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    And it has arrived, folks! I got the blu-ray set.
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    10/10 picture. You can get a lot of funny pictures in the 3DS version. Shame DQ11S’s camera mode feels so limiting by comparison.
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    You've got to be pretty careful with some of those fireworks
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    My understanding is that the save corruption is caused by particular (but unknown) actions. I had been playing with only save states until the point in the game when you need to reload your save file, so I don't know when the corruption occurred for me. It seems to be rather rare, though; I've only seen three other people who have had this issue. That being said, if you could upload your working save file I'd be very thankful.
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    I only own two Amiibo-related items, and one is a pack. I has my 8-bit Link, going to eventually get 8-bit Marios to go with him... I'm also eventually gonna grab a Link's Awakening Link. I absolutely LOVED the art style of that game, it just felt so... clean. And I have a pack of Amiibo cards for my copy of Breath of the Wild. $25, compared to buying 20+ amiibos. Sorry Nintendur, but ya'll should've done more reprints.
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    Dang that was fast. Looks mine mine should arrive tomorrow.
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    Hilda and Cyril’s Paralogue is the biggest piece of #$*! Paralogue chapter in Three Houses thus far. The enemies and map are so obnoxious, and it took way too many tries to beat it. I’ve been at it for the last hour or so, having to do full resets and using up all my Divine Pulse charges several times. I’m too stubborn to quit, but FINALLY I got the win once I figured out a good strategy for the messes the map throws at you. Thankfully the shield that was the reward for saving all the soldiers seems to be worth the effort, so at least I got a good trophy for the hassle.
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    WOO! Finally managed to recruit another House member to the Golden Deer house in FE Three Houses! And it only took until the 2/8 date in game! Damn kids have too high of stat requirements for Byleth to join the house he teaches for. And of course the first one I managed to recruit was freaking Dorothea. 😘 I’ve actually gotten a fair bit of progress in. Byleth got a make over (and now I finally realize where the last few color schemes for Byleth originate from in Smash Ultimate) and got to see some cool cutscenes. Sucks it’s taken so much sacrifice just to obtain this new power and altered appearance, but it seems like it will be very helpful.
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    Biggest bore for me is definitely the Mysterious Tower.... so glad I got everything I needed from it. I'll have that My Town one day...
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