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    So, finally convinced the wife to try the game now that it's coming to the Switch. Iggy, you'll be glad to hear that so far her favourite character is Veronica. Though, I suspect that it'll be Sylvando once she gets him in the release version.
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    I just finished the gate of Sleep. I recruited darkcrab, skullgon, skeletor, and deadnoble while i was there. The fight with Esterk lasted for 11 turns. He mostly spammed rainslash and the occasional gigaslash, overall a very easy fight. Next up i'm releasing my current whipbird as its been sitting awake at the farm for pretty much forever, and didn't learn any skills as a result. I'm going to catch a new one from the gate of mastermind and get it to learn tatsucall so i can unlock the next gate at the bazaar. UDPATE Okay i recruited a new whipbird and leveled it up once to get it to learn tatsucall. From there I showed it to the guy at the bazaar to unlock the 2nd gate in the bazaar. After that i went through the gate recruiting madmirror, voodoll, balzak, metaldrak, roboster, and bombcrab. Next up after i take a break i'll see about trying to catch a female arcdemon from the library gate to breed with the metaldrak to create a lavaman. After that i'll grab some lower level monsters off the farm and try to swipe an iceman from a foreign trainer. Then i'll breed the lavaman and iceman to create a goldgolem. After that i'll finally catch and raise some new slimes to breed for a kingslime to breed with the goldgolem to finally create a goldslime for unlocking the old man gate. UPDATE 2 Okay i've successfully bred a lavaman(blessed egg to force female), and recruited an iceman(caught male) from a foreign trainer as well. I bred them to create a goldgolem which i had the egg blessed to turn it female and its now asleep at the farm. I've also caught and started training 2 Slimes who are currently up to level 20. UPDATE 3 Okay i've spent enough time to level up the Slimes to 30 apiece and bred them to create a new female +3 Slime. After that i put her to sleep just long enough to catch a male +0 Slime. Then i collected the +3 Slime from the farm. I'll work on raising them a bit later and breed them when they both hit level 20. UPDATE 4 I've finished leveling the Slimes to 20 and breeding them to create a Kingslime. After that I got the egg evaluated and turned it male. Then I hatched it and took my male Kingslime and female Goldgolem to roughly level 10 each and bred them to create a Goldslime which was male. I used that to unlock the old man gate, then went and beat the Goopi I hadn't dealt with yet, to unlock the gate underneath the right statue at the monster arena. I'll see about going through that new gate at the arena next, then the old man gate. After that the only thing left will be to access and go through the 99 field gate via gameshark code.
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    Okay the battle with Zoma took at around 15ish turns. Zoma was pretty much alternating between whitefire and bigbang the entire fight, though he'd occasionally cast one 2 or 3 times in a row. I had to Alternate charge/cautious plans on my Slime and Picky to get them to defend some of the time and keep the party alive. Overall a good fight, and the extra max hp from being +13 instead of +8 on my monsters made all the difference. I'll update this post later with news of further gates once i try them. There are 3 gates left to do, not counting the one you need an AR code to access. The gates of demolition, Sleep, and extinction are left, plus some others i haven't looked into yet. For example the 2nd gate at the bazaar which requires a monster with a summon skill hasn't been unlocked, or the gate that requires you to find out the little girl's name then show the grandfather a goldslime hasn't been unlocked either. I also need to unlock the gate under the right statue at the arena as well, though I "think" i know which goopi i need to beat for that one. Honestly i probably won't bother with the one that requires a goldslime. I will try to catch an extra whipbird though and then cheat its stats high enough to learn tatsucall, that should suffice to unlock the second gate in the bazaar. So basically next time i play here in a bit, i'll try to beat a goopi at rock paper scissors and catch an extra whipbird to unlock that 2nd bazaar gate. UPDATE Just finished fighting Sidoh in the Demolition gate. Compared to Zoma the fight was a joke, very easy took around maybe 10 turns. Sidoh spent most of its turns alternating whitefire and hellblast, though he also threw in the occasional physical attack. Was able to leave my Slime and Picky on charge the entire time, was easy for my Slimenite to keep up with the healing with healall. UPDATE 2 The gate of extinction has been cleared. I recruited a grendal, ogre, and goathorn while going through the gate(didn't need any of the others). The fight was PIzzaro was a complete joke. He alternated white fire and hellblast some of the time while throwing in some physical attacks and quadhits. The quadhits was so pitifully weak as to do 1 dmg per hit to any of my monsters even when they weren't defending. The battle took about 19 turns in total because my Slime seemed to enjoy casting firebolt a bit more than physically attacking for some odd reason(wasn't an issue with other bosses and he's still vain personality). I'll look into doing the gate of sleep next most likely. Need to recruit about 4 monsters from that gate.
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