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  1. Wouldn't let me edit the original post, so whatevs, but I got this with an Oomph sage lead team of AIs. Some stuff happened, but is possible to go lower. I thought of giving a physical sage a try, and it makes a world of difference. Strength Ring, Catholicon Ring, and Champion's Choker all maxed out with a +2 Uber Sage's Scourge. I'd really recommend a physical sage at this point. DPS is much higher, and you're not wasting tons of high end spells when all you need is Starstrike to consistently inflict higher damage at a much lower MP cost. Even just doing Twin Dragon Lash (end of attack string
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  2. Tales of Berseria is very different, and it would be a new game. I played the Demo, but that doesn't give much insight, just a small window. The battle system is much faster paced (more like Star Ocean 3~5, though a bit faster paced than even those games), but it's a tales game, so I expect a fun romp for sure. So I forgot about two games, that I'm adding to the list, and I'm going to add in Fafnir Knight as another potential. Ys4: Memories of Celcetta (PS4) <- I might categorize this as a must-have. It was for awhile. Ys8 would be on the list, except the price point when it
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