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    With Dragon Fantasy done, I’m going back to Grand Kingdom again for the 15th time. This time I’m not starting from the beginning and I’m instead gonna roll with the progress I made last time. This is gonna be the one, you guys!
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    So I've just finished the Dragon Quest XI S demo with the play time at 06:49. Here are some things (both good and bad) that really stand out to me when playing Dragon Quest XI S. I've noticed that there's sometimes an audio delay when I arrive at the file select menu, which can admittedly be a little jarring. File Select Menu Audio Delay.mp4 I'm really happy I can skip cutscenes from the get-go, especially since I've already played the Steam version of Dragon Quest XI. I've really enjoyed playing Dragon Quest XI S with the "All Enemies Are Super Strong" and "Party Wiped Out if Protagonist Perishes" Draconian Quests. I've only enabled the "No Fleeing from Battle" Draconian Quest when playing the Steam version of Dragon Quest XI. I'm still really annoyed I can only remove Draconian Quests when talking to a priest/nun, not add more Draconian Quests. I quite enjoy the Japanese dub and I do really appreciate the lip movement matching the Japanese dub. However, I do notice that there are some cutscenes where the text keeps going on whilst there's no Japanese dub, which can admittedly be a little distracting, but I imagine it has to do with the fact that the Western version uses more text than the Japanese version. I find it interesting that Square Enix decided to give the Luminary more grunts when jumping and when in battle. However, I do appreciate that little bit of extra effort. I'm really happy I can select the "Ultra-Fast" speed when in battle. It really does make battles feel snappy. I've played the Steam version of Dragon Quest XI to see how battles feel, and it definitely feels a little sluggish now. I also enjoy seeing characters chiming in via a speech text in the upper right hand corner as well as hearing how party members react to party member actions, such as using Heal, etc. I think it makes battles a little more enjoyable. (I've decided to create a new save file with almost all of the Draconian Quests, except the "No Shopping" and the "No Armour" Draconian Quests.) I'm really happy I can access the Fun-Size Forge no matter where I am. I've found it quite annoying I have to make camp to access the Fun-Size Forge. And because of that, I didn't really do a lot of forging. It's a shame really since I find forging on the Fun-Size Forge to be quite addicting. But since I can access the Fun-Size Forge anywhere I go, I'll probably do a lot more forging with the Fun-Size Forge once I get more recipes. I'm really happy that I can use Nose for Treasure once I got Erik in my party. I was really annoyed when I was playing the Steam version of Dragon Quest XI that I have to finish certain events in Act III (the post-game) in order to receive an item that tells me how many treasures are there in the area I'm in. But since I can access Nose for Treasure once Erik's in my party, I wonder if the item I've mentioned will make an appearance in Dragon Quest XI S. I'm really happy I can access the Quick Commands menu by pressing + to get quick access to The Fun-Size Forge, Nose for Treasure, and the Quest Catalogue. I find it quite annoying that I have navigate the menu in order to access the Quest Catalogue to see if I can unlock quests and/or if I'm close to finishing up my quests. I was (and still am) really surprised when I've heard the track "A New Comrade" from the Dragon Quest I Symphonic Suite being used when new party member(s) joined the party. I didn't expect Square Enix to do this. And I think it's a noticeable improvement from the track used in the PlayStation 4 and Steam versions of Dragon Quest XI. Veronica and Serena Join the Party!.mp4 And it's worth noting that the only time the Dragon Quest XI S demo crashed for me one time was when I was at the armour shop in downtown Heliodor. All and all, I've really enjoyed my time with the Dragon Quest XI S demo. And it's going to be a very long 25 days until I can get my hands on the full physical release of Dragon Quest XI S. I can't wait.
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    So, something really funny happened while I was playing the demo. While heading to the Cryptic Crypt I went to attack a Lump Wizard. I noticed the hero didn’t do the attack animation but still did damage and then the battle started. Well, once the battle was over...this happened. (The animated ones should have sound if you click on them and go directly to imgur.) And even after resting at the nearby campfire... It wasn’t until I saved and re-loaded my save file that he FINALLY stopped playing with his sword. It was easily one of the funniest things I’ve had happen to me in a Dragon Quest game. Should’ve called this the “Play with Your Sword Edition,” instead of “Definitive Edition.” Morrie would be so proud of the DQ11 hero.
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    Aye. Well, there's a the very least one French person (me) who does so. I like seeing all around me when I play. And 3rd person view is the best way to do so.
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    Aaah my bad then! 😅 I mean, Skyrim was somewhat playable in first-person mode, but it clearly wasn't ideal in my opinion. However I now get what you mean. The streets of Dalmasca and others towns of FFXII (Bujerba etc) would have been great to see as if you were seeing them through your eyes indeed. I can only suppose the same would apply to DQXI.
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    For those members who've only recently joined us, meet our satirical artist, Dwaine!
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    Good. I'm glad the game doesn't have this feature. You deserve to suffer.
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