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    She's an Act 2 super power. Actually, other than the butt-cut hero, she's the only one always in my party. She is a necessity in Act 2. But for Act 1 and 3, she is probably the character I got the least amount of use from. My gripes with her are similar to Jade. I felt like she didn't have much spotlight and much of a personality to really play out in the story overall. Outside of that one scene later on. But at least with Jade I had a lot more use in my party.
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    I love the DQ Heroes games, but even so I'm not sure I'd dish out a bunch of money to play them both on the Switch again. Who knows. Maybe it's better that they don't so I don't have to make the decision.
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    Yeah, DQ games tend to be on what the current biggest install base is, be it handheld or home console. It’s why DQ9 was on the DS after all. We could see the game on two consoles at launch, but I’d imagine the Switch will be one of them depending on when the game comes out. (Also, the PS3 version of Persona 5 came out over here in the States too, Platty. Back when I released I saw physical copies for sale at places like Wal-Mart.)
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    Welp. Started playing again. Gotta say I *like* what they're doing with Alchemy this time, adding a little Pokemon-style evolution to the weapons (and with branching paths!). Beats the palette swaps of DQIX, that's for sure. Doing the Rubiss quests now, which is fine and dandy. Got to relive getting thrown in jail by weakling guards again, which is a hit of anti-nostalgia. ADDENDUM: "Get back in the book, you dirty old man!" is now one of the great quotes of the game.
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    One of the QoL things I like about DQ11 is, being able to set tactics on the Hero. It makes what little bit of grinding you have to do in this game very simple. Although, with my first play-through I'm pretty sure I forced myself to play more traditionally and control the Hero almost every battle.
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    Like I mentioned in the title, take it with a grain of salt. The subversion of expectations has been put in place already.
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    Are we assuming that this situation is a Japan only release at first, and then have a release outside of Japan a year later? Or a worldwide release? Or are we only factoring the overseas release? Considering the history of DQ, I think it is fair to assume that XII will be a Japan only title for a year or two. If that is the case, I am confident that the game will be a PS5 exclusive until it gets localized. Japan likes to have their games exclusive to one platform until it gets pushed overseas. They could pull a IX on us and make it a Switch exclusive. I think that is very probable. Especially since Nintendo seems to be playing really nice with Square right now. As of all consoles, I would say that is pretty much out of the question. At least until we get a Definitive Turbo S Special edition.
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    That's been up there for 3 months now. I'd say a bit more than a pinch of a salt at this point.
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    That things has bounced around from one company's website to another for 2 or 3 years now. I believe nothing. There you go.
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    Same, I hoped it will be released on all consoles at the same time, as to avoid having to buy a "Definitive Edition" later. Or a Final Mix, Royal, Turbo, Emerald (etc) version later on. Well anyway, I know I won't play it on its release day anyway, since I'll have many other games to beat first, so I'll have the time to see where it's launched and if it'll have more than one edition too. I Stull haven't played XI, which is why I'm glad my first play through will be on PS4 with the Definitive Edition hehe.
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    Got a solid couple hours with Builders this weekend. I think I'm close to wrapping up Kol and Galenholm but I've been wrong before. In terms of DQ III, I'm gonna goof around for a while longer, make sure I've searched everything and all that since I probably wont be coming back to this game for a while. I JUST opened my shop in Rune Factory 4. I've done a lot of farming and tasks, but I've also been very quest-focused since I started the game. It's nice to keep peeling back the layers. I have a feeling it's going to be a LONG time until I put this one down. Just chugging along in Pokemon Emerald. Team is all around level 23.
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    Had a pretty good low key birthday today. I was busy all day yesterday but got a surprise pizza party yesterday and a cool birthday cake in the evening, and got a few new games and t-shirts today. Been taking it easy today and have been playing Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition. With how busy my July was (and how busy my August is gonna be because of work) I’ve taken a few days off until later this week since I haven’t taken an actual vacation from work. Plus I had a lot of PTO time that I would have lost so definitely using that! Haha
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    I'm guessing this quest is closed? I pre-ordered my copy from Play-Asia, but haven't been active on the forum for a bit.
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    From the album: DQ Heroes 1 + 2

    I swear I am a masochist for doing this, but I shaved my time down by 6:16 for sub 20. That's really, REALLY good. Found a set up that makes priest pretty okay.
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    Dragon Quest Discography / Soundtrack Collection I spent about a month collecting all the Dragon Quest music. I had to sign up for sites in Japan and China, and had to download a Chinese downloader, which took me quite a while to figure out my login details, and then after downloading found out a lot were password protected, so had to search Google in Chinese for the password. So hopefully this is all of them, I noticed other threads were incomplete and had dead links. As far as I could see from RPGFan and VGMDB this should be all of them, if anybody sees any missing let me know. Big thanks to those on here that uploaded some of them, like ChucklesProduction, and to people on Baidu.com and pan.baidu.com for posting a lot of the missing ones, and to the people on Niconico www.nicovideo.jp for posting the CD Theaters, and to the FFShrine at http://forums.ffshrine.org, they had the majority of them. Dragon Quest Soundtracks 146 files 19.68gb Dragon Quest Firedrop links --Firedrop Folders-- Dragon Quest Mega links --Complete Folder-- Dragon Quest I Dragon Quest II Dragon Quest I-II Dragon Quest III Dragon Quest IV Dragon Quest V Dragon Quest VI Dragon Quest VII Dragon Quest VIII Dragon Quest IX Dragon Quest X Dragon Quest in Brass Collections Dragon Quest In Concert Dragon Quest on Electone Dragon Quest Monsters Dragon Quest on Piano Dragon Quest Slime Mori Mori Dragon Quest Symphonic Suites Dragon Quest Torneko - Taloon Collections Dragon Quest Wind Ensemble Dragon Quest CD Theater Dragon Quest Anime TV OST Dragon Quest Best Dance Mix Dragon Quest Best Live Symphonic Suite - Music Treasure Box Dragon Quest Best Songs Selection - Loula Dragon Quest Game Music Super Collection Dragon Quest Heroes Rocket Slime Soundtrack Dragon Quest Jipangu World Dragon Quest March Dragon Quest Legend Dragon Quest String Quartet Dragon Quest Swords - The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors Dragon Quest Young Yangus' Mysterious Dungeon PS2 Dragon Quest Theatrhythm Nintendo 3DS Itadaki Street DS - Dragon Quest Super Mario Fortune Street Wii
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