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    Thanks, nice to have the first few minutes of the first episode video part in full size. The upgrade in animation quality, the enthusiasm of the staff, and the investment in making three games at once before the anime has even started gives me a lot of hope that we are in for a treat.
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    I’ve got the story rolling a bit. I’m on the second trial. I also did a lot more Pokémon hunting. I like that the Diglett hunting side quest earns you Alolan Pokémon. I also went to the trouble of evolving my Galarian Slowpoke into a Slowbro, whose design I love so much I’m thinking about making him a part of my normal party. Can’t wait to see what Slowking looks like.
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    So I finished 4 out of the 5 trials. And right now, I'm doing the horse races at Gallopolis. And I've done all of the races except for the Platinum Cup and the Dark Cup at the Difficult rank. I hate the horse races. I don't know if I want to attempt to beat the Champion's Record.
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    SPOILERS Yes I just beat snapped off so I can sky ride. I’m up to the boss rush before the final boss I believe
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    Started watching Regular Show on Hulu as I found it (and many other Cartoon Network shows) is available on the service. It started around the time I was getting into college, and the absurdity of the show is my kind of humor. It definitely has that college age feel to it, and it always gave me a vibe of an Adult Swim show, just toned down some. Not that that’s a bad thing, mind, just an observation. Definitely been liking the show all over again.
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