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    Which do you think I should start with first for this grand replay as I try to enjoy this lovely franchise again? I'm leaning towards the Gameboy games as the fact about metal slimes not being able to be bred or caught without endgame stuff in Joker frustrates me greatly. I know that could be unreasonable and unbalanced but it still frustrates me.
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    Thank you for welcoming me to the Forum! I should just replay all these games but I find it nowadays it gets harder and harder for me to start as, like all rpgs, the grind can wear me down. It makes sad too because I have such fond memories with these games. My brother and I used to play DWM together and one of the best moments was when we're trying to tame a lavaman from another tamer. We were literally on the edge of our seats and cheered when it came over to our side after the duel had ended. Our reward for our efforts was to breed it with Iceman for the amazing Gold Golem. I do feel a lil bad for using a breeding guide back then but I don't remember many of the combinations now. With memories of Joker my brother had an Action replay and cheated in metal slimes which I then used to breed powerful X rank monsters like Estark. That's what i disliked most of joker, the fact some monsters weren't breedable. I liked how in the old games it took a LOT of breeding to make a metal slime but it was worth it even though in some aspects you were downgrading. I really hope I can find a Joker 2 cart because the size mechanic seems interesting. Again, I can't thank you enough for your reply and I apologize for responding so late. I'm very new to this whole forum system which may reveal my age a little.
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    There's a lot of guidance online. I've said this in a few places, but Nawaria's YT channel can walk you through playing the entire game. And after a while, you sort of become savvy enough to do some stuff on your own. But having her translate the entire story is what made this game fully playable for me. And the Den Team is usually pretty helpful if you're polite.
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    I binge read the hell out of Dai's Adventure... 11 or so years ago. I happened to time it nearly perfectly coinciding with the fan translation finishing. I remember waiting for the last handful of chapters with baited breath, every day I had to wait was torturous (thankfully they were getting translated pretty quickly!). I used to really enjoy shonen stories. Sue me. 🤷‍♂️
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    I used to read back in the days of the Nintendo DS. I read in a software I had in my flashcard. I read the whole thing and watched the anime as well (in the brazillian dub). In fact I used to watch it when I was very small and had no ideia what video games even were. It's corny, it's got all the 90's shonen cliches. It's great. Prison School is very funny, but veeeeerrry different. I downloaded the old anime subbed a couple of months ago to watch it again before the new one comes out.
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    More than just the Logo looks familiar. I see Dracky and Bubble-slime look-alikes as well!!!
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