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    Yeah, it turned out after the fact that I just had some under leveled weapons and I fixed that as well. With Angelo and Jessica in my team now, I can move on to the Dunes for the next story quest, but I got a bunch of side quests to do now. I think I'll do those instead for gold/XP.
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    Guess what, Jay? I'm a dum-dum. I went home last night and saw that my party was Lv27, not 17. I mis-remembered. I played for a while and got to the top of the mountain. Party is Lv30 now. Fighting all of those Powie Yowies really got me some levels.
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    Thanks, Jay! I've been able to beat the mini bosses I've had to do so far, but those Drakes are really taking it out of my hands from all the excessive button mashing. I've done all the side quests available to me, so I don't get how I'm still ahead of the curve. Maybe I'll do the dimensional dungeons some more to get a few levels.
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