar if they play Dragon Quest, like nintendo, or anything like that. Its refreshing that I am not alone, glad I found this site.
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    Welcome! I'm 18 years old, probably one of the younger members of the site. I've tried my best to experience hundreds on hundreds of games I've missed out on through emulation so I feel I could hold a conversation with anyone reminiscing about the "good old days" of gaming! I started with Dragon Quest VIII when I was 11 but never got to finish it because I lost my PlayStation 2 and the game in a house-fire when I was 12. I bought Dragon Quest IX at launch and officially caught the bug. Bought the remake of Dragon Quest VIII on the 3DS at launch and if I could've bought it earlier than that I would have -- suffice it to say, getting the childhood game I never got to finish back was emotional for me. Got the VII remake, and then played/replayed every localized Dragon Quest in preparation for Dragon Quest XI. You're with good people, man! Welcome again to the den!
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    They did that with the music, though. Why would it make any difference if they used stuff from all across the series? Specifically here Dragon Quest V was Luca's favorite game so that's why it's DQV and not...everything else.
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    You say that, but I saw enough anti-fun and not-bright in the prologue to know you ain't on the level. (Well, okay, arson fires technically are bright, but that's a condition of all flame).
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    So this was a terrible, terrible boss. I knew he was going to be obnoxious and mean repeatedly, but this guy just will not stop attacking, and even when he's asleep he attacks. And if you time even one thing wrong, there's a couple hundred health points gone. The one thing this boss fight affords you is that Estark has a unique tell for every attack and so once you die to it a couple dozen times, you can generally tell what's coming. This would've been more useful if my camera hadn't kept losing its mind, so I'd be running away from one of his three or four variants of Kisizzle depending on how he was swinging his swords around and suddenly be looking at the sky or the floor. Incidentally, stay away from the walls and the floor. Everything Estark does has some AoE aspect, so you can't afford to let yourself get cornered. After a while I brought Jessica along because I needed a dedicated healer and she had Hustle Dance, except that caused its own problems because she never used it as often as I wanted, and even when she did, Estark's attacks didn't give her enough room to finish the dance, so she constantly had to interrupt herself to not die. I finally managed to kill the guy with a blessed amount of luck -- and when I say that, I mean Angelo finally got the last shot in literally milliseconds before Estark's sleeping waves of light attack killed him and nearly everyone else in the party. I only managed to win because Jessica still had a fraction of her health left. I agree with that last word. The thing I find most interesting about this boss is, in fact, the glowing eyes. Heroes II is a post DQX game and is informed by it, which I find interesting because of the DQX boss, the King of Calamity/Destruction, who may or may not be Estark's future, completely bonkers self (if I read the translated Japanese wiki right, DQX doesn't actually confirm it). But this boss's glowing eyes and the description of the specific dimensional dungeon -- "The home of a master of monsterkind whose search for strength brought him to the brink of destruction." -- besides curiously applying Psaro's title to Estark seems to dovetail with the eyes to suggest that Estark Extreme is Estark's transitory state before becoming the King of Calamity. Assuming he does. One last picture, only to share the very neat little detail that Estark's Sabres each have three little gemstone eyes like he does.
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    That's how I read it too! I guess sarcasm is the standard around here XD Anyway, since I am here, I'll mention Amazon emailed me to update me that I'll be receiving Rune Factory 4 on the day of it's release. I hope to begin the game that day, but after realizing how much there is to do, "post-game," on DQ XI: S, who knows if I'll be ready to throw another game into the mix.
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    You're not going to get the full story of Dragon Quest V is a >2 Hour movie. I think The path they chose for this was pretty great. It would have to be LotR Extended lengths to make a good movie, and even then people would come out of the wood work to explain why it was too long. I think people are being harder on it than needs to be. It's an OK movie.
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    Bururian is Squeenix shill account confirmed. Here's the funny part, You're joking, but I do shill a lot of Square Enix stuff. I love Dragon Quest with all my heart though, and I truly did enjoy this movie.
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    Reviving my topic a year later, to tell the great news: My husband and I went to a retro-style arcade and bar for the afternoon today! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Smash TV! Q*Bert! We set lots of high scores today... show these kids how it's done. I got photos
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    The meet-up turned out well! I might host another down the future or at least attend some once my Japanese improves. Roughly about 12-13 players showed up. I was glad to see how chaotic my cramped small home got with 6+ players hehehe.
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    Also, knowing about the twist at the end helps dealing with it. I mean, if I had spent all this time waiting to see THE DQV movie and it ended like that it would just be too sad.
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    I spoiled myself on this movie months ago and I was aware of the ending, but I don’t have time to watch it tonight (I will tomorrow) so I just jumped to the controversial twist to see what the big deal was. Sometimes it’s all in the delivery and you need more context then a simple synopsis is going to give. Obviously this means I could be missing an hour and 20 minutes of context so feel free to tell me I’m wrong on this one. Did people think they were being personally attacked because someone told Luca, the gamer, to “grow up, loser”? Because Luca almost immediately counters by saying his journey and the time he spent was real and valuable to him. I will say, this was probably the worst game in the series to place this message. I think maybe one of the Erdrick trilogy games would’ve made more sense. Because this is the game where you form a family and connections and experience, two decades of a life (you’re 26 at the end of the game right?), some of it as a slave too. If this was a scenario that happened in real life, I can only imagine how emotionally traumatizing it would be to have to leave this world. The ending being, “I’m going to stay in this fake world because it feels real to me,” is just the opposite extreme, when there should be a happy middle.
