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    Prologue + Chapter 1 up now: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1uoRF-HcDR3U3cR23OeEMhssLF4Jd5jGj
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    Today, I come bearing gifts! An archive of screenshots including all the monster data from my DQ Heroes II game, including what should be a complete set of Field Notes (that's the two part flavor text for each monster, for those of you playing along at home). I figured these could be of use to the Den and the Wiki. I took a few more screenshots than I strictly needed partly because some of the monsters' idle poses have quite a range and partly because I forgot whether I had or not and went back to get repeats just in case. Some choice selections: (I like the Gryphon family's poses!) Battle Records -- Monster Field Notes.zip EDIT: I have removed the attached ZIP file. The pictures are still available in the forum's albums section. (All graphics archived or pasted within this post are copyrighted by Square Enix et al.)
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    I'm holding a meet-up event! I notice that Japanese players hold these big meet-ups where they take group photos all the time so I wanted to do something like that but for us, non-Japanese players. The only plan I have right now is to make friends and take photos. Made two dates for this particular meet-up: February 13th from 10-11PM EST and February 14th 9AM to 10AM EST! The location will be at my house: フラワーガーデン地区|6429丁目 |3番地 Attend the one most convenient for you! I'll be sure to post photos here once it's all over.
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    Be careful what you wish for: They're not all long-necked, mind you. Some look normal. Hot even: That's it, getting a little better. Now to make it move: And, at the risk of taking this way too far... here's the boot tread picture, so you can see just how much grip she's getting with those things: EDIT: Granny Panties Confirmed. She's still a nun, deep down.
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    Better than what some people do, where they’ll just get it in the mail and have it sit on their shelf untouched or what a year to sell it for double the price they paid for it. At least you popped that bad boy open.
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    Challenge modification: My original object in bringing Dragon Quest Heroes II to 100% was to provide myself with a complete list of Battle Records data (which could then be used here on the den or the Dragon Quest wiki), but since the vast majority of that information is already on Youtube, I see no reason in dragging myself through the magic maze a few hundred times (as much as I like Erinn, I don't like her that much). What I will do instead is complete every dimensional dungeon, so that I have beaten every challenge.
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    Day 4 of Omelet Practice! I got a bit more ambitious this time and made a four-egg omelet. (I made a four-egg mix my first day and then downgraded to three eggs for numbers two and three). I decided to add more ingredients to the omelet, but lacking ham and cheddar, I substituted (way too much) chicken and pepper jack, ingredients with which I am unfamiliar. Fearing the worst, I nonetheless decided to go whole hog with the normal spice mix I described yesterday, made the omelet -- using actual butter -- and then tossed a whole can of cannellini beans into the skillet as well. The results were actually pretty good! I chickened out and didn't cook the beans thoroughly so some of them were only lukewarm, but the omelet came out surprisingly well. That sounds exactly like what I'm doing but vastly more graceful. As I scrape the edges in, my omelets' insides start looking like some middle school student's clay model of a mitochondria.
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    YES! Well at least some. If you shoot high, worst case scenario you still get a lot done.
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    On my way home I spotted three big dogs. They'd gotten out of their yard and were going on a grand adventure. Didn't want them to get lost or hurt, so I corralled them at a park and loaded them into my car. They were very friendly and happy dogs. Luckily they all had collars with their name and address. They didn't live too far away and the owner was very happy to get them back. Although, they were very muddy buddies and I spent my lunch hour shampooing my car seats.
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    I should, but not until I work my way through Monsters 1. That way I can see all the new stuff they did in the remake, rather than finding out everything they didn't do in the original. I gotta set my expectations properly!
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