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    Iggy, have you *played* X? Some of your points seem pretty far off. Most of X is easier than XI without Draconian Quest settings. There are some difficult bosses and some very challenging "bonus" stuff, but as far as the story goes it's soooo easy. It's a bit of a time sink but it's worthy of your time. Imagine DQXI but you can party up with others kind of like IX, and your turns in battle are determined by an invisible timer rather than a set order. DQX isn't a typical MMO. For all the people here who absolutely love VIII, IX and XI I can't for the life of me understand why they completely dismiss X. It doesn't feel like an MMO at all. It's just like any other DQ game but other people exist. You don't even have to interact with others if you don't want. You *can* grind for god-tier equipment, but it's not necessary unless you've already done all the story content and are just going after the extra strong bosses. Especially if you do play with other people, because usually there will be *someone* in your party who is massively OP.
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    And this is why I'd love to have it localized. I just want to play, damn it.
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    You're A ) looking at the final form of the final boss of v1 (so he's atypical for the majority of DQX bosses), B ) a final boss fight done at 2 time difficulty, and C ) a four year old video. There have been a large number of changes made to the game in recent years to make the game much more accessible especially in early game content. You really don't start encountering the tougher bosses until around version 3 (which for me, wasn't until I hit the 500 hour mark). And even then they are all perfectly solo-able. The only time you need to bring along real people is if you're doing some of the high end labyrinths. And those are meant to be really challenging as that's what people do them for.
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    I haven't seen it in this thread but I've seen people on the Den say they don't want it just because it's an MMO. Usually they say something to the effect of "I hated WOW/Ragnarok/FF14 so I don't want an MMO at all, it's dumb and shouldn't be localized" without considering the fact the DQX is absolutely nothing like these games.
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    That explains why people aren't currently playing it, but does not explain people saying "it's an MMO I don't want it to come out here".
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    In game chat is relegated to relatively short messages, but more can be said in Japanese than in English with the space we're given. I bet an official localization would up the message size limit at least a bit. Either way, it's totally usable. There is no native voice chat but in a world of Steam, Discord, TeamViewer, etc. it's really not a problem. If I'm playing with a group that has mics we can use another program, and I have no desire to hear 1000 randos eating their mics in a town square.
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    Yeah I'll second what others have said. The biggest reason why I want DQX to come over is because it is absolutely nothing like you're typical MMO. Most of the things you've described@ignasia do not apply to DQX.
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    Disagree. Strongly. I've played and beaten FF12 and I'd say while there are similarities, it's not FF12's system. Nope. It's DQIX to its core, with an ATB.
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    150 Vita games!? The vast majority of which were games I’ve played or intend to play, believe it or not. Sometimes you just stumble into weird deals. I saw Virtua Tennis 4. It’s not expensive but it is uncommon, so I bought it. I randomly found Valhalla Knights 3 for $25 still sealed. Not a good game, I hear, but it’s uncommon enough that I don’t see it on eBay often at all, let alone sealed. At the same store, someone sold their copies of multiple Hyperdimension Neptunia games and I stand to make good money on them since the store I got them from didn’t know their worth. I once bought three MLB The Show games because they were $1 each and in pristine condition. Games that get delisted sell for more. I found a copy of Ducktales Remastered on PS3 and put it on eBay for maybe $12 and a few days later it was delisted and sold instantly and goes for more than that now. And all the copies I saw collecting dust in clearance racks have suddenly disappeared. Some are random games that aren’t so readily available in English on a cart. Persona 5 Dancing Star Night, IA/VT Colorful (a JP-only rhythm game), Final Fantasy X-2, Sayonara Umihara Kawase++, and Darkest Dungeon (a physical copy costs $5 more than digital).
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    So true. So are you going to play those or keep them or sell them? I honestly don’t know. I do have the codes somewhere in my email so it’s not like I need the physical games, but I also don’t want to go and waste space on my memory card for games I don’t care about. They came at a weird time, where I’ve actually been purging a lot of games I owned for the sake of owning, and the Vita is the #1 offender. I bought a lot of games as I saw prices beginning to rise. I got deals on some of them but not all. I’ve stacked up about...50 games? I think? That I’m gonna get rid of. I won’t get my money back for some of them but more than a handful I can turn a profit on them. Of course, I’m still left with about 100 games I either expect to play or have already played so it’s not like I’m giving up on the thing. I have a small list of remaining games I want to play that I don’t yet own. And once I’ve made a decent dent in that backlog I’d like to take a look at the PSP catalog on the Vita’s PSN store.
