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    Don't forget the side quest where you literally go to the moon and fight alien invaders on their UFO to save bunny girls that live on said moon. No, I am not making any of that up.
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    My thing is in another thread someone mentioned there was a new recruitable party member. I was assuming the name you used was that new member cause it would make sense. Regardless, I'm over it. I played a bit over the weekend. Did the horse race and still hate Faris. Ready to get my fabulous boi Sylvando in the party and start progressing. Once I finish up III on Switch I'll be able to commit more time to it. Yep that's the part I was waiting for you to get to. There's another part I'm looking forward to people getting to after that. All these people thinking the game is cheery, fun, and lighthearted. You fools!
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    For some reason I'm having trouble uploading a little Gold Golem .gif I made! I keep getting a "-200" error! Weird... anyway, here's wonderwall another slime!
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    I'm posting the questions and answers here from a conversation with Alexandrious over the messaging system. Feel free to add your own questions and I will try to answer them. Warning: I have avoided mentioning story based spoilers, but videos linked here do contain spoilers. As far as game story layout, I give a vague overview of it, so if you are extremely strict on yourself with spoilers you might want to skip over those questions. UPDATE: 4/23/2013 Added Questions 68-72 2/15/2013 Added Questions 66-67 2/5/2013 Added questions 60-65. 1/13/2013 Added a new question from PantheonSasuke. 1/12/2013 Added questions 50-59 1/10/2013 8:15 PST Added questions 41-49. 1/8/2013 7:00pm PST Added questions 37-40 and a sewing video for the answer to question 23. First time actively leveling it does depend on who you are leveling with. I think it took me about a month to get up to level 50 when the level cap was raised. Each time they raise the cap it takes about a week to reach the cap. I could be at level 60 now but I am holding back at the moment, so that I can enjoy my favorite classes for boss battles longer. Yes. They eat into some of your experience but on the whole they tend to make up for it in the speed that they can kill enemies with a lot of experience. Teams will be able to do more in the future, but yes they have a chat, yes they have a window listing people in the team and who is online. I believe the limit is 200 people. You only do the quest to have access to intense training. After that you then have the ability to go into "Intense Training Mode" when you are level 50, which allows you to earn training points when you fight monsters that are stronger than you instead of receiving experience. 1000 Training points gives you 1 skill point. It is complete in the way that DQIX was complete when you defeated "Corvus". There is obviously loose strings, and another demon lord is certainly out there somewhere, but there is no information about them other than the fact that everything isn't back to peace even though the big bad has been defeated. You could probably manage at level 35. A few levels earlier or later depending on how you go about it and who you are with. I do not think that people tend to use Paladins for AI that much. They aren't as good for leveling as say a Thief with claws or a Priest with a Pole. 22 hours. And you can max carry 20, and max saved up time is 440 hours. Yes. The calculation for how much you get is 25% of the experience and gold from battles you participate in. This is calculated from the person who uses you the most.There is also an upper limit based on the amount of experience between the level you are currently and the amount needed from that to the next level (not the current amount you need). x .1 X The amount of time you were used. Genkidama are a compeltly seprate system. You get double the experience and gold from battles that you start within 30 minutes of activating one.
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    Thanks to @aerynb for sending me screenshots of the loading screen tips from Dragon Quest XI Switch. I have created a new page and added them all to that page sorted by tip type. https://www.woodus.com/den/games/dq11s/loadingtips.php Sample images:
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    LOL! Just remember: his heart is in the right place...even though his hair is not.
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    You know I don't actually know if you have to have an online sub as I have never played the game without one. However, if you do, you won't need a JP one. You are only creating the JP acct to purchase the game. Once you do, you can use your regular US Switch acct to actually play the game. Umm I believe so yes. I've found it easier to use touch
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    I know! Seeing the Hero's horrible hair blow in the breeze in that cutscene... Damn, that was nearly a Game Over moment for me.
