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    Cran generally tries to work through things quietly as do I. For the most part, I tend not do do or say anything even if I disagree. However, things have been getting out of hand. We want to welcome everyone openly, but we can’t do that when people are disparaging or disrespecting others.
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    The Drum Game is getting a free update! Apparently it’s sold 1 million copies total, so to celebrate Namco is releasing 10 free music tracks from different Namco properties and they will add in a new online mode. Guess it’s a good thing I bought a copy during the summer sale. I’m happy for some more music for the game since it’s been a pretty fun title to relax with. https://www.siliconera.com/taiko-no-tatsujin-switch-free-dlc-to-celebrate-one-million-copies/
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    Hmm... Complete DQ11s Complete my DQ3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 11 FAQs, starting with 11 (so finishing Critical data first) Complete Etrian Odyssey Nexus at the least ...I'll wait awhile before finishing 5, 4, 3, and MG Complete Dragon Quest Builders 2 ...I still haven't done all the Isle of Awakening builder projects yet, and I really want to get the Buildnoculars, as my large building projects are very slow going at this point, especially without double jump, which I wish Builders 2 allowed for (needs accessories, which I'm hoping Builders 3 brings back). Complete Dragon Quest Heroes 2 ...I'm only just after the initial trial bits, and the first major battle. Actually complete Bloodborne ...it's one thing to complete the game with a friend, on his PS4, going back and forth, it's quite another doing it on my own. Get through some of my backlog (aiming for...Rogue Galaxy, and a few other obscure PS2 and PSX titles I own like Guardian's Crusade...maybe even Grandia 2) Maybe...maybe finish all three mana games on Switch Maybe complete Bloodstained - Ritual of the Night Maybe complete Xenoblade Chronicles DE Maybe get the Setiengrat in FF12 ZA switch, then complete FF12 ZA PS4, then maybe complete the Switch version to boot. Maybe get through the post-game DLC content in Fantasy Life I'd love to get through PSP games, but I dropped my PSP so many times, the disc reader now triggers games to bug out. Games running off the card have no issues, but almost everytime the disc spins, the home button menu pops up on screen. Even more fun when I get double or triple layers of 2D material on screen. Not 3D at least. Ever since then, I stopped attempting to play my PSP in bed, as grabbing it sometimes from the side, it slips out of my hands and...whoops, crashes to a very hard tile floor. I'm glad it still works at all. With that in mind, systems I need to fix or replace: N64 (probably a capacitor on board, or the power controller on board, but the smell is coming from inside the machine right where the power connector goes in, not the power supply) DS Lite (bad battery, but it's taken a beating, so it needs to be replaced. I can't click closed due to me having to glue the hinge several times as it's completely cracked and split apart) PSP (probably needs some minor fixes inside due to one or another loose part, but I may have to replace. I would prefer another 2000 unit, but a 3000 is fine). === @eal and @Plattym3 honestly, and I've had a few conversations with @Liamland about this, but I'm considering now selling some of my game collection. The stuff I really don't care for, that I don't want to get rid of, and others where I have more current versions I prefer, and don't feel like replacing batteries for the older stuff. There are ways of letting my future kids play those games through emulation and other means, Though I do still wish I could show them on old hardware, at this point the wear and tear in general from older age is just better for someone else to handle. I may not, but I am seriously considering it. I mean, I already sold my 3DO. So if I do, it would be a system and the whole collection to boot.
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    All it takes is one person and everyone who stayed quiet for fear of consequences in their career suddenly finds a voice. The Twitch community had its moment last week, the Smash Bros. community has a lot of allegations coming out, Jim Sterling did a video on Ubisoft’s controversies. There’s too many to keep track of.
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    Played through on Normal mode, Final Fantasy VII Remake. I have to say the last section took it down from an 8.5 to an 8. Most of the final section of the game is a hallway to a boss battle, with some heavy reveals just prior to each boss. It's a tad ridiculous just how many are present. Rufus' is...ruthless and totally unforgiving. Easily the hardest boss in the game. I do mean easily. He requires absolute focus given just how fast he moves, how often, and he counters EVERYTHING, while being VERY hard to counter without Counter Strike or the Parry materia (Operator Mode's auto-counter through Defending doesn't seem to work well, or at all really). That boss battle was a nightmare. At least I only needed one Limit Break after getting him down to half his health bar. Bahamut in Normal mode is a fair close second in difficulty, though he's easy to Counter when he uses physicals. Making it a MUCH easier fight overall if done perfectly. Both his and Rufus' battles require almost perfect concentration without full weapon skills (the only way to access those is in playing Hard mode, and getting at least 2 extra booklets for an additional 20 weapon points for Weapon Level 6, and the bonuses from that, which are huge, and thus make a very lasting impact, though necessary for hard mode, and until they're all unlocked, it's still quite difficult). Been playing Etrian Odyssey 4, 5, and Nexus as well. I'll get to Millenium Girl at some point, but not now. The way I play though, is slow as molasses. I do like to farm materials for extra cash. Though I'm already getting sick of them. So I'm going to stop playing for now. More work done in DQ11 for crit rates. More work yet to be done. Doing spells now. I'm having a hankering for DQ8. Don't ask why. I just do. I'm wondering if I should try a boss rush playthrough in the 3DS game. See if I can do a Fisticuff game for a bit, unless it's a tad too hard. I think it's because of all the choice difficulty in FF7r's new style of materia related to the new ATB system, while also the added stress of making a good class in EO. Too much planning and thinking. I just want a simple game for right now.
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    I’m sad EVO Online was canceled. It was already bad that EVO 2020 was canceled due to COVID, but now EVO Online was canceled entirely due to “stuff,” involving one of the top guys who organizes everything. I was looking forward to watching the tournaments on my weekends off this month.
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    Yeah it was fun. I'll always be glad to do another one. Talking Dragon Quest at length isn't something I get to do much, other through text. And I'll always jump at the chance to proselytize for X.
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    So long as a couple of the big money games I’m selling go, I’ll be happy. I can take the leftovers to a comic store nearby that sells games as well. I’d probably get more than I would at GameStop lol.
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    As the resident "I sell everything", I couldn't be happier for you! [emoji7] This Dawson's Creek-era song is playing in my head.
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    I posted the question to Twitter and thanks to @Bururian for the Bianca Letter
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    So I've managed to find a new copy of Trials of Mana for the Nintendo Switch for $28.99 plus $4.98 for shipping on Amazon from a third party seller with a 98% rating. So I guess I'm getting Trials of Mana.
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