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    From my understanding it’s the same for the mobile versions of I and II. They are based on phone ports too. I liked played III on my phone, but it lacking a lot of the features from the Super Nintendo and GBC versions makes it a bit hard for me to return to the mobile version. I do like the new localization script, though.
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    III doesn't have the monster animations, which prevents it from being the definitive version. It's based off of an old phone port that couldn't handle it then, but since the animations were present in the GBC version, for them to not have gone back and added in those sprites is cheap and lazy.
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    1-3 mobile ports are great, what are you talking about? Sent from my LG-H871 using Tapatalk
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    They say he's too RNG. Apparently one guy landed nothing but critical hits and got 0% instant kills with Whack/Thwack. Theoretically the same odds can be applied to Peach and G&W for their RNG (technically Daisy too but her turnips are a nerfed version of Peach's). If we want to be real though, no player worth their salt would risk the Whack/Thwack at that low of a percentage when you can use pretty much any other spell/ability for an easy 30% or do some quick combos for damage. And the actual odds of anyone being that lucky with crits is such a poor argument because it has to apply to all RNG based moves in the game. They banned Hero because they can't git gud. It wasn't. Essentially given how small the community for Smash is there they decided they just don't like him. He isn't popular enough to sit with them.
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    The inspection went well. We went to a brewery down the road for dinner and I took a 4 pack home...and had one too many. Thank god for Advil and bacon, egg, & cheese sandwiches from Dunkins.
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    Yeah it was a good time walking around, checking out the sights and chatting about DQ. Glad your concert went well and it didn't rain
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    Great. I applied there last night too. Glad one way or the other it went through!
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