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    "That was...something lmao. The major changes they made to the story were weird and I knew the ending twist but it was just...weird. The entire last 10 minutes I just watched in disbelief." That was my tweet about it trying not to spoil anything. Only one kid being there was weird but when you think about it, the gane focuses on him and the girl is just kinda...there. I love the ending message and it felt personal, these games are real to me damn it! I got my wife to watch it with me and kept having to say "that doesn't happen in the game" or "well, THAT was different". Overall, I enjoyed it...it's god damn Dragon Quest and I'm happy it's in the world. I think if they had pitched it being "about" Dragon Quest and the games and not "it's the story of 5" it would've been received better in Japan.
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    Be careful what you wish for: They're not all long-necked, mind you. Some look normal. Hot even: That's it, getting a little better. Now to make it move: And, at the risk of taking this way too far... here's the boot tread picture, so you can see just how much grip she's getting with those things: EDIT: Granny Panties Confirmed. She's still a nun, deep down.
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    I have been practicing my omelets, which is not something I think I've ever made until about two days ago. The first was an only slight disaster, which I believe happened mostly because I hadn't preheated the oil properly (the recipe said I was supposed to melt butter but I've been swapping in Canola oil instead because that's what's actually on hand), so the omelet stuck to the non-stick pan and tore apart when I tried to plate it. The recipe calls for me to beat some eggs until the yolks and whites have completely mixed (adding salt, pepper, and my own additions of garlic powder and italian seasoning) and then pour it out over the pan, scraping the set fringe in from the edge and pouring the rest of the liquid over it to keep the pan filled. When most of the fluid is gone, I add cheese and more seasoning, flip it shut, add more cheese and even more seasoning, finish cooking it, plate it, and eat. (The cheese and seasoning helps. I hate egg texture). Yesterday was #2 and I successfully cooked it, and today was also a success, so I know there's at least an upward motion to my effort. Or maybe it's just that I'm adding more cheese and spices each day, who knows?
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    Wow, 6 years already. I do recall it first dropping around that time. My son is 6, and I remember waking up & playing until my stamina was out during Spring Break the first time we brought him to our family mountain house that March. That sounds pretty fun. I never had a real opportunity to play myself (I recall once trying in earnest to jump through all the hoops to spoof it), but I think that was after the western servers stopped serving. My main interest in it was always the new varieties of monsters, though, so I'm happy I found this website.
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    I genuinely love Fleurette and that voice of hers. Anyway, playing the PS2 version of V really made me miss the puns in modern DQ. Not to say I don't enjoy DQ regardless but it just adds a bit more of an enjoyable punch. It's what I usually say about anime/game dubs. Original language subbed is all well and good but I feel like a really well made dub makes it so that characters can just click with you more when you hear it in your own language. Anyway from Builders 2, I get a bit of a giggle out of "What is your Dyeing Wish" and Hargon's Heroes" More than anything I really like the alliteration. I mean have you seen some of those item descriptions. Especially in B2, they sneak one in for just about everything.
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    If you want to watch the English dubbed trailer but don't have Netflix
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    I just beat my first Dragon Quest Monsters game, Dragon Warrior Monsters, last year.
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    Yep. A DQ Monsters game for me would be a pre-order and Day One buy without question. In my book, the DQ monsters games are the best and most complete spin-off games ever completed. (There may be some heavy bias involved in that opinion)
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    Yeah, I'm the opposite. In DWIII, I level all the way up to 40+ to make sure the spellcasters have all their spells before class changing them, but also to maximize the halved MP they'll carry over to the next class. It means that by the time I'm either at Baramos or just entering the "dark world," I'm now starting to grind these characters back up. This is less necessary in the original DWIII, since there's no bonus dungeon, but that's the way I've always done it. I'd rather not class change a Priest to a Soldier unless he's learned all his healing spells and will still have decent Max MP, after it's halved. In DWM I've been getting as close to the max level as possible. I just maxed out two King Slimes (Male and Female). One was from a foreign master and was pretty leveled already, and the other was a boss from one of the dungeons (about 2 levels from max). I bread them to produce a King Slime +4. I also picked up a Servant so I'm closing in on breeding a Dragonlord, but the Servant is pretty weak compared to my breeded GreatDrak and King Slime. The GreatDrak is also pretty powerful (for where I am in the plot) even if he is only around level 32 out of 68. So I'm keeping him around for awhile. I'm hoarding most of my decent monsters and sacrificing one monster farm slot to rotate in new "throw-away" monsters. Recruits just for the sake of recruits. If I get 100 (out of something like 215 or 216?) I get to open the library portal. Right now I'm around 70. May the Grind Be With You...always!
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    One time my mom's DVD player "broke". I took it apart and found - and I'm not kidding you - a slice of onion jammed in the laser chassis.
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