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  1. Trying to get the Champion's Time for the Black Cup (on Easy) feels downright impossible. But because I'm a sucker, I'm not going to give up quite yet. Anyway, this managed to happen to me. I don't know about you, but can the Luminary make up his mind already?
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  2. Mine just arrived today. It is a thing of beauty. The box feels nice, thick and strong. The booklet also isn't just some flimsy extra. It is well bound and glossy. I will probably translate the interviews in it some time soon. The restoration is gorgeous, and it is fun to see the small flaws in the animation that were not obvious in the subpar video release (Not to mention that the video tapes I owned were all from Japanese video rental stores selling their old stock) and smaller TVs.
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  3. It didn't arrive until yesterday due to me changing the delivery address and DHL ignoring my date request. Binged disks 2 & 3 yesterday. Glad I finally got to see how the fight with Crocodine concluded.
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  5. If it’s an announcement in Jump it’s likely info on one of the Dai games. They could also likely use the opportunity to share more info on the anime with character art and the like since it’ll be airing a couple months later.
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