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    999 North Pacific Coast Highway, El Segundo, CA 90245
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    I hope you all don't mind a little shameless self promotion, but I finally got around to begin editing my first play through of DQ11 when I was able to snag an early copy back on Sept 2nd 2018. Don't worry, since this is a long ass game, I won't reply to the chain every time a new video is posted. But if you're curious about the play through, all videos will be located in the spoilers section below. And if you like what you see, feel free to like, comment, and subscribe! (sorry... Had to... )
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    It's damn good and one of my favorites in the series. I just have to grind to beat the true final boss now. I can get to his fourth form but his freezing cold breath can almost wipe my team by itself.
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    That'd be great. I need good 2D sprites of DQ7 & 8 to make into my perler bead collections!
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    There is a small game store outside downtown LA that was putting on a little Dragon Quest art exhibit by local or traveling artists that I went to. And they happened to already have the game in stock so I grabbed one. I should've posted a topic here about the art exhibit. I guess I still could! There was some really neat pictures by some really talented people.
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    I can host a New York chapter for the 9th Anniversary and do a July 11th meet-up event at NintendoNY, which is the official day that the game debuted in both Japan and the US. Release JP: July 11, 2009 NA: July 11, 2010[1] July 11th is a Thursday, which works better for me to host because I work just a few blocks from NintendoNY. If I can figure out the WEP connection on my phone I may even be able to offer the DQVC shop download to event attendees in real time (but as of now that's a big IF.) Let me get back to the DQIX: Tag Mode Tuesday regulars and see if we are aligned for that Thursday.
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    That was just a big thing on the Internet in general. It fizzled out in less than a month, as expected. So much so they’re unwilling to change them at all.
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    A few things on and off. "The Legend of Dragon Quest" on my lunch breaks, I have volume 3 of the DQ Monsters+ manga to start, and I'm about half way through volume 2 of the Pokémon Adventures manga.
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    I just played thru the PS4, I haven't played thru the 3DS one in Japanese
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    I hate it. It's the worst! Thank you Woodus! I appreciate it!
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    Weird Al was in town last night. Originally I was just going to listen while I walked around the park outside. My girlfriend volunteers at the concession stand, so I went around to the front gate to wave, make a face, etc. As I was waiting for a lull in the crowd, a security guard came up and asked what I was doing. (This happens quite often to me.) I told her and she said, "Why don't you tell her yourself." and she gave me a ticket! So I got to see Weird Al with the symphony for free. Great seat, too! I've always wanted to see Weird Al, but he's eluded me for years. It was a great show. He played for 90 minutes. Wish it could've been longer, but I'm really happy with what he played. Moral of the story? Stalking your girlfriend at work pays off!
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    That's what the Dragon Quest Facebook group did. Haven't looked in there for a loooong time. Turned it off seeing it on my feed because everyone kept posting their DQ IX party.
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    Little update here. I bred Pizzaro and I have the ingredients for Esterk. I have beat S class also.
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    I’m so glad I was able to spend a good chunk of today playing Cold Steel 2. I managed to finish the Celdic part of Act 1, joined forces with Captain Claire, and am now in the Nord Highlands to find the next 3 classmates. The game is doing a good job showing the conflict between the two factions of the civil war. After crossing the Nord Highlands on foot for awhile (which takes FOREVER, thank god that was only temporary) you see the power struggle between the two. I’ll be curious when the “trump card,” of the Noble Faction decides to pop up... Really loving the game an awful lot. It’s a top notch sequel for sure.
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    I try to write about games every now and then and Dragon Quest III was the last game that was special to me so I had to write about it. I'd like to make a full write up about the series when I've finished it all but the link here is to my blogger write up on DQ3. https://drippyslimestar.blogspot.com/2019/02/dragon-quest-3.html
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    I got an uncomfirmed message from someone that this worked for them with just tethering, but that they did have to set their phones to an unsecure WEP connection. I'm going to give this a shot this weekend.
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    I am playing what is considered to be the visual novel, The House in Fata Morgana. Every review I’ve seen of it has said nothing less than it being a true masterpiece of storytelling so I’m really excited to see how it got that reputation. On first impressions, the art style and music are out of the ordinary for a Japanese VN (though the music doesn’t loop; it stops for a few seconds and then continues). I like the story structure, seeing past events residents of the manor prior to your arrival.
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    Congrats to Dakhil, redneckpride4ever, AustNerevar for guessing September as the correct month for the release of Dragon Quest XI S! Quest Badge Added:
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    Ah so cool! I love that they threw Erdick in there and addressed his connection in the review.
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    Forbes did a review: https://www.forbes.com/sites/olliebarder/2019/06/10/bring-arts-erik-and-erdrick-toy-review-past-and-present-dragon-quest-characters-brought-to-life/#6b66ab377873
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    Yeah, I couldn't agree more. This mix of fantasy-looking characters, with magic and swords, and technological spaceships was great. Heck, they could take the characters, story and worlds of this game and make it DQXII, that I wouldn't mind at all! 😁
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    A question in the amazon comments brings to light my only hesitation, is there a possibility of a collectors edition that hasn't been announced yet? Cause if so I have to hold out for that haha.
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