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    We basically just crowdsourced a gag, right here.
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    Liam has reached the next level in Audio! He becomes a Micro-Phoner! When equipped with headsets, his attack will be boosted by +5.
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    So as people may or may not know from my posts in the other topic, i have a copy of the game on its way(arrives 24th-27th). I made this topic to have a fresh one for the game. Is there any guides/info on the game out there somewhere? I've only tried googling around a little so far. Specifically i'm looking for info on things like ammo, crew members, optional quests, and whatever else i can find for that matter.
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    Here are some videos from @DQ11_PR, which is the official Japanese Twitter account for Dragon Quest XI. Here's the Luminary riding a Slime Knight.
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    Release timing depends on a few things: 1) Asset reuse - most DQ releases use the same game engines, but rebuild from scratch. It's why they take so long. It's really the remakes that tend to rehash assets given how Arte Piazza handles them, and the timing of their releases (at least if THEY are remaking a game). The spinoffs also seem to rehash assets, thus the timing of DQH2 and DQB2 compared to their original versions. If they tracked to mainline, they would have taken another year or more. 2) Epic's Engine reuse or a new engine based on a new development house. Maybe they bring in Level-5 and Level-5 wants to reuse the engine they built for 8 and 9, and tweak it, due to lack of experience with UE4, thus adding extra time building new tools and retooling for higher grade graphics. --- If they reuse UE4 for Switch + PS5, or just stick to a single console, and reuse assets from 11 to build off of, production will speed up substantially. It's not the standard though, so likely 2021 we'll see first pictures in Japan. 2022, the first video release, and maybe a late 2022, or early 2023 release. Though if they reuse assets to build off of, to cut down costs and reduce production time (they might given SE is handling development inhouse now, and bringing in other groups to help with development), we could see some video at TGS 2020 and a late 2021 release. Though Horii is known to delay games (he just doesn't shout it out to the world anymore given what happened with Enix's stock dropping 30% by delaying DQ7 another year), for perfection reasons, story changes, etc. So early 2022 is still more likely. === I do expect to see something DQ unveiled very early next year, and teased again in October/November/December. Either a remake (9 or a new remake for 1 to move along to 3...or skipping 1+2 and doing just a remake of 3 again), Heroes 3, which has already been teased a year back, and no word. Or the new Action DQ RPG that SE is hiring for, is a new spinoff series...something I personally hope is true.
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    I did make a post around here with basically my impressions and kinda a Walkthrough. For help, I mainly went straight to the source https://gbatemp.net/threads/translation-release-dragon-quest-heroes-rocket-slime-3ds.544953/page-4 and posted. People responded quickly. For even faster help, they're on Discord too. Stupid thing won't copy and paste. Here's the link as a picture.
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    More like, you leveled up and you’ve allocated skill points to “audio” and you had +5 stat boost.
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    If you get the full game you can continue where you left off. The trial goes to about the end of V2 from what I've heard. You probably can't actually fight the V2 final boss though.
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    I was trying to remember which thread I had posted about them in. I was just coming with the link lol. Thanks for the heads up! Probably going to wait until payday. Money is a bit tight with the whole buying a new house thing.
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    I Love the upgraded graphics. . . Too bad the Party Members are still just as generic as they've always been; Good thing that Party Members with distinctive names, personalities, and Designs have been a Staple of the series since DQIV. . .
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    I see. I didnt realize that i couldnt use my modded Wii to play other region games.. I'll check it out on your Youtube channels. I'm sure it will become available through emulation or other simpler means some day.. Hydeki - I have been playing the PS4 trial and its a blast. I've gotten through the prologue and the first part of the elf story where you go to take the test.. How much longer is the trial? Would it be worth importing the All In One v1-v4 disc for the whole game? If I get to the end of v2 on the trial and then import the disc will I have to start over or can I continue with the progress ive already made in the trial? Thanks again!
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    You'd have to be sadistic to choose Nera, that's for sure.
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    This. They can put Stella playable if they want just to have IX representation.
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    Sylvando, yes! She's got a different kind of weapon, yes! Shame. Shame.
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    Dynasty Warrior-style games will never stop coming. I don’t think people realize how many are out there really. And so long as this is true, there’s always a chance the next one is Heroes III. We have a Heroic Legend of Arslan one of these things and two Attack on Titan games.
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    I recall them letting it slip that they were working on it.
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