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    Here's an unpopular opinion I have. I strongly prefer the DQ2 soundtrack over the DQ3 one. In fact, the DQ3 overworked theme is second from bottom on my list. And then I go about my day.
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    My switch with dqxi, now in the right thread! Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
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    Yes. Or, for those who prefer it, you can have a fancy cape to wear over your regular outfit instead.
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    You can communicate either by using the touchscreen keyboard built into the Switch OS (not ideal) or through the DQX mobile app (super useful, even if it's difficult to understand). I have a link to the Android version but I'm unsure how to obtain it on iOS.
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    From what I gathered, Joker 3 basically takes place on an interstellar arc/group of flying islands taking humanity to a new home.
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    I don't believe there is a trial available for Switch. You have to buy the full game up front. Trial is limited to PC only, if I'm not mistaken. Sorry, should have mentioned that earlier.
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    Making a JP acct is pretty easy. This website should be able to walk you through it (https://www.gamesradar.com/3-easy-steps-to-setup-your-nintendo-switch-for-imports-with-a-japanese-eshop-account/). They have lifted the IP restriction for US and China players. Nobody knows if it will be reinstated. You currently do not need a VPN to play on Switch in the US. If they were to reinstate the IP block then you need to run your Switch through a VPN. There is a guide on how to do so here ( ) just in case that possibility ever arises. Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any more questions. If you get the game up and running be sure to request to join the Dragons Den Team.
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    Switch version is currently the easiest way to play if you're in the US. You do not use Crysta. You buy Yen gift cards from PlayAsia and redeem them to a Japanese Switch account (ask me if you don't know how to make one). You can then subscribe using your eshop account balance, no Crysta required. There is no physical Switch version sadly. Any physical packages sold online simply contain a download code. Its easiest to just purchase a digital copy using a JP Switch account and the above mentioned Yen Card method.
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    To celebrate the upcoming Legend of the Ancient Dragon expansion, I thought I'd post this topic detailing everything I know about DQX's story. Beware of spoilers. So, our story takes place in the world of Astoltia, known for its 6 main areas: Ogreed, Eltona, Dwachakka, Puku Land, the Wena Islands, and Rendashia. We start off as a random Human (we'll call him/her X) living in Etene, a small village in Rendashia. One day, the village is attacked by a strange guy with a scythe who calls himself Hades Nelgel. Wanting to get rid of a prophecied "heaven-sent child," the jerk burns down the village, kills everyone (including X), and seals Rendashia in a dark barrier. However, thanks to the power of a magic flower X had at the time, (s)he is brought back to life in the body of a random corpse that just recently died. (The Ogre froze to death. The Weddie was killed in a sword fight that was supposed to be a friendly spar. The Elf.....misfired a death spell? Someone correct that for me. The Puklipo......woke up in his/her coffin in a carriage. I'm pretty sure the dialogue did some explaining, but I can't read Japanese. The Dwarf........I don't know. I can't find the intro scene for Dwarves anywhere.) After some adventuring, X meets a sage who claims that he can help, but only after X gathers 6 sacred emblems. X does so, but is constantly tortured by visions of Hades Nelgel taunting him/her from afar. When the sage fails to break through the barrier, he tries to find help from a gal named Furukka, but she's a failure in whatever she does. Desperate, the sage pulls X from his/her body, which results in him/her meeting the corpse's original owner. X learns that the only thing that can penetrate Hades Nelgel's barrier is the Ark of the Heavens, a sacred vessel that was last seen 500 years ago. X travels back in time, witnesses some political problems between the Ogres and Humans, and despite defeating a demon named Razban, is unable to foil his ultimate plan (bringing Hades Nelgel to life). X finally makes it past the barrier, and climbs to Hades Nelgel's throne room, but doesn't account for the final trick up his sleeve. However, the trap fails, and the two finally battle square off, mano a mano. X wins and manages to escape, but Hades Nelgel's barrier remains intact. Using a magic compass, X makes it through the barrier into Rendashia, where (s)he has to find a "sleeping hero" who should, in theory, be able to ultimately destroy the barrier. On the way, X meets an (amnesiac?) girl who is trying to head to the kingdom of Gran Zedora. However, the road is blocked off to anyone who doesn't have 3 sacred butterflies, compliments of Princess Anlucea. X rounds up the butterflies, and meets the princess, who is actually an imposter, with the girl from earlier being the real Anlucea. The rest is mostly my guessing, but..........Anlucea turns out to be the "sleeping hero," and helps you defeat Hades Nelgel's boss, Great Satan Madesagora. If you have stuff to add here, don't be shy to post.
