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    Hopefully they outweigh the people crying about a character that has been out for less than 24 hours being broken and needing to be banned.
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    Hero has been fun to play as. My only complaint thus far is that the heroes don’t say the spell names like they advertised on the video from yesterday. I switched to the JP version and they say spell names, so I’m thinking they must have forgotten to disclaimer it’s for the JP version only. At least you can switch to the JP version whenever you want via the options. Otherwise, I’m enjoying the Hero’s move set now that I’m getting more used to it. The down special shenanigans you can pull off can be hilarious. Played an 8 player CPU battle and managed to kill 5 of them with a Kamikazee attack (the one time I’ve ACTUALLY used Kamikazee in any shape or form when it comes to Dragon Quest) and spells like Magic Burst and Kaboom are destructive.
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    I'm gonna be picking up a copy of Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga on the GBA later today. Once I finish DQ VI I'll play that. I'm just sick of longer RPGs and howlongtobeat.com says it's 19 hours. Either that or Prey on PS4 will be after DQ VI.
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    I've just finished downloading the software update for Super Smash Bros Ultimate (even though I set the option for auto-update to on) and I got the Hero. And so far, I really like playing as a Hero. I can't wait to play as the hero in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. I wonder if this thread will become a friend code sharing thread, just in case we want to kick each other's butts as the Hero or other characters.
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    Now that I have finished DQB2, I can finally work on Fire Emblem: Three Houses. I don't have that much time invested into the game yet but so far I am really enjoying it. My only complaint is that the game just feels too easy right now. I am really hope the Lunatic difficulty patch comes sooner.
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    I would tend to disagree 😂
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    Of course! And I also plan on nabbing it for the Switch. So if I don't get to it on this go-round, there will always be round two!
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    Precisely. And I suppose I end up lacking in disappointment because I go in lacking in expectation or anticipation for such things.
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