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    I visited last night and took this awesome pic of the full DQXI prizes! I also rented your druid, Cranberry.
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    Hello! I started playing in 2017, but lost my PC and never got to play again until now on my switch! That aside, I heard you can unlock a salon or something to change hairstyle/color and other things by doing a quest in the Puklipo(?) town. I'm pretty sure I'm there, as there are a lot of them and candy and stuff. All of the side quests I found don't seem like they'd have anything to do with this. Can anyone take a screenshot of the npc I need to talk to? Thanks!
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    Haha Thank you! I'm glad you liked my little DQXI display there!
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    Hello! Just started playing only a few days ago & already addicted! Got the 1-5 bundle for Switch as well. Would love to join the team &/or accept friend requests from anyone. Name: Raziel (Rajieru) 😁
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    Thanks again! I edited the last one, but you replied before I finished it. It's about the salon quests. Does that mean 121 through 130? I have 129, so does that mean I just need to do that and 130? Also, can you change party members or make them stronger?
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    Sure, just did that quest which unlocks the ability to hide support characters (npcs) to party with. That's quest 31, I'm leaving you the link with the quest info and the link from a guy I follow on Youtube about this quest: https://xn--10-yg4a1a3kyh.jp/dq10_quest_x02.html
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    Yeah, switch is awesome! Love playing here more than the PC for sure~
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    Thanks, I'll take a look! Happy to be back, too~ Does that mean 121 through 130? I have 129, so does that mean I just need to do that and 130? While I got you here, can you tell me how to get a "tweeter tweeter"? The guy at the tavern needs one for something. Sorry for all the questions, just have no good way of finding out right now.
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    Welcome back to Dragon Quest and I'm glad you also on Nintendo Switch, the best console to play this game! πŸ˜‰
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    If not wrong this salon things are unlocked doing quests 121-130. I'm not that far in game but I'm leaving you the link of those quests: https://xn--10-yg4a1a3kyh.jp/dq10_quest13.html Hope this info helps and was what you were looking for! πŸ˜‰πŸ‘πŸ» P.S: By the way welcome back to DQX, hope to see you there.
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    Hello! I started playing in 2017, but had to stop soon after as my PC died. I'm back and ready to again on my switch! Just got the 1-5 pack after playing the trial for a few days. I'd love to join you guys if possible~ Name is Meru~
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    This video from Nintendo made me all the more happy to get Clubhouse Games. I’m REALLY happy they confirmed you can check the rules whenever you want to, and being able to play the game on multiple systems with only one copy of the game is excellent. My buddies and I took advantage of that with games like Mario Party DS back in highschool since I was the only one who owned the game. Always good to see this kind of feature for a multiplayer game. Also, I love all the Mario designs on the various playing card games that you can use. Love the artstyle they used for the characters. This game is surprisingly one of my most anticipated games of the year. Can’t wait for June 5th. πŸ˜ƒ
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    Fun fact: I got my avatar from your video about the rarest DQ game.
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    Hi, I'm Nizeru but you can also call me Adam. Looking forward to talking to other people in this game without using google translate!
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    I got the team outfit talking to some of the team representatives on the west side of Glen near the post office. I think we have a different Team House now (It's a team My Town). Once you talk to the reps, you get the outfit and a rura stone to the team house. I'd post some pics, but I'm not near my switch right now.
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    Loving the new team outfit! Congrats to everyone for their hard work!
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