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    They look great! Thanks for adding them. I started on Act 2 this weekend and got a bunch more. I'll email them tonight or tomorrow. There were a few Dual-Wielding tips and more Forge tips that could have been helpful at the end of Act 1. Maybe they're programmed to show up after Act 1 is over. (sheesh)
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    Hi im Blindpcguy a visually impared (Optic Nerve Hypoplasia) gamer/streamer who loves RPGS a family member whos been a life long gamer recently recomended me the dragon quest series i bought the game on pc got like 3 hourrs in and found out about the switch release a few months before launch so stopped playing. on launch day i bought dq11s dq 1-3 and the 3ds port of 7. i also really enjoy the tales of series, final fantasy, world of warcraft, elite dangerous, and pretty much everything nintendo. looking foward to meeting and learning more about the dragon quest series and getting involved in this awesome community . im also really active over on discord so if anyone has cool places to hang and vc about the series always down for that as well
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    So, I had a lot of time to play this weekend and... ...WOW. Oh...my...God... I'll just put the rest in spoiler tags for those who may not have reached this point yet. I made it past THAT scene with the World Tree.
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    Been playing Dragon Quest III (via the Switch version) on and off with Dragon Quest XI S. Mainly I put on DQ3 after a long day of work so I can play something I don’t necessarily have to focus too much on. This is why I wish more RPGs nowadays had lighter stories: sometimes you just need an RPG that’s fun to play and not one that has a lot of story to it. Anyway, my party has been Hero, Warrior, Thief, and Mage. At some point Mage will become a Sage so I can have someone with Mulitheal. I almost made my Thief a Gadabout instead, as I named the character after Platty, but I opted for a Thief because of the chance to steal items. Plus, I’ve used a Gadabout before in a Super Famicom Run (or should I say I used a Jester?), and quite honestly using that class was...well, let’s just say interesting. I’d be down for trying to use a Jester again, maybe a male and female one, but I don’t think I could handle a full party playthrough of them. I’m hit and miss on the playable character/NPC sprites, but I think the newly drawn monsters look great. A lot of them look exactly like the art I remember all those years ago from my Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 guide book. I do wish there was a sprite filter for the playable characters as I prefer the SNES look of the character sprites, but I’m good with how they updated the monsters. Only other thing I wish this version had was the ability to use the L or ZL button to select commands. It’s not just because DQ11 lets us do that; I’ve played other RPGs where you can essentially play one handed, and it’s kind of useful if I need to look something up on my phone or change whatever I’m listening to or what have you. That’s a minor gripe though. Right now I’m heading to Skyfell Tower to look for Kandar. I’ve been doing a bunch of battling to get a lot of gold for good weapons and armor, but honestly I’ve never minded fighting a lot of battles in all the times I’ve played DQ3.
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    The Super Famicom version also has the Pachisi boards still intact. That’s a pretty significant difference along with the monster animations.
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    Open this page in Chrome (make sure you have Google Translate installed) https://dragon-quest.jp/ten/quest/number.php and look for the quest number that matches the quest. This site is an invaluable resource. Also, I highly recommend checking out Nawaria's translation on YouTube.
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    new to the fourms here but iv been playing them as a first time player of the original 3 im really enjoying them or at least the originall a friend said it was a good idea to run through them before getting too deep in 11s so i am and so far am really enjoying the experince iv also fired up the snes versions english patched on my snes classic edition and compared they both to me have a charm but in a diffrent way.
