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    I'm caught between pointing out that ballet is boring as #$*! and admitting that this is the closest western DQ fans have ever come to taste.
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    Y’all need to record the entire episode with a hushed, NPR-style speaking voice.
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    I'm not super-upset about it, but I mean in no uncertain terms to call it a bad mechanic. One of DQXI's flaws is a surfeit of faux-exploration, and the crappy jump mechanic is part of that, along with invisible walls, doors you can't open, and scenic layouts that you should be able to traverse but can't. I'll call him a hobo. The hobo of time hasn't had a place to rest his head since Princess Zelda stole his timeline from him.
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    I think you have it wrong. No one calls Link himself a hobo. People call the hero of Dragon Quest 7 Hobo Link. There’s a difference. 😜
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    There's a Plattym3 likes jiggling joke in here, somewhere.
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    You've basically explained my position for me. It's a useless, pointless mechanic that has nothing to actually do with the world it exists in except for some clumsy, ham-handed not-actually-platforming that only exists because whoever built the models decided to put in a pile of crates where he should've put a ladder. At least the hobo of time's jumping skills correspond to the world he's in. There are deliberately arranged platforms to traverse.
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    So I managed to get my money situation figured out. I get paid on Tuesday. For my YouTube I'll be working on a podcast discussing different gaming things and whatnot. It's meant more to be chill and just to have fun with my friends. Hopefully weekly uploads will happen. I'm also in a Pokemon draft league so I'll be able to upload content for that as well. Going to try and make a streaming schedule too but that can be a bit tricky.
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    These are DQ series related game only in released in Japanese and waiting to be translated for over years: Slime Mori Mori (GBA) (There is a translation patch work is going of for years but i don't think it will be released: http://agtp.romhack.net/project.php?id=slimedq ) Torneko 3: Mysterious Dungeon (PS2 & GBA) (No translation) Young Yangus (PS2) (No translation. I really want to play this) DQ Monsters I & II (PSX) (There is a translation work is going on but I'm losing my hope: http://aerie.wingdreams.net/?p=172 ) DQ Monsters Joker 2 Pro (DS) (No translation) Itadaki Street (PS2) (There is a translation patch is going on and only menus are translated yet: http://www.romhacking.net/translations/1606/ ) Itadaki Street (DS) (A translation patch is on the works: http://gbatemp.net/topic/258010-itadaki-street-ds-open-translation/ ) I'm not even talking about main series' re-releases and ports. I think it was a shame that all those years PSX version of DQ4 has been left untranslated. We have a full 3D version of a SNES game and no one worked on it! Great! Thanx to god, DS version has came out we could see how great is a 3D DQ game. That's why I'm so mad at those re-translations. There are so many new DQ games waiting to be translated and we are making re-translation pathces for the games that have already translations. I played thru entire series and want to play spin-off games, especially Young Yangus. I'm missing DQ spirit. How can we get them translated? No one got romhacking skills? P.S.: Isn't there a way to play Dragon Quest Wars without a DSi? P.S.2.: Thanks a billion times to the guys who translated DQ5 (PS2), DQM3:Caravan Heart (GBA) and Torneko's Adventure (SNES). I could play them thanx to your efforts. God bless you.
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    It's been 8 years since I created this topic and it seems like not much has changed sadly. There are still lots of DQ side games with has no fan translation patches... Anyway, I will check and refresh the list though.
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    You could say they're making... no progress.
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    Nobody's said a word about DQ monsters battle road victory. If I had to pick a game to be translated I would go for this one, no doubt. It's a playing and battle system we haven't tried yet and visuals are just awesome.
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    They all have sales, all the time. There is always something on sale on all three of those services. Also, DQ wars is already pretty cheap.
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