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    I saw this topic and came here to post Descendants of Erdrick links, only to realize I did that 2 years ago. With Amanda's permission, we took clips from their DW cover on the Advent album for the intro and outro themes for the DQ Slime Time podcast.
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    As I've had a bit more free time due to the coronavirus recently than normal, I had the idea of setting up bingo cards for DWM2 Randomizer (I've been using Bynine's version on max randomizer settings, linked at the bottom, because it actually plays through up to Darck without strange AI quirks or any crashes) in the vein of things like Crystal Randomizer Cinco Bingo or Minecraft Bingo. I have a list of the terms here I have on my bingo cards; suggestions are appreciated: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Bg_aa4GQ_9kYf13iNczlGpIsAHzA1XBrlxMh3gunTgI/edit?usp=sharing (25 are picked at random from the list for a 5x5 bingo card) I've been using bingobaker.com to generate the cards because it's free and there's no max limit on how many possible items you can have (you need to use the text add button and copy and paste the link from the Doc unless you want to type them all out manually), which works quite well, and I just have the tab open while I play through the seed. For the sake of time I have been doing "single bingo" instead of anything more complicated, and I've been ending up somewhere between the two and three hour mark on average, definitely on the lower end of that scale; a really fast seed and a lucky bingo card could probably do sub 90, and theoretically it's possible for you to finish all in Oasis World, if extremely unlikely. Some general notes on how it's been going so far and a few clarifications on the items as written: -Once you complete the criteria for one of the items on the card, you don't lose it even if you get rid of the item or monster in question. For instance, if one of the tasks is to own a LavaMan, even if you get one and breed it into something else, it still counts as "owning" it. I've been playing that way to minimize unnecessary grinding and reduce the amount of feel-bad moments, plus it rewards cases where you can get multiple items done at once. -The items listed just with names of items (e.g. ElfWater) just means you need to get one to consider that cell of the bingo card complete. -WILD counts as a stat, which is relevant for a few things. -The randomizer as programmed allows any non-Magic Key boss to be recruited, even if it would be impossible otherwise. I consider this a feature of the randomizer and not something to be avoided, especially as it minimizes some grinding necessary. For instance, you can effectively catch 2 "HoodSquids". -I've put some boss names in quotation marks (e.g. "Metabble") to refer to whatever the vanilla boss randomized to; for instance, "Lose to 'Darck'" would mean "lose to whatever randomized monster is at the end of Limbo Key where Darck would be in vanilla". -"Win with a team of one against three" means you start the encounter with one monster and don't revive any more; monsters summoned with skills like TatsuCall don't count because they aren't actually in your party. -The story keys like Oasis and Pirate are technically Magic Keys according to the game; goals that specify "non-story" keys refer to either the post-game keys or randomly generated Magic Keys. -Savestates are a good idea to enable a few things: they make getting through rough boss and Arena battles actually possible without wasting a bunch of time or resetting for a new seed, they let you check genders and skills on monsters when needed, allow some more risk-taking with tough battles, and make Magic Key save-scumming an interesting strategy (possible in Pirate if you beat C Class). Doing this without savestates would require more resetting and end up with a far longer seed. If you're timing yourself I would time it by real time, not by in-game time, to penalize excessive soft-resetting. -You're most likely going to need to beat Pirate Key so you can breed, but you may not need to acquire an ArmyAnt and MadGopher to continue on. It's probably not time-efficient to do this unless you find one of those two or their components (SabreMan, GiantWorm, GiantSlug) in Oasis or Pirate or if an easy bingo requires going past Pirate. Ice Key is quite fast, although Sky is a bit of a slog due to the monsters being high-leveled. Items on the bingo card like "lose against 'Darck'" are generally traps because they take so long relative to everything else. -Understand that if you need to breed a MadGopher or ArmyAnt from scratch, here are the sequences: BEAST+(MATERIAL+(BUG+DEVIL) and (BUG+SLIME)+SLIME. Having a breeding guide open in another tab is probably a good idea unless you have everything memorized, as there are lots of niche combinations that would never come up in a normal playthrough, but may be useful in a randomizer. MetalDraks and Robosters are used in a massive amount of breeding combinations, for instance. -Stat growths are randomized for each monster, meaning that the vanilla strategy of "breed a Grizzly and something to buff Grizzly" doesn't work very well. You probably won't be breeding much for fun anyway; you can get through Ice with Squiz, "CaptDead," and "AgDevil" in all likelihood, or monsters bred from them to get better skills. -To beat Pirate, you'll need a monster that's part of the water family in vanilla and something with a dance skill. If you're stuck on the former, non-story Magic Keys are practically guaranteed to have water, and non-story Magic Keys (not the post-game ones that will never come up; I wrote the bingo cards assuming that beating the game is not required) have vanilla monsters. Also don't forget that some skills like Hustle are dances, even though they don't have "dance" in the name. It's generally not too hard to find something with a dance skill in Oasis or Pirate. -Based on