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    Did they even bother putting out a release? I don't think there's a single original track for either of the Builders games.
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    When I graduated college in 2000, a family I'd tutored and babysat for handed me a $250 gift card to the local mall. Having less than 24 hours left living in that city, I bought an N64 and Mario Golf becuase it was a game I'd played with those kids a lot. Yep, did the GBA one too shortly after. Great games. Golf Story played like them, looked like Stardew Valley, and had a great dry sense of humor the entire time.
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    Naruto is on Netflix, so I turn it on while I feed the baby in the morning. Not bad so far. Now I'm having suggestions pop up for all the other Anime on Netflix. Perhaps I'll find more that I like.
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    FTP is file transfer protocol, usually used to upload files to a webserver. I had to setup an FTP server on my computer and then use an FTP program in the android emulator to copy the files that way. Bluestacks should be able to use some type of shared folders to copy directly to the PC but I haven't figured it out yet. If you are looking for mainly the character art, here is a zip of it - http://www.woodus.com/den/games/dqstarsandios/files/chara.zip Be warned if you are playing the game there are a bunch of characters in there we haven't seen yet.
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