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    DQ10 for the West? Pipe dream. Gamstat is an amazing site. Really opened my eyes, as I was wondering why the US sales for the PS4 edition hadn't hit 500k for DQ11. There are more DQ11 sales between the Switch, PS4, and the PC version than DQ's 8, and even 9 in the US. It's actually LOWER in Europe by a sizeable margin. DQ has been in decline in Europe ever since DQ8. Slow and steady decline, with a core and very loyal fanbase, but no perpetual growth for some reason (it's been bombing in the UK, even the Action games, but then the UK seems desperate to play anything that isn't swords and sorcery). However, the bulk of new sales? Taiwan, Hong Kong, and South Korea. Yeah, all the DQ Heroes marketing in those three areas paid off big time over time. Dragon Quest Builders 1, 2, Heroes 2, and Dragon Quest 11 have all grown there. Oh, they've grown in the US, just by VERY slight margins in comparison, for all the effort put into it. So NA sales: DQ8 - 430k (one print run, took years to sell through, opening month didn't break 80k) DQ9 - 500~600k (opening month broke 128k) DQ11 PS4 - 390k (338k specific to the US, 408k if we count C/S America) DQ11 PC - some unknown % of 200k+ (it's in the 200~500k range now, but it's only been there a short while, and growth was objectively slow, with a few massive sales pushing it over the 200k hurdle). Steam is mostly a "rest of the world" market (https://store.steampowered.com/stats/content/) , though for games like DQ11 and requirements, this is mostly a US/EU/Taiwan/HK/South Korea game, so assuming similar ratios, it's about 80~90k US. DQ11 Switch - hard to day, if the ratios are identical to the PS4, somewhere around 200~220k given the Japanese numbers, and total Switch sales being around 900k~1m (almost certainly over 1m now). DQ11 Total NA potential sales: 390 + 85 + 210 = 685k (could be as high as 700, could even be higher at 750k or as low as 625k). By comparison EU sales: DQ8 - 712k DQ9 - 400~500k (could be an even split, but due to opening bell numbers, it's likely more in the US favour, so probably 550 and 450k) DQ11 PS4 - 267k (all of Europe, including the UK, not just Western Europe) DQ11 PC - if ratios persist, then 50~60k. DQ11 Switch - if ratios persist, then 130~150k. DQ11 Total EU potential sales: 267 + 55 + 140 = 462k While that's good, and very promising for the US, it's not great overall. Probably not enough to guarantee DQ10 at this point. There will most likely need to be more growth. Here's Heroes 1, 2, and Builders 1, and 2 PS4: Heroes 1 - 200k NA , 171k EU Heroes 2 - 72k NA , 56k EU Builders 1 - 187k NA , 148k EU Builders 2 - 75k NA , 52k EU Builders 2 Steam (100k+) - if ratio's persist between NA, rest of world, etc. then 30k NA and 21k EU Builders 2 Switch (1.1m back in August, so possibly 1.3m WW across all systems by now...1.2~1.3 - .58 - .1 = 520~620k) - if ratio's persist, 67~80k NA, 47~56k EU Builders 2 total potential sales - 172~185k NA , 120~129k EU ================== We're essentially going to need DQ12. It's good SE has a very realistic viewpoint on DQ11, especially given revenue margins, and likely profits were never higher. Spin-off's are overall selling better (especially in the US), though seeing sad declines despite quality jumps (DQB1 -> DQB2), however, DQB1 has seen higher sales jumps since DQB2, as with DQH getting a jump with DQH2's release, and both original games, especially on Playstation 4, had insane price drops of the original games, as low as $3 at points, though usually hovering between $8~15. Assuming DQ12 sees growth that is. We might...MIGHT get lucky if SE sees an opportunity with SEA, and the burgeoning hard growth in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and South Korea. You can release games in all of those regions in English, as it's very commonly spoken as a second language (trade-business requirement). Especially SEA, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. South Korea might require Korean, and it's always smarter to release Cantonese and Mandarin language editions, but most SEA releases are done in English as there are too many languages to consider. So there might be consideration for the US by proxy.
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    Murdaw, being the infamous boss that he is, deserved something a little more thorough that what I gave to all the other bosses up to now. For better or worse, that means Part 8 is super long, and split into three parts. In fact, the third isn't even done yet; I just finished up 1 and 2. So, hope you enjoy! Part 8-1 Recap: https://forums.somethingawful.com/showthread.php?threadid=3927161#post506075968 Part 8-2 Recap: https://forums.somethingawful.com/showthread.php?threadid=3927161#post506075994
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