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    Squenix and Level5 should do an HD upgrade instead of a full rebuild with 3D graphics similar to, say, DQ11. Akin to how Level5 handled the Switch upgrade of Yo-Kai Watch 1. It would keep the charm up. I've been playing a lot of both games recently and you can definitely see/feel Level5's fingerprints all over DQ9, the games are so alike in some aspects. Also some QoL improvements like, adding online capabilities to the multiplayer aspect, a dash function and equipment slots for appearance only, because some of the best a gear is not always aesthetically pleasing.
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    Launch of an investigation for a potential organization of a Dragon Quest International Fan Fest which would be launched if soon in 2021 on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the saga. Your opinion matters a lot. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/12cVIwARKE4JRGd7RFw4ouPEJirqpvuM9JmJET4iA628/ Investigate international in order to be able to have a general opinion of all the West. We will come back to a report in a few days.
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    Also, here's the Recap to Part 9! Alltrades Abbey was an interesting challenge, converting its video game mechanics into actual story elements. https://lpbeach.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=99&p=1869#p1869
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    Dear God, yes. I ran around in pumpkin heads for 20 or so hours back in the day because they had the best defense forever. Yo-Kai and Ni no Kuni have both always had a DQ vibe to them thanks to Level-5 doing 8 & 9, yeah.
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    DranzerX13 and Mimas: You are gifts to humanity. Thank you.
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    I rag on 6 a lot, but it's not AWFUL. It's still a Dragon Quest game. I actually like it more than 2, personally.
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    Here is the first of the interviews. Interview Riku Sanjo What was it like hearing that there was to be an anime adaption the first time? I was surprised. Kind of like, "What, you can make an anime of it?" This was because, at the time the popular works in Jump would normally get an anime adaption, but I thought that "Dai" could not be an anime since there was the original "Dragon Quest" productions that it was based on. Then, once it was decided, I was shocked at the unusual speed that everything progressed. But at the time besides writing the script for "Dai" I was also writing articles for Jump, and I was writing the articles about articles about other anime so my impression was just that "My work has kind of increased". I was spending the whole day at the Jump Editorial department so it did not feel that difficult. My entire workload was too much. I was young (laugh). How were the meetings between you and the anime staff for things like script writing and series composition? We often had meetings with me the producer, the director, and the script writer discussing the larger direction of the story. Particularly I would do things like offer suggestions for things like new characters for content that was not in the manga such animated movies. It is at this time that I met Nobutaka Nishizawa, who years later I would meet up with again when I did script writing work for Toei Animation. When I was young, the animated movie that I found the most provocative was "Mazinger Z tai Ankoku Daishōgun". So I was very excited to meet and talk with it's director. The contents of the movie "Shinsei Rokudai Shoguo" highly reflect those emotions. At the time that the anime was aired toys were also being sold, and things were exciting across various media. I liked character toys from the start so I was touched to see the characters for a series I was involved with lined up on store shelves. In discussions with the toy producers, Takara (Now known as Takara Tomy) I was asked, "Sanjo Sensei, is there any type of goods that you would like?" So I said I would like something like the Star Wars figure line that was sold overseas. Since Dai is a party battle manga I wanted to keep the taste that "everyone is the main character" and wanted a toy series that had a lot of side characters released. After hearing this they made the "Adventure Hero Selection" toy series, which is the one I am most fond of. It is the only one that has Hadler and his 6 Commanders in color. I excitedly explained to the person in charge "There is even a toy of Carbonite Frozen Han Solo" which I think even now was the hint to the Frozen Leona campaign (laugh). In the anime (Both TV series and Movies) please tell us an episode that you most closely empathized with. The memory that is most vivid is the first movie. Since we were attempting trial of "anime debut through a movie" I collaborated with the staff as we puzzled over everything starting from the plot creation. If we started from "Derupa! Iruiru!" like in the manga then we could not show Dai's heroics. If we did "Dai Explodes!!!" then the final boss was a bit weak. So to deal with these sorts of issues we had the evil idol if Hadlar as an original feature to the anime, mixing elements from the one shot stories and the serialization. With the addition of Toshiko Fujita's lively voice to the finished work, I remember feeling extremely touched watching Dai moving around. This is the only animated work of "Dai" that has not been released to any home video product before, so along with my personal emotions it makes me especially happy. Please give a message to the fans who have purchased the Blu-ray Box. Everyone, thank you for the purchase. I thank you from my heart for not forgetting Dai over all these years, and for taking this Blu-ray Box into your hands. It's been so many years since the original broadcast, and we jumped over a laser-disc and DVD release (laugh), to go straight to a Blu-ray release. It is kind of like "Dai" to do that, and I think it is thanks to all of your continual support. Please keep your emotions over from these 30 years running, and continue to support the developments of "Dai". I am counting on you.
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    Here are 1300+ sound effects from the Japanese rom, you can listen thru them and see if you can find it. DQ 9 Sounds I made a pass thru them, but they all started to run together in my head so I am guessing I just missed it. The file is 110 MB
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    Update on Manga I did buy the Rubis manga! Will I be translating it? Not as of this moment, I have a couple of other translations things to do but I will get to the Dragon Quest series, as soon as I can! Right now I am currently translating SinOAlice events and the Dragon Quest Star app. I will upload the first volume in a few days! (of Rubis) Please give me a few days to get it done and I should have it done!
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