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    They don't exist...they're all unique experiences. As per favourite, it depends on a lot of factors. I'll split into multiple factors: 1) Overall Favourite - 2) Content - 3) QoL / Best Balance - this one might be split into multiple if one doesn't satisfy both 4) Visual / Auditory Aesthetic - this may also be split into multiple if one doesn't satisfy both Dragon Quest I Overall Favourite - ...I don't like this game Content - ...I don't like this game QoL / Best Balance - ...I don't like this game Visual / Auditory Aesthetic - ...I don't like this game, but I LOVE the music If I had to say...put Switch on everything but Visual, in which case, the SFC version Dragon Quest II Overall Favourite - Switch (the added content to emphasize the crest search helps give grander purpose to 70% of the game, and spearheading a direction...I know this is in the iOS/Droid, but the controls are superior, as #$*! mobile controls, they're terrible, even if DQ's are particularly well done, you can't fix bad, just make it tolerable, so technically the 3DS and PS4 would fall in here too) Content - Switch + iOS/Droid (crest search focus helps move the goal posts for the main quest, instead of random wandering) QoL / Best Balance - Switch + iOS/Droid (more Zoom locations...yes please, that solves everything, though a shoutout to both the NES version, for the bug that allows for a second Waterflying Clothes, and the GBC for giving better general reductions from reduction equipment) Visual - SFC (I cannot for the life of me enjoy those models) Auditory Aesthetic - Switch + iOS/Droid Dragon Quest III Overall Favourite - GBC (Ice Dungeon, certain equipment is actually useful, whereas it's pointless in every other version, like Ortega's Helm and the Magic Bikini, the Pachisi games, the Grand Dragon boss fight, the better Content - GBC (though medal hunting is nightmarish, using codes to gain access to the second bonus dungeon, it's a fun place to be, and a cool boss fight at the end...plus that Rubiss Sword) QoL / Best Balance - GBC (two exceptions...Baramos on the SFC, mobile, iOS/Droid, 3DS, PS4, and Switch is the superior and harder battle ...due to limitations in equipment thanks to the lack of the pachisi mini-game, the mobile/iOS/Droid/3DS/PS4/Switch releases have the hardest perfect Zoma and Xenlong fights...Zoma normal is easier as EXP gains are MUCH higher, like 2x higher, so levels are generally higher on average...early 40's vs late 40's, making a huge impact on difficulty of the dumbed down Zoma battle after using the Sphere of Light) Visual / Auditory Aesthetic - SFC (that SFX reverb, that dark palette, that even the new synth renditions are barely a step up, though I will say iOS/Droid and Switch has the best quality OST) Dragon Quest IV Overall Favourite - iOS/Droid (DS for controls, but that party chat) Content - iOS/Droid (that party chat) QoL - iOS/Droid (that party chat) Best Balance - PSX (changes to the DS and beyond render the game easy mode, with the exception of Keeleon and Balzack...hero's stats especially, but also Nara have insane stat gains compared to the other versions...PSX strikes a nice even tone even the original NES doesn't have, especially as it was the first version to have full control of the party, plus the DS version's AI is terrible, and unfortunately, the best AI, even considering Cristo/Kiryl, is still the NES) Visual / Auditory Aesthetic - iOS/Droid Dragon Quest V Overall Favourite - iOS/Droid (DS for controls) Content - iOS/Droid + DS (same content really, the online feature on the DS is removed with no replacement, but it added nothing except as a lame form of sharing really silly stuff) QoL - iOS/Droid Best Balance - PS2 (the most difficult overall...I'm not sure what happened with the DS and iOS/Droid versions, but they are easier, despite virtually the same stats, my guess is higher EXP gains, and pachisi track changes to benefit stat boosts? I'd have to look into it) Visual / Auditory Aesthetic - PS2 Dragon Quest VI Overall Favourite - iOS/Droid (DS though, for play controls alone, if the Droid/iOS version ever gets released on Switch, THAT will be the superior release due to controls) Content - iOS/Droid (Dreamscape system is added to the normal game, making for a fun mini-game collection quest to access two of the best slime recruits) QoL / Best Balance - iOS/Droid (tweaks that benefit Terry, plus the earlier access naturally for Curie + Shelley, and Mercury make for a better experience) Visual / SFX Aesthetic - SFC (darker colour palette fits the world perfectly, while the remake's light and bright palette just doesn't work well, especially in this game...the SFX are just superior, especially that chill reverb sound that makes certain attacks sound like they're in an audience chamber, it adds another layer of bombast to the battle system...otherwise, the visual effects on the DS and iOS/Droid releases are superior, the models are better, and the enemy animations are top notch). Auditory Aesthetic - iOS/Droid (highest quality music, remastered synth that sounds fairly close to actual orchestration) Dragon Quest VII Overall Favourite - 3DS Content - 3DS QoL - 3DS (though it could have used more, and lacking Padfoot is a HUGE negative...the main bonus is the tracking system, so it's easy to walk away for any amount of time, and come back to a very well written story synopsis, and ample explanation for missing elements, and the various fragment tracking systems makes it easy to move forward) Best Balance - PSX (the 3DS needs a LOT of enemy work, or the EXP gains, spawn rate, and monster aversion should be tweaked to match the PSX experience, as the balance is the best in the entire series for normal play...just fight as you go, no farming until post-game, is literally KNIFE EDGE perfection tied to the tempo of the game and encounter rate, and likely levels/classes mastered at each point) Visual / Auditory Aesthetic - 3DS Special Note: iOS/Droid, if it ever comes out here, allows access to all the DLC maps without the need for the DLC system (of course being Dragon Quest, it's on-cart locked out...needs unlock keys sort of system). If we ever get a Switch release, it will be this version, and there aren't on-screen enemies, but instead random battles, as I guess the encounter rate was a massive f-up, and Arte Piazza, or the SE mobile team who worked on it clearly didn't have the resources or time to rework the system, so they just switched it back to Random Encounter, and apparently it's higher than the original, but definitely better than the general encounter rate on the 3DS, which is a plus. Dragon Quest VIII Overall Favourite - 3DS Content - 3DS QoL / Best Balance - 3DS (hardest and easiest to break and turn into an easy experience) Visual / Auditory Aesthetic - PS2 (while I prefer seeing monsters on the screen to random encounters, the changes to the landscape were tragic, and while the OST is properly integrated, I greatly prefer the more relaxed and slower tempo of the Orchestrated renditions, ESPECIALLY the battle music, which was further altered in the 3DS to a higher tempo beyond the original Japanese PS2 tempo, and it sounds off putting to me...also my second least favourite DQ battle theme...I actually prefer 11's more over time, with 9's being my least favourite) Dragon Quest IX Overall Favourite + Content + QoL / Best Balance + Visual / Auditory Aesthetic - DS (only one release) Dragon Quest XI Overall Favourite - Switch Content - Switch QoL - Switch Balance - 3DS for Normal , Switch for max Draconian run , PS4 for Stronger Monsters ...though this may change to the Switch as they worked hard on rebalancing SM Visual Aesthetic - PC (PS4 Pro looks the same, but it lacks the ability to scale up to 60FPS and for any setup with more than a 1080p screen, it lacks the blur effect, plus the ability to mod) Auditory Aesthetic - Switch (8's overworld music, symphonic tracks for 80+% of the ost, and baumrun's track) ========= I only mention the iOS/Droid as separate for DQ7 because you CAN play the other versions of the other releases via emulator, but I'm unsure where to go to get the iOS/Droid, though it's probably available somewhere on the web.
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    This doesn't bode well in my eyes... I was hoping a success in China would convince SE that a broader worldwide release would be worth it.
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