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    I don't understand how people deal with this. I can't imagine sending my son off with strangers. I truly wish I had a choice. Yeah that sounds like they have a choice, at least part of the time. We, unfortunately, do not. Gotta make money to live. Yep. It's awful, but luckily, he will be going 3 days per week maximum. So at least he isn't spending the majority of the week with strangers. I also discussed this with his pediatrician who said 3 days should actually be kinda perfect for allowing him to develop social skills as he grows, while not being so much time that there will be attachment issues that develop. And of course when we get extra days off and have the opportunity to have him home, we will. Anyways, all it all its no fun, but it's necessary to survive.
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    Honestly this happens so often in the games, I find it difficult to narrow down.
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    I mean, I dont judge anyone who uses daycare...do what you gotta do and theres something to be said for giving kids the social interaction. But that's my baby. I also don't understand how people deal with sending their kids off to school for the first time. We've just gotten him to start sleeping in his own bed and I already miss him.
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    It isn't a demo, it's the trial that's available on every system. It let's you play up through version 2.3 for free with limited chat functions and restriction from the bazaar. The extended offling campaign from the Wii was discontinued long ago. The initial offline prologue is present in every version however.
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    I kept watching just in case they announced something at the end but when they started the gameplay demo and the time was almost up I lost hope.
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    That was pretty sweet. Playing with strong enemies, she and Rab make a good team in battle as they can cover healing, buffs and/or damage depending on the situations. I found myself keeping both in the active party in the final dungeon of Act 2 because it was so easy to have one lay on party buffs while the other increased their damage/healing capabilities for instance. They both absolutely helped out with the final boss fights.
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    Haha. Yeah, she had a landmark DQ character moment. Too bad you’re favorite hero didn’t get one too, eh? 😘 All joking aside real quick, Serena does have some great character development in Act 2 of the game. I figure (and the game points to it if I remember right) that Serena was always kind of in Veronica’s shadow, so she’s a lot more easy going and follows along instead of taking action. Act 2 stuff happens and we see Serena really grow as a character.
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    I’d argue Nevan is the most bland DQ playable character, but I can understand where people come from in regards to Serena.
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    I guess I'm back to trying to decide which platform to get em on. I've got Cold Steel II for PS4 sitting on my shelf because I snagged it at a good price from an auction site, so I'm trying to decide whether or not to stick with the platform.
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    Seems like a lot of people are disappointed with the new game. I saw the beginning of it but stopped watching since it didn’t look like something that’s up my alley.
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