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    In case anyone wants to see some gameplay of DQotS before downloading.
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    In the process of finalizing my team for the regionals on pi day. Be sure to watch the stream
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    Sounds an awful lot like real life.
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    *rolls eyes* Since you offered and all. Anyway, I don't see a timer on them, so who knows. I still need to grab the bottoms to complete the collection. I love the headgear.
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    I socialed this out as well since I got a chuckle out of it...Cyril tells you about his X-Ray googles in the Stargazer's Temple... did you catch that he puts them on again when talking to the cute priestess?
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    I had one weird encounter on the difficulty. I managed to get Shiek's 4th-grade weapon on the 3DS version before the 3rd-grade because the last encounter of the game was just a big poe and I was able to pin it to a corner and managed to kill it just under the time limit.
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    Oh yeah! and that brings up the difficulty. I enjoyed it. While there were some spots that felt a little easy, there were others that were a true challenge!
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    Another weeklong break from Tokyo Mirage Sessions, another return to defeat the boss I was stuck on. This one was different in that he’s not a hard boss, but he is tricky. I didn’t stop playing because I was losing to him. You need to go into the battle with a plan and some prior knowledge of what he’s capable of to keep the momentum going in your favor because he’s basically a test of your endurance. It actually took me about 40 minutes to beat him with my current strategy. The boss in question, Dark Yashiro, can attack four times, but can split in half or in fourths and his four attacks will be split among his dupes. His weaknesses also vary depending how many of him are in battle. This might just be me, but it also seemed like his attacks were stronger the more he divided himself. Anyways, my strategy was heavily dependent on Yashiro using Counter and keeping everyone’s stats buffed. Luckily, Duo Arts went a long way in keeping everyone’s health up and I managed to get in a few Ad-Lib Performances. It wasn’t really a struggle so much as it was an endurance test. I hear the next boss is the toughest so we’ll see how that goes. In an ideal world, I’ll finish the game before Monday.
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    So I've been watching some DQM23D videos on YouTube and found something interesting: there's apparently an area in the post-game where REALLY high-level monsters can be found wild and can be scouted. So I guess my absurd synth chain isn't actually necessary? Like, in this one, the player finds the freaking BABOON BEAST in the wild, just chilling on his throne as he always is. Anyone know more about this?
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