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    Found it. Item: light/sturdy fitting Continent: Batraccia Dungeon: Old Mountaintop Castle Boss: Mean Spirit (L1)
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    Meh. They were better than 5 that's for sure. 7 was definitely more entertaining in that I feel like we're actually getting somewhere plot wise. Overall, I'm unhappy with the series. But I'll need to see where the series is going before I make a full final verdict.
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    Incidentally, I once compiled a list of the events of the Japanese version. I think it's almost exhastive. It covers from the release date until Nov 2018. Unfortunately it's written in Japanese, and the Japanese event names I think will provide little help for those who are not familiar with Japanese DQ games, but it won't hurt... You can find it here. (It's in my Japanese blog site, of which topics are DQ9 and Stars.)
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    Alright, I was able to get all the Battle God gear. Now I’ll need to see if I can get that King SpotSlime key next.
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    I don't think that those are Japanese players you guys have been encountering; I'm pretty sure we've all been running into Chinese players. I know Chinese is one of the languages supported by the global server (it's one of the language options at the title screen), but I haven't seen any of the uniquely Japanese non-kanji characters.
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    I listened to the podcast again, I blanked on most of what I had said last night. I really seem to know my stuff.
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