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    a little while back. I have not spent any real money and I have used only a small amount of gems for reviving. I did not know it was great until a little while after I got it. I was one hitting bosses and taking out groups with that thing. My other weapons blow. The game is just starting to get tough so I have not been playing it except for the log in items and for the daily draws both each day recently.
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    I finished keying in the information for the list of story quests in Dragon Quest of the stars (including primary monsters, crowns, bosses and rewards) Here is the main page and each individual chapter can be accesses via the side menu. https://www.woodus.com/den/games/dqstarsandios/quests.php
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    I’d love to find a physical copy with the English text option, but I ended up buying it when it was 50% off on the PSN store. It’s a good deal for $20 if you go digital. I’ve yet to beat the game on any of the consoles I own it for, but I still really enjoy the game when I pick it back up on one of them. It’s a great game to unwind with and take your time exploring the lands, helping out in the current town while you do your thing. And yes, it totally feels like a perfect fit for a handheld experience, but I’m glad console owners (namely PS4 or PC players) can enjoy the games too.
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    Yeah, I was having a mini-existential crisis a couple years ago trying to decide whether I wanted to buy it digitally for Vita, suck it up and pay more for a physical copy from Asia that was in English for Vita, or get it on PS4 for like $20 and be done with it. I eventually decided on neither and got it for Switch. The demo I played on Vita just screams that it was meant to be played on handheld, untethered to your TV. Maybe some day I’ll actually play it! lol I put in for the physical but it comes with a PDF so I’ll share the pages when they’re sent out to backers.
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    Anyone who is unemployed or not actively pursuing education can be a NEET. For example, if someone lost their job due to the pandemic, they would be considered a NEET. The term also only refers to your job or educational status. You can still be actively social while being classified as a NEET. Hikikomori is probably what you’re thinking of. A Hikikomori is someone who is socially isolated and reclusive. They engage in a lot of the habits you mention as well. Basically, not all NEETs are Hikikomori, but all Hikikomori are NEETs.
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    I do really want to. I want to focus this playthrough on the story (and gamescripting) and so grinding for experience and gold will just take too much time. I found some experience tables last night, and what I think I will do is increase my experience points in the editor a few points below a level up, so that when I happen to run into a battle I'll be able to level up and gain stats normally, as if I had actually grinded up to that battle. I just don't know how to max out stats and such with the editor, so I think this gives me a way to still gain levels and see at least one of each monster in battle. The other thing I think I will do is take a look at the shops, figure out what I want to buy, then give myself that much gold in the editor. I still like shopping and getting better gear. I just have to seriously quell the completionist part of me. My biggest fear right now is converting my normal .dsv saves that desmume generates into .sav saves that the editor works with. Exporting out of desmume doesn't work, but one youtuber said that you can just delete the .dsv part and replace it with .sav and it should be fine and dandy... though he was talking about Pokemon silver or something. I did a small test just increasing my gold from 70 to 75 and it seemed to work. I figure if I don't make too many sweeping changes, it should be just fine. 🤞
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    It's finally here, I've been waiting for it for a long time now. Appvalley TutuApp Tweakbox
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    I have used some people that have it and used the Puff ability, it seems to be pretty strong.
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    Dragon Quest of the Stars started the second part of the Dragon Quest V event as well as the Flail of Destruction and Princess Attire Lucky Chest running thru 2020/5/25 (Mon) 23:59 UTC. Three familiar faces from Dragon Quest V reappear! Defeat Nimzo to obtain DQV character equipment! Flail of Destruction, Golden Tiara, Princess Robe Top, Princess Robe Bottom, Princess Shield, Archangel's Bow, Archangel's Claws are available with this Lucky Chest Draw! Combo Meals for this run.
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    Sounds fun but wouldn't advise it. There's a vortex that goes around in the water that can destroy the boat instantly. That's why I have the boat parked on the narrow there... it can get hit there, but very unlikely. Then you gotta troll the coasts and fight more pirates to steal their boat again. There's a town only accessible via water, as well as the last dungeon. This game is a lot of fun but it can go bad really fast... and there's no bouncing back sometimes.
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    Oh, they already are. Lately more and more people seem to view masks as more of a safety blanket. Wearing a mask, but the nose is still exposed. Wearing a mask, yet sipping from a Starbucks cup. Yesterday I was headed to Target and a lady just walked into the middle of the road as she was putting on her mask and gloves. That may protect you from Corona, but not CAR-ona!
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    Beat that tough boss on Rune Factory 4. Also, I want to throw something turn-based into the mix so it's easier to play when I've got the little one. So, I ordered DQ I, II, and III on Amazon (I like to have physical copies of games).
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    Sounds good. Do you want them on a sprite sheet? Right now I have them in individual .png files. It would be easier for you to download I guess on a sprite sheet, but then you'd probably have to separate them into individual files... though, I don't know why I'm even asking, as I'm not 100% sure how to get them on a sprite sheet yet. But... I bet I can figure it out. Which sprites are you interested in? I have a post-game save from King Zenith where I went to all the Zoom locations and ripped a ton of forward-facing sprites, but the Observatory wasn't a Zoom location and for the life of me I can't remember how to get back, I almost feel like I've got a brand new game to play. So that's what I did, started a new save and decided to rip all the Celestrian poses I could get in the off chance I would want to do something with them. So, basically, are you interested in all the NPC sprites or just a subset? Would you mind, in exchange, if you can... could you explain to me how the dqix save editor works? I've already got a cartridge game with 629 hours on it and near 96% to 100% completion for most things Stella keeps track of, and, well... I am pretty reluctant to delete it. I have a second cartridge I bought to beef up the inn, but I could use it now for a second playthrough and not worry about DLC, DQVC, multiplayer and so forth. However, playing on my emulator is pretty convenient too, with the added advantage of the save editor, IF I can figure out how to use it. EDIT: I think I found a YouTube video and gamefaqs post that explains what I need to do. I just need to decide how badly I want to cheat.
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    Make sure your Japanese Nintendo account is linked to your Nintendo Switch and after download and install DQX on the Nintendo Switch just log on with your Japanese SE credentials (ID and Password), that's all I did to launch and play my free trial on the Nintendo Switch.
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