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    Being strong and responsible. It's going on my wishlist, maybe Nintendo will email it's on sale in 2 years or so when I'm ready. Haha, sounds like a plan to me. I’m looking forward to playing the game eventually. Everything I’ve heard about the game has me excited to play it as I’ve heard nothing but good things about it. Maybe that will have to be the next race once it’s on sale again like Romancing SaGa 2 was. Seems like we both have enjoyed our time with SaGa 2 despite some hiccups in our adventures, so we may have finally found the right series to play/race.
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    Being strong and responsible. It's going on my wishlist, maybe Nintendo will email it's on sale in 2 years or so when I'm ready.
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    That's me, also! Welcome! I'm back from a long absence, myself. I'm glad to have you around! I've been playing Dragon Quest games since it was Dragon Warrior on the NES in 1989, and with help from my forum avatar, an NPC from DQ2, I never let anyone forget it either. What's your favorite Mega Man title, and what's your favorite Kid Icarus Uprising weapon?
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    I feel wrong that I can't help but hear the "Quest transgressed with finesse" jingle when I see that pessimistic ink come down.
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    I always end up forgetting to post and begin lurking without realizing it.
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    Anybody ever seen this thing? Just throwing an image of it out there. If I decide I want it bad enough I might look into the actual cost of it or others like it. It's funny. "'ello mate! 'ave you seen me 'atchet! Ev'ry man should 'ave an' atchet and' 'ammer ta 'and!"
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    We've missed you. I put up signs around the neighborhood, but no one called. To be honest, I picked the dumbest reason EVER to stay off the boards. It's the massive bloat in my backlog. I have the nasty6 habit of getting my next game before I've even finished the previous one... and I KNOW I'm not the only one to do this... but... it just felt so ridiculous to me. I felt so flighty, mercurial and foolish, I kinda drifted off in shame. Why come to a place to post about my doings when I'm not getting anything done? I'm glad I got over myself enough to come back though!
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    Follow up to my post from yesterday: The guy at work who got me the gift told me how he found them and, when he saw the Psyduck one, immediately thought I should have that one. His reasoning? Because of the headache I get when having to work with two of the high school kids in particular. Its like he knew just how perfect of a choice that was! 🤣
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    The lost dog has come back to town! Wishing you all happy holidays as I finally start playing DQ11S after so long waiting! I have missed this place!
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    Just started my game of DQ11S last night. REALLY late to the party, but I tend to buy a huge glut of games. My backlog is embarassing. I will devote as much of myself to this as I can for the next month or so. Wish me luck! Also glad to be back!
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