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    The might of Flying Hades Condor, Kicking Brollygagger cannot he stopped no matter the version! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!
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    Half the people in our Facebook group would probably love it and talk about it as much as they do Legend of Dragoon.
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    1. I agree. 2. Most of these are unnecessary and redundant. I would like to be able to quickly Handy Heal All though. Being able to zoom to camps in 2D would completely break the game balance as the world is much smaller in scale. 3. This hasn't been much of an issue for me. 9/10 times I encounter the necessary monster before I even need to use it. But I can see how some bad RNG could make this incredibly frustrating.
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    Yeah they have abandoned their rule that all Pokemon designs must be simple enough for a child to draw. I think they were better back when that was a thing. Maybe that makes me simple?
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    I just made it to Alltrades Abbey and it's under siege by old men. Before I talk to them, I'm posting my guess: that they all want to be pretty bunny girls. Edit: Well, I sure know Dragon Quest, don't I?
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    Combination Attacks. More character interaction. Much more character interaction. The Carver-Maribel concept was amazing but it never went anywhere.
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