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    Wow, would my wife be pissed. You never know. She could be fine with it. 😜
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    I'm just now realizing I read it wrong as well.
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    After reading the last few posts, I did not read that as titles
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    And it only gets better! Oh okay. So I'm going to need to get this game based upon this.
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    I don't watch sports on a regular basis. But I have watched more Football this year than prior years because my older son wanted to try a Fantasy Football league so that was fun even though I came in last, when we did auction leagues at work I did pretty well, but my auto-draft didn't go well . I play golf, my kids are big bowlers (they both have 190-200 averages at the moment) so I watch them bowl every week. I will watch my college BB and FB teams when they are on and I can catch them, and watch the Super Bowl each year (more of an excuse to get together with the neighbors and have drinks and food), will watch the NCAA tourney as well each year.
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    In Dragon Quest 7 I now have Ruff in my party and I love him. I'm headed to the castle with the Killing Machines and see it as the last hurdle I have to get back over since I stopped right after it on my first playthrough. The backtracking has gotten better and I'm only going through 7 lines of dialogue for everyone as opposed to 20.
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