the above, beating C Class is often the most efficient way, if it's not required, to find low-ranked monsters to either progress or complete items on your bingo card. Save-scumming wisely to get the monsters you think you'll need is important; getting a key with bug-family monsters is generally best because you can get GiantWorms and ArmyAnts, saving the most time. Although your options may be limited for Kid's Class to deal with tough monsters, and starting a new run is advisable if you can't get through there, you will generally have access to something with good skills by C Class. -Your monsters will generally be a bit weaker than average by Sky Key because you can't control stat growth as easily; getting through Sky Key often relies on spamming skills like WhiteFire and WhiteAir that can be acquired easily to make progress. Trying to grind through Sky Key can be a massive waste of time. -Informer is an extremely valuable skill because it lets you hunt for specific monsters quite easily; this is relevant in Pirate Key if you're trying to avoid having to unlock Ice Key, as well as checking randomized Magic Keys for relevant monsters. If you're going through Ice or Sky, chances are by then you'll be able to find every monster you'll need, which is made far easier if you have Informer. -Getting these bingo cards done quickly demands a fair amount of experience with both the vanilla game and the randomizer. If you don't know most relevant breeding combinations off the top of your head, what Magic Key names correspond to which families of monsters, and so on, this may be somewhat of a struggle to finish. If anyone has suggestions for additional items for the bingo cards, or wants to discuss strategy or even try racing a seed, that could be fun. I'd be curious how consistently it is possible to finish in under 2 hours, and I imagine you're guaranteed to be able to finish in under 3 hours. While I designed the items on the list with Bynine's randomizer in mind, if there is some future improved version obviously it would work just as well. If anything, this is just something I'm using to waste time over the next few weeks.
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    Metal King Slime is in all the DWM games, Joker too I believe. But instead of being called "Metal King Slime", the DQX monster list lists it as "King Latem", who was a mirror boss in a spinoff.
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    Not only are we still open, the restrictions we’ve placed on ourselves has made work busier and more complicated. I was hoping to at least get some reading done. I’m under the impression that the only thing that’ll shut us down is if the President himself orders a quarantine, and even then, I’m not so sure. I heard other banks have closed so I’ll keep my fingers crossed I guess.
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    People really shouldn't be going out to Gamestop. The fact that they refuse to close their stores is pretty dumb. Those stores are small and cramped as it is.
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    Toei launches classic tokusatsu channel on Youtube: https://variety.com/2020/tv/news/japan-toei-tokusatsu-launches-youtube-channel-1203538735/
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    That sounds terrifying. Thanks guys. Things seemed a bit better throughout the day yesterday. We seem to have a plan to do "soft training" during the down time. This is things like doing online programs to improve our customer service skills, learn more about the industry, etc. It'll always be in the back of my mind that a lay off is coming but I'm glad our leadership team has a plan in place to have us do something during this time and keep us on.
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    I'm assuming that's in response to "Jelly Doughnuts"... I watched Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution right after I ran out of Beastars.
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    hi ppl srying take so long for the next update been busy and etc if what to know the update and what going join my discord https://discord.gg/RhUbsHR i need some help if your a big dragon quest who know what food be good for a mob to drop and more
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    A lot of your ideas are good (full-disclaimer: I've wanted in Morrie in Heroes 3 myself), but you may want to discuss them on the Wants and Wishes thread we've already got.
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    Oh come now, do you really need to ask ME if I like DQ2?! My hometown is there! Seriously though, I DO like the game. It brought a multiple-member party to the franchise where I had no prior experience with such things and it flipped my mind. THREE characters at once? Unheard of to me at 10! And they were all grandchildren of the first game's hero? AND they were royalty?! This was amazing to young me, and the mindboggling size of the world... had I not had extensive information thanks to Nintendo Power and GamePro, I never would have seen the end of it, but I muscled through the passage to Rhone (Sorry, I guess that's Rendarak now? ) and farmed XP in it's snowy fields and taiga for hours to beat Hargon and Malroth. I believe I was an average level of 26 when I arrived, and average level of 35 when I won! Will gladly do so again on the Switch, after beating DQ3 and DQ1 again on same.
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    I'm Hoping, in 2020, we get DQ 4,5, and 6 on Switch. Say what you want about the ports; I love them. Also, I'd love to get 10 here in the west. Honestly I don't care if it's online or not. I'm hearing impaired and since most people use headphones I can't game with others. I don't expect to get DQ 12 but maybe some teasers. On a side note; I'm worried we're not getting a Builder's 3 with the departure of Kazuya Niinou. Here's hoping.
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