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    Completed the 3rd trial of the trial isle after using most of my pep pips to farm some seeds of skill. Figured "what else am I gonna do with em?" My party is starting to look final boss worthy, though somehow Serena is significantly under-leveled compared to the rest of my team. Apparently I forgot that I was missing a pastword for DQ2 and after obtaining it I now officially have all the pastwords. Haven't touched this new DQ2 one yet, and still haven't figured out the last DQ1 quest, but I'm getting there. A close friend of mine is also playing through DQ11SDE, having not played the PC/PS4 version. I find it fun seeing his reactions to it. (Act 2 SE story spoilers ahead).
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    Sorry to necro-post this, but I've added (and will continue to add) the DQXI-S bonus material leading into Act 2, in case that is more interesting to people.
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    Ahh well that explains it then, if it shows my emails are coming from zarniwoop.dreamhost.com (instead of woodus.com) there could be some other website that is sending spam out and getting the whole server blacklisted.
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    Eh, as long as people can do cosmetic mods like I’ve seen for DQ11 that would be cool. Add in some alternate looks for blocks to make them a bit better for creating stuff or just to look silly. Or a symphonic music mod like DQ11 has would be cool. Really I just want to see what the PC crowd can do with the game, mods or otherwise. It’s amazing seeing all the cool stuff people have created with the Builders games, and computer/PC audience will surely bring in some more creative talent.
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    Stopped the Divine Beast Naboris and completed the Gerudo portion! Only one more Divine Beast to go in Breath of the Wild!
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    Hoping for a $40 sale on the Switch version myself. Looking to give my nephew a copy for Christmas. We're a cheap family & don't usually spend that much, but my sister shot down my first 5 suggestions for his birthday gift and then never got back to me about what to get him for his birthday, so boom. Makes it better since his sister's birthday is within a couple days of Christmas so she always gets her 2 gifts from us or a big one at once. This year, he will too!
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    For sure. Eventually caffeine just adds to headaches and the general fog effect from overdosing on the drug start to kick in. Nevermind the general feeling of lethargy due to lack of sleep over extended periods. It's one thing to have Insomnia, quite another not to, and force yourself to stay up. I may not have kids at the moment, but I can't do MMO grinds like I used to. So it gets frustrating meeting people on the ones I do play, and the time it takes to get certain quests done....we're talking several hours. This sort of game is even worse, because of the nature of the planning, it just engrosses me and absorbs all my time, leading to 3, 4, 5 hours going by like they were nothing. Over time, combined with that groggy feeling, it's just not fun because I can't really engage on the same level, or the level I really want to.
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    I beat him last night before passing out (was already in bed), woke up and the game had crashed. I don't remember saving.
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    Most of my nicknames are references. Axel (Cinderace)- Named after Axel from KH. Lancelot (Corviknight)- Arthurian legend, and famous knight. Galahad (Sirfetch'd)- Same as above. Roxie (Toxtricity)- Named for the Virbank City gym leader in B2/W2. Misako (Pangoro)- Named after Misako from River City Girls. Would've been called Bancho had it been a male. That's just a few of my nicknamed mons.
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    I don't use Gmail much, can you whitelist the address? I just checked the blacklists and "woodus.com" isn't on any of them
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    Sounds like you've been watching my most recent playthrough.
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