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    Second coming of Alolan Exeggutor. I like how all these regional forms just add mustaches and beards.
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    4. Out of jail in DQB2, and really played a lot my last few days of summer. Almost done with the entire next island already (3rd of 4?). Over 55 hours now. Damn, this is a long game. Enjoying it, but ready to be done. I knew I was missing something. I bought the Braveland Trilogy on Switch a few weeks back. 7. Braveland - Beat the first game in the trilogy tonight. It's very similar to the Heroes of Might and Magic games. The first was basic basic, few frills. I hear it gets better as it goes on. But I can put this aside now, this first title is complete. Yay, I beat one of my games.
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    It's kinda cool when you haven't seen a DQ monster in a few games and they come back. Stark Ravens are one of the first monsters I saw way back in DWIII on Gameboy and to not see it again until XI in glorious HD was awesome. It makes it feel special when you see one of your favorite monsters again when they haven't been in games for awhile.
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    Last Saturday I attended Hammer's House Party. MC Hammer's first major tour since the early 90's! And it was super fun! The opening acts were Doug E. Fresh, Tone Loc, Kid 'n Play, Rob Base, and Six Mix-A-Lot. Yes, I got to hear Baby Got Back live. It wasn't a sold out show, but the concert arena was pretty well stocked. Everyone seemed to be having a good time. There were even some younger folks that came without their parents! Speaking of which, I'm sure quite a few kids will be seeing their mom shaking their ass on stage on dem innanets. So many folks were decked out in 90s outfits. Great to see the late 80s/early 90s vibe still alive in so many people.
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    If there really is someone translating it then I can't wait!! The 3DS version is the one I've been looking forward to the most after beating the PlayStation version, so I do hope it's still happening.
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    How on earth would the 3DS version be a rival to the Switch version? The Switch version is going to be based on the PS4 version (I HIGHLY doubt with how long it’s been under wraps it’s going to just be an upscaled 3DS version), and the 3DS version has a lot of different content compared to the console version. But this is Square Enix. They only self published 4 games on the 3DS during the last 7 years after all. They just don’t have faith in the handheld, unlike the DS before it where they gave it a lot of support.
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