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    Wait a minute. As a former elementary school math teacher even simple averages of 12.5 hours times 52 weeks shows you get 650 hours/year or game time. Now if you're playing DQXI you may only beat it 4 or 5 times, but with numbers like that, you should be doing a game a month if you split between some longer and shorter games. That's kinda my goal, 12 a year. Maybe my estimating is a little off. That being said though, the last two years have contained a lot of lengthy Roleplaying games (Couple playthroughs of DQ VIII, DQ VII (3DS), Pokemon UM, ETC). I'd say my average time of play for each game is between 70 and 120 hours. ...So yeah, mostly DQ XI type games..... My hours have crept up lately and will hopefully continue to creep up. I would love to thoroughly enjoy 8-12 games a year.
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    Agreed. Plus three-ways.
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    I think it's a case of the games likely being 3DS games for a very long time into development. Stuff game out today , I guess, that makes it look like they just sort of through HD sheets over the 3DS models. I hope they kind of leave Sword and Shield behind instead of doing an Ultra version like you had mentioned and just move onto Gen 9. That way they can focus on Switch assets and graphics from the start.
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    Think it will get more playtime than The Outer Worlds? 😜
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    Trading in some stuff later to preorder Pokémon. I can hopefully pick it up at 9pm on Thursday. They got me boys...
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    Don’t play KoF ‘95 by the way unless you want to pull your hair out. It’s CPU hits for twice the damage no matter what difficulty you set it on, and the last two bosses can read your inputs. I’ve been stuck fighting the final bosses for almost an hour, and that’s not counting being stuck on the final team battle before the bosses for a good 40 minutes. And that was all on the easiest difficulty I might add. KoF 95’ is definitely from an era of quarter stealing arcade games. 🤬 Luckily SNK didn’t pull the double damage crap with KoF 96’ onward when in arcade mode. Bosses are still a-holes, but that’s a standard for SNK games.
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    Switch to fighting games. You can beat another game every 30 minutes. 😂
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    Nice! I’m glad to hear that! Hopefully this will encourage SNK to bring some of the other non-Arcade Archieves KoF games to the Switch. I’d love to have KoF XI and/or KoF XIII for the system. Or maybe the Ultimate Match versions of ‘98 or 2002. XIII got me into the franchise back in 2012. I knew about SNK and some of the characters like Terry before that, but just never played a King of Fighters game until then. Been a big fan ever since, played plenty of other entries and other SNK fighters/games and can’t wait to learn more about The King of Fighters XV!
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    Haven't updated in a while. Just been busy playing Terry in Smash and playing DQXI a bit at a time. I managed to complete Act 1 in full Draconic. The game is defiantly more easy once you get passed Gallopolis. Tentacular was a pain as always. The condor fight at The Earie Eyrie was honestly harder then just about all the other boss fights at the end of Act 1. So I had to grind there for a bit. I went overboard with grinding right before Dora and managed to complete that fight just fine. I was worried Draconic was going to be a lot worse then this. Not that I am disappointed by it. Still have a lot of fun with this playthrough. I also noticed that with no experience for lower monsters, Electro Light is worthless at certain points. I believe Yangus mentioned something about it earlier. But the Metal Slimes are counted as "low level" at some point. So you don't gain experience from them. The only way to go around this is to fight them when they show up with normal enemies that you are not over level for. Monster EXP adds up in total at the end, and if one monster is at level or higher then you still get the experience points. Even if several monsters were too weak for experience. There is only one fight I am worried about at this point. The Gatekeeper of The Fortress of Fear. I am really not looking forward to it.
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    I have considered doing exactly that! At my current rate I play about 10-15 hours a week and complete about 3-4 games a year. In an ideal world, I would like to double that. Or, like you said, maybe I should take some leave for that, "Personal mission," you spoke of.
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    finally...missed delivery so I had to drive across town to the FedEx office.
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    Very fun and addictive game, for those who love platform games, this is a must! the best 2D Mario game! Having not been able to play on Wii U, I am very happy to be able to play on Switch. VPN Sai Mannat AnyDesk
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