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    Or if there is any possibility the Erik and Mia game comes out about the same time, that might be a good pair to have a cross-game tie in.
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    I finally completed all of the games in Collection of Mana. It was a lot of fun. Final Fantasy Adventure: The one thing I hate about older games is cryptic BS. And this game did infuriate me with it. The "Palm Trees and 8" clue was the dumbest thing I have had to go through in a game in years. There was no way to get passed it without having to go to a walkthrough. Towards the end of the game you also had to find one crystal to destroy in an area filled with them to progress. Again, that would have taken me several hours to do. The dungeons were a bit annoying since the progression was locked behind hidden doors you destroy (like Legend of Zelda) so you had to get in the habit of hitting every wall to find them. But this didn't become much of an issue later when you get the weapon that allows you to destroy walls. The translation was pretty bad, but it was good enough to know what was going on and where to go. Outside of a few frustrating points, I had some fun with this game. Secret of Mana: I have heard people praise this game for so many years. I did play it when it first came out on the Wii VC but didn't get that far into it. My biggest complaint is the AI. They either get stuck behind objects when I am trying to move, or they sometimes don't go through with a command I give them. That ended up causing some frustration. While it wasn't that problematic, you can obviously tell that the end of the game had some content cut out. The pacing of the game was done well until you had to go to The Moon Palace. After that the game felt rushed. It really didn't bother me, but I can't help feel on how the game would have been as the developers intended. I had a lot of fun with this game, and wouldn't mind playing it again with a friend in the future. Trials of Mana: I don't have many negative things with this game. The game did have some glitched text in the menus, which I am guessing had to do with how badly the text was programmed into the game. The menu and item sorting as a bit annoying. Outside of that this game was REALLY good. It is a damn shame it never got released outside of Japan until recently. This game is so much fun. I am looking forward to the remake that is coming out next year. Considering that Trials of Mana has 3 major paths with different bosses, I think I am going to try to beat the game at least one more time before the big release next Friday.
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    We'll surely have at least 2 Dragon Quest 10 reps in Heroes 3, Anlucia is a lock. Veronica, Serena and Sylvando are likely the XI reps. I don't see any IX character through, the characters of that game aren't popular at all, X NPCs at least are capable of fighting and have an interesting backstory/personality like Anlucia or Fuser.
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    True. There are a TON. No reason to believe DQ would cut off after 2.
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    No I only watched the video on mute. I could see Shield getting a version exclusive evolution then.
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    Oh #$*!, it's a Disney collaboration!? Kingdom Quest! I'm going to make Mickey a #$*!ing jester class. I'm sick of his smug "I'm the hero" bit. Long live Donald! Maybe, but we won't see DQXII until after they remake DQIX for Switch. That I guarantee. Bet you half my gold, I'll die if I'm wrong.
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    You might try using SoftEther and see if you still have the same problem using that service. Make sure you really are connected to the VPN. I needed to have my Switch connect to a PC that was sharing the connection for it to work. Other players had a phone act as a hot spot and had their switch connect to the VPN signal as a hot spot. If you're getting the error your Switch probably is not seeing the VPN.
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    They’ll release the Wii U version only and then a year or two later give us the Switch version with more features to make the Wii U version outdated.
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    Can we get X over here before all the others? Please, Square Enix? Pretty please? Pretty please with a Slime on top?
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    90% sure that a Dragon Quest VIII HD with all the features from the 3DS version will be announced next year. I’m also fairly confident that Dragon Quest IV-VI for Switch in the same format as the trilogy that’s coming next week will happen next year too. Don’t think we’ll get full remasters however.
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    They did an entire Attack on Titan game to just cover season two, but there was so little content to add, the literally remade the previous game with some changes, and pasted the second season content to it. Reminds me of when some games based on long-running anime would just...end, because the story was still going in the show. A DS Yu-Gi-Oh! GX game I used to play had like the very beginning of a story arc and then went, “well, that’s it, bye!” because the show hadn’t gone much further than that.
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    Hideo Kojima, who doesn't know what Death Stranding is about, is planning sequels.
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    I don’t know what’s more surreal: Ash finally winning a Pokémon League or CNN and ESPN covering it.
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    Neat. I finally have something to spend those stupid Nintendo Gold points on!
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    Hell yeah! Glad I cancelled my Play Asia order.
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    Heeeeey, look at that. Now I don’t need to contemplate spending $30-40 for a GBC cartridge. Phone is fine but a prefer playing on a handheld system.
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    All I want in Heroes 3 is for Yangus, Torneko, Ragnar, Sir Mervyn, and/or Morrie to be a playable character(s). Oh, and Sylvando because he’s so damn funny.
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    Jade is most likely going to be in heroes 3, she's like the most popular character in dq11 in Japan.
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    Dynasty Warrior-style games will never stop coming. I don’t think people realize how many are out there really. And so long as this is true, there’s always a chance the next one is Heroes III. We have a Heroic Legend of Arslan one of these things and two Attack on Titan games.
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