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    I have a lot of designs to post here. I'll spoiler tag them to avoid too much clutter Akechi Akechi (Crow) Rosalina Tsarevna Alena Maribel Mayde Gym Leader Melony King Slime Gym Leader Sabrina Haru (Noir) Shadow Queen
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    I think we can all agree that Dragon Quest 5 DS needed to have one more TNT board.
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    I'm the same way. Been very much into muosu games this year. Hyrule Warriors & Fire Emblem Warriors were good. Not as good as DQHTWTWATBB or the 2nd, but playable until the end. A buddy talked about how amazing Dynasty Warriors 8 was. Tried it, but it's not an IP I recognize and I lost interest within 2 missions. I can't play Muosu unless it's a property I already like. Sure this NES game isn't quite the TnT board but I gotta make do with what I can. At least until I can earn that golden ticket Yangus was talking about for Theatrhythm Dragon Quest.
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    Something that's been getting to me lately have been all the moral authority dicks. Not the folks who are genuinely concerned for the well being of others. The ones who just want to control others because they often have no control over their own lives. It's obvious. They think of themselves as a legitimate news source. They've stopped posting political propaganda and now they post pseudoscience to stop people from doing necessary things like grocery shopping and exercise. They think they're actual heroes for staying inside and consuming product. I saw one comment that said, "How many children and elderly will YOU murder today by going outside??" Oh, hundreds, I hope! Thousands, if I'm lucky! I'm a one-man ISIS!! I know what to do. I'm staying safe. You have no authority over me, so butt out of my business. I gotta do what I need to do. In fact, I even have a permit for it.
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    Yes, this a question of upmost importance.
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    I liked the boss as a concept (usually it’s the grunts that defend the boss, not the other way around), but if you don’t do what you can to knock out his grunts as fast as possible or don’t have any Ma- skills it’s an uphill battle. If I remember correctly, he also does a heavy attack to a party member once every 3 turns, but you can stop it entirely if you throw up an Attack Mirror. The next dungeon isn’t my favorite but it’s easy once you understand the trick. However, the gimmick for the next boss is rough. You’ll need a guide handy to keep track of what he does, otherwise you’re wasting precious turns trying to get a clear picture of everything. The story is boring, but there are so few story scenes that it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t even go anywhere until Chapter Five starts. The side quests are where they stashed all the good stuff.
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