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    I've just played and finished the indie game 198X. It's a coming-of-age drama in the 80s with a twist - key moments and thoughts in the protag's life take the form of retro-style video games you play. Kinda like "Retro Game Challenge" meets "The Wall". The game can be completed in under 2 hours (that's TWO hours), and is well worth the investment. I recommend one play it in as close to total solitude as possible, and go in as blind as possible. I will say no more, for fear of spoilers.
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    And the MP4 is up as well at the address above and on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2XRpP2TXhQ And @King Zenith has a way better memory than I do on things as well, I had forgotten a bunch of the DQM Joker 2 contest stuff.
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    My mistake! The other one will take place February 13th from 10-11PM EST. I picked the 14th date because it's around 11pm to 12am in Japan, just in-case any of my Japanese DQX friends want to attend the event.
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