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    Greetings DQ fans! I've been doing some research with Square Enix Support in an effort to get Dragon Quest X localized. I've had some pretty good success so far. Square Enix communicated to me that if they see enough support tickets requesting Dragon Quest X, they will consider the localization. They have been very helpful and even offered to put me in contact with their developers, so this campaign has some realistic weight to it. What I will need you to do is go to the Square Enix support page for any Dragon Quest game (for example, here's the one for Dragon Quest IX https://t.co/7wtaGp04gN ) and create a support ticket. Here are the steps: 1. For Contact category choose Products & Services and for Contact Sub-Category choose Product Specifications. 2. Enter a subject line under contact details, and keep it to under 40 characters. For example: "DQX". 3. Hit Next. On the next page, hit Next again. Now choose Proceed to Email Support. 4. Enter in your contact information. Enter your email address twice. If you plan on creating multiple support tickets, please use a different email address per support ticket. 5. In 4000 characters or less, write a polite message to support asking for Dragon Quest X's localization. Once you submit your ticket draft you can preview it or edit it. Once you are satisfied, click Submit. Please keep the message focused on Dragon Quest X for this campaign. If this experiment works then we can try focusing on other DQ games in the future. We can really do this! Thank you for your support. SomaQZ
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    The Eirika thing was spur of the moment back when I made the file. Sacred Stones was the first FE game I played, and I thought she was a good leading lady for the most part. It will probably be Chrom. I don’t really care who ends up with who to be honest, but I figure may as well team the two up since they are starting characters and I’m curious how Lucina’s dialogue changes in regards to her mom being Robin.
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    Still 15 days until the release, maybe it will reach 500k. Probably not, but it would be cool to see.
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    I retract my statement. She's short. She's got short legs. Now she's normally five heads tall (which is a cartooning convention -- the average human adult for both sexes is about 7.5 heads tall), and she has been since DQ8, so she'd naturally be on the short side (nevermind -- many DQ characters are five heads tall, and have been at least since DQ8's official art), but her legs are only two heads long, so they only take up 40% of her height, where the real life average is about 46.67%. The usual convention that I've encountered is to balance it the anime figure so that the legs take up about 50% of the figure's height, which is more accurate to the average and looks better because long legs are generally considered attractive. They probably did this because they never expected Jessica to start flashing everyone else, but now she has, and we're all gonna have to live with it.
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    I finished the game, fought the True Final Boss. I can say with some confidence, despite having much more nostalgia for them, I like this game a lot more than DQVIII-IX. I am biased for DQVI so will exclude it, but this might be my favorite game since DQV.
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    Be careful what you wish for: They're not all long-necked, mind you. Some look normal. Hot even: That's it, getting a little better. Now to make it move: And, at the risk of taking this way too far... here's the boot tread picture, so you can see just how much grip she's getting with those things: EDIT: Granny Panties Confirmed. She's still a nun, deep down.
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