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    Wait...is that a mod for Shin Megami Tensei? Because that looks like a modded version of SMT1 for the Super Famicom. Either that or Atlus was able to strike a deal with Disney back in the day for demon versions of Mickey and Donald! 😜
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    As a Lightning fan, having my hopes and dreams crushed so utterly and completely sucked. At least your run was over before it even began.
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    Another brilliantly done 8-bit cover! You're a wizard! (Harry...)
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    Sequel was different. You had a character walking around town and constantly going into the same dungeon over and over. If you ran into a monster, it started a battle. And you had to battle the damn doors going room to room. I remember the doors. I disliked it. Maybe it was just the phone version I disliked and would’ve taken to it more on a console. The whole thing is $15 so I’d be worthwhile to me just for the original game. The sequel would be a bonus.
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    It feels smaller because of how segmented the regions are. But playing through the game I didn't feel like it was too cramped or large. The game had a good use of the space in the world map. Also the world feels a lot larger when you are able to start sailing.
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    It's smaller than open world games people play. The thing is, though, is DQ 11 uses its space right and makes the world feel the size it needs to be.
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    Downloading it now. I'll give it a try once I don't have a million games to play.
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    I've been meaning to read that but have never gotten around to it.
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    If you look under the Dragon Quest IV section of the Den, there should a spot in the sidebar where an old member’s adaptation of the first two chapters of the game have been converted into a book. I think the project was dropped midway through chapter two. It was a fun read, from what I remember, so give it a read.
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    Not sure if this is the proper section to voice this or not (if it's not, tell me where to move it) but I've been planning on writing a novelization adapting the story of Dragon Quest IV. If my avatar didn't already indicate it, it is my favorite game of the series. I'm no stranger to writing--I've been writing for 20 years now just for fun and have a 5 ft. stack of various manuscript pages (I print everything I write out). I've written adaptations of Dragon Quest I, II and III over a decade ago, so I'm no stranger to adapting some of the games in this series into book form. The best book I've ever written has to be my adaptation of Dragon Quest I. I had a lot of fun with that one. During the course of my writing for that one, I surprised myself by realizing (in my canon) that the Dragonlord had reason for what he was doing. I realized that he was bullied as a child for being part dragon. Alefgard, in its post-Zoma days, had grown complacent and somewhat bigoted toward monster kind. They never gave the Dragonlord a chance. The citizens ostracized him from society. In despair, he fled to Charlock castle where he would bide his time for the day he would bring Alefgard to its knees. This story involved the main hero being someone who was ALSO bullied in society who learned he was the secret progeny of Erdrick. It was quite an emotional book that saw the hero somewhat empathizing with the dragonlord, the two coming to a form of understanding, and the hero ultimately dismissing the dragonlord's war on Alefgard. He tries to appeal to the dragonlord by telling him that there is still good in Alefgard--that people can grow and change. The dragonlord succumbs to his hatred in the fight, however, forcing the hero to defeat him. Before dying, the Dragonlord had a moment of clarity and thanked the hero for "setting me free" before dying. It wasn't my intention to make him sympathetic. I didn't set out to write him that way. The thing about writing is that the arc can sometimes twist you in strange directions. It's best to go with the flow. If you defy the arc, it can lead to a sloppy mess of a story. In the end, I wound up not only adapting the first game into a book--I had added my own signature to it, turning it into a surprisingly emotional adventure. Two men treated poorly by the society of Alefgard with both going in different directions. I featured a happy ending, however--the spirit of the Dragonlord (Whom I named Dracolord in the book) appeared before the hero (before the hero set sail with Gwaelin) and informed him that he'd found peace in the afterlife and thanked him for freeing him from the dark clutches before he had died. It was a story of redemption, self-reflection, reflection on society and true anti-bullying message without feeling preachy in any of those terms. LOL! I know--it's making a mountain out of a mole hill. I mean--it's a little 8-bit archaic RPG with almost no story and wafer-thin characters. I sure fleshed it out, LOL!
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    Yeah, sorry probably should have put that in a spoiler tag, keep forgetting not everyone has played thru it since it has been so long since I finished DQ 11 with the Japanese version.
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    Crazy Commie Commander Duck Donald, and his legendary chainsaw he stole from Edgar behind the scenes, and his cohort, Maniacal Mickey with his Mousekateer Kiddie Culling Cutlasses!
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    Looks like I was right. And DQXII has a retro 16-bit mode like 11 does!
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    I've just kind of been bouncing between a few things while I wait for Ni no Kuni. Dragon Warrior Monsters seems like a much bigger time commitment than I thought so I've been playing Runescape as well. Popped in Dragon Warrior 3 on NES last night since I needed a little pick me up from the day. TGIF is gonna have a whole different meaning this week.
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