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    This time I tried to draw actual monsters from the games! ^ Bird of Terrordise (HellHawk was its original name, I believe?) ^ Small fry (DragonPup/DragonKid?)
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    @DrippySlimeStar keep in mind that any skills and spells learned by basic human classes will be useable across all job classes. Same goes for Monster job classes: if you learn a spell or skill from a monster job, that character can still use those abilities regardless of what class they change into.
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    Which version of 7 will you be playing? 3DS for sure. I started it when it first got released and made it to Alltrades Abbey but didn't go any further.
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    Which version of 7 will you be playing? I’m gonna take a guess and say 3DS. Anywho, I beat DQ XI! So so now I’ve got Battlechasers going on the Switch and Diablo III on deck for PS4
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    You think you love it now?? Just wait! It only gets better! As for me, I finally beat it!!!! So damn bittersweet. As usual, for my first runthrough of a DQ game, I didn’t come close to touching all of the content. But, I’m more than excited to get the Switch version. I might even get it upon release and just take my sweet ass time trying to get into everything! Anyways, I was more than happy with my experience and don’t have a single negative thing to say about DQ XI.
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    No you do not. I've beat the game. After Furrowfield I did not make a single garden or even have the NPCs do it.
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    Wow. That's dedication! I just started laying track in mine in Continent #2. More like a lot of free time. Plus I normally work Graveyard shifts so even on my days off I find I can't sleep at night. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the games story (even though cliche). Now my goal is to collect all Mini Medals, complete all Explorer Shores, try and capture one of every monster (if possible), and build my own stuff.
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    Took me longer than I anticipated and pastebin messed with my formatting a little, but here are the first four chapters ready to read. Chapter 1 https://pastebin.com/GyTkcH6h Chapter 2 Alena https://pastebin.com/r82b2qza Kiryl https://pastebin.com/aT37enxT Borya https://pastebin.com/v15urfzX Chapter 3 https://pastebin.com/1NZ1AvXC Chapter 4 Meena https://pastebin.com/SjxYtmUB Maya https://pastebin.com/Xu72WE4f Oojam https://pastebin.com/myYdhvNL Can't give any ETA's for chapter five, but I will be chipping away at it when I am able. If any lines are missing, let me know along with the context and I'll add them back into the main document.
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    I actually had an idea for a design for both the Hammerhood and Brownie enemies as cats, so I decided to draw them in one sitting Hammerhood Brownie
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    The monster magnet was available to japanese players for a limited window of the game's release, maybe about two weeks or so. It was automatically added to the player's bag when downloaded, so no casino diversion. As for why it was reintroduced after five-ish years and made international at that, I'd say the people talking about the movie have the right idea. Incidentally, I think it would have been more natural and less vidya-y for the mobile port to just make Madchen raise the recruit chance by one stage, IE 1/16 to 1/4. I say this because she mentions being able to understand monsters like her father does, and it would give players more incentive to have her in the party.
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    For once, Pokemon could work in their favor instead of against them: “Hey, you know how you’re all mad a large chunk of the Pokémon roster is being cut...buy DQM:J3!”
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