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    Wow, sorry guys, I've been a bit busy, and I failed to check this. Many thanks. It was a good birthday. My family and I went to the Natural History Museum, which was a blast, since it's been awhile, and they've changed the exhibits. Only they removed a Tyranosaurus skeleton from the opening hall (which is still in the photos advertising the Museum), and replaced it with a cheap anamatronic Allosaurus. It was a good time, and it's quite amazing to have a museum in the heart of one of the largest dig site states in the US, and it's only half the size of the Natural History Museum in New York, and yet I only managed to get through 1/2 of the whole thing in a 4 hour period. It's at times like these I miss New York. That Blue Whale and Giant Squid hanging in the roundabout giant circular staircase, life-sized (at least what was perceived as such for the Squid 60 years ago) models...so awe inspiring. Then the giant Brachiosaur leg on the second floor, second room to the right (I could be remembering wrong...I was 9). They're all probably gone now. Anyway, it was a fun day, pleasant, and relaxed. Thanks for the Birthday wishes!
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    I got passed Gallopolis and I am now looking for the water west of Gondolia. People were right on saying that the monster buff being hard around level 15 for Draconic Quest. That Gallopolis boss just kept getting crits on me. Having a much easier time since I got passed that. I really want to do a crafted only run, so I think for my 2D run I will go with harder monsters and crafted items only.
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    To one of my oldest DQ buddies...but not that old. Happy birthday!
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    No worries, just giving you a hard time. 😜 Don’t worry Aust, you won’t miss the Tockles who give the Pastwords out. If you saw the red colored Tockle in Tickington, you’ll know what to keep an eye out for as you explore. I will say that if you haven’t gone to the campsite in the southwest of the Gallopolis region, be sure to pay it a visit...
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    Yeah, this will be my third time thru DQ 11 since I played thru the Japanese version (few months short to get the DQ 1, 2 3 downloads for free though), so I look forward to the 2D aspect. Thanks for the kudos for the site, amazing what a hobby site has turned into Lots of thanks goes to all the members who provide me with much of the data, so if you have anything to add let me know.
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    Nice, looks like a new avatar icon to me
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    You were the most diligent swimmer!
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    May your birthday happiness run longer than your posts! [emoji12]
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